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b"Please tell me if I have identified the following the sentences correctly as being declarative, exclamatory or impeative: The Italian word fo moon is luna Declarative Wow, that's how you say it it Spanish, too Exclamatory I have heard the words lunatic and lunacy Declarative..."

b"So I wanted to start my etymology paper about fascinating word origins with a quote as my attention grabber. I am looking for a quote that talks about the english language and the origin of most of its words. Some interesting quote. I don't even know if there is a type of ..."

b"Pls i need help with this newsreport. can you pls tell me if it sounds like it or not and you can also advice me on somethings to make it good. Headline: The death of King Duncan. Byline: Victoria Sinec. Lead paragraph: Duncan, the King of Scotland killed at night in macbeth's..."

b"I forgot to include the following sentences. They are really urgent. 1He hadn't read a book since he was a boy/ by the time he was a boy he hadn't read a book is a mistake? 2 She told me she had dumped him/broken/finished with him. are they all possible??? 3 \xc2\x93Lots of..."

b"In my previous post I didn't include the USA when mentioning the countries they are travelling through. Shall I include it? Can you please check again? Thank you. 1 Which countries are they travelling through? They are travelling through Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia..."

b"Can you please check if the two answers to the questions 3/4 are correct? It's really urgent. Thank you. 1Jamal is planning a trip around the world on his motorbike with his friend Simon. 2They are going to leave from London next week. Then they will drive across Europe, ..."

b"1. I would prefer not to eat that. 2. He slaved at his job so his family would have everything they needed. 3. Your cholesterol balance is good. 4. He slipped into the room. 5. Clip two sheets of paper together. 6. The whole universe knows it. 7. I won't force you to come, but..."

b'1. He made them be quiet in the library. 2. He made them quiet in the library. 3. He had them be quiet in the library. 4. He had them quiet in the library. 5. He watched them be quiet in the library. 6. He watched them quiet in the library. Which ones are correct in the ...'

b"The problem is I don't know how to answer this question. Many writers create characters who are blissfully unaware of how they are perceived by others. One of the most complex examples of this is Chaucer's Pardoner. In one character we see a complex mix of what he is, what he ..."

b'i forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1 You keep mispelling the word together. Rewrite it correctly at least 10 times. 2 Particular attention was paid to the setting was given is a mistake? 3 The novels are preceded by a preface, in which the author ...'

b'I still have the following doubts. I included the various alternatives. Thank you 1 Prospero calls Caliban a lying slave instead Miranda calls him a horrible slave. Is instead correct? I would have used while, whereas or I would have started a new sentence with Miranda, ...'

b'Whatis Pronoun antecedent agreement?'

b'ndicate whether a sentence is a run-on or correct. If the sentence is a run-on, correct it using your knowledge of coordination and subordination. 1. My mother is very politically conservative; she\xc2\x92s written in King George III for president in the last two elections. 2. Mary...'

b'Please check grammar correctint comma splice sentences and need to use more the 1 method. Original sentence: Unfortunately Anthony did not live to see the 1920 passage of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote,she died in 1906. My corrected sentence: ...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1 Sykorax\xc2\x92s magic is evil maleficent has the same meaning? since it derives from originates from? a pact with the devil. The novels of Defoe or Defoe\xc2\x92s novels, the novels by Defoe are fictional ...'

b'it is hard to get help whit homework'

b"Thank you very much for your corrections. I still have a few doubts on thr following sentences. 1 You should have referred to Defoe's novels when analyzing the features of 18th-century novels. 2 18-century novels have the following features./The main features of 18-century ..."

b'I forgot to include the following doubts. Thank you very much. I included first the sentence with mistakes and then the correction. By the way, can you say the writer of a novel/novels / the novelist? 1The first two themes are linked to the fact that the criminals are not ...'

b'does anyone know a poem about foolish friend please write it down thank you'

b'what does cosas o articulos que lleva uno a la playa mean in english'

b'The Crucible by Arther Miller 1- What did Tituba do in the forest? a. She danced with the girls b. She accused four women of witchcraft. c. She tried to conjure dead children. d. She sang songs of Barbados. i chose c 2- A possible motivation for later accusations of witchcraft...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thankk you. 1 You changed very little from the notes I gave you on photocopy. You can\xc2\x92t include everything. Select the information you really need to answer the questions and try not to exceed the ten lines. 2He is eager to show...'

b'I need you to check the following sentences on the same theme. Thank you very much. 1 You should start your paragraph with an introductory sentence and write a conclusion at the end. 2 Your paragraph must be preceded by an introductory sentece and followed by a conclusion. 3...'

b"Thank you very much. Here are some sentences I'd like you to check. I included my doubts in brackets. 1They trained him to be good and not evil. bad?. Miranda taught Caliban how to put his thoughts into words without gabbling like an animal. 2Prospero taught him the ..."

b'I had to correct the following fragment sentence error. Please advice if they are correct. Thank you in advance for your help. 1. It is true that the first drive-in theaters opened in New Jersey in 1933, which was in the middle of the Great Depression when money was scarce. 2...'

