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b"Thank you very much. I included my corrections in brackets nearly always. 1I can't understand one of your corrections: he wishes the portrait would grow old in his place why is grew old in his place wrong? 2Beauty has got a divine right of sovereignty and since it is..."

b"In my previous post I included the following sentence checked by Bob. I can't understand the correction. 1 They have no boots, so their feet bleed correction: bled? Why is the past needed?. I did other corrections myself. Can you check them, please? 1The Picture of Dorian ..."

b'I have a project in Brave new world. I have to make a flag that represent the society .Can you give ideas or symbols to represent the different aspects of their society and what color to use too. please and thank you very much.'

b'1. In The Miracle Worker, when Helen touches her cheek she is trying to ask for A. a sweet. B. her mother. C. Annie. D. a drink. B? 2. In a play, when the protagonist encounters an obstacle, A. the exposition begins. B. the climax begins. C. conflict occurs. D. the denouement ...'

b'I did the corrections myself. Just check if they are correct. I included some of them in parentheses. 1Interior monologue is a technic used by Virginia Woolf to broadcast the intimate thoughts of her characters. It consists of the words used to describe a psychic event. It ...'

b'I did the corrections myself. I included them in brackets. Can you see if they are correct? Thank you. 1The subject of the poem is the description of some soldiers while they are retreating through toward their trenches. 2They should be young and strong but, because of ...'

b'Slaughter House Five For whatever reason, Billy cannot tell his wife, Valencia, about his Dresden experiences but fluidly recounts minute derails to Montana Wild hack. Why is this? Is she form of earth mother? A fantasy for bored, middle-aged married men?'

b"As promised, I'm sending you 5 sentences I'm finding it difficult to change. Thank you. 1In the second stanza there is the description of a gas attack toward the trenches: a white fog raises up suddenly. While the poet manages to wear the gas mask, someone isn't fast enough, ..."

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. I need to express the following ideas using fewer coordinate clauses. Thank you. 1In the second stanza there is the description of a gas attack toward the trenches: a white fog raises up, suddenly, and while the poet manages to ...'

b'Can you please check these sentences? I did some of the corrections myself. 1He wishes his portrait, made by a painter called Basil, grew old in his place. 2 Dorian wants eternal life and youth whereas Faust aims at/for infinite knowledge. 3The aim of the poet is to present...'

b"Hiya Thanks Writeacher for your help on my earlier question. Since then I've been doing some additional research. Anyway, I think Waltzing Matilda is beneficial to the National Identity because it reinforces the idea that Australians live in the bush and a rough and ready. It ..."

b'what is the adverb in the following sentence. These birds swoop down to catch fish scraps.'

b'can someone help me withindefinite pronouns like with sentences with the uses too like adj noun do io op subject????'

b'Can someone give me some example on indefinite pronouns. Like in sentences thanks'

b'Describe the confrontation between Ralph and Jack in Chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies.'

b'I need the synonyms and antonyms to all the tenth grade SAT vocabulary list'

b'in english we have to make an album of 6 songs that relate the the play, the tragedy of julius caesar. one for each act and then one that summerizes the main theme of the play. please help'

b"Hey Is Waltzing matilda iconic to australia? Does it negatively or positively reflect australia? I think maybe badly because of the rebellion in it but I need evidence supporting this. so far I know that it was sung in the cronulla riots but that's about it..."

b'i have an assignment that i have to email back my friend on identifying minerals. the trouble is how do i write this assignment in EMAIL FORM could you helped me please very please...i already finished my assignment now i just have to turn the write up in the form of an ...'

b'I was embarrassed that I mispoke. I was embarrassed that I mis-spoke. I was embarrassed that I misspoke.'

b'How does a motif help portray the theme of a story?'

b'Define integrated quotation'

b'For english im in a group that is doing a presentation on 1950 food. Were going to be making rice crispy treats and bringing them in since that was a popular dessert during the time. but we want to make it.. for lack of a better word, interesting. so does anyone know of ...'

b'Directions: Use the underlined etymology clues to help you choose the correct word that is missing from each of the following sentences. 3. The [underlined]Middle English, from Old French boc, male goat[/underlined] had a physically demanding job. A. son B. barber C. ...'

b"Hello. Please check the structures: He and his wife didn't have bank accounts. He or his wife didn't have... Both he and his wife didn't have... Neither he nor his wife had ... THANK YOU FOR HELP."

b"Hello. Please help me with grammar. 1Which is better, one or a: more than one third of Italy's population or more than a third of Italy's population? 2Are the phrases correct meaning the Italian population: a third of the ?Italian people; a third of the?Italians..."

