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b"A Separate Peace assingments. I just got out of the hospital. I just saw that these assignments will be due in a couple of hours. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE I asked my teacher for a postponed date he said he can't because the payment for the school is paid in little payments ..."

b'Can anyone check my HOMEWORK for me? Its due today..thank you . I am writinfg an essay, 2 paragraphs with a minimum of 350 words. I am to explaining my point of view and what I plan to accomplish on my final essay for the sememester. I have chosen a Topic already for the final...'

b'is this sentence correct: He was deprived of his money.'

b'Thank you very much. Could you please check if the answer to question is grammatical? 1 At the beginning of the voyage the ship is caught in a storm then by mist and snow and finally is surrounded by ice. The storm is represented as a huge bird, chasing the ship with its ...'

b"parents want thier children to go to collage how everever they don't aways have the funds to sendthem"

b"Can you please reconsider questions 1,2 and 3 and tell me if they are grammatically correct? 1 How are Joyce's Dubliners arranged and what are its two recurrent themes? 2 What features do all the characters in Joyce's Dubliners have in common? 3 Refer to S.T. Coleridge's..."

b"I really don't know how to express questions n. 1-2 better. Can you please help me? 1 How are Joyce's Dubliners arranged and what are its two recurrent themes? 2 What features have all the characters in Joyce's Dubliner have in common? 3 In Joyce's Dubliners, all the ..."

b'Which information does Elizabeth not report to John?a. The court has accused fourteen people of witchcraft. b. The court has condemned Sarah Osburn to be hanged. c. The crowd parts for Abigail like the sea for the Israelites. d. Mary Warren describes Abigail as though Abigail ...'

b'In act two of the crucible 1 One of the chief conflicts established in Act Two is between A. John Proctor and Ezekiel Cheever B. Elizabeth Proctor and Mary Warren C. John Proctor and John Hale D. John and Elizabeth Proctor i chose A 2. what does elizabeth ask proctor to do? a...'

b"Thank you very much. In point 1 I need to formulate my question better. As for the other points I'd like you to revise the language, especially in point 4. 1 Why is Wilde's The picture of Dorian Gray profoundly allegorical? What does the picture symbolize and what is the ..."

b"Can you help me evaluate Hamlet's views on religion, mortality and justice."

b"Can you please help me rephrase these questions? I know they are grammatically correct but I need to express them differently. Thank you. 1 Give a brief description of the monster as referred to by Dr Frankenstein in Chapter 5 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Explain what the..."

b'By referring to specific examples from Act One describe the atmosphere, mood and tone of the play.'

b'I forgot to add these two other sentences you checke before. I just wanted to be sure. 1 He created a potion capable of releasing or to release his evil side. 2The individual is left in front of two choices. is given only two choices/has only two choices. Which one is ...'

b"Can you please help me rephrase these questions? They should appear as different questions though the meaning is the same. 1 Give a brief description of the monster as referred to by Dr Frankenstein in Chapter 5 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Explain what the monster stands ..."

b"What correction should be made to this sentence? Today's hikers prefer a shoe that is six inches high, is made of leather, and thick sturdy composition soles."

b"Can you please check these sentences? I'm unsure about the use of synonyms. Thank you. 1Dr Jekyll creates a potion capable to release or of realising his evil side. 2 For this purpose, he uses a particular salt, adds it to other componenents and brings them to the boil. ..."

b"Hi, im susan. I am currently in english honors and have to do a biography on someone i admire. The person i admire most right now is jeffree star. I have never really wrote a biography on someone. And could use some help. I don't know what to include about him and what to say..."

b'In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, What is the most important life lesson that Jem and/or Scout learn?'

b"Can you check this sentence, it's really urgent. Before sending you details of my credit card, I would like you to confirm the offer made to me by Mr Smith, your Reservation Executive."

b'Can you please check these few sentences, please? Thank you. 1 I just wanted to know why two meals are not included in your rate and how much your hotel charges for a dinner. 2 Would you please be so kind and send me the details of your offer again?'

b'1. Korea co-hosted the World Cup in 2002 with Japan. 2. Korea hosted the World Cup with Japan in 2002. 3. Korea and Japan co-hosted the World Cup in 2002. 4. Korea hosted the World Cup in 2002 with Japan. Are all the same and grammatical?'

b'Grammatically, \xc2\x93agreement\xc2\x94 can mean: A subject/verb agreement B pronoun agreement C verb tense agreement D all the above'

b'When a the subject of sentence has 2 or more nouns or pronouns connected by \xc2\x93or\xc2\x94 or \xc2\x93nor,\xc2\x94 the verb must agree with the noun or pronoun that appears closest to the verb in the sentence. Would this be true or false?'