b'Why are marginalized characters used in literature?'

b"What's a good thesis statement for the book hunger games ?"

b'I have a question on my previous post. Why do you say in the morning I usually have a shower/On the following morning/night I had a shower? I included a few more doubts. Thank you very much. 1What are you going to do for/during/on not \xc2\x93in\xc2\x94 your summer holiday? 2 We ...'

b"I'd like you to check these other sentences please. Thank you very much. 1The train is going to take eight hours to get to Rome. 2 The train journey is going to last eight hours. 3 We are flying back to Milan on 12 July. Our parents are going to pick us up at Milan airport..."

b'The Crucible by Arther Miller 1-Which of the following significant events occurs after the play begins? a. A group of girls dances in the forest. b. Giles sues Proctor for defamation of character. c. Abigail accuses Goody Osburn of witchcraft. d. Ruth Putnam acts strangely. i...'

b"what kind of tragic achetype or hero is Ruby McQueen in the novel ''honey, baby, sweetheart''. PLS I REALLY NEED HELP. THIS IS DUE TOMORROW"

b'would i say: this would greatly contribute to successful customer advices on footwear. or this would greatly contribute to successful advices to customers on footwear. thanx ='

b'I did the corrections myself. Can you please check them? I just wanted to know if it is better to say at Medford Square or in Medford Square, to leave Turin for Rome, to leave from Turin and go to Rome, on OR during our last night in Rome?. I included the sentences ...'

b'Think about Macbeth\xc2\x92s position at the conclusion of Act III. In what ways has his ambition, which allowed him to obtain the Scottish throne in the first place, begun to be detrimental to him? Cite specific examples from the play in your response. What does this question mean...'

b"I forgot to include the following sentences. I'n unsure about the use of the prepositions of location and time. 1During my journey to Australia I hope I\xc2\x92ll see some typical animals such as koala bears and kangaroos. 2When we return to Italy, we\xc2\x92ll go to the seaside, to..."

b'Were all my corections OK except complimentary?. I\xc2\x92d like you to check the following clothes\xc2\x92 descriptions as well as a few journey\xc2\x92s arrangements in particular the use of prepositions of location or of time with \xc2\x93holiday\xc2\x94, \xc2\x93hotel\xc2\x94, and \xc2\x93square\xc2\x94. Thank ...'

b'I checked other sentences. Can you please have a look at them. 1 Dorian wishes he would stay young forever while the portrait would grow old in his place I changed the simple past into the conditional as you told me 2 The sins committed by Dorian appear in the picture ...'

b'I included my corrections in brackets or I re-wrote them. Can you please check them? Thank you. 1Furthermore, she thinks, the children love it and it keeps her husband good, because it is just three hundred meters away from his library. 2Furthermore, she thinks, the children...'

b'Position of Modifiers errors in the placement of a modifier in a sentence Answer Actually, the pineapple was a symbol of hospitality. Everything that King Midas touched turned to gold, including his food and water. The farmer butchered the pig he had raised on a table behind...'

b'Word Choice and the Use of Idioms errors in the choice of words and in the use of idiomatic expressions Answer With all of his acne pits, in the dark his face resembled a cratered moon on a cloudy night. It was a strenuous tennis match, but after a hot shower and a cool ...'

b' Errors in the use of punctuation marks - Comma Answer Birds such as eagles, hawks, and falcons are known as raptors. Money raised by the sale of UNICEF greeting cards goes toward famine relief, health care, and education. The Dead Sea Scrolls shed new light on the Old ...'

b'Errors in the use of punctuation marks - Semicolons and Colons Answer Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania; his parents were English Quakers. Leftover turkey can be used in turkey tetrazzini, turkey burgers, and turkey chowder. In 1819, the Baptists founded Hamilton Literary ...'

b'Errors in the use of punctuation marks - Use of Quotation Marks and Terminal Punctuation Answer Several universities in the city offer the following degrees: B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Must students write a research paper and pass a written examination in order to receive an M.A.? ...'

b'Based on the readings in Ch. 3, identify key points to keep in mind when writing a topic sentence. How might these key points help you write effectively?'

b'Can someone also please help me below, and Ive added my answers as well.'

b"Which word has a vowel team in it's second syllable? A. Gentle B. Enjoy C. Formal"

b"Which word has a vowel in it's second syllable? A. away B. Handle C. Cancel"

b'what is the pro noun in this sentence... I like baseball most of all.'

b'I forgot to include the following corrections I did myself. 1In this way, the signs of age and corruption appear IN the picture. He makes a reflection he meditates upon about the sadness of war. He dreams of his dying friend. He describes his friend\xc2\x92s death from not \xc2\x93...'

b"I just finished reading Macbeth for school. My teacher assigned a essay for us to do. She asked if we think the witches' predictions were right or if the witches' predictions were disappointing because of duality and doublespeak. I said that I believe in neither and I believe ..."


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