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b"Did he tell you anything, or is he still ---------cat---? I can't think of the word, please help. It's a 15 letter word."

b'Hoping these are properly punctuated, appreciate your help. 1. CBC on admission showed a white count of 11.3, hemoglobin 9.8, hematocrit 29.3 and platelets 596,000.'

b'Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student\xc2\x92s sentence and/or citation about that source. Each sentence and each citation has at least one thing wrong with it most have more than one. Each of the following exercises shows the original ...'


b"where do you think perceptions come from, either a person's or a society's? What shapes them when they're first developed, and what causes them to change them over time? How can we, when studying a different society - or even our own - make the distinctions between an ..."

b'In A White Heron, having made her choice between an attraction of the heart and her bond with nature, Sylvia A. retains her loyalty to nature and becomes more suspicious of human nature. B. retains her loyalty to nature as her affection for the hunter grows. C. is able to ...'

b'do you know a good sight for practice 0n complete subject and complete predicate'

b"Our state is bordered by Kansas to the west. Should west be capitalized...I was thinking it was a direction and didn't."

b"I'm writing about the treatment of Taliban women in Afghanistan and so far I've accomplished 2 paragraphs. Could you proof read it and give me some pointers? Thanks so much There is no stopping the madness that is charging through the blood-stained streets of the modern day ..."

b'People who attract a lot of friends are neither negative nor needy. Do I need to change this sentenance so that both parts are parallel?'

b'could you mind explaining the grammatical aspect and what tense form would it come under for : The car started'

b'how to learn good english'

b'identifying the parts of speech of each wording by placing the appropriate abbreviations after the words It is a toothless creature that can smell and see well. identify the appropriate part of speech noun,adjective, verb, ect... TOOTHLESS,SMELL'

b'Why are Taliban women treated the way they are? How did it all start?'

b'is pre-analyzed a word? We have pre-analyzed how they would end up if they think they are in love from comparing to Tom and Daisy.'

b'this pargraph is based on the nvel the great gatspy. how do i make these two sentneces more advanced. Similarly, it\xc2\x92s obvious like the rest of the novel that because Jordan and Nick have bright opinions about each other their relationship will eventually turns into darkness ...'

b'How do you break the word appliances into syllables?'

b'How many syllables is appliances or is it the same as the word appliance?'

b'A last doubt. Who did the Tories descend from? What did the Tories .... Where did the Tories ...? The Royalists would be the answer. Which is best? Thank you.'

b'Please check my work. Thank YOU 1. Journals differ from magazines in that they\xc2\x92re A. Printed with volume numbers. B. Published only periodically. C. Available by subscription. D. Sources of academic research not intend for the general publish. ANSWER 1 is D 2. The Atlas of...'

b'Three last questions to make sure everything is correct. Thank you. 1 Outline the main features of Shakespearian play why not a Shak. play of your choice. 2 The Tories descended from the Royalists. 3 Who did the Tories did descend from? What delayed the English ...'

b'I still have a few questions to ask you. Thank you. 1 Unlike the Italian Renaissance, the English Renaissance was less linked to the visual arts. 2 Henry VII wanted the Pope to declare his marriage to Catherine of Aragon void. 3 As the Pope refused to grant him divorce ...'

b'can you please tell me parts of speech for all that glitters is not gold rs telagathoty edlapadu dt guntur ap'

b'These are the last questions. Thank you. I hope you are not too tensed-up for your make-up exam. 2 In what way did Elizabeth use her being unmarried as a political weapon? 3 How did the English ships manage to defeat to win over is possible? the Spanish fleet? How did she ...'

b'Thankk you very much. I still have some more sentences for you to check. 1 What part will Mickey and his friends play in a sci-fi film? They will be extras. 2 Will they get paid? Will they have to take a day off school? 3 What is Mickey going to do? Why is the director ...'

b"Ileft out the following questions. Could you please have a look at them, too? Thank you. 1 To which period of Shakespeae's work does the Tempest belong? Can you refer to the two types of evil described in the play? What do you generally ask if you want to know the plot or the..."

