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b'a poem on any inanimated thing like snow, chalk candle etc. in about 8-1o lines poem should be of class 9th level'

b'how can i correct the fragment Quickly corrected with favorable results?'

b'need help checking grammar errors please and how good is it? Credits cards have some positive value to them from being able to make big purchases, to making an everyday purchase. This reminds me of a quote said by John Mc Donald\xc2\x92s \xc2\x93Everything that has a positive side also ...'

b"Can you please check these statements? I'm not sure about the word choice. 1 Explore the theme of the double as it occurs in the works of the writers we studied in class. I need to change we studided in class 2 Describe I need a synonym the kind of imagery used by ..."

b'Can you please check these two sentences, again? I had misspelt a noun in my previous post. 1 Define the interior monologue providing an example of its use from the readings done in class. Explain then in what way it differs from the stream of consciousness. 2 Focus on Joyce...'

b"Can you hel me formulate the first sentence better? Thank you very much. 1 Define the interior monologue providing an example of its use from is it wrong? the readings done in class. Explain then in what way it differs from the stream of consciosness. 2 Focus on Joyce's ..."

b'Maya Angelou - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings What Maya Angelou means by the title of her autobiography.? Please Help if you can'

b'I forgot to include the following questions. I really hope you can have a look at them. I need you to improve question 2. Thank you. 1 Define the interior monologue providing an example of its use in the readings done in class. Explain then in what way it differs from the ...'

b'Can someone please tell me how this paragraph would be rated? Literary technique paragraph using the second paragraph of the Jan 2011 regent. In passage 2, the author Marge Piercy uses similie to portray the hard work people he loves best do. Similes compare one item to ...'

b'Would I say the Chicago White Sox rules or rule? Why?'

b"Could you please check these statements, please? It's really urgent. 1How are the flowers introduced in the first stanza of William Wordsworth\xc2\x92s poem \xc2\x93Daffodils\xc2\x94? What view of nature is presented in the poem? 2 Briefly outline the relationship between man and nature in..."

b'Can you identify key qualities of drama and poetry which emphasize their performative qualities.'

b'Each child will want one of those. is one a pronoun or adj? I think it is a adjective'

b"Can you please check the word choice and let me know which expressions sound better? The parts in parentheses Thank you 3I couldn\xc2\x92t believe people could eat the meat of animals such as crocodiles or zebras. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw people eating the meat of..."

b'Lori and her friends went to a movie on the Fourth of July. identify the collective and compound nouns friends collective Fourth of July compound did i miss any? ty'

b"Tom could see the anger on Mr. Adams' face. nouns contrete or abstract Tom concrete anger abstract face concrete is this correct?"

b'Our class had a test in Spanish this afternoon. find the nouns mark concrete or abstract class concrete test concrete spanish concrete afternoon concrete?'

b'Can you please check the following sentences? It is really urgent. Thank you very much. 1 Last summer I went to South Africa with my family. In my opinion, it was the most exciting holiday I have ever had. 2 Actually, South Africa has got a lot of wild animals such as lions...'

b"Identify the sentence with the correct word choice. a Let's divide the work among the three of us. b Let's divide the work between the three of us. c Let\xc2\x92s divide the work amongst the two of us. d Let\xc2\x92s divide the work betweens the three of us."

b'I really need someone to write me a short formal letter of complaint that presents a problem and suggests a solution. Please help'

b'Hello I know articles are really complicated in English language but what is the easiest way to explain the usage of definite, indefinite and zero article?'

b'Can you help me summarize the major similarities and differences between the forms of the drama Riders to The Sea,The poem We Real Cool,and the short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and help me with at least one textual example of each literary form Please.'

b'How is the more direct performative aspect of drama and/or poetry reflected in these forms? structure, language, technique, and style'

b'hay i really really need help im doing a poem project and it invloves explainig what does no time to turn at beautys glance and watch her feet and how they can dancemeans pleasee help me i really need help:'

b'The colorful paper decorations were ruined by the sudden storm? what are all the adjectives'

b"1. The solar cell could change sunlight directly into electricity. 2. The solar cell could directly change sunlight into electricity. Are both acceptable? What is the suitable position of 'directly'? Which one is right?"

