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b'I forgot to add the following statements. Thank you very much for your cooperation. 1 What did you like most among the various topics we dealt with during your school year? 2 Are you going to continue your study of English at university? 3 Are you going to continue your ...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections I just wanted to know if I should evaluate these collocations as mistakes. I included some of the corrections myself. 1 Women had to provide an education to children. Correction: provide someone with... 2 Respectability consisted ...'

b'if i give you a paragraph can you point out the adverbs and adjectives?'

b"Can you please tell me which expressions are possible? Thank you. 1 Women had to provide an education to children Better: they had to provide children with an education, they were in charge of children's education, they were entrusted with ?/responsible for/ children's ..."

b'Can you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1How does Eveline earn a living? What is she like? She is submissive, tired, confused and unsure. 2 She was sexually abused by her father. 3 What does she think of while she is sitting waiting for the time to leave? What ...'

b'Could you let me know if these are correct? Write 5 sentences in which you address changes in your writing: 1 Working with a friend has made my sentence structure better. 2 I now recognize run-one sentences,and try not to use them. 3I still get confused on some things. 4 ...'

b"The beauty and splendor of Gatsby's parties masked the innate corruption within the heart of the Roaring Twenties. Jazz-Age society was a bankrupt world, devoid of morality, and plagued by a crisis of character."

b"Can you check these few sentences, please? 1 Wait I'll help you with your shopping. I'll take the shopping for you. 2 Do you know what will happen if you don't pay the bill? 3 As soon as he finishes school, he'll look for job. The station is too far from here, I'll take ..."

b"Could anybody check my English essays? I'm looking for native English teacher who is willing to help me with improving my written language. For achieving this goal I'm going to write rather long essays on humanitarian subjects. I don't need lengthy explanations: just highlight..."

b'Thank you very much for your help.I need you to check these sentences, please. 1 He plays more sports than Keith. Will you have to take a make-up exam at the end of Agust? 2 As our flight is due to land in London in the late evening, I wonder how far your hotel from the ...'

b"How would you interpret the messages in the poem Anne received from her father for her birthday? I read them, but don't understand at all.. of course it makes sense I don't understand.. I am a 10 year old doing a 13 year old's work because I skipped a few grades. But anyway, I..."

b"One last question for today that I need checked. What can you assume about the effective-ness of the efforts of Dutch resistance work-ers to sabotate the Nazis? I just put it was very effective, but I feel that it's asking for more in the question, and maybe I'm just ..."

b"Alright, I am also reading Anne Frank, but I'm having trouble with the question about how Anne used humor to relieve the anxiety and boredom of living in the hiding?"

b'Okay, another question on the Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank. In the book, Anne says this statement: There is nothing we can do but wait as calmly as we can till the misery comes to an end. How does this statement help to place readers in the historical con-text of the ...'

b"Did I properly quote this sentence? Feldman is the author from my school textbook. I am not sure if I have this part right. Do I include the authors' name within the brackets are do I leave out the author name and just put brackets around the year and page number?= Feldman..."

b'Example of literary and non literary prose by citing example?'

b"Can you please check these expressions? It's really urgent. The first set of expressions concerns husehold chores whereas the others refer to what you have to do when you do the washing. 1 I have to clean the bathtub, the sink and the toilet, dry the dishes dust the furniture..."

b'I need help finding a word that means to make greek using hellen as the base'

b"I'm writing a personal letter and I was wondering if you could check to see if my grammar in these following sentences is correct or if it's missing a comma. I don't want to post the entire letter because its personal. Thank you. I am so blessed to have you in my life and I ..."

b'In the essay A Modest Proposal What recurring image do you find in the text? What impact does it have on you?'

b'In the essay A Modest Proposal Characterization What is your opinion of the Irish poor?'

b'Give one theme or message from \xc2\x93A Modest Proposal'

b'Can you review this rough draft of an outline for a persuasive essay and provide any feedback? Thanks in advance I. Introduction Even though some feel as though a student having a credit card can teach financial responsibility, a credit card company should not be allowed to ...'

b'Why did the relationship between Anne and her mother become strained? In a few sentences, analyze how their relationship as a mother and daughter was changing. This is a question for The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, and the answer is supposedly found on pages 1-43'

b'Could you review this outline for a persuasive essay? Was it done correctly? Outline for negative impact of credit card companies marketing to students on campus Com 156 My introduction to the topic and my thesis statement. Introductory Paragraph: Even though students having ...'

