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b'I have a feeling that my sentences are very bad. can you please correct them. the three senetnces are based on the poem crossing thebar by alfred tennyson. 1 The reason why the ship comes out from the boundless deep is because the ship symbolically represents the ...'

b'How would I cite quotes from books like The Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451 in MLA Format? I have quotes I have to use in a comparison paper about Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. But The Hunger Games is written in the point of view of ...'

b'ms sue thank you so much. and please help me again for this answer so that i can submit to my teacher in english. . \xc2\x93Spoken language was the first form of communication between human beings, it came along with the written language, and writing is the transcript of speech not...'

b'What does it mean to get along you have to play along?'

b'pls help me if my english is correct in grammar or relevant to the question thank you. question..1.What is meant by \xc2\x93if we are to improve our speaking skills, we must first become more aware of ourselves, our motivation, behavior patterns, and likely our mistakes\xc2\x94 Kindly ...'

b'is anyone can help to correct my english..thank you....please correct if it relevant to the question of my exination..thanks and GOD BLESS U. question..1.What is meant by \xc2\x93if we are to improve our speaking skills, we must first become more aware of ourselves, our motivation...'

b'please help me on my exam. to make good answer enough.please correct my english and answer if it is relevant to the question. thanks alot. please help me if you can give or add more on my answers. question 2.\xc2\x93Spoken language was the first form of communication between human ...'

b"What word can I use to replace fall victim to. Give me some examples please. I'm stumped."

b'Read and follow the directions I have already posted for you. Those are your first steps. http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=131?3664789 No one can help you until you do those things, and continuing to repost the same things will not change anything.'

b'what is correct barb-and i or barb and me'

b"This is from the book Nothing but the truth by Avi. The question is: After reading the memo in chapter 6, what do you think is the most important issue to the superintendent right now? Please read below to and tell me what you think the answer is because I'm stuck. To: All ..."

b'Hey I need help finding the English meaning of each of these Latin words. 1 habeo to have 2 3 habemus 4 5 habes 6 you have 7 habetis 8 9 habet 10 11 habent 12'

b'Do I have five adverbs and five adjectioves in this paragraph? When I got my first white car, I was very excited My mother and father often feared that I would default on my loan, which I did. I was not very experienced, and did not do my homework like I should have When the...'

b"Write one paragraph of eight to twelve sentences informing your fellow students of your reasons for wanting to earn your diploma in the program in which you're enrolled, particularly in terms of your career goals. For example, why did you decide to take the Medical Billing and..."

b'What are some examples of real and fantastic plot elements?'

b'What is the meaning of the poem snow ice by Quincy Troupe?'

b'what does provisional and inconclusive mean?'

b'i need to know if these words fit the sentences correctly, like do they make sense. The words that i put in them from a vocab list are capitalized. This: * means a new sentence. *At the risk of being boring, let me REITERATE my warning against careless driving. *In ...'

b'Please write one of the following: congratulatory message *sale of an item *missing person *missing pet MUST BE BETWEEN 100-150WORDS'

b'Write a diary entry imaginig that you are Malvolio locked in a dark room in punishment for your madness.It should be around 100-150Words'

b'In to kill a mocking bird Atticus says that mrs.dubose had alot of courage what does this me\xc3\xa4n?'

b'after the play_________, several critics made scathing comments about it'

b'What is the meaning of the poem Snow and Ice by Quincy Troupe?'

b"A survivor from the Holocaust could can u lease tell me what is can do to make this better. Please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere. say that there is god because he/she had faith and lived through the horrible conditions. Another survivor from the same camp as the first can ..."

b'Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. \xc2\xb7 Bold each adverb. \xc2\xb7 Underline each adjective. \xc2\xb7 Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three ...'

b"I'm on the fence about apostrophe or not in the following sentence. The possessive is not coming immediately before a noun or gerund; however, the English does belong to the gentleman. I realize a noun can show ownership to a noun that may have an adjective in front of the ..."

b"Thank you, I have checked it is Crohn disease not Crohn's disease. as per medical transcription editing is concerned. Your adivce is very important to me. Jiskha is a very great help to many students like us, who's second language is english."

b"My dogs name is Daisy. or My dog's name is Daisy. Is the second sentence correct?"

b"? Stacy's financial information is securely stored online. Stacy's financial information? ? Aaron's bank statement should be stored securely online with Stacys. Aaron's bank statement? ? Seth's students are learning how to effectively store personal ..."

b"i don't know if the following sentence i wrote makes sense and punctuated properlly. please correct me if im wrong. the sentence i wrote is based on the fact that when leaders get power, they try to win time but alwys fail. hers the sentence: Thus, we conceptualize that humans..."

b'does this sentences seem correct and well puctauted. if not can you correct them kindly. 1 America\xc2\x92s credit crisis caused a fragile financial system, which may go bankrupt in the near future. 2Leaders are born, and their contributions to this world are made, contemporarily...'

b'? I store my finacial documents in a fire proof safe. documents ? Its a good idea to have extra copys of financial information incase your origanal is damaged. copys ? To store financial information properly I need to organize all of the bank statements...'

b'Write one paragraph of eight to twelve sentences persuading a friend to enroll in Penn Foster by describing at least three advantages of distance-education with Penn Foster compared to a traditional school education. Use the comparison-contrast order for the paragraph structure.'

b'After a long day of biking, rollerblading, and hiking the students were exhausted. Is this a proper sentence and correct punctuation?'

b"finThe Smurfs make their first 3D trip to the big screen in Columbia Pictures'/Sony Pictures Animation's hybrid live-action and animated family comedy, The Smurfs. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the Smurfs out of their village, they're forced through a portal, out of ..."

b'What is the chief rhetorical featuren of this sentence? the baby was like an oxctopus, grabbing at all the toys.'

b'What is the role of homework in learning 2nd language?'

b"Ironic statement Don'trust your heart because it's not on the right side. Answer: true"

b"I don't know if my experience would be considered good or bad, but it really taught me a lesson. A few years ago, I was working a bank, and they had a representive from a cell phone company come and talk to everyone about getting a cell phone. I did not have a cell phone at ..."

b'guidelines on how to write a letter to your teacher inviting her for your birthday party.'

b'Crossword puzzle Try to have_________ in length and form of your sentences. 7 letters'

b'Crossword puzzle Substitute lively__________ for boring, tired words. Has 7 letters'

b'explain one reason that teaching fables to children is positive'

b"Here it is. I still haven't come up with a wow ending sentence. Do I need to change my thesis statement in the 1st paragraph? I did change it in the last. I awake very groggy, to find myself on this very remote island with not a person in sight. Attached to my shirt is a ..."

b"which of the following is a run-on sentence? the house was owned by the mayor. mike joined the army, an he became more disciplined during the training. Karen's uncle arrives tomorrow she wants to see him. we like to take a walk after dinner."

b'Is this better? Paragraph 12 Can my thesis statement stay the same even though we changed it slightly? I awake very groggy, to find myself on this very remote island with not a person in sight. Attached to my shirt is a letter written by my English teacher Ms. Barlett stating...'

b"In the Book theif What does Herr Steiner ,Rudy's father do for a living ? help me answer this question thank you"

b'In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. What are the verbs in this sentence'

b'Please let me know what you think? I have the 1st three paragraph Imagine being ripped from the bed by several strangers, blindfolded, handcuffed and thrown into the back of a car, sometime later a plane, and then a small boat. Willie awakes very druggy, not sure where he is ...'

b'what are the proper nouns for this sentence He was also concerned about poverty in America, some of his paintings illustrate his varied intrests'


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