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b'Is it a mistake to write Nature ceased to be consideres as a real living being? I included a few more sentences. Thank you. 1 In the fourth stanza the poet suggests that in order to hear the voice of nature we should be in a state of inner emptiness almost like that of ...'

b"Could you please check these sentences, please? I'm not sure about the rephrase. 1In the first stanza the poet remembers wondering aimlessly and alone in the countryside. All at once he was amazed by the sight of a crowd of daffodils dancing ad fluttering in the breeze. They ..."

b'The report was thorough.It saved the department several hundred dollars'

b'Give five present day examples of similar characteristics or situations present in the novel lord of the flies.'

b"I forgot to include the following sentences. When I describe Wordsworth' conception of poetry, shall I use the present or the past? 1 Wordsworth believed poetry should deal with everyday situations or incidents and with ordinary people living in the countryside. 2 He ..."

b'Can you please check these two sentences, please? Thank you 1 Nature ceased to be considered as a philosophical entity concept?. It came to be felt as a real living being real and living being and to be described as it actually was. 2 The Romantics were concerned about ...'

b"what does this mean: His [Claudius'] primary role in the play is to spawn Hamlet's confusion and anger, and his subsequent search for truth and life's meaning. What do they mean by spawn? isnt dat fish eggs?"

b"I am looking for a novel that's set in the 1980--1999 in Zimbabwe. Any recommendation is appreciated."

b'I have been working on this and am still confused. Which sentence is correct. Using the pronoun case- A My brother knows more about technology than me. B My brother knows more about technology than I. I thought it would be best for B and add to it the word do at the end but ...'

b'I need a thesis statement of 450 words for why renting a house is a better option than buying a homr'

b"Can you help me express the following ideas in a letter? It is really urgent and I don't want to be misunderstood. Thank you. 1 We're looking for a double room plus extra bed for my six-year-old child for 15 nights from 4 August to 19 August. 2 In particular, we would be ..."

b'hello. what can be a substitute word for rip in the lines: x marks the spot, where you rip me apart. thanks in advance. :'

b'is a critical response of a poem the same as a poem analysis? if not what is a critical response?'

b"what techniques in robert frost's poem, The Road Not Taken were used to express his theme in making choices???"

b'1 They tied themseves together and climbed down. However, Joe fell and broke his leg. 2 They decided that Simon would lower him on his rope.The snowstorm became so intense that Simon accidentally left Joe hanging in the air. 3 Simon held on to the rope for over an hour but...'

b"Here are some sentences I'd like you to check Midlands 1 Joe and Simon ad successfully climbed to the top of Siula Grande, one of the most difficult mountains in the Andes. 2 They decided to climb down the mountain in spite of the dangerous weather conditions. They roped ..."

b'Open : 9:00 am.\xc2\xa2\xc2\xa6 5:00 pm. Mon \xc2\xa2\xc2\xa6 Fri How do you read the above? 1. From nine am. to five pm. from Monday to Friday 2. nine am. to five pm. Monday to Friday 3. From nine am. through five pm. from Monday through Friday 4 nine am. through five pm. Monday through ...'

b"1. Dr. Kim's office is between the library and the bank. What is Dr. Kim's office? In this sentence does office mean 'clinic'? Or is 'office' a room where people work, usually sitting at desks? 2. He is Dr. Kim. In this sentence, what does Dr. Kim mean? Is he a person ..."

b'In 3\xc2\x965 sentences, write down what you told someone in that conversation. Once you write your sentences, go back and identify the sentence type of each one. They will be one of these three options: simple sentence, compound sentence, or complex sentence. Explain why you ...'

b'Which word would you use in American English instead of top up? When you put money on your cell phone I need you to check these sentences, too. Than you. 1 They set out on a windy day though small boats had been warned to stay off I need a synonym the water. When they ...'

b'give the syllable pattern only legal, cedar, about, elect, frozen __________ give the syllable pattern only batter, hoodwink, lectern, lesser __________ give the syllable pattern only noble, puzzle, kettle, bugle'

b"I'd like you to check these few sentences for me. Thank you very much. 1 I'd hate to lose and not losing my ring because it was my grandmother's. 2 I use the internet to do school research and to look up information I need for school. 3 I'm a Tim subscriber. I subscribed ..."

b"i really nedd to know what i'm suppose to write in macbeth's theme superstition? i know that it's about the witches and their prophecies and apparitions and about banquo's ghost but what should i emphasize on??"

