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b"1. My hobby is collecting stamps. A. predicate nominative B. adjective C. adverb D. direct object I think it's D? 2. Stamp collecting is fun for children and adults alike. A. subject B. predicate nominative C. adverb D. direct object I think it's A? 3. Many collectors try..."

b"4. Landing in New England caused much disappointment among the Pilgrims. A. infinitive phrase B. gerund phrase C. prepositional phrase D. appositive phrase I think it's B? 5. Today, homes on Cape Cod still display this famous weathered look. A. prepositional phrase B. ..."

b'I had to pick what grammatical stucture is in the portion of the sentence. Choses are adverb clause infinitive phrase past participial elliptical clause adjective clause present participial phrase nominative absoolute appossitive past participle phrase prepositional phrase ...'

b"Can you please check these sentences I'm doubtful about? 1 They will be extras in a sci-fi film. They\xc2\x92ll take a day off school and they will get paid, too. 2 The film director tells them they have to imagine living in the year 2050. At that time there will be aliens on ..."

b'Descriptive or write an essay about a love sweet?'

b"Select the letter of the choice that correctly identifies the underlined phrase in the sentence. 1. The 17th century Pilgrims were the first Europeans to arrive on Cape Cod. A. infinitive phrase B. absolute phrase C. prepositional phrase D. appositive phrase I think it's A. ..."

b'my assignment suppose the person to whom Montresor is telling his sstory has turned him over to the police. Montresors lawyer might argue that his client is insane. the prosecution will argue that montresor knew exactly what he was doing, even planned in advance. write a ...'


b'Dr. Dumoise is conflicted about whether?'

b'Hello what is the difference between a supermarket and a market a chemist and a pharmacy a shopping centre and a department store a shopping centre and a shopping mall'

b"Hello, I'm french student and I must to make a text commentary and I need your help finding some idea to develop. It's an extract from Painful case by James Joyce Thank you When he gained the crest of the Magazine Hill he halted and looked along the river towards Dublin, ..."

b'1. The girl heard the ringing of her cellphone, so she got up and surprised to get a text message that Park Jisung, the famous soccer player is coming to their school. 2. Did you see the text message which Jinsu sent. Park Jisung will come to our school. 3. So many students ...'

b'1. The finalists in the chess tournament were her and I. 2. Them and Jack want to go to the circus on Friday night. 3.Sara told him and I about the new restaurant. 4.Did Lawrence read the article about volcanoes to she and her sister. 5.Whom will bring the refreshments for the...'

b"1. A group of penguins were taking off to the sky. 2. A group of penguins was taking off to the sky. Which one is right? Do we have to use 'swere' or 'was' here?"

b'Will you please make sure that I have picked out the correct preposition in each sentence? 1. Parts of wrecked ships filled one room. of 2. A museum guide spoke to us. to 3. During a storm sailors work very hard. During 4. Clippers traded with China and Australia. with'

b'need help with this Nominative Absolutes sentence The town held a festival because the harvest had been so large.. is this right? The town held a festival the harvest been so large.'

b'1. His face turned red. 2. His face turned like red. 3. He looks pale. 4. He looks like a poet. I thinks 3 and 4 are correct. What about 2? Is it correct or wrong?'

b"In the book The devil's arithmetic, what are two symbols?"

b'what is the subject pronoun for this sentence if_____ went to flatland, you would be very confused.'

b'Hi I need some advise on how to avoid sounding like a bibliography essay when I am writing a persuasive essay?'

b'what advice does lady macbeth give to macbeth in act2 scene 2'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. I included my doubts in brackets. Thank you. 1 Do you think we could possibly talk through Skype? 2Let me know when you are available for talking ? through Skypr. 3 Samantha tried to use a translation programme on the net. She ...'

b"I included my doubts in brackets. I really hoe you can check them, too. 1Mary uses the internet mainly to carry out school research in History, Geography and Science. 2Whenever she needs to get new information/facts, she looks it up on the net. 3 It's quick and easy since..."

b"why do you think macbeth cannot sleep in the play''macbeth''"

b"I forgot to add the following sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 Rob doesn't want to argue in front of the children. So he asks her to go and have a chat. 2 Storm managed to win the triathlon. Rob lost a lot of time on the bike because he didn't ..."

b"Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1 Storm wants to borrow Rob's bicycle pump because she wants to train for the triathlon. 2 In the beginning she didn't want to race for the triathlon but then she changed her mind. She was slow on her bike ..."