b"Can you please check these other questions, too? Thank you very much. 1 What characterized the 18-century novel? 2 How did the writer achieve the ideal of realism in the 18-century novel? 3 Refer briefly to the structure of Defoe's novel? 4 What kind of narration dos he ..."

b'Study Case Your electronic business has just been selected as the center and wholesaler of a china brand of washing machine appliances. You are the manager at the same time supervisor and firm\xc2\x92s owner. You need to develop and oblige to build a customer service department to ...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences,please. Thank you very much for your help. 1 However, European law says that animal testing cannot be used for beauty and cleaning products. 2 Those who support animal testing say that it is a necessary evil since it helps ...'

b'Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1 Why was the 18th century England called Augustan? 2 What were the Augustan not Augustan interested in? 3 Who were the first political parties and who did they descend from? Who were they supported by? 4 ...'

b'In the song: How Come, How Long By: Stevie Wonder... 1 What are the two types of abuse evident in the song? 2 Discuss the meaning of the line she had a college degree, smart as anyone could be; there was not enough education in her world that could save the life of this ...'

b'I need help with the different part of this sentence. I have been a fan of mystery stories since I was quite young. I is a pronoun, fan is a noun, mystery is an adjective, stories is the subject..Am I missing anything else?'

b'1 The expiry date of the product will be 1 year from the date stated on the label, unless otherwise advised by the supplier. OR 2 The expiry date of the product will be 1 year from the date stated on the label, unless advised otherwise by the supplier. Which is correct?'

b"Hello, everybody I'm back from my holiday and I need you to check a few sentences I have to include in a test. Thank you very much for your invalubale help. 1He paid \xc2\xa3200 for that shirt. It was a real rip-off. 2 How much money did he pay for that shirt? 3 Mick bought ..."

b"Fill in the blank with correct option 1.Watch-----the milk;don't let it boil ---. a.No preposition required,down b.No preposition require,over c.over,up d.over,over"

b'Can Passive voice be used with all Conditional sentences? or are there some specific conditionals .e.g first, zero etc where passive voice can be used?'

b"My summer assignment includes the prompt: What does the novel The Scarlet Letter say about the importance of one's personal culture? How would I go about answering this? The question confuses me"

b'can you please help me correct these two sentnces, and make them sound better. thanks From the sunset phrase the readers anticipated that the boat was in fact the transportation to heaven, and that the passengers were all from the dead. Moreover, this could only mean that ...'

b'could you please correct it, and help me write it in a better manner. From the sunset phrase the readers anticipated that the boat was in fact the transportation to heaven, and that the passengers were all from the dead. Moreover, this could only mean that the pilot of the ...'

b"i don't know how tomake this sentence advanced.. can you please help me thanks. in my essay i was talking about a poem, and how the boat mentioned in it could symbolize the tranportaion of the dead to heaven. in this following line im trying to say, that because of this ..."

b'Choose the correct pronoun. The girl in the red and white kimono was I, me. Jeff and her, she live down the street.'

b' 1 had a black and .... white dog which has been missing since yesterday. A a 6 an C the D none of these'

b'5 The city police seized uranium pieces from two scrap dealers. A The B an C one D a 6 He Is _ finest young player around at the moment A A B an C the D some 7 _ look and you know who among them Is the culprit. A A B One C The D An 8 How _ earns money is more ...'

b' He Is _ finest young player around at the moment A A B an C the D some'

b'He ran quickly.But he could not overtake him.'

b'Although it was raining heavily they continued the play.'

b'can you please help me correct these sentances so it sounds better. During sunset the sun falls and an evening star progressively emerges. To the poet, this event may symbolize the rising of the dead from earth and entering of the soul to heaven. i want make this entence more ...'

b'can u please help me make these senetnces sound better. 1Alfred through his surrounding misery strived for success and with the use of poetry established himself at Cambridge. 2He soon became a well known poet all over the world. 3It no surprise, that his spirituality and ...'

b'sir explain me about question tags..?'

b'how can i make this sentece better If so the boat figuratively seems to be the transportation to heaven. Given that death is experienced alone the next line, \xc2\x93one clear call for me\xc2\x94, endorses that the poet was depicting the scene of passing away and entering heaven.'


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