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b'Please check for commas errors. If I need to add or take out any commas, please show me where. Have you quit trying to train your dog? Don\xc2\x92t be discouraged. We have the answer to your problem. Professional obedience training can make an amazing different in the enjoyment you...'

b"Describe and explain 5 rights and/or responsibilities of the worker with regards to safety in the workplace. This is the information I have: Worker's responsibilites: -Cooperate with the joint committee or worker health and safety representative, WorkSafeBC prevention officers..."

b'The propmt is Write a story about a time that I did something that caused me to feel pride in myself. What is this action and why did it make me feel pride in myself. I need help writing a story into this and you proofread and revise my grammaticly mistakes. Have you ever ...'

b'Rewrite the sentences with the pronoun refrences clearly stated.. 1. The governor told the mayor that she would win by a landslide. 2. when the mayor thanked the governor, she was happy. 3. people who wish to vote must do so before 7 pm, for after that you are turned away.'

b'Which element of a short story would be most important to a story about a mad scientist stealing a secret weapon?'

b'Are the pronoun refrences clearly started in these sentences? 1. The governor t told the mayor that she would win by a landslide. 2. When the mayor thanked the governor, she was happy. 3. People who wish to vote must do so before 7:00 p.m., for after that you are turned away.'

b"Select the answer that contains the correct punctuation for the following sentence. Presidents wives have always played important social roles. A. The sentence is correct. B. President's' wives... C. President's wives... D. Presidents' wives... I think it's D?"

b"I really need you to check these sentences on Owen's poem please. 1In the second stanza, most of the soldiers succeed in putting on their clumsy gas masks. Someone, however, is still crying out for help, unable to move quickly and easily enough to put on his mask, as if he's ..."

b'I forgot to add the following sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them. She assured/informed me that the money had been paid. 1 She promised me that the money would be paid. She confirmed/explained/thought/reported/add?ed that the money had been paid. 2 She...'

b'Select the answer that contains the correct punctuation for the following sentence. A diamond is the hardest natural substance it can scratch any other stone. A. The sentence is correct. B. ... substance, it can... C. ... substance; it can... D. ... substance; and, it can... I...'

b"Can you please check the following sentences, please. It's really urgent. 1 Following what Joyce had already done in England and Proust in France, and what, in some way, Sterne had attempted as early as two centuries before, Virginia Woolf therefore abandoned the traditional ..."

b'What type of poem is this : Mary Muddles likes splashing in puddles'

b'what does limerick and ballad mean ?'

b"Helo : Can you tell me if the following explanation of mine concerning possessive s is correct? We put 's with every noun in singular my mother's houseand when we have irregular plurals this is my children's school We put just the apostrophe when we have regular plural ..."

b"Can you please tell me why The hotel lies at a short distance from the beach is wrong? Here are some more words I'd like you to check with reference to fashion. 1 wedge-heeled shoes, Par\xc3\xa0-rubber shoes, trousers with patches on both sides, jeans with orange seams. 2 Can a ..."

b'1. I past, passed the library on my way to the grocery store. 1. past'

b'1. You passed, past the boat launch a few miles back. 2. The bus drove passed, past the bus stop without stopping. 1. passed 2. past'

b"I don't really know where to begin with this paragraph. My instructions are to type and revise the following paragraphs so that they\xc2\x92re easy to read as a presentation. Use simple sentence structure. Use correct placement of old and new information. Human motivation is ..."

b'Could you please help me locate the adjectives and adverbs in the below paragraph? St. Louis is most often considered to be Cardinals Nation. The greatest day in St. Louis is opening day of baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals are a professional baseball team in St. Louis, ...'

b"Hi, i have to write a research paper on a topic related to may major, education birth through five, can someone give me a good topic to write about? I'm new to this major so I don't have any ideas on what the the major topics are in this field, please help me out"

b'Need to correct the verb if not correct and if correct just leave. Thanks for looking at this for me... 1. King Arthur LEARNED about the magic sword from Merlin the magician. ANSWER=correct 2. My older sister LEARNED me to read when I was in kindergarten. ANSWER=taught 3. ...'

b'I seen the help you gave other people and was wondering if you could help me idenify 5 adjectives and adverbs in my paragraph. St. Louis is considered to be Cardinals Nation. The St. Louis Cardinals are a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri. They were ...'

b'need help with fill in the blanks-- Our fram will p________much p______ this season'

b'Whats the opposite of seditious'

b"I forgot to ask you to check these sentences . Thank you for your help. 1I forgot to add the following sentences. 2I like sunbathing on the beach. I didn't go on the rides because I'm afraid of heights. 3I'm looking for a hotel with air-conditioning, heated swimming pool, ..."

