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b'Nomber 20 how many ways can you make equal groups write or draw the ways'

b'Two triangles are similar. The ratio of their corresponding sides 1:4. 1. Find the ratio of their perimeters 2. What is the ratio of their areas'

b'what would have a greater surface area? a cylinder that is flat and smooth or a cylinder that is threaded? I think the smooth one will because the threads remove area that needs to be covered?'

b'Ken planted a mongo seed. He noticed that the seed grew 1/5 times larger than the previous week. This week he measured the plant and found out that it is 10cm tall. How tall will the plant be in two weeks from now?'

b'In a survey of 200 employees of a company regarding their 401k investments, the following data were obtained. 150 had investments in stock funds. 78 had investments in bond funds. 60 had investments in money market funds. 46 had investments in stock funds and bond funds. 38 ...'

b'P=50-Q/10 ,total Cost Ofspring Water Are Given By. CQ=0.05Q2add2000. find output levelQof profit maximization.'

b'Mrs. Dwayne has three boxes. The first box contains three red marbles and five blue marbles. The second box has four red marbles and six blue marbles. The third box has five red marbles and seven blue marbles. Mrs Dwayne pulls a marble from each box five times. but before her ...'

b"joe buys mugs for 2.50 each. If he sells them for 4, he can sell 60 mugs a week. For every 50 cents increase in price, he sells 6 fewer mugs per week. Determine the price which will maximize Joe's profits."

b'Tickets are drawn to determine first prize money is s100, 000. Each succeeding prize paid 60percent as much as the ticket before it. What was the prize money for the 6th ticket drawn? Use the appropriate formula. Answer = 7776'

b'Tickets are drawn to determine first prize money is s100, 000. Each succeeding prize paid 60percent as much as the ticket before it. What was the prize money for the 6th ticket drawn? Use the appropriate formula.'

b"Q. If tossing a fair coin, how many tosses does it take to get two heads in a row, on average? ________________________________________?_________ I was a bit unsure about what 'on average' meant. I'm a bit unsure about what I tried: I considered cases of getting two ..."

b'Susan spent 2/5 of her money on clothes and 1/3 on pair of shoes what fraction of her money was left'

b'Helen calculated that she paid 1.50 per 100g for the usable part of the fish. How did Helen calculate 1.50?'

b'divide the sum of 65/12and12/7by their difference.'

b'Ques1- represent numberline -7/3. Ques2- divide the sum of3/8and -5/12by the reciprocal of -15/8 *16/27'

b'If two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal, prove that the bisectors of the interior angles on the same side of the transversal intersect each other at right angles.'

b'What number whose sum of its digit is 26 become 6000 when rounded to the nearest thousand? List 3 pissible answer.'

b'A number round off to 4000.the digit in the in the hundred place is twice the digits in the tens place.the sum of the digits is 12.the number uses only different digits.find the number.'

b'Give a function of C that can represent the cost of buying x meals, if one meal costs P40. Prove your representation by using a table.'

b'Paul read his library book for 4/5 hour on Thursday, 1/6 hours on Friday, and 2/5 hour on Saturday. About how long did Paul read his library book for three days?'

b'If centripetal force acts towards the center of a circle, why do we get pushed to the outside of the circular path when rounding a curve? What is responsible for this sensation? Some have erroneously referred to this sensation as a centrifugal force. What do you think is ...'

b'In the Numbers Game, a state lottery, four numbers are drawn with replacement from an urn containing balls numbered 0-9, inclusive. Find the probability that a ticket holder has the indicated winning ticket. The first three digits in exact order.'

b'Leeza plays piano every Monday and Friday and violin every fifth day. On Friday, March 1, she played piano and violin. On what other day or days in March does she play both instruments?'

b"The sum of Tonya's parents' ages is 78 years. Each parent's age is a prime number. Both parents are more than 20 years old. Her father is older than her mother. How could each parent be?"

b"For Jaala's school uniform, she can wear a light blue shirt with either tan or navy pants or a tan or navy skirt. How many different outfits can Jaala wear to school?"

b'The GCF of the number of red and blue button is 5. There are 75 red and blue buttons altogether. There are 35 more red buttons than blue buttons. How many of each color button is there?'

b'Assume that the number of bacteria follows an exponential growth model: Pt=P0e^k/t. The count in the bacteria culture was 400 after 10 minutes and 1500 after 35 minutes. a What was the initial size of the culture? b Find the population after 85 minutes. c How many ...'

