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b'Some people say that victims of bullying eventually become the bullies. Why do you think this happens?'

b'I left out the last two parts. Thank you very much. 1.The fifth part continues the process of soul\xc2\x92s revival. The ship begins to move and celestial spirits stand by the corpses of the dead men. 2. In the sixth part the process of healing seems to be made difficult. 3. In the...'

b"Thank you very much. I'm posting the whole summary to you again because I think there are a few more things to check. 1.In the first part the ancient Mariner stops a wedding guest to tell him his dreadful tale. He tells how he and his fellow mariners reached the equator and ..."

b"Shall I use the present simple when describing the various parts of the Mariner's tale? Thank you for your corrections. 1 The ancient mariner narrates of how he and his fellow mariners reached the equator ad the Polar regions after a violent storm. After several days an ..."

b'Subject: Get Ready We are hoping to be back at work soon, with everything running smoothly, same production schedule and no late projects or missed deadlines. So you need to clean out your desk, put your stuff in boxes, and clean off the walls. You can put the items you had ...'

b"I forgot to include the following examples. Thank you. 1 She risked being run over by a lorry while she was crossing the road. Macbeth is regretful but not repentant of his sins???. 2 Can repentant be followed by a preposition? Shall I write he doesn't repent of the crime..."

b"Could you please check the following sentences? 1 Why not meet at six o'clock? 2 Why don't we meet at six o'clock? In what way is sentence 1 different from 2? Is the speaker not included in sentence 2? 3 She tells her husband he must pretend to be sleeping. He must pretend ..."

b'Had to write a haiku related to science, is this ok? Chemicals make boom Chemicals should not be ate It makes good science Thank you'

b'Is this sentence still correct though if I use had to instead of must? 1 Macbeth admits that if he had to acknowledge his deed, then it would be best for him to lose all knowledge of himself. Thank you. English - SraJMcGin, Tuesday, November'

b"I forgot to add two doubts. Thank you very much. 1 Macbeth regrets having killed Duncan but doesn't repent of his sin. As a matter of fact, the word Amen stuck in his throat. 2Do you say clean his hands of the burden of the guilt which weighs on his soul? Is clen followed ..."

b'I have to write a Haiku with has to do with Science, please let me know if this is good. Science is great fun you get to use chemicals, but safety is first. Thank you.'

b'I have to write a Haiku related to science, not sure what I need to do. Please help.'

b'Using California as a topic, number and write one example of each of the following: 1. A completely correct simple sentence see Grammar Glossary if you need to with an appositive in it. 2. A sentence with redundant language. Type the redundant language in ALL-CAPS. 3. A ...'

b"Hester thought there was three changes that need to be made before young women were able to take there stand next to men as equals. What are the three chnges she was referring to? Relate this philosophy to today's society. Use specific examples. Which of these three steps have..."

b'Use a grammatically correct English sentence to describe how the mass in amu of one molecule of a compound is related to the mass in grams of one mole of that compound.'

b'What does this means? What if what I think is great, really is great. But not as great as something greater?'

b"The ALL CAP words are used incorrectly. Choose the best word to replace them both: 1. Success is not measured ON a person's wealth or social status, but ON how much a person contributes to the welfare of others. a. in b. upon c. about d. by The ALL CAP word is a poor choice. ..."

b'what is the significance of Athena turning into birds throughout the Odyssey?'

b'This is my thesis so far for a compare and contrast essay on Se Habla Entitlement and Border on Our Backs...These two essays state the rights that the Mexicans have in the US and what issues could arise from them. I know it is not perfect. Can someone help me perfect it? thanks'

b"I still have a few doubts on the use of infinitive and gerund. I hope you can check these sentences, too. 1It took a lot of time for Jane to arrive.is it wrong to say It took Jane a lot of time to arrive? 2 Why not go to the theatre, instead? Is it the same as: Why don'..."

b'where do i put commas in this sentence?many children were absent on moanday and Friday'

b"What are the three prophecies made by Theoclymenus in Homer's Odyssey?"

b'1. Jordan was studying for his criminal justice exam, and his brother offered to help him study. He went over each of the questions with him. a. Jordan was studying for his criminal justice exam, and his brother offered to help him study; so he went over each of the questions ...'

b'I left out the following two sentences I varied. Thank you very much 1 Macbeth hears a supernatural voice telling him that in murdering Duncan he has deprived his life of sleep. 2 He compares sleep to an innocent murder victim, to someone who repairs clothes, death, rest ...'

