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b'1. A car travels at 80 miles per hour. How long does it take the car to travel 20 miles? 4 minutes 2. The captain of a ship raises a sail weighing 30N. If he raised it 22 meters how much work was done? 660 J'

b'4 1/3 cans of water must be added to a can of lemonade concentrate to make 64 ounces of lemonade how many cans of water are needed to make 96 ounces of lemonade?'

b'How to put these from least to greatest -13,0,-7,7,1 and 25,-2.1,1,-2.2,0'

b'Find the the sum of the second multiple of 7 the fifth multiple of 100 and the ninth multiple of 10'

b'Dollars Earned = y Dollars Saved = x Equation : y=4xadd100 My problem : For each increase of 200 in earnings, what is the increase in savings? PLEASE ANSWER FAST I HAVE 10MINS'

b'Write an equation for the line that is parallel to the given line and passes through the given point. y=3xadd4;6,8 A. y=3x-10 B. y=3xadd6 C. y=-3xadd6 D. y=-1/3x-6 Tell whether the lines for each pair of equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. y=-3xadd7 -2xadd6y=3 A. ...'

b'Write an algebric expression to represent the phrase subtract t from 9.'

b'Gina works at a diner. She earns 6 each hour plus tips.In one week,she worked 37 hours a week and earned 43 in tips.How much did she make altogether? Write an equation. Use a variable for the unknown.Solve.'

b'Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point. m equals negative 7?, ?5 ?,9?'

b'If two pounds of meat will serve 5 people, how many pounds will be needed to serve 13 people?'

b'The daily electricity bill of a car manufacturing company can be modeled by the function Cx = 800 \xc2\x96 10x add 0.25x^2, where C is the daily electricity bill, and x is the number of cars made each day. How many cars should the company make to pay the lowest amount for ...'

b'What is the constant rate of change'

b'At a college, records show that the average persons grade point average, G, is a function of the number of hours he or she studies and does homework per week h. The grade point average can be estimated by the equation : G=0.01h^2 add0.2hadd1.2 To obtain a 3.2 GPA how many hours ...'

b'How do you find the constant rate of change?'

b'The height above water level of a curved arch for a bridge can be modeled by hx = -0.009x^2 add 1.08x ? 0.4, where x is the distancein feet from the point where the left leg of the arch is planted in the ground. A boat traveling under the arch is 26.5 feet tall. What is the ...'

b'what is the strategy of 12 were bought by Logan 1/3 was choc.chip 1/3 was sugar 1/3 was peanut butter how many of each kind of cookie did logan buy'

b'Your office manager used 45 paperclips for handouts at his presentation from the 450 paperclips available in the stock room. What percentage of the original number of paperclips did NOT get used?'

b'Alex Hurry Guys what strategy was used'

b"home work help al's garden is 18 feet long and 30 feet wide , he wants to put fence posts the same distance apart along all sides of the garden , what is the greatest distance apart he can place the fence posts"

b'Logan bought 12 cookies 1/3 was choc chip 1/3 was sugar and 1/3 was peanut butter How many of each kind of cookie did Logan buy'

b"So this is a Challenge we don't have to do it but my mum is making me we haven't learned it, it's only if you want to do anything harder or more difficult. 1.explain why the ratios 6/9 and 8/12 are in proportion"

b"A new law requires that 12percent of an individual's income be invested in the stock market. Your accounts show that you need to put 420 in the stock market this year. How much did you earn this year. A 5,040 B 350 C 504** D 3,500"

b"explain why the ratios 6/9 and 8/12 are in proportion. i don't understand what the question is asking?"

b'For 5 and 6 add or subtract 5. m^2-madd3 add m-1 A. m^2-m-2 B. m^2add2*** C. m^2-2 D. m^2addmadd2 6. 5x^2addx-3 - -2x^3add4 A. -2x^3add5x^2addx-7 B. -2x^3add5x^2addxadd1 C. 2x^3add5x^2addxadd7*** D. 2x^3add5x^2addxadd1'

b'5 x 5 grid with 6 shaded cells, I need a ratio and a percent. A. 6/25, 30percent B. 3/50, 6percent C. 6/25, 24percent D. 3/10, 30percent Help ASAP?'

b'Can someone walk me through this? For the equation Ax add By = C where A, B, C are real numbers what is the slope in terms of the traditional y = mxadd b and state any restrictions. Please'

b'All of the following statement are true about factors EXCEPT: Complexity, Miniaturization, and productivity are examples of adjustment factors. A cost factor is a cost estimating relationship, where the dependent variable is not directly proportional to the independent ...'

b'Mr.angulo buys 5/8 pounds of red grapes and 3/8 pounds of green grapes how many pounds of grapes did Mr. Angelo buy in all'

b"Use the diagram below to answer the question that follows. I couldn't copy the diagram into this. It basically shows a Triangle ACD with CD=100ft. Then another line intersects above angle A and reads BE= 30ft. AB=50ft. and BC=? That is the part it wants you to solve. The ..."

b'Twenty-five is equal to one more than eight times a number. What is the number?'

b'4. What are the coefficients in the polynomial 7x^2 - 4x add 6? A. -7, 4 B. 7, 4, -6 C. 7, -4, 6 D. 7, -4 ***'

b"Considering linear, quadratic, and exponential lines of best fit: If you're studying a set of data, how can you decide which of those three types of model would be most appropriate for the data?"

b"Ok I have some math questions I need help with i'm not asking for the answer i just need help"


b'The bottom 30percent of the students failed an end of semester exam. The mean for the test was 130 and the standard deviation was 27. What was the passing score?'

b'_ _*_ = _ _add_ _ = _ _ ? Answer the formula , Using the numbers 1 to 9 without repeating each number .'

b'julie spends 3/4 hr studying on mon, 1/6 hr on tuesday and 2/3 hr on wednesday. how many hours does julie study on those 3 days?'

b'prove that the one of the diagoals of a kite bisects the other'

b"Why the value of 'pie' is taken as 22/7?"

b'by weight,90percent of tomato and 78percent of potato is water. Find the total qunatity,by weight, of water in 90 kg of potato and 30 kg of tomato'

b'24 equal squares. what is side length of one square.'

b'Please help with math 1. Provide a counterexample for the statement in parentheses. 1 point\xc2\x93If a figure has four sides, then it is a square\xc2\x94 2. Identify the hypothesis of the statement in parentheses. 1 point\xc2\x93If two angles form a linear pair, then they are adjacent ...'

b'60percentstudent in a school are boys. Find the total number of student in a school if there are 240 girls in the school.'

b'A sunday school of 12 members is to be seated on seven chairs and a bench that accomodate five persons . In how many ways can the bench be occupied?'

b'if 7 times the 7th term of an A.P is equal to 11 times its eleventh term , what will be its 18th term?'

b"the least vaue of 'n' for which the sum of the first n-odd natural numbers exceeds 5000 is?"

b'Six people shared 3/5 pound of peanuts equally. What fraction of a pound of peanuts does each person receive'

b'a length of 200 cm is divided into 25 sections whose lengths are in A.P.given that the sum of the length of the 3 smallest sections is 4.2,the length of the larger section is? please help ...'

b'an arithmetic series is such that the ninth term is zero and the sum of first 25 terms is 50.the first term of the series?'

b'i really need help i do not understand this question at all Bryce lives 26miles from his grandmothers house. how many kilometers does bryce live from his grandmothers house? round your answer to the nearest tenth of mile. 1km= o.62mi if you help i will send you a space ship ...'


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