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b'If Mrs. Jacobsen wants to buy the item with the unit price , what item should she order and how many of that item should she order?'

b'Domain of X^2-1 ??'

b'Please i need the euclidean division of: 2X^3add3X^2-X-5 \xc3\xb7 X^2-1 Help'

b'If there are 860 apples 20percent is red and 15percent is yellow what percent is green'

b'Someone please help me, I do not understand how to solve this problem: Let x be a random variable representing dividend yield of bank stocks. We may assume that x has a normal distribution with ? = 2.0percent. A random sample of 10 bank stocks gave the following yields in percents...'

b'The shape of a milk carton is a solid composed of a rectangular prism and a pyramid as shown. What is the formula for finding the volume of the milk carton?'

b'Clay Thompson scored 38 points in one game. He made both 2pt shots and 3 pt. Shots. He scored a total of 16 times. How many 2 pt shots did he make and how many 3 pt shots did he make?'

b'What is the smallest perfect cube that has a factor of 4725? Factors of 4725 are 3,3,3,5,5,7 I have 3^3 and 5^2 and 7. So I need 1 more 5 and 2 more of 7 So: 3^3*5^3*7^3 = 1157625 When I cube root 1157625 it is 105. So is this the answer? The smallest perfect cube that has a ...'


b'Can someone preferably one of the long-term tutors check my answers: Researchers trap 23 devils, and find that 18 of them are infected. Provide an estimate of disease prevalence. p-hat = 18/23=0.783 Part II: assuming the same disease prevalence from above. If they trap 2 ...'

b'how many feet in 96 inches'

b"I've won 556 games and tied 4 games and lost 228 games what is my percentage of wins"

b'1.Suppose we are given logic statements p, q, and r. a. If p ? q and p ? r, may we conclude that q ? r? Answer yes or no and give a reason why. b. What is the converse of the following: not p ? not q c. What is the contrapositive of r ? q? d. The statements p ? q ...'

b'1.a. 123five add 34five b. 1010two - 101two c. 23five * 34five c. What is the contrapositive of r \xe2\x86\x92 q? d. The statements p \xe2\x86\x92 q and q \xe2\x86\x92 r are given. If we know q is true, is p necessarily true? Explain.'

b'3/5 are girls,200 is no.of boys what is total no. of students'

b'How many gallons of water should be added to raise water level 1 inch in a 12 by 24 foot pool?'

b'Express in meters and centimeters 2.52cm'

b'What is the definition for composite'

b'if perimeter =20cm,length=6cm then what is its breath'

b'A rectangular prism has a volume of 162 cubic centimeters. If the length, width, and height are reduced to 1/3 of their original size what will the new volume be?'

b'A rectangular prism has a volume of 162 cubic centimeters. If the length, width, and height are reduced to 1/3 of their original size what will the new volume be'

b'A lighthouse flashes its light every 12 minutes.Another lighthouse flashes every 18 mins. If the two lighhouses flash together at 12:00 noon,at what time will they next flash together?'

b'Drawing 5 cards out of 13 cards numbered 1 to 13 without replacement, what is the probability of having a sum greater than 40 ?'

b'Graph is a complete graph -it called K6- IT HAS 6 VETICES. also, every vertex is connected to every other vertex. a how many possible Hamilton circuits say starting from A including reversals, does the graph have? b if we were to use the Brute Force algorithm to solve the...'

b"Explain the euler's formula."

b'A body is falling downwards 48 meters in 4 seconds.calculate,what distance would it fall in 9 seconds. Given that when a body falls,distances varies directly as the square of time.'

b'A taxi charges 6add0.20 every 1/8 of a mile.How many miles can you go on 14.00.'

b'Fx,y represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/surds14, compute the flux of Fx,y over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward using the projection of ...'

b'A company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold Ss given by the equation below, where t is the time in months. st = 1557-9/2addt a Find he average rate of change of st during the first year. I got the answer to be 1395/28 b During what month of ...'

b'Explain what is meant by an experiment. Give an example. For the example you have chosen, describe a a sample point, b the sample space, and c an event of the experiment.'

b'The function f is such that fx = 2x add 3 for x ? 0. The function g is such that gx = ax^2 add b for x ? q, where a, b and q are constants. The function fg is such that fgx = 6x^2 ? 21 for x ? q. iFind the values of a and b ii Find the greatest possible value of q...'

b'A test was given to a group of students. The grades and gender are summarized below A B C Total Male 7 14 11 32 Female 15 13 16 44 Total 22 27 27 76 If one student is chosen at random from those who took the test, Find the probability that the student was male GIVEN they got a...'

b'Let A and B be sets. Below are listed several statements involving set notation. For each case, write a statement in words that says what is written in symbols. a. A U B b. A ? B c. A ? B d. a ? A e. A ? B = \xc3\x98'

b"What are the coefficients in the polynomial 4x^2add3x-3? A. 4,-3, -3 B. 4, 3 C. 4, 3, 3 D. -4, 3 I'm not sure how to do this can someone explain?"

b'1. For a particular year, a company has gross annual income of 780,000, annual expenses of 270,000, and allowed depreciation of 60,000. The company is located in a state where the first 200,000 corporate income is tax-free, and any income above that is taxed at a State ...'

b'-The following data give the 2010 gross domestic product in billions of dollars for all 50 states. Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis. 173 49 254 103 1901 258 237 62 748 403 67 55 625 276 143 127 163 219 52 295 379 384 270 97 244 36 90 126 60 487 80'

b"the line 'l' has gradient 3 and cuts the x-axis at 4 then its equation?"

b'equation of a straight line perpendicular to x-axis passing through the point 3,-1'

b'My sister is 8 years older than I am. The sum of our ages is 26. Find our ages'

b'What is the area of an equilateral triangle having height of 12 decimeter'

b"If the demand function of the monopolist is {p=200-0.5x} and its cost function is {C=100add5xadd7x^2}. Value of 'x' , price and the amount of profit for which profit maximizes are:"

b'Howard has deposited RM1000 at the end of each month into a retirement savings plan for the last 10 years in his working life. His deposits earned an interest rate of 2.5percent per month for the first 4 years and 3percent per month for the rest of the years. What is the accumulated value...'

b'The perimeter of two square are 428cm 396cm. Find the area of a square.'

b'Find the compound interest on rs 64,000 for 1 year at the rate of 10percent per anum compounded quarterly. Could you please do it fast I need to give it tomorrow.'

b'Does there exist a fractions m/n for which it is true that m/n= maddb/naddb ? If so, for which fractions. If not, explain why. Remember, if you say that such a fraction does exist, simply offering one example will not suffice as a full justification.'

b"Hot air balloons If the hot air balloon shown is in the shape of a spehere, what is it's radius? Hint: v=15,000 cubic feet."

b'two concentric circle with the ratio of radii as 2:3, what is the ratio of the area? thanks'

b'two concentric circle with the ratio of radii as 2:3, what is the ratio of the circumferences'

b'1/4,3/4,1/6,7/10 Give the answer fractions in ascending order'

b'What is the 5th of 9 consecutive whole numbers whose sum is 153 is what?'


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