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b'Can you please check the following sentences? I included a short summary of Dr Jeckyll. Thank you. 1 The story was particulary appealing to the self-made and self-reliant tradesman. 2Reference or references were was made to names of countries, streets and towns. Interiors ...'

b'how do you start a good beggining of a story plz help'

b'I tried to summarize my rephrase in a few words. Could you please check them? 1 Caliban is kept prisoner in a cave by Prospero. 2 When Prospero interrupts his meal, Caliban curses both Prospero and Miranda and hopes that they will get drenched with the same dew his mother ...'

b"I forgot to include the following part. I really hope you can have a look at it, too. 1 But Caliban had bad blood in him, no matter how much he learned, and good people couldn't stand to be near him. 2 So Caliban got what he deserved, and was locked up in this cave, which is..."

b"Thank you for your explanations. I clarified the possessive adjectives as you suggested to me.I have problems with sentence 3 and with the words preceding the question marks. 1In return for Prospero's kidness Caliban showed him all the features of the island: the freshwater ..."

b'When I rephrased the speech between Prospero and Caliban taken from the Tempest, Act I Scene II I used the same tenses as used in the play. simple present to refer to their current speech and past simple to refer to their past relationship. Why do I have to use the simple ...'

b'I forgot to add the following sentences on the same subject. Thank you. 1 At that time he loved him back. In his turn In return for his kidness?Caliban showed him all the features of the island: the freshwater springs, the saltwater pits, the barren places and the fertile ...'

b"I need you to check these sentences for me on Prospero and Caliban. I'm not sure about the tense choice can you say that? 1 Caliban hopes that they both Prospero and Miranda get drenched with a dew as evil as the kind his mother used to collect with a raven\xc2\x92s feather from..."

b'what is the topic sentence in each paragraph? 1. Alice Doe\xc2\x92s article discussed overlooked tax deductions. It talked about some of the most commonly missed deductions. Whereas her use of statistics seemed to bolster her arguments, it would have been nice to see her elaborate ...'

b'poem of nature thha have mataphor,simile,persinofi'

b'unscramble cceanl'

b'\xc2\x84that helps us to become\xc2\x93 or \xc2\x84that helps us become\xc2\x93?'

b'eliminate five letters to find one familiar word fhievleilceotptteerrs'

b'english law. what are the powers of the court of appeal.'

b'I just hav a sentence. Thank you He had been married for two years when his wife decided to apply for a divorce filed for divorce/decided to break up their relationship. How can you express this?'

b"What are the threats to Romeo and Juliet's happiness? and How many times does the word night appear in Romeo and Juliet?"

b"1. I like kimchi mild. What is the part of speech of 'mild'? Is 'mild' an objective complement? 2. It touches rough. 3. It feels rough. Are both the same in meaning?"

b'Select the letter of the choice that correctly identifies the underlined word. The author frequently used co-ordinate clauses to express contrast. co-ordinate is underlined A. the prefix should be followed by a hyphen. B. the prefix should not be followed by a hyphen. C. the...'

b"Select the letter of the choice that identifies the underlined compliment 1. The onset of winter gives skiers a wonderful feeling of anticipation. skiers is underlined A. direct object B. indirect object C. object complement D. predicate adjective I think it's B? 2. Many ..."

b'Select the letter that correctly identifies the basic sentence pattern of the sentence. In 281 B.C., King Pyrrhus of Greece offered the Lucanians assistance in their war against the Roman army. A. subject add predicate B. predicate add subject C. subject predicate understood D. ...'

b'Select the answer that does NOT make the following sentence true. The editing process: A. does not apply the practices of standard English B. follows revision of your draft C. includes the accuracy of grammar, mechanics, and spelling. D. puts the finishing touching on your ...'

b"Can you please check these sentences, please? Thank you very much 1 She told me that it was the second time since she hadn't been to the cinema. 2 She asked me how long I had been waiting for her. I think you should try to convince his parents that Bill is a trustworthy and..."

b"1. To show the benefits and shortcomings of different actions, use: A. cause and effect B. order of importance C. spatial order D. comparison and contrast I'm stuck between A and D? 2. To write an article evaluating the various extracurricular activities at school, you would ..."

b'Combined the sentences by changing the italicized word group to an infinitvie or infinitive phrase italicized word group 1. The journalist took a job in the hotel. This way he would get facts for an article. 2. Bob used raspberry flavor in the cod liver oil. It masks the...'

