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b'1. I think watching TV is bad because we cannot study effectively. 2. I think watching TV is bad because we can become violent as we watch violence movies. 3. I think watching TV is not so good because we have many things to do. We should not waste time watching TV programs. 4...'

b'Write a story using the words alcove, bigoted, clandestinely, corrugated, futile, inexorably, plausible, ramification, sanguine, and scrutinized. It can be any version of the word and they can be in any order.'

b"hey sorry i can't find the question iu poseted earlier so i'm going to ask again....it's about macbeth act3.... how did the relationship between macbeth and lady macbeth change? again all that i know is that macbeth wants more power and lady macbeth is feeling hopeless, but ..."

b"Ok, I figured this out I think but can you please check? Don't worry. I can carry the tent all by myself because it is so light. I do not even need a lantern it is so light outside. In these sentences, the word light is used as a: A:homophone B:homonyme C:synonym D:simile ..."

b'Select the letter of the best correction for the run-on below. Perhaps Eric first saw Greenland in midsummer when it was really green. A. Perhaps Eric first saw Greenland in midsummer it was really green. B. Perhaps, Eric first saw Greenland in midsummer before it was really ...'

b"Arranging a narrative in chronological order does NOT help the writer to: A. recognize the order of events B. create interest by showing effects before their causes. C. show steady character development D. allow for surprise endings I'm stuck between A and B?"

b'1. He may not be rich. 2. He can not be rich. Are both the same or different? If they are different, why is that?'

b"Do you want to lose weight? Just wear FatSox. These special socks will suck the fat out of your feet as they sweat. After use, just take them off and wash the fat away. It's simple and easy. In this passage, what does It refer to in the last sentence?"

b"1. My favorite is music which was/which is written by Mozart. 2. I am reading a book which was /which is written by Hemingway. which one is right in the parentheses? 3. After use, just take them off and wash the fat away. What is the meaing of just' in the sentence?"

b'1. I like clothes made by Italian designers. 2. I like clothes which were made by Italian designers. 3. I like clothes which are made by Italian designers. Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Which ones are missing?'

b"Which of the following sentences is in the passive voice? A. I just don't see the point. B. I want my MTV. C. A whole case of beer gets drunk every Satyrday night. D. Please don't tell me I missed it. I think its D"

b'Which of the fllowing is CORRECT? A. She sings bad. B. He runs a well race. C. They won with a lucky shot. D. all of the above'

b"Jack London's Law of Life What is the law of life? How does it relates to naturalism?"

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1 The last theme concern the fundamental questions whether time is preordained or the result of human activity. 2 The three witches stand for evil and are linked to the theme of equivocation. 3 They stayed/were/...'

b"I'm writing an essay about Mercutio's character and why friendship is so important to him in Romeo and Juliet. I have a good complex thesis but I'm having trouble structuring it. Thesis: Mercutio is extremely close with Romeo and cares very deeply about his friend's happiness ..."

b'I urgently need you to revise these sentences. I thank you very much for your help 1 They prophesy that Banquo will be father to a line of kings. The witches also tell him that no man born of woman can hurt him. 2 What does Shakespeare say write in the final couplet of ...'

b"Can you please check of these sentences are possible? Thank you. 1 You limited yourself to include including? the various themes without linking them in a coherent paragraph. 2 In your paragraph you didn't change any single word from the notes I gave you. Try to develop a..."

b"sam's essay lack a clear beginning,middle, and end as well as wek and limited transitions. in which area was Sam's essay weak?"

b'Could you show me some examples of sentences using pronouns desribing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards.'

b"Values and Lifestyle system of consumers in James B. Twitchell's What We Are to Advisters. What are the consumers gropups being targeted?"

b'Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1Another important theme is that of equivocation.The witches confuse good and bad better evil. They are unable to distinguish between good and evil. 2 Closely connected to the theme of equivocation is that ...'

b'Can we then say He may have come yesterday or just He might have come yesterday? Can we use may in the past tense or not?'

b'Hello What does toiletries mean? Is this stuff we use in our bathroom e.g. toothbrush, comb etc. or is this a perfume but with higher percentage of water?'

b'What is an example of magic that occurs in the fairytale Beauty and the Beast.'

b'The teacher will show the students a picture of a bess beetle with all the parts labeled. Does bess need to be Bess? I used bess beetle through my whole paper not sure when to capitalization bess.'