b'I agree with your correction but as I found the following sentence in an Italian book I just wanted to know if, in your opinion, an English mother-tongue expert could have written it. She is such a one-sided character, however, as ? never to hesitate. Correction ......, that...'

b"How do you call a meeting of teachers headed by the school principal? Thank you. I need to include the correct word in the following sentence. 1 I really hope that the teachers' conference will approve/welcome/agree with/ the decision of a partnership betwenn our schools. We ..."

b'Hi, I was wondering if you could help me.. I got this alliteration poem homework from my teacher, and it has to be five lines. I made four lines: Paige predicted that it was the precise time to take the test. Her heart pounded powerfully as she proceeds down the hallway. The ...'

b"I left out these two sentences. Thank you very much. 1 Every noise scares Macbeth. He fears that his guilty hands will pluck out his eyes. What does this sentence mean? 2 He would like his eyes to be removed so that he won't have to see the blood and therefore acknowledge ..."

b'Could you please check these sentences I varied from a summary I made two weeks ago. Thank you very much. 1 Lady Macbeth asks Macbeth to return the daggers he has mistakenly brought from the scene of the murder. Then, she urges him to wash the blood form his hands. 2 The ...'

b'He is wearing the kind of clothes I wear. ================== In the sentence above, what is the antecedent of the relative clause? 1. clothes 2. kind 3. the kind 4. the kind of clothes Which one among the four?'

b'is cool cats an alliteration?'

b'is fighty a word?'

b'what are some alliterations for wild that describes a tiger?'

b'What are some alliteration for tigers?'

b'I forgot to include the following sentence. 1 Write a ten-line paragraph about you. describing your physical apperance and character. Then refer to the things you like and to a typical school day.'

b"What if I used the word both to refer to the two adjectives? Translate the following words into English; then choose two adjectives describing a person's character and define them both briefly."

b'Could you please revise the following sentences, please? 1 As a matter of fact, two among our science teachers are willing to partake in the project where English would be the lingua franca. 2 Translate the following words into English, then choose two adjectives describing ...'

b"how to rewrite this sentence Hibertnation helps an animal with an animal's survival"

b"1 How do you usually quote the title of a chapter within a book? Thank you. Example: Jonathan Swift author Gulliver\xc2\x92s Travels novel: italics add bold? Beloved Horses, Hateful Men title: italics? 2 Full/complete reading of the abridged edition of Wilde's The Picture of ..."

b"The accident occurred on a/an ______ road A. intact B. enlisted C. isolated D. forging I know what all the words mean I just don't know which one is best. I thing it is wither isolated or intact. Help would be immensely appreciated."

b'Any suggestions for corrections? It\xc2\x92s The Little Things In my line of work, my passion for helping others can often times be a thankless job. Once in a while, in the midst of pain, suffering, and chaos, I experience feelings that are in contrast to what is going on. There is...'

b'I included the last sentences on cheetahs and a few more on the use of gerund/infinitive. Thank you. 1 This project aims at establishing a second, independent population of Asiatic lions and will hopefully enable the subspecies to survive, too. 2 This centre will be located ...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections Here are other statements on the same newspaper article. 1 The cheetah reintroduction programme is kicking off starting? with a meeting of experts in September. 2 The project includes the foundation of a breeding site in which ...'

b"I really need your help to revise a paragraph on Asian cheetahs. I'll post a part each time. 1 The Asian cheetah, once common in India and valued by aristocrats for its ability to catch deer antelopes, is on the point of dying out around the world. 2 It is thought that the..."

b'1. There are two mes in me. 2. I am a unique me. 3. I am me. 4. I am a me. 5. I am a ME. 6. I am ME. 7. I am Me. Are the expressions all grammatical? Can we use some in a poem? What is the difference?'

b"The following is Karen Jo Shapiro's poem, Me. ......... ........ ....... So many kinds of folks I see, but only I can be a ME. ================================== Question Would you explain 'So many kinds of folks I see'? 1. So many kinds of folks thatI see. ---the ..."

b'Section Five describes process analysis in detail. What is the main point of process analysis in writing? Why are the four basic steps of process analysis important? What happens if you skip a step?'

b"Could you please check the following verbs concerning the movements or the sounds made by certain animals? 1 A pig grunts/snorts and squeals. 2 A mouse squeaks. 3 The eagle swooped down on its pray. 4 A mouse scurries. 5 I'm able to walk, trot and canter a horse but I ..."

b'Is sinecure used correctly in this sentence: He studied hard throughout college to get a sinecure job.'

b'Is impinge used correctly in this sentence: Studying Latin every day impinged her grades in both Latin and English.'


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