b'Explain the quote, In order to survive fact must become fiction.'

b"If you could create a time capsule. what valuable things or memories would you put in it? Note you won't open it for 10 years"

b'One of the four underlined sections may mark an error in punctuation. Choose the option that marks the error in punctuation. If there is no error, choose No error. For most of us who are not reading specialists, learning to read is a mysterious process; why a child is ready to...'

b'please help I need help with my English assignment ASAP. I need to know the meaning of Impetus? These are the exact words. Brief summary of the impetus behind your scenario. Be clear to show a clear link to the chosen topic. I do not understand the meaning of Impetus can ...'

b'1. Soccer was a regular subject in many public schools in England in the early 1800s. These schools developed their own rules, which were different from school to school. 2. Soccer was a regular subject in many public schools in England in the early 1800s. These schools ...'

b'How is the use of the omniscient narrator similiar and different in each genre?'

b"To solve this problem, ten schools founded the Football Association of England and made a set of standard rules in 1863. That was the year when moden soccer started. What does 'that' refer to in the last sentence? Does 'that' refer to '1863' or the sentnce before? Q2: What is..."

b"In addition, Pele is the only player that has been on three World Cup winning teams. Why is 'has been' used? Can't we use ' was' instead of 'has been'?"

b'2 or 3 paragraphs on murder in paris'

b"What is the origin of 'couch potato'? Does it mean a potato on a couch? Why has it become a person who spends a lot of time sitting and watching TV?"

b'I have to design a theme park based on Julius Caesar. I need creative names of what to call this theme park. NOT Julius Caesar Theme ParkAny ideas would be helpful'

b'Why is this sentence correct - concerning tenses I did my homework when I had watched TV. Does this mean that person did her/his homework after watching the Tv?'

b'write a paragraph explaining how you can apply writing elements such as evaluation, summary, synthesis, analysis to enhance your academic and professional writing.'

b"Thank you for your corrections. I'm still doubtful on a few things. I did some corrections myself. Can you please tell me if they are possible? it's really urgent. 1My name is Michele and I was born in Torino on 23 March 1997. When I was three years old, I moved with my ..."

b'what ia the dramatic importance of the passage ACT 1 SCENE 3 WHEN POLONIUS ENTERS?'

b'1. When I arrived at the station, the train had alrready left. 2. When I arrived at the station, he had been waiting for me for half an hour. 3. When I arrived at the station, he had waited for me for half an hour. Are they all grammatical? Which expressions should I use, 2 ...'

b'1. When I entered the room, he played the piano. 2. When I entered the room, he started to play the piano. Is 1 grammatical? Is 1 similar to 2? 3. When I entered the room, he had been playing the piano for an hour. 4. When I entered the room, he was playing the piano. ...'

b"1. The English liked soccer very much. What is the part of speech of 'English'? An adjective or a noun? 2. English people liked soccer very much. 3. All the English people liked soccer very much. Does 1 mean 2 or 3?"

b'How many people took part in a soccer game in medieval England? 1. Hundreds of people took part in a soccer game. 2. Hundreds of people took part in the game then. Which one is the suitable answer for the question?'

b'1. The Chinese are an industrious people. 2. Chinese people are an industrious people. 3. The Chinese people are an industrious people. What does 1 mean, 2 or 3? 4. The Romans were strong. 5. The Roman were strong. 6. Roman people were strong. 7. The Roman people were ...'

b"Hi My earlier question needed some clarification. I'm writing a monologue on a marginilised To Kill A Mockingbird character, I am doing Aunt Alexandra. During my monolouge I made two statements from Aunt Alexandra's pov. The first is that Aunt Alexandra tells Atticus he needs ..."

b'Explain the problems with this statement. Antigone said: But I will bury him: and if I must die, I say that his crime is holy: I shall lie down with him in death, and I shall be as dear to him as he to me Sophocles 57-60'

b'Could you please check this paragraph? It is really urgent. Thank you 1My name is Michele and I was born in Torino on 23 march 1997. When I was three years I went to Rome with my family. 2 Now I have got 14 years old and I go to secondary school . 3I have got a lot of ...'

b'What does this quote means? Please interpret. A sure way for one to lift oneself is by helping to lift someone else, - Booker T. Washington'


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