b"i need to find the Verb, Subject, Linking Verb, Indirect Object, Direct Object, Subject Compliment and the Objective Complement and the preposition phrases. Here are the question and my answer, can someone tell me what I did wrong on theses, The computer isn't telling me. ..."

b'I have to use all these words in one long sentence and the sentence has to make sense. Its on Essay Analysis...HELP>>> here are all the words analyse review comment coherent order clear balanced logical convincing for against pros cons breakdown overview detachment ...'

b'My instructions are to type 200 to 225 words of a short presentation on a topic of my choosing. I was wondering if you could please check my grammar and sentence structure in this Informative Essay. Breathing is something most of us take for granted; we\xc2\x92ve been doing it ...'

b"The useful power output of Bryan Allen, who flew a human-powered airplane across the English Channel on June 12th, 1979, was about 350 W. The propellor of the airplane was driven by the pilot's legs, using a bicycle-tyoed mechanism. Using the efficiency for legs 20percent, ..."

b'i need a persuasive essay on why the cotton production was dependent upon slave trade in the 1800s'

b'What is the structure and language of the poem Young by Anne Sexton?'

b'I recently wrote an essay in English class and when I got it bcak I noticed that some of the words have agr or agr. over them. For example, most of them are over the words: their and they. I know it sounds confusikng, but if anyone can help, please do so. Thanks.'

b"Another one Why can't we say this stain remover is very efficient. Why do we say effective? What is the difference? What are facilities and what amenities? When do we use specimen and when sample?"

b"Hello what is the difference between a chef and a cook? Another question: If we have a sentence: It is mary's and john's birthday today do we put apostrophe where I put it? Can we say: He said in he camera or he said to the camera? On TV Do we say he lied on the bed or he ..."

b'I am supposed to write whether these sentences are conceptual or practical; However, I have a feeling that some of them are wrong because they all started to run together. PLEASE HELP Practical goal: You have a specific action in mind and try to convince your audience members...'

b'Can some one read this and give some feedback please Introduction Is same-sex marriage going to create issues on our society? Same-sex marriages will most likely to have issue in many political campaigns also churches and Christians everywhere will be confronted by same-sex ...'

b'Do you necessarily need references for a resume?'

b'Thank you very much. I hope you can have a look at these few sentences too. 1*Interior monologue is often confused with the stream of consciousness, although they are quite different. 2Actually, the former is the verbal expression of a psychic phenomenon, while the latter is...'

b'What does this quote mean what affects one directly affects all indirectly by Martin Luther King Jr.'

b'I still have a few doubts on the use of the present after as if and on other statements. Thank you for your cooperation. 1 They are hobbling along on their bloody feet, as if they are why not were? hurt or blind. They are so tired, they walk ask if they are why not were...'

b'do you consider this a thesis statement? Autism,this topic intrest me because autism appears during the first three years of life.Autism causes several disoders and also is four more times prevalent in boys than girls'

b"I still have a few parts I'm unsure of. I really hope you can help me. It's urgent, especially the last paragraph n.7 1In the second stanza, the soldiers succeed in putting on their clumsy gas masks. Someone, however, is still crying out for help, unable to move quickly and ..."

b'solve these riddle for ur next clue the early bird catches the worm beaty blank nature take blank to the heart these need to make sense'

b'Compare and contrast the teaching of comprehension strategies to ELL students and to native English speakers.'

b"I Need Help In English? First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Anta and I'm currently a Senior and have to do this online course to graduate and I am basically left with no choice but to teach myself. The lesson I'm on now has been quite a challenge so far but I'm..."

b'entertainment is a barrier to accademic work'

b"I really need to have a look at the first stanza of Owen's poem as I'm unsure of tense choice. Thank you. 1 In the first stanza the soldiers are retreating towards their trenches. Instead of being youthful, strong fighters, they are presented as prematurely old and weak. 2 ..."

b'We have to give presentations on syntax. I remember awhile back reading this modernist poem which repeated the same sentence over 20 times but changed the order of words each time resulting in a different meaning. I think it really demonstrates the importance of syntax. The ...'

b'this is what i have done so far, but i need help with the rest. The type of graphs that could be used for the topic same-sex marriage, such as graphing out how many same-sex couples exist in the state of region. Than comparing the number of licensed married same-sex couples ...'

b'could anyone give me comedy plays that are short... i have a project and we should do a movie about a play within 15 min. any suggestions'


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