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b'Why do so many Asian countries speak English or French?'

b'Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. Use at least five different pronouns in your sentences. Identify ALL pronouns by parenthesizing them. I recently had a talk with my sister about ...'

b'Thank you very much. Could you check these sentences about the interior monologue. 1 The American psychologist William James coined the phrase \xc2\x93stream of consciousness\xc2\x94 to define the continuous flow of thoughts and sensations that characterize the human mind. 2 The ...'

b'Thank you very much for helping me rephrase it. I wonder if you could help me express the message Eliot wants to convey through his poem. What do the dried tubers symbolize? Thank you. 1 Eliot, however, prefers the winter because it lets men leave in peace forgetting the past...'

b'is i a verb or noun?'

b'Which of the following pronouns shows possession? they - them - her - its'

b"I'm finding it difficult to paraphrase word by word the poem The Cruellest Month by Eliot. I'll include it here in the hope you can have a look at it and help me rephrase it. 1 April is described as the cruellest month since it breeds stirs/awakens lilacs shall I use ..."

b'What is the subject of the following sentence? Please help me figure this out a. Please b. help c. me d. You implied'

b'Identify the indirect object in the following sentence: Fernando read Miguel a bedtime story.'

b'Discuss any areas related to citing sources that you find confusing or difficult understand or apply. In your responses to others offer suggestions to help understand the issue.'


b"Just a question. Can you say: She is going to be two in two days'time or in two days I'm going to Sicily in a month's time. Is time optional? Thank you"

b'What are three audience characteristics you think are important to identify when conducting an audience analysis'

b"I need help on Eve Merriam she is a poet. I have to answer the following questions: 1Does the poet display similar themes in many different poems? Describe any reoccuring themes. 2What was going on in the poet's lifetime? Did the time period the poet lived in influence his..."

b'What value does Macbeth put on his soul in Act III, Scene I of Macbeth by Shakespeare.'

b'at what point does abigail first began feeling cold?what effect does this event have on danforth?'

b"Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much. 1 There are other teenagers who like wearing baggy jeans. You'll listen to the test twice. 2 You are asked either to cross the correct alternative among three or to fill in the blanks with a suitable..."

b"i don't understand what u said, writeteacher. can you show me? Can u proofread and show me how to fix me my writing? Philip Malloy Have you ever watched the movie? In the story, \xc2\x93Nothing but the truth,\xc2\x94 by Avi, a boy named Philip Malloy had many traits to describe his ..."

b"Please don't forget the corrections on the original Spanish post. It's back at least 3 pages by now. Thanks for the English and I can now correct it to agree with your English: Look for corrections, additions, etc. within parentheses. No puedo ir a ning\xc3\xban lado,este fin de ..."

b'Can you please check these few sentences for me? The first two are on the same theme. 1 At the moment there are two types of teenagers or teenage groups in Italy. The former likes wearing large T-shirts and baggy jeans whereas the latter likes wearing skinny jeans and tight...'

b'what is the allusion. Last year our school\xc2\x92s finances were in shambles. Overspending and little control over money has resulted in a situation where there is no money for new books or supplies. School officials are even wondering where they will find the money to pay the ...'

b"I'm looking for scholarly articles on: Low-income and divorced families beliefs about their role in children's academic learning and the influence of neighborhood quality on adolescent's educational values and school effort. Look for scholarly articles here: http://scholar...."

b"Could you please check these sentences for me? Can you help me express the following ideas better? Thank you. 1 If you don't get a passed out of your last written test you'll have to take a make-up exam in English August to make up for your low mark in English. 2 I'm ..."

b'Hello Can we say the following The three of them are the best of friends the best of friends?'

b"On the Road by Jack Kerouac Besides, all my New York friends were in the negative, nightmare position of putting down society and giving their tired bookish or political or psychoanalytical reasons, but Dean just raced in society, eager for bread and love... I don't ..."

b'A last doubt. I hope you can have a look at it. 1How can I check this sentence: We had free lunch in Trieste We were free for lunch. We were given some free time for lunch. We were free to have lunch where we wanted to. 2 We had a look at the castle and we visited the ...'

b"I forgot to add a few things I'm not sure of. Thank you for your help 1 We went to Trieste where our hotel was not: where was our hotel. 2 We had a free visit of Trieste better: we went on an unguided sightseeing tour of Trieste. 3 We saw S. Sabbia rice mill, arice ..."

b'What is the author in am i a conformist by ebtisam abusamak trying to communicate to his audience'

b"In my revious post you told me I could use the sentence: I had a lunch box prepared by the hotel. Can I keep using this or is it better to say we had a box lunch from the hotel's kitchen.? Thank you very much"

b'Does anyone know how to write a universal theme paper?'

