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b'Avoid camouflaged words 1. it was my duty to make a determination of any damages. 2. Harold made a recommendation that we fire Mr. Schultz. 3. we will ask him to bring about a change in his work routine. 4. this new equipment will result in a savings in maintenance. 5. will ...'

b'Limiting use of Passive voice. 1. Our action is based on the assumption that the competition will be taken by surprise. 2. It is believed by the typical union member that his or her welfare is not considered to be important by management. 3. You were directed by your ...'

b"Selecting concrete words 22. we have found that young men are best for this work. 23. She makes good grades 24. John lost a fortune in Las Vegas. 25. if we don't receive the goods soon we will cancel. 26.some years ago she made good money 27. His grades on the aptitude test ..."

b'Exercise Guideline:Assume that your readers are at about the 10th grade level in education. Revise these sentences for easy communication to this audience. 1. we must terminate all deficit financing. 2.we must endeavor to correct this problem by expediting delivery. 3. A ...'

b'1. The lanterns had to burn for eight to ten hours. 2. The lanterns had to burn for from eight to ten hours. Are both sentences OK? Which one do we have to use?'

b"Could you please tell me if the sentence is possible? Emotions/emotion, thanks to or through? The sensory experience, for example the sight of the daffodils, sets the poet's visionary power in action. Thus the poet recollects and contemplates past emotion and recreates a ..."

b'I need an example of how to write an annotated bibliography for the book No Country For Old Men. everytime I redo the assignment my teacher says I am just writing a summary not really an annotated bibliography'

b'1. Points: 2 The lawyer had been involved in several elicit, illicit activities. b. illicit 2. Points: 2 When people emigrate, immigrate, they move into a country. b. immigrate 3. Points: 2 Several incidence, incidents caused the bookkeeper to resign. a. incidence ...'

b'Please help me errors in my paper so I can correct them. The Lottery takes place on a beautiful summer day in a small town. Although the location of the town, is never given, it appears to be in a rural community. The story begin as a regural summer day, but has a surising ...'

b'The Lottery takes place on a beautiful summer day in a small town. Although the location of the town, is never given, it appears to be in a rural community. The story begin as a regural summer day, but has a surising ending. In the short story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson...'

b'hi can you please proof read this and make sure it sounds alright. thanks. Playboy of the Western World is a novel that invoked hostility from nationalist crowds in Dublin. Throughout the book there were several occasions where violent reactions could have occurred as well. ...'

b"I left out 2 sentences I'd like you to check. Thank you. 1Sybil is the only thing Dorian cares about is for possible?. French artists devoted themselves to the search of beauty. 2 They persued any kind of sensations. After lookig at the picture, Lord Henry tells Dorian that"

b'I urgently need to express in words the following diagram which illustrates the process of poetic creation. 1. sensory experience. 2. emotion 3. recollection in tranquillity. 4 contemplation of emotion. 5. production of kindred emotion. 6. poetry. The sensory experience, for ...'

b'I am in the 4th grade and do not understand transition words. Please help.'

b'Could you please check these two sentences, please? 1 Dorian wishes he would stay young forever whereas the portrait would grow old in his place. 2 According to Wordsworth, man and nature are were two different but inseparable parts of the same universe, a total scheme ...'

b"We are to write a paragaph on how contentment plays a part when we balance school, work, and family. I'm not sure how to start."

b'In Playboy of the Western World by J.M. Synge what are some characteristics or moments that would invoke a violent reaction in todays culture?'

b'Did you prefer the book The Outsiders or the film, or parts of both?Give reasons with evidence from the book and the film. Please consider and discuss different aspects such as: -characters -themes -portrayal of gang culture -relationships, and anything else that you ...'

b"what rhetorical device does hawthrone use to reveal hester prynne's past? What do we learn about her?"

b"Please help me with this... I haven't got much time, so the sooner the better : Could you tell me what the simple subjects simple predicates are in the following sentences? 1 Williamsburg is a restored colonial town in Virginia. 2 At this tourist attraction, consumed ..."

b'Thank you. I forgot to add the following questions. 1 The devices used by Wordsworth are: Similes lonely as a cloud ......, personification crowd, host.., repetition. what connector is most approprate to list the devices? 2 The daffodils are described alive with motion...'

b'Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you very much. 1 The witches were associated with the devil. 2 Once you told me I could use this sentence. The daffodils are described not statically as in a painting but alive with motion. 3 He shows the daffodils as part ...'

b'okay one more to be sure I got it. May Beth and ____ help with the decorations? She can go here because it is the subject and I need a subject pronoun??'