b'Suppose that the weather forecast calls for a 30percent chance of rain on each of the three days of a long weekend. What are the odds in favour of no rain throughout the entire long weekend? Claudia and Ally are the two favourites to win an upcoming golf tournament. If Claudia is ...'

b'The fee for hiking a guide to explore a cave is 700 pesos. A guide only take care of maximum of 4 persons,and additional guides can be hired as needed. Represent the cost of hiring guides as a function of the number of tourist who wish to explore the cave. Thank you so much I ...'

b'The third,fourth and eight term of A.P form first three consecutive term of G.P.if the sum of the first ten term of A.P is 85.calculate the first term of both A.P and G.P,common ratio and sum of 5 term of G.P'

b'Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24 000 years. What percent of plutonium-239 remains after 10 000 years? Answer=74.9percent AND After 30 hours, a sample of Plutonium 243 PU^ 243 has decayed to 4 ^ -1/3 of its original mass. What is the half life of PU^ 243. Answer=45 hours'

b'A bacteria culture doubles every 15 minutes. If there are now 500 bacteria in the culture... How many will there be in an hour. N= 500 2 ^60/15 The answer is 8000 but I am getting 1 x 10^12 what am I doing wrong?'

b'4x > 1.2'

b'The deli server put 0.25 pound lb of meat on each sandwich. She used the equation 0.25s = 50 to determine the number of sandwiches s she could make with 50 pounds of meat. What is the value of s in her equation?'

b"A videoke machine can be rented for 1000 pesos for 3 days but for the fourth day onwards an addition cost of 400 pesos per day I added. Represent the cost of renting a videoke machine as a piecewise function of the number of days it is rented and plot it's graph. Please kindly..."

b"A videoke machine can be rented for 1000 pesos for 3 days but for the fourth day onwards an addition cost of 400 pesos per day is added. Represent the cost of renting a videoke machine as a piecewise function of the number of day it is rented and plot it's graph. Please kindly..."

b"If F x= 2x^2-5x-3 Determine f -4 F -4=2 -4^2-5 -4-3 I'm confused like do I use bedmas to solve this? F -4= 16--20-3 F -4=36-3 F -4=33 Is that right?"

b'A jeepney ride costs 8 pesos for the first 4 km and each additional integer km add 1.50 pesos to the fare. Use a piecewise function to represent the jeepney fare in terms of the distance d in km. Please give the solution. Thank you'

b'joann can walk a mile in 1/4 of an hour . at this rate how far can she walk in 4 hours'

b'Find the measure of triangle ADC if A is 3xadd2 degree, B is 4x-24 degree, C is 2xadd2 degree and D is xadd10 degree'

b'how can i compare my classmates in a real life situations about factoring?'

b'Anjolie has 40 stickers. She arranges them in an array on a page in her album. What are the possible arrays she can make? Is 40 prime or composite number?'

b'Aaron makes model airplanes using balsa wood. He has 14-and-35 inch strips of wood to cut into smaller pieces for wings. He wants to cut the strips into pieces of the same length. What is the longest whole number length he can cut?'

b'Laura makes modeling dough with 18 tablespoons salt and 27 tablespoons flour. She has scoops that hold from 1 through 10 tablespoons. If she wants to use the same scoop for the salt and the flour, what is the largest scoop she can use?'

b'How to plan delivery routes for for a postman /milkman .'

b'Ms.Dumal is making bookmarks for a school fundraiser. She has one piece of ribbon that is 72 inches long and another that is 64 inches long. She wants to cut both ribbons into smaller pieces that are all the same length for the bookmarks. What are the possible whole number ...'

b'Greg buys cases that hold 9 mini cars each. He fills every case. The total number of mini cars he has is either 135, 145, 155. If each car case costs 4.95, how much does Greg spend altogether?'

b'.larry is writing a 6 digit number .he writes the largest 1 digit number at the hundred thousands place .he also writes a number which is 3more than the smallest 1 digit number at the hundreds place and a number which is 7 less rhan the smallest 2 digit number at the ones ...'

b'use the triangle and the give information to solve the triangle. a=, c=, find b, a, and B'

b"Michael is 63 years younger than Dana. 7 years ago, Dana's age was 4 times Michael's age. How old is Michael now?"


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