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b'1.Either Max or Neil know, knows the answer to that question. 2.All of us want, wants to see that movie next week. 3.Her aunt and uncle own, owns a ranch in Wyoming. 4.Was, Were you standing at the bus stop when the rain started? 1.knows 2.want 3.own 4.Were'

b"Can you briefly chech these few sentences, please? Thank you very much. They are urgent. 1 Dorian's wish for eternal beauty and youth could be connected to Goethe's Faust. 2 The portrait returns beautiful as original or as it originally was? 3 I didn't drink because I ..."

b"Alexander Pope's An Essay on Criticism. Would this be considered a analogy or personification? Those RULES of old discover'd, not devis'd, Are Nature still, but Nature Methodiz'd; Nature, like Liberty, is but restrain'd By the same Laws which first herself ordain'd. * i ..."

b'Hello. Please help me with a few lexical questions. 1Is it possible to use spot in the following context: the scandal spotted his political reputation? 2 Is it possible to say Hosni Mubarak was adischarged bdismissed c dismissed from power meaning ousted, removed ...'

b'Because she practiced her presentation so diligently, Jamie was not the least bit nervous when she stepped onto the stage. Points : 1 Because she had practiced her presentation so diligently, Jamie Because she had practiced her presentation, so diligent, Jamie Because she ...'

b'Hello. Will you please help me with the word order: 1US forces have killed Osama bin Laden, who with his wives and sons has been living in a luxury compound in Pakistan for many years. Is who with natural here; does who together with or who along with sound better? 2...'

b'Hello. I need some language help. 1He is ready to cooperate with authorities, especially with the public prosecutor. Is the second with a must or is it possible to do without it: to cooperate with authorities, especially the public prosecutor? 2Is it possible to use ...'

b'I need to check these sentences, especially the use of sentence connectors. Can you also suggest a site to me where I can get extra exercises on how to use them in a paragraph? Thank you 1The soldiers are presented as old and tired. The poet wonders if the readers can hear ...'

b'I have to write 1234.567 in English word form. How do I write this number?'

b'Is this a persuasive topic for an essay: Does television today brainwash children and teens? Yes or No? How? My english teacher says he gets it but it needs to be more persuasive and specific. How do I that? Can you give me some examples? Please and thank you.'

b'Hockenbury and Hockenbury tell us that daily hassles often cause more stress than major problems do. According to several studies, men and women report different kinds of daily stress and react to stress differently, though both experience psychological and physical symptoms. ...'

b"Can you please check these sentences? I'm really doubtful about them. Thank you. 1 Look at the timetable on the departure board to see if your flight is delayed or if it is on time. 2 Then go to the check-in desk of the company you are travelling with. 3 I advise you to get..."

b'Cry, the Beloved Country refers at various points to the fear that exists in South African society. According to the novel, what are the causes of this fear and what are the consequences of this fear? Include evidence from the novel to support your response. In Chapter 7, ...'

b'I urgently need you to check these sentences on a trip description. I hope you can help me. Thank you. I icluded some corrections in parentheses 1 Our plane took off from Milan and stopped a day in Hong Kong. 2 We had the possibility to visit quickly the city. All of us ...'

b"OK, I know, I'm postin this way too many times but I'm halfway there now.... Newton\xc2\x92s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as Fr = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be ..."

b'Thank you. Could you check these other sentences. 1 Dorian Gray envies the figure in the portrait becaue he wishes he would stay young forever. 2He says he would give his soul to be young forever as the painting would be. like the portrait? Lord Henry is a symbol of ...'

b"I forgot to include these phrases I'd like you to check. 1 Dorian accepts to be portrayed by Basil Dorian is manipulated by Lord Henry to persue eternal beauty. 2 He loses his morality and commits bad actions becoming corrupt. When he sees the portrait has recorded all his ..."

b"Sorry to repost this, again, but I still don't understand. Newton\xc2\x92s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as Fr = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be determined by ..."

b'Student has a probality to pass in english is 60percent , and probality to pass in english and maths is 54percent , what is probality he will fail in maths'

b"Thank you very much. Could you please help me check these sentences? 1In the second stanza there is the description of a gas attack toward the trenches: a white fog raises up suddenly. While the poet manages to wear the gas mask, someone isn't fast enough, and the poet sees ..."

b'I really need to know if all the coorections are OK. It is really urgent. 1The subject of the poem is the description of some soldiers while they are retreating through toward their trenches. 2They should be young and strong but, because of their tireness tiredness the ...'

b'what do they mean? could you please change into a modern language? ROM: If I profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand100 To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss. JUL: Good pilgrim, you do ...'

b"Hi, I'm writing this essay on whether it is better to know the truth or it is not. And I said it is better to know because the truth is going to be revealed sooner or later so better to deal with it faster and get it over with... So that's basically my intro and body ..."

b'Need to find the predicate Adjective. 1. The valley in Johstown Pennsylvania was very deep. PA=deep 2. The hills around Johstown were high. PA=high 3. The lake above Johnstown seemed unusally full. PA=full 4. The concrete dam appeared weak. PA= weak 5. That day May 31, 1889 ...'