b'A major part of Chapters 8 \xc2\x96 14 is Huck\xc2\x92s adventure on the WALTER SCOTT. Huck mentions that he wishes the Widow Douglas could know about his efforts to save the men on the wreck. Pretend that you are Huck and write a letter to the Widow, explaining the situation and what ...'

b"I don't know why but my previous post has been posted twice. The word cockerel is mispelt. I'd like to add the following sentences. Thank you. 1On our holiday, we stayed in a 5-star-hotel for four days. The hotel was luxurious, with an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a ..."

b'Can you please check the following story, especially the part included in brackets.Thank you very much. 1 Someone had stolen a ring from Peter William\xc2\x92s bedroom. Mr William lived on a farm with 6 servants. 2 No one had visited the farm so one of the servants had stolen the...'

b'Will write a paragraph of what they think is the best defense mechanism of the Bess beetle and why. Is this sentece correct or should Bess be lower case?'

b'Thank you for your help. I can learn a lot of useful and corect English expressions here. By the way, when I search what I have uploaded, I can not find the recent questions first, which is different from before.'

b"1. Teacher shake me by the shoulder when I am sleeping in class. 2. The teacher shakes me by the shoulder when I am sleeping in the class. Is 1 right? What about 2? Do we have to use 'in class' or 'in the class'?"

b'1. The nurse mixed him a bottle of medicine. 2. The nurse made him a bottle of medicine. 3. The nurse made him a mix/mixture of medicine. Which ones are grammatical? Is 1 a correct sentence?'

b'1. He is the top of the class. 2. He is at the top of the class. 3. He is the bottom of the class. 4. He is at the bottom of the class. Is each pair interchangable and grammatical? Is 1 or 2 opposite of 3 or 4?'

b"His invention is superior to previous _______. Can we put 'gift' in the blank? Which expressions are suitable for the blank? Would you name some of them? Can we use 'one'?"

b"1. He has finally paid his debt to society. What does 'society' mean here? Did he pay the debt to a bank or just the society he lives in?"

b'He asked me a question. He asked a question of me. He begged me a question. He begged a question of me. He inquired me a question. He inquired me of a question. Are the pairs all correct and interchangable? Doe they have the same meaning?'

b"I like my kimchi mild. Does 'mild' modify kimchi? What is the opposite of 'mild'?"

b'Is these all the adverbs and ajectives in this movie review? Raj, Yogi and Vikram - best friends, business partners, serial womanizers and happily married Happy, because their lovely wives have no clue that their husbands cheat on them with every pretty young thing they can ...'

b'This is a thank you letter to a company. Please check it and let me know what you think. If I need to change something or its just fine. Check for any errors. Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with me on April 14 regarding the position of Administrative Assistant...'

b'Please read and check for any errors.Let me know what I need to change or add. I was debating whether ot not I suppose to underline American Literature Masterpieces.Thank you so much. _______________________________________ Would you be interest in owning one of the most ...'

b'What are the meaning of good guys and bad guys?'

b'In the story Oedipus by Sophocles, do you think there was any way that Oedipus could have avoided his fate? How? In what way?'

b'I forgot to include the very last sentences of the day. Thank you very much. 1 Every week a person in Britain uses three plastic bags. They are strong and don\xc2\x92t disappear. They can last hundreds, possibly thousands of years. 2They are called white pollution in China. In ...'

b'Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you. 1 Dr Kemp was writing at his desk when he heard a noise. He opened a window and looked towards the town. 2 An hour later he had finished his work. It was time for bed. He walked to the kitchen to get ...'

b'What does the word curfew mean in this sentence: A game well played, but curfew is past'

b'Thank you for your corrections. I really need to know if the following sentences are possible. 1 Before Jack White formed the White Stripes he had played the guitar in a group called Go. 2 He and his wife Meg developed a distinctive style. They wore only three colours when ...'

b'pls what is the theme in the novel honey, baby , sweetheart. how is this story a tragic story'

b"how do you cite in APA style when there's more than one author is this correct Smith, Young, 2002?"

b'I forgot to include this last sentence. 1 Prospero believes that Caliban should be grateful to him since he let him stay at his house and taught him to speak. In point of facts, Prospero says Caliban is a liar, who responds better to the whip than to kidness. 2 For this ...'


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