b'Okay. I really need help understanding The Imperative, and some notes on the Superlative would be great too. I just finished understanding about the Comparative. And it is pretty easy. I actually think that the Superlative seems to be easier than the Imperative, because ...'

b'1. Paste the wall with paper. Is this sentence correct? 2. The nurse mixed him a bottle of medicine. 3. The nurse mixed a bottle of medicine for him. Are both grammatical? 4. The Sahara desert stretches across North Africa. 5. The Sahara desert stretches across Northern ...'


b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you vy much for your help. 1 The station orbits earth 16 times a day so he saw a sunrise evey 90 minutes. He also carried out some important experiments and took a lot of photos. 2 Actually, he lost his camera in space when ...'

b'count the letters in each word. write them in the right box .2, 3, 4, 5'

b"I'd like you to check these sentences for me, please. Thank you very much. It's urgent 1 Virginia Woolf wanted to explore man's mental experience following what Joyce had already done in England Proust in France. S 2 he abondoned traditional writing techniques and turned to..."

b'Hello. Please tell me if the following variants are possible: I like this poem most of all / most/ the most/ best /best of all. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.'

b"Hello. Please help me with the preposition: 'links to our pages in/on?social networks'. Maybe 'links to our social networking pages'? Thank you."

b"Many writers create characters who are blissfully unaware of how they are perceived by others. One of the most complex examples of this is Chaucer's Pardoner. In one character we see a complex mix of what he is, what he is supposed to be, what he thinks he is, and how he is ..."

b"Hello. I've already asked this question but I'd like to clarify if the sentence Suggest your local radio stations play our songs sounds normal natural English it's a command, meaning offer our songs to radio stations, take them to radio stations. Maybe these are better ..."

b'what opportunies do you have to write'

b'What is the tone in the poem Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker.'

b"1. The acting of the lead actor was great. 2. The main actor's acting was terrific. 3. The actings of some actors and actresses were fantastic. 4. Two main actors' actings were outstanding. 5. The scenery around the ship was very nice. 6. When the ship was sinking, the actings..."

b'in the movie Amistad, John Quincy Adams advises Baldwin to tell their story in hopes of demonstarating the Africans humanity as well as their right to regain freedom. How is this story a turning point for the young Catholic Judge Coglin? Do you think he makes the right ...'

b'how was the declaration of indepedence used to the benefit of the africans by former president John Quincy Adams?'

b'the concept of owning slaves in the 1830s was different from nation to nation as well as the concept of humans being property. What was the major difference between Africans owning slaves and Americans owning slaves?'

b'what countries were the major powers in the world in 1839, and what types of relationships did these powers have among eachother? Will these friendships have a bearing on the Amistad case?'

b'1. Them are the juiciest oranges that I have ever eaten. I have to replace incorrect pronoun with correct pronoun. 1. Replace I with we'

b'According to the statistic, people who win money in casinos lose their time to communicate with their family members and therefore, have bad relationships with their parents. There is one grammatical mistake inside the . Can someone please tell me what the mistake is? I ...'

b"Can anyone figure out this riddle?: With sup I'm a brace. You hope is enough; Alone I'm some docks, with sailors and stuff. What am I?"

b'1. Neither she, her nor I will be at the assembly today. 2. To whom, who did you address that package? 3. Mrs Jamison and he, him were my favorite teachers last year. 4. Who, Whom remembered to bring a flashlight? 5. Did the club elect her, she president? 6. He, Him...'

b'I have a problem on standard deviation, and I will need some help with it. Problem: Each professor in an English class give an A to students scoring above 90 and a F to those scoring below 60. Professor 1 has a normal distribution with a mean of 74 and standard deviation 7 ...'

b'does anyone know how ruby mcqueens lost her innocence in the story honey, baby, sweetheart. i really need help. what i wrote before was that she loses innocence through falling in love with travis becker but i need to more points to prove that she loses her innocent'

b"1. For example, I keep sports stamps in my collection. A. subject B. adjective C. adverb D. direct object I think it's D? 2. Many residents of Hawaii work in fishing and weaving. A. subject B. direct object C. predicate nominative D. object of the proposition I think it'..."

b"Hello. I have several grammar questions and will really appreciate some help. 1Is the following word order possible in standard English: I'll tell about it to all my friends in the team or is it I'll tell all my friends in the team about it. 2the same question: share ..."


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