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b"I'd like you to check these sentences on the same subject. Thank you. 1The police appeared completely satisfied that nothing criminal had occurred in the house. However, they continued to chat idly, staying much longer than the narrator had expected. 2 By and by, he began to..."

b'Students are often confused about the use of the words good and well in their writing. Write a 100-word passage to Scott McLean, the author of the course\xc2\x92s textbook, in which you describe five details from her book that are good and five details about the book that are ...'

b'Here are some more sentences. He is always the narrator. Thank you. 1To hide the old man\xc2\x92s body he cut off his head, arms and legs. After moving the bed aside he took three floorboards, secured the old man between the joints, and replaced the boards. 2 He was proud of ...'

b'Here are some more sentences belonging to the same summary.Thank you very much for helping me. 1 On that particular night, unlike the preceding seven nights, the narrator opened the door with greater caution than the nights before but he made a noise when he was going to open...'

b"I've been given 20 sentences which I must revise so that the nominalizations are verbs and characters the subjects of those verbs, but can't quite figure it out. [nominalizations] and 1. [Attempts] were made on the part of to ..."

b'1. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, which amounted to a bowl. 2. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, and it amounted to a bowl. 3. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, and they amounted to a ...'

b"e.g. Tell me what you want. 1. Tell me. add What do you want? 2. Tell me the thing. add You want the thing. What is the part of speech of 'what'? Does 'what' come from 1 or 2?"

b'Investigate the official language movement which is an important hispanic american cultural interest. I have to find six credible sites or articles describing bilingualism in education and politics. How would I find credible sites everything I find is about english language ...'

b"Jane doesn't look well. I am worried about her. 1. - I know. I am about to take her to the doctor. 2. - I know. I was about to take her to the doctor. In this dialogue, which one should we use, 'am' or 'was'?"

b"1. All were happy. 2. All was clean. 3. All were clean. Q: In 1 all means all people, so 1 is grammatical. What about 2 and 3? In 2 and 3, all means all things. In this case, do we have to use 'was' or 'were'?"

b"I will give you what you want, I mean, anything. Q1. Is 'what you want' in apposition with 'anything'? Q2. What is the role of 'I mean'? What other expressions can we use instead of 'I mean'?"

b'how different would life be without clocks?'

b"Thank you very much for correcting my sentences. Here are some more I'm doubtful about. 1 The narrator feels very nervous. A disease has caused caused?? the acuteness of his senses. 2 He wants to prove to the reader that he is not mad. To prove his sanity he tells the ..."

b'This is the question? To make supporting points it is important that one finds relevant, accurate, and reliable sources. What should you consider when looking for helpful sources? What are some red flags that indicate you should avoid a particular source? My Answer The first ...'

b"here is a finshed introduction of my essay on the book the great gatsby. im suppose to write how todays' bussiness men, celebrities, and athletes mirror the cntext of this novel. can u pleas tellme wat toimproveon. and correct any puncation errors. In the Roaring 20\xc2\x92s ..."

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1 So he decides to make himself a hiding place. The narrator examines the material with which the ship was made has/had been made? and finds them strange. In particular, he notices that though well armed it is not a ...'

b'write a paragraph on : advantages of computer'

b"I'm sending you the sentences again. Is it incorrect to use the simple past??. Thank you. 1Though the narrator gets frightened the captain decides to sail. OR The captain decides to sail, despite the narrator\xc2\x92s fears. 2 He feels uneasy and can't sleep. So he goes upon ..."

b'I left out the following sentences. Thank you. They refer to the same summary 1Though the narrator got frightened the captain decided to sail. OR The captain decided to sail, despite the narrator\xc2\x92s fears. 2 He felt uneasy and couldn\xc2\x92t sleep. So he went upon deck at ...'

b'Could you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. In particular,the tense choice and the sentence connectors. Could you suggest to me a site where I can find a list of expressions generally used when summarizing a story? 1The tale starts with a description of the ...'

b'1. Two hundred and fifty-six grains of rice amounts to one spoon of rice. 2. Two hundred and fifty-six grains of rice amounts to one spoonful of rice. 3. Two hundred and fifty-six grains of rice amounts to a spoonful of rice. 4. Two hundred and fifty-six grains of rice amounts...'

b"1. All the money was gone. 2. All the money disappeared. Are both the same? 3. Chandra examined the elephants and found a problem with their ears. What is the meaning of 'with' in this sentence? On/In which part did the elephants have a problem, in their ears or on their ..."

b'1. The boy cleaned his room as his mother asked. 2. The boy cleaned his room as his mother asked for. 3. The boy cleaned his room as his mother said. 4. The boy cleaned his room as his mother wanted. 5. The boy cleaned his room as his mother told. 6. The boy cleaned his room ...'

b'1. I have three balls: one is green, another is blue, and the other is white. 2. I have three balls: one is green, a second is blue, and the third is white. Are both grammatical? 3. I have three balls; one is green, another is blue, and the other is white. 4. I have three ...'