b'What are the similarities between Ralph leadership skills and Jack leadership skills in the novel,Lord of the flies by William Golding.'

b'how is the more direct performative aspect of drama and/or poetry reflected in these forms'

b'I forgot to include these other sentences. I just wanted to know if the verb should be originate or originated. Thank you. 1 He regarded imagination as a special intuition which enabled the poet to see things the ordinary man was blind to. He defined poetry as the ...'

b'I just wanted to know if the tense choice is correct. Thank you in advance. The poet remembers seeing a crowd of daffodils. 1 In the first stanza Wordsworth describes the daffodils as lying beside the lake, beneath the trees. 2 In the second stanza the daffodils are ...'

b'I need to list the prefix root and suffix of these words: Interrupt Prefix: In or inter? Root:rupt Suffix:none Containment P:Con R:Tain S:ment Despise P:DE r:spise S: none Reversal P:re R:vers S:al Scribble Root: scrib S'

b'This English project requires several hours of work everyday, my English skills are improving. Run-on - Replace the comma with a semicolon to make a complete sentence. Run-on - Add the word and after the comma to make a complete sentence. Run-on - Replace the comma with a ...'

b"I forgot to include the following few sentences. Thank you very much. 1 If it hadn't been for the action of one brave woman, the boycot wouldn't have occurred. 2 I'm doubtful whether or not to stay with the same family as two of my classmates. to share a room with two of ..."

b'should there be commas around however in this sentence. He ahd planned to take the last flight out to Chicago.It was cancelled,however, because of bad weather.'

b'Can you please check these sentences, please? Thank you. 1 The bus trip was very boring and I slept during the whole trip all the trip is wrong because I was very tired. 2 We moved better we went to Grado for lunch and had lunch there also possible. 3 We moved to ...'

b'What 3 element are in this poem ?'

b'Who was an English philosopher who believed all people have natural rights? My best guess is John Locke.'

b'I need help writing a paragraph using these words. Retrospect, Inane, Squelch, Subsidize, and Lethargy.'

b'help me to write a letter to your year group, inviting students to become part of the team. In the letter you need to tell them 1for which activity you are sending a team. 2what kind of experience or special skills are needed. 3how members of the team will be selected. ...'

b'Are these sentences grammatically correct? The girl got married in 2010 and had one child, Sara Lee, afterwards. The girl went from being a cashier to a millionaire.'

b'How is the best way to write the explaination on the changes that you would make to revise the paper. I know what needs to be corrected, but I am not sure how to word it in a paragraph. The Dark Knight was the most popular film of 2008. Unlike most popular summer movies it was...'

b'In the book 1984, who wrote the song that the proles sing?'

b'What is the topic sentence? Nearly everyone is familiar with the dark silhouette of the giant saguaro, its arms thrust stiffly out. However, few people have actually seen this awe-inspiring plant in its natural habitat, since it is found only in the desert in the southwest ...'

b'What is the epigrammatical style in poetry? And what could be the examples of it in the work of Emily Dickinson?'

b"I forgot to add these two sentences. Thank you. I'm annoyed with his behaviour. I'm annoyed/irritated/angry with him about his behaviour ??. I'm bored with my present job/I'm fed up with my job/I'm tired of my job."

b"Could you please check these adjectives referring to personality? Thank you very much. 1 I'm outgoing, sensible, sincere, touchy and hard-working. 2 I'm quite confident about myself. I'm anxious about next week's biology test. 3 If I were you, I'd study harder/I'm appy ..."

b"im studying the poem entitled 'Aunt Jennifer's Tigers' by Adrianne Rich and in a review of this poem they say that 'poets use of the word 'chivalric' refers to tigers stalking their domain' what does it exactly mean?"

b'Can you please check these two sentences? 1 He contrasts natural behaviour, which he regards as good to social behaviour, which was governed by reason and social conventions. 2 Long, low-neck T-shirts, which reach up to the tighs, are very popular among teenagers. 3 Can you...'

b'Can you please check this short letter of enquiry, please? 1 My husband and I are looking for a double room plus an extra bed for my six-year-old child for 14 nights from 4 July to 18 July. 2 In particular, we would like to know your rates in half board breakfast/dinner ...'

b"I got the question on corruption in the play hamlet for homework. I wonder should I focus on the Danish court in general for example the way Hamlet refers to the world around him as 'an unweeded garden' or containing 'things rank and gross in nature', the way corruption ..."

b'what can i do to be a better learner in my english class'

b'total of aniket marks in maths and science together are 100 more than his marks in english.his average markes in tha three subjects are 60.what are his marks in english'


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