b"I have a last question.It's urgent. While I was getting ready for school, my mum made/was making breakfast for me. I think I should you the past continuous in both cases because the two actions are continuous."

b"I left out a few last things. Thank you. They want to travel with a quite warm weather. It can also be raining/rainy which is correct? They'll need a back-up team in case they get ill or their motorbikes break down. Their trip will finish in the USA, to be precise OR more ..."

b'I left out a few more doubts. Thank you very much. 1Can you use the plural form with the word family? Example: When my family were speaking? is it a mistake?? 2I had lunch and then I got ready to go out. 3They will use nearly only their motorbikes. They will use the plane...'

b'In the Kite Runner, why is the story about the sultans included? What is that story about?'

b'What are the reasons drama has survived for over 2000 years? Provide examples from Twelfth Night.'

b'I still have a few more doubts. Could you check the following phrases and improve them, please? 1 I spend my time selling homemade/handmade ? charms to earn money. 2 He fears an accident, an injury or a breakdown of his motorbike. 3 They will get/raise are they both ...'

b'I am having trouble understanding this. From the winter of 1821, . . . I had what might truly be called an object in life; to be a reformer of the world. My conception of my own happiness was entirely identified with this object. The personal sympathies I wished for were those...'

b'I just want to be sure about the countries. YES means correct, NO means wrong 1 Europe NO 2 Ukraine YES 3 Kazakhstan YES 4 Mongolia YES 5 Russia YES 6 Bering Strait NO 7 Alaska YES 8 Canada YES 9 New York NO 10 The USA YES OR NO??? I just want to know if the ...'

b"I have an urgent question: I have to mention only the countries two tourists went through. I want to be sure that they are countries 1 Europe is a continent not a country, so I don't include it 2 Ukraine 3 Kazakhstan 4 Mongolia 5 Russia 6 Bering Strait no 7 Alaska, ..."

b'Thank you veru much. I have a few more doubts. 1 While my family went out, I called a friend. I think went out is wrong 2 They expect the weather will be warm They expect the weather to be warm 3 They raise money for not to a charity. Can while be followed by the ...'

b'I forgot to include a few last sentences. When reporting the following sentences: 1 Have you done your homework yet should I use already in reported speech? She asked me if I had already done my homework/or had done my homework yet. 2She arrived last Saturday. She said ...'

b'in kinglear act 2: who is curan and what position does he hold in society. 2 edgar decide to disguie himself as what? 3 Regan and Goneril tell lear he is what type of a man'

b"The Call of the Wild by Jack London He was preeminently cunning, and could bide his time with a patience that was nothing less than primitive. Can someone give me an explanation? I don't understand the quote."

b'I last doubt on the same sentence. I just want to summarize the use of leave. We are leaving Turin at ... We are leaving for Malpensa Airport at .... The verb to leave can be followed by from, for or the place. Is it OK?'

b'Are these sentences grammatical? Thank you. 1 We are leaving from Turin to Malpensa Airport at 6 am. 2 We are driving from Turin to ... We are leaving from Turim for Malpensa Airport at .. 3 The train is going to take 2 hours. The train journey/The journey by train is going...'

b"Ok one maybe weird question. If Susie is married to Bruce now and they have a son whose name is Edward, what is Edward to Susie's ex-husband Robertwith whom she has 2 children? Robert is Edward's what?"

b'I just have one more doubt on the previous definition. A cameraman operates a camera for film or TV /for a film or TV program. Do the two phrases have the same meaning? Are they both grammatical? Thank you.'

b"Is glasses only a plural noun? We can't say a glasses right? What about a matches and a tissues?"

b"I forgot to add the following alternatives. Thank you. 1 How are you? I'm well. I'm going to the mountains in Aosta Valley to Aosta Vally- a region in Italy. 2 I destroyed/crashed/smashed/broke down/bumped the car. Are the above verbs possible with CAR? 3 Can you suggest ..."

b'I just wanted to know if the following alternatives are possible. Thank you. 1 An actor plays the part of a character in a film or play/in a film or in a play/ in films or plays. 2 A director supervises and controls a film, play, or TV program/ a film, a play or a TV program...'

b'I was just checking to see if anyone read my response to the information that you all gave me. I was asked to check back with you all. My post was at 5:49pm Thanks'

b"Put these facts in your only words *Metacomet is an indian cheif who hated christianity. * He would always turn down offers to convert to christianity. *He was the second son of Massasoit *Massasoit died in 1661 *Metacom's older brother Alexander was chief until his death the ..."

b'Newton\xc2\x92s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as Fr = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be determined by directly measuring the interaction force in the late 18th century...'

b"I'm posting you my questions again since I mispelt the word English before. Thank you very much for your help I have a few more doubts. I also wanted to know if the sentence It was three days since I had last met him is a mistake. I just applied a grammar rule according to ..."

b'Newton\xc2\x92s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as Fr = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be determined by directly measuring the interaction force in the late 18th century ...'

b'How would I change the following sentences to exclamatory? The moon travels at more than 2,300 miles per hour Some people thought the moon was made out of green cheese'


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