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b'Can you please different word the thing below:did is the last one I was initiated into this underground business in the county of Ross, in the State of Ohio, in 1843, and continued in the office...until 1855...I experienced many very unpleasant things...leading on my ...'

b'Neither her associates nor the doctor __________ the surgery is necessary. thinks think'

b'Here are some more sentences for you to check. Thank you. 1The trip showed me that there is a big world outside.I decided to take ?? the trip to keep my family good company and to know them better. 2The journey on car by car was very boring. 3The trip by car was long ...'

b'Different ways to say As you can see... and In Conclusion...'

b'I have a few more doubts on the same topic. I really hope you can havea look at these sentences, too. 1There were was ? also a kitchen with a fridge, a shining bathroom and a very large balcony. 2 We spent our time above all ? eating a lot of special and characteristic ...'

b'i need a essay of 900 to 1 200 words persuade your employer that you deserve a raise'

b'Can you help me check these sentences, please? I included the doubts in brackets. 1 Last year we had a vacation in the mountains. 2 I spent the time of the journey listening to music. or During the journey/trip I spent time listening to music 3 We had lunch and dinner at...'

b"I'm stuck on this question. Could someone help me please. Which of the following would you find in the new English and language arts curriculum guidelines? A An oral language program only at the primary grades B A phonics program at all grades C A writing program at all grades..."

b"Biography of Jack London What were Jack London's ideas of the American Dream? How was his life could be a metaphor for The Call of the Wild? What were the historical events that occur that could impact his writing?"

b'Write three sentence using plurals correctly and three sentences using possessives correctly on the topic of how to store personal financial information effectively and efficiently.'

b'What does this whole paragraph mean??? Pharmacists are health care professionals who use their expertise in medicine to help people understand what are the medications they are taking, how they will help, and how they will react. They also give out information and counsel ...'

b'I am writing a cultural event essay. I went to a museum that had native american paintings and was wondering if you can write about the painting and how I would cite it in my bibliography?'

b"Pharmacists are the medication experts. They advise doctors, nurses, and patients on the correct drug dosage for a patient's weight, age, health, and gender; on interactions between drugs; on side effects; on drug alternatives; on costs; and on ways to give drugs. They also ..."

b"1. From the data base of the website, we can make problems. 2. From the data bank of the website, we can make problems. Which expression is right? 3. Tim_Data What is the English name for the short holizontal line? It is not called 'hyphen', right?"

b"When citing the DSM-IV-TR in a paper. Is it written in it's abbreviated form or is the whole thing written out?"

b"To Build a Fire by Jack London Where is the man originally from? Note: I have read the whole short story. I'm just a little confused where he is coming because it's a little unclear."

b'whatis the dangling modifier in the sentence Running down the street, the package was dropped at the corner.'

b'Martha is flying to England for a visit. She intends to exchange her U.S. dollars for English pounds. The exchange rate allows 60 pounds for every 100 U.S. dollars. How many pounds will she get if she exchanges 450 U.S. dollars for pounds? 60:x = 100:450 this is how I was ...'

b"based on his poetry, what can you infer about whitman's attitude toward nature?"

b"I'd like you to check the following sentences on a description of a journey. Thank you. 1 On my last summer holiday I stayed in a hotel at the seaside. 2The hotel was very luxurious with an indoor- and an outdoor-swimmingpools., a sauna and a pizzeria. 3 It overlooked the ..."

b"Grammar quizzes can be tough. There is a lot to learn, so it's hard to remember. I find that it gets easier with practice. Does the above sentence have any grammar errors. Please help me I am horrible in english and need to pass this class thank you in advance."

b'Is the following sentence still a run-on sentence/or is there grammar errors...Grammar quizzes can be tough, there is a lot to learn and it is hard to remember. I find that it gets easier with practice. Thank you in advance for your help.'

b'Please check for any error and correctt them. THanks We have your letter dated August 17; concerning alternative dates to take discover disposition of the plaintiff and the defendant of this case. We suggest that the disposition be scheduled 1:30 p.m. at your office on ...'

b'Please check for errors and correct them. Thanks I received your proposal concerning our collaboration on a play. Your basic plan sound fascinating. I have a cabin on the north shore of Lake Michigan, and if we decide to write the play together I would be happy to offer you...'

b'Please check for any errors. Please make corrections. Thanks Alexandria treasure may have been found after more than three hundred years The wreckage of a ship believed to be Alexandria has been located off the coast of Florida. The Alexandria disappeared during a ...'