b'Is it correct to say Is he at work now or Is he now at work?'

b'Can you please correct these sentencesconcerning grammar We should reduce a politician salary. I hate to eat sweets because it is not good for my teeth. I am going to ban her computer games. I work only a few hours for a month. My salary is going to reduce. He was a judge in...'

b"Hello I have to write a dialogue with 3 characters, the subject is hello doctor I probably make a doctor with a patient and the patient's mother, my idea consists of simulating a lot of illnesses in order to not to go to school it's about the little girl I don't arrive..."

b'Please help me to jumble this word: UIDNVSEH and it should b a loving word.'

b"You corrected this sentence: Don't talk about me as ancient: Don't talk about me as if I'm ancient. Can you explain me the difference between ancient and old? Ancient, I believe, is no longer used or does it have a negative connotation? If you want to express this: Don't ..."

b"I need help analyzing this poem please Seasonal Anxiety Spring never felt like a beginning\xc2\x97 Something, perhaps, to do with school And all the school-year's slow unspinning From wound-up time as from a spool Aimed at Summer's golden rule. Beginnings are for autumn days Keen ..."

b'As an English teacher where would i go in ENgland and Why??'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much 1 We went sightseeing in that huge city. We had a guided tour. The sad part was in Chile. They stole a lot from us. 2 Actually, they hotel was a five-star-hotel with no restaurant or pools an the TV was really ...'

b'I still have a few doubts on some sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them. 1 You have to go ? through the metal detector. 2 Nature was an instrument of God but not an The English Renaissance was less connected to not with the visual arts. 3 During this ...'

b'pls.check my english grammar if it is correct usage. i remeber when i was at my young age i was always doing all the i could.'

b"Thank you very much for your information.Here are some sentences I'd like you to check 1 You've to enter the airport. Don't use contracted forms. 2 When the plane lands, go to the baggage reclaim where you can collect your baggage. 3 I'm sure you'll have not you are going..."

b'A professor knows that in her class 37percent of the students have passed an Algebra course, 29percent have passed an English course, and 21percent have passed both courses. If one student is selected at random from this class, find the probability that: c the student did not pass algebra.'

b'A professor knows that in her class 37percent of the students have passed an Algebra course, 29percent have passed an English course, and 21percent have passed both courses. If one student is selected at random from this class, find the probability that:'

b"tennyson's the lady of shalott has a rhythm and a rhyme pattern that make it sound like a. a sonnet b. an elegy c. a nursery rhyme d. an ode"

b'which of the following poems is a dramatic monologue? a. my last duchess b. love among the ruins c. childe roland to the dark tower came d. all of these'

b'This is not in order. Please put the story about The wishing well in order 1. Today is a particularly busy day at the well. 2. This wishing well is very popular 3.It is New Years Day 4.Other People make wishes about their families. 5. For this reason the park will stay up ...'

b'14. When one buys insurance, you need to be clear about your needs. __ Pronoun shift in number __ Pronoun shift in person __ Ambiguous reference __ No error'

b"I forgot to include these other sentences. As they are instructions, I'm not sure whether it is possible to use you have to.., you'll have to. Thank you. 1 Go through passport control.There an official checks will check? your passport.All things or everything is are put..."

b'Thank you very much for the information. I added a few more things on the same subject. I included the doubts in parentheses. 1Go not pass through the metal detector ? .Go through passport control where an official checks your passport. 2 You have your ticket checked. ...'

b'TAMING OF THE SHREW Christopher Sly, a drunk tinker, is being scolded by the hostess of a bar. Why is she angry with him? What is his response?'

b'I changed my name to Henry1 because other students have chosen Mike, Mike 1. As you suggested to me, I chose five sentences. Thank you. 1The trip showed me that there is a big world outside.I decided to take ?? the trip to keep my family good company. 2 We stopped several ...'

b"I had to write an compare and contrast essay, but somewhere down the line I got lost. Can someone help me please... Here's what I already have... Into day\xc2\x92s society, online social networking has provided a variety of advantages and disadvantages. The use of today\xc2\x92s ..."

b'To Build a Fire by Jack London At what point does the man finally change his attitude? How does the man view the dog? How does the dog view the man? Note: I have read the whole short story.'

b'Correct following Sentences: 1. Seeing the barrels, the driver immediately slammed on his brakes. 2. A really well-stocked bookshelf should have classical literature on it as well as important modern works of the current day. 3. China\xc2\x92s enormously huge work population has an...'


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