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b"Still need help with this one: Find the work done in pumping the water over the rim of a tank that is 40 feet long and has a semicircular end of radius 10 feet if the tank is filled to a depth of 4 feet. I've set up an integral that is: 62.4 ? [-10,-4] 80 sqrt100-y^2-ydy..."

b'The approximate distance of the moon from Earth is 4 x 105 km and the average approximate distance from the Earth to Venus is 4 x 107 km. How much farther is Venus from Earth than the moon?'

b'If i have a rectangular of 36 inches long and 60 inches wide how do i find the greatest number'

b'Conner is 8 years older than Brianna the sum of their ages is 32 how old are Conner and Brianna'

b'The drama club sold 779 worth of tickets to the school play. Student tickets cost 3 apiece and tickets for everyone else cost 5 each. What equation relates the number of student tickets that were sold, s, and the number of other tickets that were sold, t, written in ...'

b'8\xc3\x975add8\xc3\x971-2\xc3\x976add6-2 add parentheses to get 22'

b'If 2 gulps = 5 slurps, and 2 slurps = 7 sips, then 122.5 sips is equal to how many gulps?'

b'If 2 gulps = 5 slurps, and 2 slurps = 7 sips, then 35 sips is equal to how many gulps?'

b'Find the work done in pumping the water over the rim of a tank that is 40 feet long and has a semicircular end of radius 10 feet if the tank is filled to a depth of 4 feet'

b'625 feet and decends at a rate of 300 feet per minute. 400 feet and decends at a rate of 150 feet per minute.after how many minutes will the plane be at the same altitude'

b"Find the area of the surface of revolution generated by revolving the curve y = 3 sqrt x, 0 <= x <= 4, about the x-axis. Okay, so I've set up the integral like this: 2pi ?[0,4] 3 sqrt xsqrt1add1/4xdx Which is coming out to 108.5, but that's not giving me the ..."

b'Construct a polynomial gx with integer coefficents and roots 1, 2/3, and 4i'

b"Jill's fish weighs 8 times as much as her parakeet. Together the pets weigh 63 ounces. How much does the fish weigh?"

b'Graph the Equation x=-2 What of I do after this step 0xadd1y=-2 1xadd0y=-2 I am really confused'

b'The grocery store sells kumquats for 4.75 a pound and Asian pears for 2.25 a pound. Write an equation in standard form for the weights of kumquats k and Asian pears p that a customer could buy with 22. 4.75kadd2.25p=22***** 4.75=2.25padd22 4.75add2.25=k 4.75padd2.25k=22 Help please'

b'How many inches represent 1 mile. Help 3/10 in = 7/8 mile'

b'A rectangular fenced enclosure of area 225 square feet is divided half into 2 smaller rectangles. What is the minimum total material needed to build such an enclosure?'

b'I have to find the Unit Price of 64 fl oz = 2.00 I have concluded that 2 / 64 is the answer but I think there is an easier way to show it please help'

b'The population of a city increases by 4,00 people each year. In 2025, the population is projected to be 450,000 people. What is an equation that gives the city population p in thousands of people x years after 2010? Ap=4xadd50 Bp-450=4x-15 Cp-15=4x-450 D p=4xadd15...'

b'Trenton has to two hats and six T-shirt his hats are blue and red T-shirts are white green black yellow purple and orange how many ways can he wear the hats and shirts together'

b'Plan A no initial fee and 75 per month Plan b 50 per Month for the first 12 months and 125 per month for each additional month after that, what is the equation?'

b'I need help'

b'which is equivalent to 4/16 A. 2:4 B. 10:9 C. 10/24 D. 12 to 64'

b'A probability distribution has a mean of 57 and a standard deviation of 1.4. Use Chebychev\xc2\x92s inequality to find the value of c that guarantees the probability is at least 96percent that an outcome of the experiment lies between 57 - c and 57 - c. Round the answer to nearest whole...'

b'Robert wants to build a square sandbox that has the area or 25 feet.How long will each side be?'

b'New Hampshire is giving payday lenders the gong as it rings in the new year. A law that takes effect today caps the interest rate on small loans at 36 percent a year, which the industry has said will put it out of business. 1.6. EXERCISES 15 Payday lenders typically charge 20...'

b'A 13ft ladder slides down a wall at 2ft/sec when it is 12 ft above the ground. Find the rate at which the angle it makes with the ground changes at this moment?'

b'9. 100^12/100^8 A. 100^12/8*** B. 100^96 C. 100^4 D. 100^20 10. x^11/ X^4 A. x^7 B. X^15 C. X^44 D. x^ 11/4***'

b'Describe the Number of solutions for the equation. -2x-1=2x-2 1 point A. Infinite solution. B. One solution. C. No solution.'

b'The ratio of buses to cars entering the lot was 2 to 11. If 650 vehicles entered the lot all together, how many were cars?'

b'Randy finished the race in 28 minutes and 11.00 seconds. Julie finished 0.08 seconds faster than randy. Pat finished 0.1 seconds faster than Julie. How long did it take Pat to finish the race?'

b'A carnival ferris wheel that has a diameter of 18m, goes 4 seconds every revolution, there are 5 revolutions, also the ferris wheel is 2m above the ground Cosine and Sine equation needed'

b'If vector a add vector b add vector c = 0.and magnitude of a = 3,magitude of b = 5 and magnitude of c = 7.Find the angle between a and b?please anyone to help me i have exam tomorrow'

b'in how many ways does 3 peoples seated in 6 benches ?'

b'Problem Page First, rewrite 3/10 and 7/25 so that they have a common denominator.'

b'A small sailboat traveling at the rate of 21 km/h crossed a sea in 30 minutes.How far across is the sea?'

b'Chris puts one tenth of each paycheck into savings. Her current paycheck is 200. She decides to also put into savings, any amount she earns over 200. The expression below represents the percent of her paycheck that Chris saves when she makes x dollars more than her current ...'

b'a person runs 3 meters per sec for 1 min. how far did they go? would it be 3m/s x 1 = 3? is it correct?'

b'Luisa bought 2 1/2 pounds of apples, 3 3/8 pounds of oranges, and 1 1/4 pounds of pears. How many pounds of fruit did she buy in all?'

b'Luisa bought 2 1/2 pounds of apples, 3 3/8 pounds of oranges, anf 1 1/4 pounds of pears. How many pounds of fruit did she buy in all?'

b'Gugun can type 54 words in a minute. How many words will he type in 5 hours 38 minutes.'

b'The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take'

b"What's the common factors of 10ab and 15a"

b'Using a scale factor of 1 inch= 5 feet, what are the blueprint dimensions that is 12 x 18 feet? A. 2.2 x 3.3 B. 2.4 x 3.6 C. 2.8 x 4.2 D. 2.9 x 5.0 Thank you'


b'How do you solve to find the length and width of a rectangle with an area of 84 square feet?'

b'Perimeter of a rectangle is 44 cm and the length is 7 more than twice the width. Find the length and the width.'

b'Shelly wants to plant 6 rows of flowers with 7 flowers in each row. What addition equation and what multiplication equation can she write to find how many flowers she needs to plant? Which equation do your find easier to use ? Why ?'

b'One picked 21/2 times as many apples as a second man. A third man picked half as many as the second man. Together they picked a total of 240 apples. How many apples were picked by each man.'

b', Two digit whole number between 30 and 80 my tens digit is one more than my ones digit I am a prime number what am I'


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