b'you can help me in plural form'

b'Provide at least two specific examples of changes you have implemented based on what you learned this week. What would be two examples of this? Thank You'

b"1. The Davinci Code is the most exciting book I've ever read. 2. The Da Vinci Code is the most exciting book I've ever read. Which title is right? Can we omit 'the'?"

b"1 Why do you say I'm writing to you to find out about hotel accommodation BUT I'm e-mailing you to find out ... thank you I'm passionate about photography is that same as I'm fond of photography?"

b"Just to be sure that everything is OK. 1 Explain the meaning of the word compromise written in italics applied to the Victorian way of life. Then outline briefly the main features of Victorian society. 2 I'm e-mailing to you I'm sending you this e-mail; are both possible..."

b'Like the popular belief that older adults do poorer in schools than their younger counterparts, the midlife crisis'

b'I urgently need you to chech the question and the answer to it. I considered your corrections. 1 Explain the meaning of the word compromise applied to the Victorian way of life. Explain how the word compromise applied to the Victorian way of life. Then outline briefly the ...'

b"I forgot to include these statements about a letter of inquiry to a hotel. Which connectors shall I use to include my queries to the hotel? Thank you. 4 I'd like to know the following things: First, if the bus line in front of the hotel goes directly to the city centre; ..."

b'Can you check this question and answer?I need to shorten the answer: points 2-3 1 Describe the kind of technique adopted by writers at the beginning of the 20th century OR by early 20th century writers to represent the unspoken activity of the mind. 2 At the beginning of...'

b'Thank you very much for your help. I tried to correct all the things I made wrong. Can you check my question and answer one more time. 1 Explain then the meaning of the word compromise applied to the Victorian way of life. Explain how the word compromise applied to the ...'

b'A last doubt. Which of the following sentences is best formulated? Which are grammatically wrong? Could you check the last 2 points, too? 1 The flowers are presented not as statically as in a painting, but as alive with motion. 2 The flowers are presented not statically as ...'

b'What do you think of this sentence? Thank you. 1 In the indirect interior monologue the narrator comments upon the thoughts of the character and maintains logical and grammatical organization.'

b"I need you to check the question and my answer to it. Shall I include more details in the question? In sentences 3 and 5 I don't know which connectors to use to express a contrast between two different concepts. How can't find a suitable verb to finish of my paragraph. Thank..."

b'from where i will get an essay on the topic the complete development of students is only possible by strict discipline write for or against the topic'

b'where will i get the essay in about 500 words on polluting the environment is dangerous for human existence,prove using present instances'

b'make the spelling from these word delinquent we pitched the blank and prepared to sleep there'

b'In your previous post you wrote that this sentence was correct. 1 In the poem, Daffodils, the flowers are presented, not as statically as in a painting, but alive with motion. Do you think I should omit as?'

b'I forgot to include these last sentences. Thank you. 1 What does the world outside her window remind Eveline of?/ OR make her think about? both possible? 2 Eveline and the other children used to play and shelter by vigilance against her father, who used to interfere with ...'

b'Can you please check these last questions, please? Thank you. 1 What major changes took place in England during the Industrial Revolution?/What changes did the industrial revolution bring to England? 2 What did the most important inventions concern? They concerned machinery...'

b"Thank you. A few more things. I'd like you to check the word choice. 1It is necessary to distinguish among three kinds of interior monologue. In the indirect interior monologue the narrator never lets the character\xc2\x92s flow of thoughts be without control, and maintains ..."

b"I just have a few more questions to you. As for 1 I just want to know if punctuation is correct and if distinguish is followed by among or not. In 3 I just want to know if and is needed. In 2 and 4 I'd like you to check the word choice. 1 The interior monologue has ..."

b"During the afternoon, my cats are content to nap on the couch.What is the meaning of these sentence? I don't understand meaning of word content in these sentence.What is the meaning of sentence above?"

b"During the afternoon, my cats are content to nap on the couch.What is the meaning of these sentence? Content is the meaning of the amount of a substance that something contains.Is it right?But I don't understand meaning of word content in these sentence."

b'What is the object of preposition in English grammar? What is its grammar explanation?How different between object and object of preposition?'

b"1. This computer is such a slow thing that I can't use it. 2. This computer is such a slow thing that i can't use. Which one is correct? 3.This computer is so slow that I can't use it. 4. This computer is so slow that I can't use. Which one is correct? Are both OK?"


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