b"This is the finished version of my essay from earlier. I'm not sure if it's all the way finished because I have to read it to my group for their point of view. Could someone proofread this for me and give me some tips again? Just don't be too harsh because my writing is still ..."

b'The Spanish, French, and English all explored America and left a lasting mark on the New World\xc2\x92s development. Compare and contrast the colonization methods used by each. Be sure to discuss the goals, characteristics, and lasting effects of each power\xc2\x92s methods'

b'What year was it when the treatment of taliban women became known?'

b'What is the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to logical syllogisms'

b'which of the following is not recommended when considering or acceptin a job offer'

b'please explain the statement The suitors are an embodiment of a heroic society in decay I have to write a paper and would like to better understand that statement. This is from the epic Odyssey.'

b"'choose any of the motifs and complete a piece of creative writing in any genre that uses that theme as a basis. you may also use that theme or motif, as long as you can justify the presence of that theme in the novel. You may write a short story play, personal narritive or ..."

b'can you please help me make my three senences advanced. im talking about two ways of becoming rich really fast if yourfrom a middle class family. im writing these senetnces for an essay on the book, the great gatsby. There are two ways of getting wealthy really quick; the ...'

b'1 You can borrow my car -----------------------the end of the month A until B by C in D for 2 Most scholars consider 1887 to be the beginning of industrialization ----------- wine and brandy distillation in the country. A of 8 in C for D and 3 He covered the journey...'

b'11-15: Read the passage and answer the questions that toflow on the basis of the information provided in the passage. Multitasking by Windows Multitasking lots you run several applications simultaneously. While you use a word processor in the foreground, your Web browser can ...'

b'The following questions have sentences with blanks. Choose the answer option which will correctly rill the blank 1 You can borrow my car the end of the month A until B by C in D for 2 Most scholars consider 1887 to be the beginning of industrialization wine and brandy ...'

b'In Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, what are some examples of allusions to Shakespeare, the Bible, fairy tales, or Greek myths?'

b'can you please help me make these sentences better. i was just saying that p diddy and jay gatsby form the the book th great gastby are related because they both lose their father at a young age and are exposed to the scoity around them. P Diddy relates to Gatsby because they ...'

b"can you please improve these two sentences. im tryingtosay like the newly rich try to act as if their high class but they don't get accepted even if they have money. the majordiffference between the ric and the high class, is manner. here is my sentence: Potentially, any ..."

b"Write one paragraph of eight to twelve sentences informing your fellow students of your reasons for wanting to earn your diploma in the program in which you're enrolled, particularly in terms of your career goals. For example, why did you decide to take the Medical Billing ..."

b'Could you please check these few sentences? Thank you. 1 I clapped him for good luck. As the curtain went down, everybody clapped and cheered. Do these two verbs have the same meaning? 2 While she was pouring milk into the cup, she dripped some over the table. What do you ...'

b'literary themes understood by all people regardless of their background or the time they live in are auniversal bskill-basedmy answer cmotivational dliterature -based what does the curriculum web show? ahow one theme unites different subjects my answer bhow one...'

b"Coud you please check these few sentences? Thank you. 1 I have just finished with make-up exams and I won't start school till 12 September. 2 Have you found out a suitable payment method for our purchases on the net? 3 My nephew would be interested in taking conversation ..."

b'1. Some said yes and others said no. 2. Some said yes and the others said no. 3. Some said yes and some said no. 4. Some said yes, others said no, and the others were silent. 5. Some said yes, some said no, and the rest were silent. Would you check the expresions? Correct ...'

b"1. She doesn't like it. Show her another. 2. She doesn't like it. Show her the other. 3. She doesn't like it. Show her others. 4. She doesn't like it. Show her the others. Are the sentences all grammatical? Which ones are commonly used?"

b"1. She likes summer and others like winter. 2. She likes summer and the others like winter. Are both grammatical? 3. The dog and the cat don't like each other. Does the dog or the can mean the specific dog and the specific cat? Or were they used in generic term? Do all dogs..."

b'Can someone explain this rule in simple english please? Rule for addition and subtraction: The rightmost significant figure in a sum or difference will be determined by the least accurate measurement. Example: 18.56 m - 13.2 m __________ 5.36 m = 5.4 m'

b'to be truly successful teachers aide in a nonbias culturaley diverse classroom you must? abe concerned about and aware of the problems of both minority and nonminority students bbe particularly sensitive to minoritystudents as many come from unstable homes crely on and ...'

b'the best way for a school to demonstrate multicultural awareness is to ? ahost special ethnic or diversity student assemblies binclude multicultural content in as many subject areas as possible in mathematics,science etc.my answer ccelebrate ethnic or cultural holidays...'

b'in an esl classroom teacher aides should prepare themselfs to? alearn or become familiar with appropriate language related software programsmy answer bhandle all disciplinary measures that arise on behalf of the teacher ccounsel parents regarding their childs progress ...'

b'can i get some 12-16 lined poems?'


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