b'Please check for any errors. Correct them and I would appreciate it. Thanks This will confirmed your reservation for a sweet of four rooms on a non-smoking floor for the dates of July 3-July 9. As you requested, we will hold your sweet for your late arrival. Incidentally, ...'

b'Please check for any errors. Correct them for me. Thanks Congratulation on your superb achievement. Your new position offers a quite challenge. And I am sure, John that you are the right person for the job. I can think of no one that deserves the promotion more than you do. ...'

b'Please check for any errors and correc them. Thanks As we discussed, I have made reservations for three days for a sweet of rooms at the North British Hotel in Glasgow Scotland. There are three connection rooms in the sweet. It should suite your needs quite satisfactorily. ...'

b'Is the following sentence still a run-on sentence/or is there grammar errors...Grammar quizzes can be tough, there is a lot to learn and it is hard to remember. I find that it gets easier with practice.'

b'I am in college classes and english has never been my strongest class. So I was wondering if anyone would look over my work and see if it is correct and if not offer suggestions for fixing. Thank you in advance. Each of the following sentences has one grammatical error. The ...'

b"Explain the personality differences between the adjutant and Lean please help he out just to start out don't get how i am sopose to do this 8. I suppose, said the adjutant, slowly, we'd better search his clothes for--things. 9. Lean nodded. Together in curious abstraction ..."

b"Which of the following is CORRECT? A. It's a lot of work. B. Don't aggravate me. C. I like movies alot. D. She is smarter then he is."

b'The word CAN is used to refer to A. the ability to do something B. permission to do something C. the need to do something'

b'Which of the following parts of speech is most often used with a noun to create a descriptive phrase? A. pronoun B. preposition C. averb D. conjunction'

b'1 This puts the integrity of the material into question. or 2 This puts the integrity of the material in question. Which is correct?'

b'I have to write a essay on the movie snow walker. a race and Ethnicity essay ..my question is what am I supposed to write about.??'

b'Select the letter of the sentence in which the mood of the verb is correct in contemporary formal English. A. If she wasunderlined taller, she could be a model. B. It is important that the eggs wereunderlined beaten until they are stiff. C. They treated him as if he were ...'

b"Can you please tell me how to express this idea in English don't talk about me as ancient I'm old"

b'Main Street with its two-story brick shops, its story-and-a-half wooden residences, its muddy expanse from concrete walk to walk, its huddle of Fords and lumber-wagons, was too small to absorb her. The broad, straight, unenticing gashes of the streets let in the grasping ...'

b'Can you please check these two sentences? Students have to memorise the dialogue rather than without to read it from a book. Students take it in turns to be A and B. What do you usually say at Easter? Good Easter, happy Easter?'

b"I think I can answer these questions, but I do not know how to explain my answers in a intelligent way, can anyone help? -=-=-==-=-=-=-=- 1. Which is the odd one out in each group, and why? a. The baby's bottle. The nation's struggle. The teacher's absent. The nurse's pay. ..."

b'Students are often confused about the use of the words good and well in their writing. Write a 100-word passage to Susan Anker, the author of the course\xc2\x92s textbook, in which you describe five details from her book that are good and five details about the book that are ...'

b"I just have two sentences for you to check. Thank you very much. 1 She is going to do a school internship ? during her summer holiday. In particular, she is going to work as a recepionist in a confectionary factory. She won't be paid for it. 2 You can write your test ..."

b'i need to write an essay on TO KILL MOCKINGBIRD, and the topic is; Discuss three themes of the novel. in addition to the more obvious themes of prejudice and injustice that the author develops, other possible themes include: growing up, superstition, courage, religion, and ...'

b'Which of these sentences is correct or illustrates the best style? Points : 1 Greg got a new job. He had an interview on Monday. The company hired him that day. Greg got a new job. He had an interview on Monday, and the company hired him that same day. When Greg went to a ...'

b'What is the relationship between critical thinking and academic integrity?'

b"Hello. Will you please tell me if the following word order is possible in English: She sometimes ? doesn't go to work or is it Sometimes she doesn't go to work? Thank you for help."

b'What is the the meaning of APA'

b"Which of the following should NOT be capitalized? A. Europe B. the Earth C. Far East D. the South Atlantic I think it's B?"

b"1. An analogy helps clarify a complex idea by: A. presenting several definitions of the idea. B. comparing the idea with a simpler one C. breaking down the idea into smaller pieces D. pointing our a single common trait between two topics. I think it's B? 2. Which of the ..."


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