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b'I need help with topic sentence on a book character. the book is chrysalids and my charcter is David strorm. im not sure how to write a topic sentence any examples?'

b"Could anyone suggest a food that could go in Room 101. Room 101 is a room where you put all the foods you hate. I have been assigned to write a persuasive text on why i want this food to be put in room 101 and why. Kindly suggest a food that people generally like but it's ..."

b'Thank you. I have a few doubts on a summary I made. 1A set of apparel items is the same as a set of clothing items? 2 She caused something of a scandal by for is wrong? having love affairs with wealthy men. 3 Versace used to give only an ambiguous drawing of his designs...'

b'Can you suggest to me a site where I can listen to and read the American anthem? Thank you.'

b"Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1 If I'm not wrong mistaken?, the deadline for a Comenius partnership is 2nd February. 2 When do you think of holding our first meeting to agree on a common theme for our Comenius project? 3 The school principal is not ..."

b"English is not my first language and someone just told me: 'my mom was asking about you', what does it mean and what people usually reply to that sort of statement? Thanks"

b"Can someone edit this essay? High school is a menacing, over-bearing world that hardly gives the average student to even stop and think. With the threat of a possible test or project coming up, combined with constant homework, it's easy to forget you're even still a kid. ..."

b'Could you please check these few sentences for me, please? Thanks 1 He is ambitious and thirsty for power. He turns into a murderous tyrant as a result of his ambition. 2 A vote was taken do you know a synonym in the late afternoon. On July 4 on July fourth but on the ...'

b"The title states it. Please be gentle. The day started off pretty normal, well, before I was out rocking out to music, besides the fact that we had all stayed in a house with nothing but an old Dean \xc2\x91\xc2\x92Z\xc2\x92\xc2\x92 guitar and an Xbox 360 system. We went to breakfast at Denny's, ..."

b"Could you please check this sentence I need to include in a letter? 1 Thank you very much for your last e-mail. Unfortunately, I couldn't read the document attached to it. 2 Actually, it was blank. Can you post send it to me again once more, another time."

b"Hi Sra, Concerning the French text I don't know how to rewrite the text with all the corrections and English I want to say without it being confusing, could you please suggest a way?"

b"I'm terribly sorry. I included that sentence again by mistake. Thank you very much for your corrections"

b'How do you pronounce this name Silverstein?'

b'Do you know what this matches and why? Primate:Primeval as Coelenterate:Medieval Deliberate:Archival Ingrate:Credible Migrate:Primal Thank you'

b'Cookies and doughnuts were displayed in the bakery window. What is the compuund subject and verb in this sentence?'

b"Thank you so much for your help so far Sra Highly appreciated This might get confusing I hope it wont Key: ' ' - corrections { } - The parts you do not understand - what i want to sayin english to replace the parts you do not understand. Hope this helps :: Je m'..."

b"Can you please check these last sentences, please? 1 The blood on his hands is on the one hand symbolic of the evil crime he has committed and on the other hand is representative of Macbeth's guilt which cannot be escaped. 2 Nothing can make his hands innocent. He will bring..."

b'Can you please check my sentences? Thank you very much for your invaluable help. Which sentence 2 or 3 paraphrases the concept of sleep? 1 Sleep is imagined as a bath after heavy work, in which the body can relax and recover from injury. 2 Sleep is then compared to a ...'

b'correct these sentence. i had to rewrite them into reported speech . are they okay? 1-why are you decorating the house? she asked me why i was decorating the house. 2-what style do you like? she asked me what style did i liked. 3-do you always get what you want? she asked me ...'

b'I tried to fix the run-on myself. I added a few other sentences I would like you to check. Thank you very much for the help. 1 Sleep is imagined as a bath after heavy work, in which the body has a chance to relax and recover from injury. 2 Sleep is then compared to a little ...'

b'What is the verb in this sentence I was dehydrated after my long jog in the park.'

b'please correct if the sentence into reported speech are right. 1-where do you buy your clothes? she asked me where did i buy my clothes? 2-how long have you been collecting these clothes? she asked me how long have i been collecting those clothes. 3-what will you wear at the ...'

b'rewrite these sentences into reported speech. 1-where did you get these dress? 2-who did these dress belong to? 3-where do you buy your clothes? 4-how long have you been collecting these clothes? 5-what will you wear at the party? 6-why are you decorating the house? 7-what ...'

b"I tried to rephrase these lines from S's Macbeth, again. Could you please have a look at them and help me with them? 1 Macbeth: Methought I heard a voice cry, \xc2\x93Sleep no more Macbeth does murder sleep\xc2\x94\xc2\x97the innocent sleep,Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care,..."