b"I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1 She requested that we didn't go too near the river bank. is it possible to use the subjunctive instead of the simple past? 2 We were requested not to go too near the river bank. She insisted on paying the ..."

b"Could you please check these sentences I wrote containing phrasal verbs? Thank you. 1 I'll come with you as soon as I get through with my homework. We'll have to get together and choose a textbook for next year's students. 2 I gave away all me school books when I moved into ..."

b"1. Which idea is central to a literary analysis? A. the number of images in the work B. the order of the images in the work C. how the imagery relates to the work as a whole D. Imagery is not central to a literary analysis I think it's C? 2. Which should you emphasize when ..."

b"Can you please check these other sentences I'm not sure of? Thank you. 1 After visiting the Roman findings better ruins/remains in Aquileia, we had a free lunch. we were free for lunch, we were free to have lunch where we wanted, our teachers gave us some free time for ..."

b'Which of the terms identifies the type of imagery in the following sentence portion by Toni Morrison? 1. The clouds gathered together, stood still and watched the river scuttle around the forest floor, crash headlong into the haunches of hills with no notion of where it was ...'

b'I wrote a brief review of a movie, using adverbs, adjectives and using at least three comparatives and three superlatives. Could you please see if I got this right? Adverbs: amazingly interestingly conveniently secretly skillfully Adjectives: hilarious unfortunate attractive ...'

b"1. I was most impressed with the trees growing out of the water in the middle of the pond. Is 'most' the superlative of 'much'? 2. I was much impressed with the trees. 3. I was very impressed with the trees. Which one is right?"

b"1. I bought a little mask for my sister, Sue. 2. I bought my sister, Sue, a litle mask. 3. I bought my sister, Sue a little mask. Which one is right 2 or 3? From 1 we can get 2 or 3, right? Do I have to put a comma after 'Sue'?"

b'Can you tell me if I have this correct? I have to identify the adjectives and adverbs in this paragraph. Adjectives: early first huge high several Adverbs: monthly severely monthly ridiculously eventually immediately monthly Like so many people, early in life I was not very ...'

b'Could you please check the details of this trip? Thank you very much 1 We left from Turin at 5 a.m. by bus. Six hours later we arrived in Aquileia and visited the remains also ruins? of the old Roman town. 2 In the afternoon we moved better we got to a place near Trieste...'

b"Could you please check this paragraph for me and check if everything is OK? 1 When Jessica arrived in Hollywood, she got the impression of being in an unexciting suburb of Los Angeles. 2 She first went to the Mann's Chinese Theatre, famous for its courtyard, where well-known..."

b'people who have committed felonies are not permitted to serve on juries in many states.Also, in Tennessee and Arkansas. there are laws barring atheists from serving on juries and other public service positions. Sometimes,felons are denied the right to vote.Are these ...'

b'is it ethical to demphasizing negative test results in a report on your product idea'

b'I left out the following few sentences. Thank you. 1 He has a rational attitude and a practical mind. He is not inclined to admire the charm of nature or to daydream; he is active and ready to react to difficult situations. 2.The two main lexical items in this extract are the...'

b"I still have a few more sentences I'm not sure of. Thank you very much. 1 He was very hungry but he had no time to waste. So he filled his pockets with dry biscuits and ate them as he wandered about. 2 He used spare yardarms and several spars of wood to construct a raft. ..."

b'Can you check these sentences I wrote on Robinson Crusoe? Thank you very much. 1 When Crusoe woke up, he found the weather clear and the storm over. The ship had been carried by the tide almost to the shore. 2 He began to wish to board the ship so that he could save some of ...'

b"I left out the following two questions. Thank you. 1 Introduce the English Renaissance focusing your attention on their view of nature, of man and their conception of the universal order. What was the literature of the period characterized by? 2What was Elizabeth I's court ..."

b'I just wanted you to explain me the following rule. 1 She promised to drive me to the station. She promised she would drive me to the station. Can promise ever be followed by to add indirect object or indirect object? Ex. She promised her mum OR to her mum? that she ...'

b"Can someone please make a literal meaning for each line in Robert Frost's Poem 'Out, Out'? For lines 27-34 only and techniques used? So. The hand was gone already. The doctor put him in the dark of ether. He lay and puffed his lips out with his breath. And then - the watcher..."

b"I need to write a mini research paper on a modernist poet of my choice... I'm having trouble deciding on what poet to use and how i can develop a strong thesis.. any help would be much appreciated."


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