b'Can someone help please: What are 2 events that ended the Progressive era?'

b"I need you to check these sentences for m, please? 1 What's the weather going to be like in Rome tomorrow? 2 It's going to be windy, sunny, foggy,overcast, frosty, rainy,cloudy, misty. stormy. 3 There is going to be thunder and lightning or they are going to be thunders ..."

b'Romeo and Juliet In three or less paragraphs discuss whether Shakespeare alludes to night in a positive or negative way. Noting as may instances you can d=find where the word night appears then determine whether the word has a positive or negative connotation. Thanks in ...'

b"Romeo and Juliet In three paragraphs or less discuss the threats to Romeo and Juliet's happiness which acts 1 and 2 have introduced."

b'write the possessive nouns that could replace each group of word below'

b'I need to combine the following sentence by changing the Italicized group of words into a gerund or gerund phrase. Then write the complete sentence using prepositional phrase with a gerund object I watch for the sales. This way I save money.'

b'Describe something that has been carefully observed. A flower please.'

b'When should I use a comma in a sentence.'

b'Urgent Can someone please look these over? The sentences are very vague welcome to online schooling, I guess. Some of them are questionable. Please help Need to write whether the sentence is a POINT or TOPIC sentence. Point Sentence-Announces the topic of a paragraph ...'

b'1. A Swiss family were pulling spaghetti off trees. 2. A Swiss family were pulling spaghetti from trees. Which preposition do we have to use, off or from? Are both OK and the same?'

b"What services are available to young people living on their own that would enable them to get by earning less money I don't understand."

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you 1 Alonso is desperate because he thinks his son had drowned or is drowned?. 2 Ariel informs Prospero aboutthe plan to kill him. 3 Dr Jekyll believed that man is or was a mixture of good and evil. He created a drug ...'

b"Thank you very much. I need to wrie instructions of an MP3 player, a video recorder and a CD-player. Could you help me? I included a few more sentences. 1 I must be silent during teachers' explanations. I hang the clothes in the sun so that they get dried sooner ?? or more ..."

b"Can you please check these sentences for me, please? It's urgent. 1 What do you think about going to the cinema? How about meeting at school? 2 How do I arrive at the school? I put the clothes back in the wardrobe. I put is take the rubbish out once a day. 3 I must have..."

b'What are the steps for editing?'

b"So, for a project I'm doing. We're reading dante's inferno right now in English and we got a project to pick any person on the planet and put them in Hell, and to decribe the level they'd be on and why. I'm having trouble picking the Level of Hell to put Kwami Killpatrick on. ..."

b"Explain how Tom Joad's imprisonment affect the way he behaved during the journey and throughout his search for work in California."

b'choose the subject and the predicate in these sentences????? 1.There is someone at the door. 2.Have a good time at the fair. 3.Go to your room. 4.Get the grocery at the ones. 5.Yesterday there was a full moon in the sky. 6.There are row of plants on either side of the hotel ...'

b'find the subject and the predicate in these sentences?????????? 1.There is large envelope on the table. 2.Lend me your dictionary.'

b'I need help on writing an essay on how entrepreneurship affects me'

b'Huck struggles to decide what he should do when his heart and his conscience pull him in different directions. He eventually decides to go with his heart. * Write a short essay explaining why you agree or disagree that this was a good strategy for Huck to pursue. * Look back ...'

b"1. The penguins from King George Island flew for thousands of miles to South America to spend the winter. Is 'for' missing before thousands of miles?"

b"1. A Swiss family in the country were pulling spaghetti off trees. 2. A Swiss family in the country were pulling spaghetti from trees. Can we use 'from' instead of 'off'? Are both sentences the same? What is the part of speech of 'Swiss' in the sentences? An adjective?"

b"1. The guide lead, led the hikers to the river. 2. Marlo has passed, past the fitness test with flying colors. 3. By the time we got to the store, it was already, all ready closed. 4.Honesty is just one of the principals, principles of Tamika's moral code. 5.We drove ..."

b'Pleae check for any comma errors or capialization.If I need to add or delete any commas, please let me know where. Thank you You are invited to our private inventory sale, beginning on Wednesday, June 1 through Saturday, June 12. It is a Kingston tradition to feature on of ...'

b'Please check for commas errors and capilization. If I need to add or take out any commas, please show me where. Nashville, TN, November 9, 2011: Anisha Carter was named the new president of M M Industries, and will take commands of the company on November 14. For the past ...'


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