b"In this sentence, what part of speech is the word Teresa's: Teresa's parents have formed a service organization for the community."

b'I have project and i would really appreciate if you help/tell me where i could find these questions, thanks Please am confused just tell me a ways to do it 1Identify three main tasks/ responsibilites of purchasing 2 Identify explain 5 communication competence needed for ...'

b'Based on what you know about him so far, describe Jim. What kind of a man is he? Why is he the kind of man he is?'

b'Describe the role that Huck\xc2\x92s conscience plays in the first half of Twain\xc2\x92s novel.'

b"How does the issue of slavery become a concern in Huck's life? How does Huck deal with this controversial issue?"

b'How does Huck display imagination, intelligence, creativity, and a sense of humor in the first half of Twain\xc2\x92s novel?'

b'Identify and describe Huck\xc2\x92s opinions of \xc2\x93sivilization,\xc2\x94 education, and religion.'

b'Can someone help translate this proverb to English? -------- La casa de hu\xc3\xa9rfanos de Lima fue fundada en 1597 por Luis Ojeda el Pecador, bajo la advocaci\xc3\xb3n de Nuestra Se\xc3\xb1ora de Atocha. Lo que movi\xc3\xb3 al caritativo var\xc3\xb3n a ocuparse de los exp\xc3\xb3sitos fue el haber encontrado ...'

b'1. x comes after what letter? 2. h comes before what letter?'

b"1. If you are a bird, be an early bird And catch the worm for your breakfast plate. 2. If you're an early bird, you will catch the worm for your breakfast plate. Does 1 mean 2 in meaning? a litle different? 3. Be strong, and be healthy. 4. If you are strong, you will be ..."

b'Online Vs Traditional Dating Thesis : Technology has brought many innovations in human life and one of the greatest is online dating. However, just like Traditional dating, online involves a lot heartbreaks too and both are harmful if done recklessly. In my opinion, ...'

b'I am supposed to write a comparison essay for English. Related to Online Vs Traditional Dating. Could you help me make a strong thesis? Technology has brought many innovations in human life and one of the greatest for many is online dating. However just like Traditional dating...'

b'Buying time with limited agreement is a useful strategy when you: A. Have too much work to do. B. Cannot think of anything to say. C. Want to avoid escalating a conflict but do not agree with other person D. Know that the presenting problem is not the real problem but do not ...'

b"what can be a thesis statment for alice munro's short story miles city montana?"

b"Why was poetry anthology named after O'Hara's poem Sleeping On The Wing"

b'Which of the following is a characteristic of communication in high context cultures? A. Written agreements are binding? B. There is reliance on nonverbal signs to communicate. C. Oral agreements are not binding. D. There is preference for direct communication'

b"how do i rewrite this sentence? Anyone who comes in late to Mr. Barker's class have to have a good excuse."

b"Can someone please explain what this means to me in english? i've read it a million times and i have no idea what it means. Thanks for any help Scientific evidence shows a direct relationship between sea level and the global mean atomospheric temperature during the past ..."

b'I urgently need you to help me rephrase the following lines you once told me they were wrong.number 2. Macbeth: Methought I heard a voice cry, \xc2\x93Sleep no more Macbeth does murder sleep\xc2\x94\xc2\x97the innocent sleep,Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care,The death of ...'

b"I can't understand how I can check sentence 1. Can you please examine the other sentences, too. Thank you very much for your invaluable help 1 His hand is more likely to turn red the great gathering of seas, making the green of the water red, than being made clean by all the..."

b'I left out the following sentences on the same theme. Thank you. 1 If Duncan is bleeding, she will smear the grooms\xc2\x92 faces with blood and she goes to perform to task. 2 She will paint their faces with the golden blood. 3 Macbeth wonders whether all Neptune\xc2\x92s ocean can ...'

b'I urgently need you to check these sentences on Macbeth. Thank you. The use of tenses in the paraphrase. 1 In Shakespeare\xc2\x92s day the second course was is the main part of the meal. Waking life is imagined as the first course, which gives some food to existence, but it is...'

b'What is the best reason to omit the reason for the refusal in a negative message? A. The reader may not think of the reason. B. The reason reflects poorly on the company. C. The reason benefits the reader, but not the writer. D. The reason is watertight.'

b'Compare the love Romeo and Paris have for Juliet'

b"Can you please check these sentences? Thank you. When I was little young is better could play the guitar quite well. Can you say yesterday evening in British English instead of last evening? He insisted that he hedn't broken the vase. He insisted on not having broken ..."

b'How do I recognize or Identify fallacies within an argument? Thank you'


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