b'I REALLY need help in this Double Shift word problem by Gloria Rosenthal. The following real or fictional people all do or did something; their activities are dependent on their names. From each clue, identify the person, take their first name or surname whichever one ...'

b'Can you fix this sentence? When the movie Star Wars premiered in 1977, it was both surprising and a revolution in its special effects.'

b'how does the badger teach wart about war? what kind of knight does wart dream about becoming?'

b'What examples does Holden give about how mean the guys at Pency were treating him in chapter 22 of The Catcher in the Rye?'

b"Metis list of rights-1869 These were the older rights. And I don't understand many of them, please simplify for me. That treaties be concluded and ratified between the Dominion Government and the several tribes of Indians in the Territory to ensure peace on the frontier. That ..."

b'What three strategies from the goal-setting reading will you use to stay motivated and maintain progress on the goal action plan you created for Week 2 Assignment 1? How will these strategies help you obtain your goals?'

b'I left out this last sentence I would really like you to check. Thank you 1 I use the net to do carry out school research, look up information I need for school, keep up to date on what happens in the world and finally, to chat with my friends through ? internet messanger.'

b"I chose the five as you suggested to me. Thank you for your help 1 A white man asked Rosa Parks to give up her seat to him/to get up because he wanted her seat/to stand up-Are they all possible? 2 The boycot would have been a success, if Rosa Parks hadn't refused to give up ..."

b"Can you please check these sentences I'm not sure of? Thank you very much. 1 A white man asked Rosa Parks to give up her seat to him/to get up because he wanted her seat/to stand up- Which ones are best? 2 The boycot would have been a success, if Rosa Parks hadn't refused to..."

b'How do you learn how do diagram a sentence ?'

b"Hello Can you improve this sentence please She didn't ask her supervisor days-off."

b'How do we write 26 may 2011 in five letters without using numbers'

b'For Grapes of Wrath and the American Dream, how did the setting affect the characters vision of the dream? Is it sort of brutal because there was starvation, poverty, and death?'

b'syllables-what would be the onset for throw and roast? throw a. thr b. ro c. ow d. th e. row roast a. roa b. oa c. st d. oast e. r'

b'How does the valley of ashes give a vision of the American Dream? Is it like that it showed prosperity?'

b'I saw your corrections and I thank you for your help. Shall I write this way: 1 The interior monologue has the following features: first, it is immediate since it lacks the conventional syntax and it is free from introductory expressions. Second, it is characterized by two ...'

b'I left out three sentences, I hope you can see them. 1 Can you use his/her when writing a dissertion? Exmple: The character stays fixed in a place whereas his/her consciousness moves freely in time. 2 There was no use in is in necessary? thinking of what might have been...'

b"Could you please check these sentences,please? It's really urgent. I made some changes and I would like to know if they are correct. 1 The interior monologue has the following features. First, it is immediate since it lacks the conventional syntax and it is free from ..."

b"I urgently need to find a site where I can get a video lesson with transcript of the Holocaust. By the way, could you check these sentences I'm not sure of? 1Robinson\xc2\x92s ship was stuck wrecked in the sand and the waves were dashing over it. There was nobody there. Robinson..."

b"I've got to write a good news letter to the president of a college expressing my appreciation of an instructor with dedication to his/her instructors...help"

b'Do you say colorful or colored shirts?'

b"The waves got higher and higher. Then the waves broke the boat, and the emperor could not get back to the palace. What is the meanign of 'Then' in the passage above? 1. At that time 2. After that 3. In that case Or another meaning?"

b"Could you please check if everything is ok? It's really urgent. 1The old woman is wearing an elegant black business suit with a white blouse and a white-and-blue striped scarf. 2The boy in the picture is wearing a black leather jacket with a white short-sleeved shirt under ..."

b'Bloodhound is to scent as ______ is to vision'

b"identify gerunds and then write how its used:S is subject PN predicate nominative DO direct object OP object of a preposition. 1CHEERING the team gave me a sore throat 2Joanna's mother enjoys PRESERVING fruits and vegetables 3We stopped him from TELLING the secret 4Alicia'..."

b"Could you check these very few sentences. I also wanted to know why the sentence He is said to send her messages is wrong. Isn't it equivalent to they say he always sends her messages? Thank you for helping me. 1 A make-up artist is someone who puts make-up on actors' and..."

b"How did the settings of The Great Gastby and Grapes of Wrath affect the characters' version of the American Dream?"


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