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b'I followed your advice and I looked for synonyms in the collections you suggested to me. I still have a few doubts. the questions marks. 1 Since his murder, his sister Donatella has assumed control taken over as the head of design and she has mantained kept up the ...'

b'which is less likely to be the prupose of descriptive writing? to call people to action, entertain readers with a funny sotry or recount events of a historical date.'

b'could you mind answering the following sentences and tell me which expression is grammatically proved to be correct or both in comparison: 1.Sherry is cleverer than Sterry 2.Sterry is more clever than Sherry'

b'why is research important for the interviewee and the interview panel'

b'I was upside down being shaken. Would it be correct to type shaken or shook? Thanks.'

b'I still have some difficulty in finding appropriate synonyms. Thank you very much for your previous post. 1 Since his murder, his sister Donatella has taken over synonym as the head of design and she has kept up synonym the flamboyant ?? nature of collections. 2 ...'

b'I was wondering if I did this correctly too. 1. Student\xc2\x92s Sentence: Two years ago, about 150,000 acres of Colorado aspen had been killed by what scientists deemed \xc2\x93sudden aspen decline,\xc2\x94 also known as SAD Nijhuis 26. corrected 1- students sentence By 2006, close to ...'

b"Is the following sentence grammatically correct, or do I need to make it into two sentences? Thanks. I think that explains a lot, don't you? Also, will you please check my grammar on these two items? I think he enjoyed the fact that his prank had a two for the price of one ..."

b'i was wondering if i did this correct Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student\xc2\x92s sentence and/or citation about that source. Each sentence and each citation has at least one thing wrong with it most have more than one. Each of the ...'

b'Thank you very much. I left out the following words which I need to replace. I can\xc2\x92t find appropriate synonyms. 1She caused something of a scandal by having love affairs with wealthy men, two of whom were instrumental synonym in first setting up her business. 2What ...'

b'what is a single word for that person who loves education ?'

b"how would u make a sentence out of the following and using the word believable here's what it said and here's what i wrote List three things about cat that are believable 1List three things about cats that are believable athey have 4 legs bthey are small mammals cthey have..."

b"Can you please find appropriate synonyms because I can't think of any. Thanks lot. 1 Vivienne Westwood has been labeled as the designers\xc2\x92 designer. In the 1970s she opened a shop in London that became the focus of the punk movement. 2 The shop started out in life I need a..."

b'If i am given three paragraphs how do i write a thesis not to wordy'

b'Many,many thanks for helping me Here is the last doubt about the summary. I left out a sentence which I partially quoted from the Economist as a conclusion.Do you think I shall include it? 1 In conclusion, the combination of smooth political succession and strong economic ...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections I tried to made the changes you suggested to me. 1 Analysts divide the Chinese capital invasion into three categories: government financial investments, investments by wealthy individuals and private equity, and corporate investments ...'

b'I left out the following sentences. I really need your help. Please 1 Analysts divide the Chinese capitals\xc2\x92 invasion into three categories: Agovernment financial investments CIC Binvestments by wealthy individuals and private equity Ccorporate investments 2 China is ...'

b'I urgently need to check this summary of a newspaper article. As I don\xc2\x92t know much of economy, I\xc2\x92d like you to check the use of words. Thank you very much. 1 Chinese economical and political influence is rising in Europe. Examples of its growth are the ownership of many ...'

b'What is a creative synthesis?'

b"I just wanted to know if number 2 is completely wrong. 1.I havent' finished repairing the car enginge. 2.I haven't finished to repair the car engine. Thank you."

b'what benefits do students get from being fit and healthy?'

b'a person who love education is?'

b'How do i find the theme of a book/movie?'

b"Is it posssible to be too scrupulous about following rules? Describe a situation in which someone, perhaps an authority figure, was more concerned with the rules than with the welfare of the people involved. Do you agree or disagree with that person's point of view? Explain ..."

b'Facetious remarks often communicate serious ideas. An example is this comment by Mark Twain: One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives. What is the serious meaning behind that remark? What might be the benefit of ...'

b'Can you check these last two sentences, please? 1The old man\xc2\x92s eye was open, which made the narrator angry. However, he kept still and said nothing. 2 When he wakes up he can see the size of his prison and realizes that the pit is about half the size he had calculated OR ...'

b'Can you please check these sentences I corrected myself on the basis of your suggestions? 1 On that particular night, unlike the preceding seven nights, the narrator opened the door with greater caution than the nights before. 2 However, he made a noise when he was going to ...'

b'Is this a run on or complete sentence? The desert is very hot during the day, the temperature in the desert may drop below freezing at night.'