b'It is confusing me when it is at the end of the sentence... Amelia Earhart also flew nonstop across the Atlantic; the first woman to do so was her, she. I am thinking try the sentence with one word at a time to see which makes sense.. so I am thinking she?'

b'What word is the correct one and why? When Samuel P. Langley built a steam-powered airplane, both the pilot and he, him were sure to fly.'

b'Which word fits better and why? You and me, I have heard the Greek myth about lcarus.'

b"I forgot the following sentences. 1 They suspect of Duncan's sons. Lady Macbeth gets crazy and starts talking and walking in her sleep. 2 The King's Men was Macbeth's acting company. They or it? assumed this name when James I became king. 3 The Spanish fleet was defeated ..."

b"Could you please recommend me a site where students can learn how to write cohesive and grammatically correct paragraphs? They are asked to write ten-line paragraphs on each of the literary and historical topic dealt with in their book but their grammar is very poor and don't ..."

b'What pictures did the author leave in your mind? Tell-Tale Heart'

b'How do these words set the mood for the story? The Tell-Tale Heart'

b'What special words does the author use to help you see hear, smell, and/or taste things in the story- The Tell- Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe?'

b"Thank you very much. I need you to check these sentences, too. 1 Elizabeth was considered as a political genius of the first rank. 2 The Spanish fleet was composed of slow and heavy ships and that's why Elizabeth won the war. 3He tells his soldiers to cut trees from Birman ..."

b'I hope you can check if the grammar is OK in the following sentences. Thank you. 1 Female roles were perfomed/played/acted by boy-actor. 2 The apron stage was roofed and was raised about five feet off the ground. 3 Most of the action took place there. The upper stage was ...'

b'Can anyone check this text and if there are any mistakes, fix it? I am writing to complain about the advertisement for your new game. I just played the game and then i realised that the advertisement is misleading. You say there are big cash prizes and averyone can win it. In ...'

b'what do you call a person who can not function with out a leader'

b'mrs. sally johnson lives in dallas texass whats the capitalization?'

b"Hi I have to write about the following and I have no idea what to write. Please help I am so confused, thanks. Identify two parallels or thematic echoes between Synge's Playboy of the Western World and Sophocle's, Oiedipus the King. What is the significance psychological, ..."

b'Where can I find out the history of the words difficult and challenge and be able to write a paragraph on them each? Tried Google.'

b'what is introductory material. Provide an example and then explain what kind of punctuation is needed and why? Introductory material introduces the subject of the sentence. Although he faced 3 years in prison, Bishop told the truth. The sentence needs a comma and period, ...'

b'the difference between a dash and a hyphen. Compose sentences of your own to illustrate your points.'

b'. Identify which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary comma. Please correct the error and explain why the correction is necessary. a. I must have been completely absorbed in my work, because I totally forgot about the meeting. b. Because I became completely ...'

b'. Identify which one of the following sentences is missing punctuation. Please correct the error and explain why the correction is necessary. a. I woke up when the book slipped from my lap and landed on my foot. b. After the book slid from my lap and landed on my foot I ...'

b'Identify what is wrong with the following sentence and make any corrections necessary: \xc2\x93I can\xc2\x92t stand drivers that tailgate other cars it is just plain dangerous to do so.'

b'Identify what is wrong with the following sentence and make any corrections necessary: \xc2\x93I went the campus bookstore and purchased my textbooks, a few folders and a pair of AiPO socks.'

b'The following sentence is missing punctuation: \xc2\x93The crowd upset by the delay began to chant loudly for the band to appear.\xc2\x94 Explain where the error has occurred in this sentence and how it can be fixed.'

b'Please check for any errors in my paper. And crrect the errors for me. Let me know if there is anything I need to change. The Lottery takes place on a beautiful summer day in a small day in a small town.However, the the location of the town, is never given, it appears to be in...'

b'Could you check this sentence for me, please? Thank you. She offered/agreed/promised to drive me to the airport.'

b"I urgently need to know if the following sentences are all possible. Thank you. 1I didn't know your address but I manged to/was able to/ but not could find you. 2 When I was young, I was able/could play the guitar quite well. 3 I called Mary many times yesterday evening, ..."

b"I've chosen five sentences but I hope the other were possible.Thank you. 1 What are people intolerant about is of also possible? They are intolerant about the color of the skin, religion and clothes. 2 In the past, she got hurt is offended possible? by people's ..."

b'Could you check these few sentences, please? Thank you. 1 What are people intolerant about is of also possible? 2They are intolerant about the color of the skin, religion and clothes. 3 They are prejudiced against people of other religions. 4 In the past, she got hurt ...'


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