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b'1. The greeks believed that zeus, the king of the gods, lived on mount olympus. 2. The titanic sank after hitting an iceberg off the coast of newfoundland. 3. My cousin collects scandinavian pottery. 4. Stephanie is taking english, math II, and biology. 5. On friday we were ...'

b"Rationalize each dominator and simplify. All variables represent positive numbers. 10 / 5-?5 I tried but I couldn't get the answer right."

b'You have 270 in your bank account. You plan to save 80 from your paycheck each week. Which graph shows your bank account balance at the end of each week?'

b"21. Ted Williams made deposits of 500 at the end of each year for eight years. The rate is 8percent compounded annually. Using the tables in the Business Math Handbook that accompanies the course textbook, calculate the value of Ted's annuity at the end of eight years. A. 4,318.30..."

b'I have no clue how to do this problem: lim---->2 then thees this little dash slightly above the 2 and then its |x-2|/x-2'

b'FIND THE LIMIT lim x--->3 sqrt2xadd3- sqrt 3x/x^2-3x I keep getting zero is this right?'

b'During a class election 12 people voted for candidate A.If there were 42 votes total,what is the ratio of votes for candidate B compared to candidate A?'

b'Let fx= -3xadd4 and gx= -x^2 add4xadd1. Find and simplify gk'

b'Hello I need to ask a question. This is all new to me as we are just learning this in school. How would I write an inequality with -197 and -110? I have never done this before. Can you please help me?'

b'Let fx= -3xadd4 and gx= -x^2 add4xadd1. Find and simplify f-3'

b'Give an example of a function from everyday life.fill in blanks:______ depends on_____, so _____is a function of _______.'

b'A unitless measure that describes the strength of the linear relationship between two variables is called the linear correlation a.number b.value c.variable d. Coefficient?'

b'A map has a scale of 1 inch=35 miles. What is the actual distance if the distance on the map is 3.5 inches?'

b'The equation y=mxaddb, the slope of the line is represented by? Is the slope m?'

b'Evaluate the function for the given value of x. f x=xadd16, x=3'

b'Determine the slope of the line through the given points. If the slope is undefined, so state. 1,5 and 4,13'

b'A Teacher gives each student a number. She tells the students to line up according to their number. Some students had trouble doing this. What knowledge of number operations are the students missing? Is the answer ordinal numbers?'

b'Solve for t 1/A = 1/m add 1/t'

b'When Carla looked out at the school parking lot, she noticed that for every 2 minivans, there were 5 other types of vehicles. If there are 39 vehicles in the parking lot, how many of them are not minivans? I am confused on how to solve this problem. I need help solving the ...'

b'beth is decorating 24 cards. she decorated 1/3 of the cards on thursday and 1/2 of the cards on friday. What part of the cards does beth still need to decorate? 24 divide by 1/3 is 8 cards on thursday, 24-8=16 remaining cards 16 divide 1/2 is 8 cards on friday, 16-8=8 cards ...'

b'combine like terms: a add 4 -2 adda find out what a= pleaseandthankyou'

b'Four balls are selected at random without replacement from an urn containing four white balls and five blue balls. Find the probability of the given event. ? All of the balls are blue.'

b'Convert to an exponential equation. log Subscript w Q=13 Thanks'

b'Under ideal? conditions, a population of rabbits has an exponential growth rate of 11.8?percent per day. Consider an initial population of 300 rabbits. Find the exponential growth function.'

b'In a load of 3/4 tons of steel roda.1/8 of them are bent. How many steel rods are bent?'

b'Hi I need a little help with a couple math questions I believe I have the answers, if someone can please just check them thank you. 1. The table shows the number of miles driven over time. Time 4|6|8|10 Miles 204|306|408|510 Express the relationship between distance and time ...'


b'Fill in the blanks. 56 \xc3\xb7 7 = ____ ones \xc3\xb7 7 = ____ ones = ____'

b'How can I use bar diagrams to divide unit fractions by whole numbers?'

b'Movie starts at 5:20 it is a 1 hour and 50 minutes long. What time does the movie end?'

b'For an 18 month period, the last term is and the series sum is . For a 24 month period, the last term is and the series sum is . For a 30 month period, the last term is and the series sum is .'

b'i need ratios of 5/6'

b'A machine packages bags of almonds. The weights of the bags are normally distributed with a mean of 14 oz and a standard deviation of 1.2 oz. Enter the z-score of a bag of almonds that weighs 12.2 oz. my answer: -1.5'

b'Write the pair of fractions as a pair of fractions with a common denominator 3/10 and 1/2'

b'What is the common difference d of the sequence? ?15, ?4, 7, 18, 29, ...?15, ?4, 7, 18, 29, ... Enter your answer in the box. d= ?'

b'One of the two equal angles of an isosceles.triangle is greatest than the third angle 18\xc2\xb0 . Find the three angles of the isosceles triangle'

b'Simplify each expression. All variables represent positive numbers. Sqrt of 75p^3q^2 divide by sqrt of p^5q^4 My answer: 5q sqrt of 3 / p^2q^2 Is this right?'

b'Juan has three rain sticks measuring 8 inches, 6 inches, and 12 inches each. what is the least common multiple of 8, 6, and 12? A.12 B.24*** C.48 D.96 is it B?'

b'A 4x4 grid with 5 blocks shaded in, I need to write a percent and a ratio for it. A. 1/5, 25percent B. 5/16, 31.2percent C. 1/4 , 20percent D. 1/4, 25percent C? Im not really sure on this one, I just need some help.'

b'Tommy walked 3 2/7 miles. write the distance Tommy walked as an improper fraction. A.4 B.4/3 <

b'c. What do the slope and y-intercept mean in the context of this problem? Hint: What do you pay when you step into the cab?'

b'The dimensions of a photograph are30cm \xc3\x9720cm.what length of wooden frame is needed to frame the pictures?'

b'Taking the speed of the radio signal as 3\xc3\x97108 m/s, calculate the time taken for a signal to reach a GPS receiver from a GPS satellite at a position 21 000 km distant from the receiver. Assume that the speed of the signal is unchanged over the whole path length. Express your ...'

b'use a arrow notation to write a rule for this translation 2,1 5,3 -1,4 ?'

b'a group of 9 people spent 78 to go to the movies.adult tickets cost10 each and student tickets cost 8 each.How many adult tickets were purchased?'

b'simplify the expression -4 - 5w add 8 A. -5w - 44 B. -5w add 36******* C. -w - 8 D. -20w add 8'

b'the nth team of a progression is 3nadd4.is the pattern of number, so formed ,in A.P.?if so, find its 6th term'

b'The adjacent side of a parallelogram are 15cm and 8cm. It the distance between the longer sides is 4cm, find the distance between the shorter sides'

b'The Curved surface area of the cylinder is 1760cm^2 .and its volume is 12320 cm^3. Find its height'

b'Y varies partly as x, partly inversely as x and partly constant. The graph of y against x passes through the points 2,20, 3,16, and 5,14. Find a general formula for y in terms of x My proposed formula is y = x / kx'


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