b'I left out a few more sentences I wrote on castles. I need a synonym for ways, way and a revision of sentence 2. Thank you very much. 1 Castles came to Britain with the Norman-French invaders. Indeed, castles were a key part of their way of controlling new territories. 2 ...'

b"I forgot to include these last statements. Thank you. 1 Macduff confesses to Macbeth that he was torn from his mother's womb by a surgeon before he was due to be born. 2 Macbeth believes that the witches played have played? with him since their messages were intended to ..."

b"I'm posting sentence 3 again for you to check. I'm includinga few other sentences. 1 Macbeth starts to be haunted by Banquo\xc2\x92s ghost. At the feast he becomes pale because he sees Banquo\xc2\x92s ghost sitting at his place. 2 The fifth act opens with the sight of Lady Macbeth's ..."

b"Can you please check these statements on Macbeth? Thank you. 1 Macbeth doesn't feel safe because he is obsessed with the witches' prophecy about Banquo. He is worried that Banquo's son will take his place. He decides to have Banquo and his son killed. 2 Macbeth had invited ..."

b"What do you do at the school's newspaper???? What kind of jobs do they assign???? Any artictles ideas ???? You i'm joining the school's newspaper cause i luv writing a lot : plzz answer these question that will be very helpful nice if you guys answer these questions i went ..."

b"is bullying is the main theme for The Skin I'm In ??? if it not the only one then r they any other theme for it"

b'I left out these other sentences. Thank you very much. 1 After the death of Elizabeth I of England, Mary Stuart\xc2\x92s son, James IV of Scotland, became James I of England. In this way the two countries were united for the first time. 2 In 1707 Scotland became part of Great ...'

b"I tried to summarize briefly Scotland's history. Can you please have a look at it? Which form is correct: in 9th century/in the ninth century? 6th century AD: 500-599 is it correct? 9th century AD: 800-899 10th century: 900-999 1 The first inhabitants of Scotland were ..."

b"this is what i got as a answer i was wondering if it is correct 1- It's borrowing to much language and just switching a couple of words so its still plagiarizing. Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student\xc2\x92s sentence and/or citation about ..."

b'I wanted to know of the various alternatives are possible? In question 5 I just wanted to know how I can calculate time before and after the birth of Christ. Thank you. 1The Roman Emperor Hadrian had a wall built to keep the Scottish out. to defend Roman Britain from/against...'

b'I have a research paper proposal due Wednesday, but no idea so far on how to begin. Is anybody there to help me?'

b"What's Content Support 7c ???? it says it in my schedule i'm going into the 7th grade this week wednesday plzzz answer also wat do u do ????? plzz answer plzzz"

b'I left out the following three points. Thank you very much. 1 he is wearing a nice lilac button-up coat over a long-sleeved black patterned shirt and a pair of elegant, black trousers. 2 She is holding a black hand bag in her right hand. She has black high-heeled shoes on. 3...'

b'Thank you very much.These are the last sentences of the day. 1 In photo C an Asian boy is sitting at his desk. His exercise book is open on his desk in front of him. He holds a book in his hands and seems to be flicking skimming , thumbing through it. 2 He is wearing a ...'

b"I'm doing a project that I must compare a book I've read to 1 or 2 songs. I've read the Alex Cross series by James PattersonCatMouse and thought that Tupac would be a good comparison but I'm having trouble with what songs would work."

b"I left out the following sentences. I really don't know which alternative is best. 1 Influenced by Lord Henry\xc2\x92s words on youth and beauty, he is terrified of aging ageing?. He fears that he will lose everything when he loses his youth. 2 He impulsively vows that he will ..."

b'Here are the other sentences which refer to Lord Henry. Can you please check the tense choice? 1Lord Henry is a symbol of hedonistic and decadent upper classes, despising the Victorian virtues of work and morals, generally associated with the middle classes. 2 Truth is ...'

b'could you please correct the given sentence : There is not much fish in the pond RS Telagathoty edlapadu india'

b"This my reading response paper Critiquing is most welcome P.S Its an informal paper so we don't need an intro or conclusion we just go straight to the point. \xc2\x93The Creation Cycle\xc2\x94 The Creation Cycle is partially conjoined with the Creation of the Universe and the Gods, ..."

b'What are examples of traditional values and opposing forces of those traditional values in the book whale rider by witi ihimaera? I checked sparknotes and there was nothing. I just need 2-3 examples so I could do it on my own'

b'in a survey of 24 college student,it was found that 16 were taking and english class,17 were taking math class,and 10 were takin both english nad math.how many student were taking a math class only.'

b"Hi I have an assignment in English. I am suppose to write a paragraph. You've applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing ..."


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