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b"A good writer makes events in a story occur plausibly. The action should be consistent with the characters; if the author forces them into uncharacteristic behavior in order to advance the plot, the story will seem artificial. In Thank You, M'am, by Langston Hughes, are the..."

b"Which sentence is correct: I wanted to tell you something before I head to town. or I wanted to tell you something before I headed to town. I think it is the first one, but I'm not sure."

b"need a poem that is similar in nature to katy perry's firework. can't find anything anywhere. Can anyone help me?"

b"I perfectly agree with you on sentence 2. I'm just wondering why the subject has been repeated twice. I added a few more sentences I'm not sure of. 1 The metaphor of the world as a stage was common in Renaissance culture, but in Shakespeare\xc2\x92s great works it ??? became an ..."

b"I urgently need you to revise these sentences. In particular, I don't think sentence 2 is grammatically correct. Thank you. 1 In Macbeth, as in many of his comedies and tragedies, Shakespeare offers a profound reflection on a theme which is both modern and universal: life ..."

b'How did divergent towards land, its ownership and its uses, impact the development of English and Spanish societies?'

b'How were the rights of individuals regarded in the English and Spanish colonies?'

b'Could you please tell me if this sentence is grammatically correct? 1 Macbeth observes how much of a man she is compared with himself.'

b'What types of civilizations did the English and Spanish settlers discover in the Americas? How did their views and customs affect the development of America?'

b'Who were the original English and Spanish settlers Desiree them and their specific motivation for exploration.'

b'I forgot to add the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1 Johnny is sitting on a bench and he is eating biting in?? is it possible? his hot dog. The hot dog is so gross because it is filled stuffed? with ketchup and mustard. 2 He is wearing a two-color V-necked T-...'

b'Why did the English and Spanish want colonies in America?'

b"Could you please check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1Lady Macbeth doesn't display stereotyped female behaviour and poses. 2 Actually, she is not the complement to her husband but rather the driving force of the play. 3 She is even more ambitious than her husband. ..."

b'1. verb tense 2. main verb past tense form 3 regular or irregular I will wash those dirty dishes.'

b"how do you explain kayy perry's metaphor: do you ever feel alreay buried deep? in her song fireworks."

b'at school i am reaing the kite runner as the class novel. i have one comprehension question im notsure how to answer. can somebody help me. the question is: the novel begins with a flashback. what do you think is its purpose? what do you learn about the narrator? i no part of ...'

b"Thank you. When presenting the flowers in Wordsworth's poem Daffodils I should therefore use the simple present: The flowers lie/are set beside the lake, beneath the trees. and not lay"

b"I'm including part of the poem for you to check. No Nightingale did ever chaunt more welcome notes to weary bands Of travellers in some shady haunt, Among Arabian sands: a voice so thrilling ne'er was heard In spring-time from the Cuckoo-bird ..... 1 The girl's song is ..."

b"I forgot to include the following sentence. I corrected it but I still have a doubt. 1 The poet says that the girl's song is more welcome than any chant of the nightingale to weary travelers in the desert, and that the cuckoo-bird has never sung with such a thrilling voice ..."

b'Could you please check this sentence? Is of hearing wrong? Thank you. 1 The language contains references to the senses of sight and sound or of hearing?'

b'How many homophones can you make with Halloween?'

b'I left out the following sentences. Thank you for your suggestions. 1 The song of the birds and the reaper arouse pleasure and relief. 2 The language of the poem contains references to the language of sight line 1 and hearing line 7. The language is quite simple but ...'

b'Could you please check which tense is best in the following sentences? Thank you. The poet remembers a walk he went on with his sister, during which he was struck by the song of a Highland Lass. 1 The poet doesn\xc2\x92t know the song she is singing. 2 As a matter of fact, the ...'

b"The thing I can't understand is the inversion subject verb in the sentence with as 1 The Asiatic lions are in danger of extinction, as are the Asiatic cheetahs. like the Asiatic cheetahs/ as the Asiatic cheetahs are 2 They have accepted my proposal of a partnership with ..."

b'where in the book The Importance of Being Earnest does the author make fun of the victorian value of Social Responsibility?'

b'I have a doubt concerning the following structure: The Asiatic lions are in danger of extinction, as are the Asiatic cheetahs. like the Asiatic cheetahs is also possible? Where is this rule explained: as add verb add word like add word'

b'I ugently need to know the pronunciation of the following words Gujerat, Gir Forest, and Madhya Pradesh.I included four other sentences.Thank you. 1 The threat of extinction concerns the Asiatic lions, too. 2 The Asiatic lions are on the verge point also possible/in ...'

b"1. Don't ask for directions. 2. Don't ask for direction. Are both grammatical? Which one is correct? 3. That's the foundation of the success of our work. 4. That's the foundation of the success for our work. Are both grammatical? Do we have to use 'of' or 'for' before 'our ..."

b'how to compare and differentiate is my problems.example can someone please do this to me in this two topics .love and heroism just brief? thank you for doing that.N1-LOSI'

b'conversation between two friends on school of 2050 how it would be compared to present one'

b'If someone could help me answer any one of these that would be great. : 1.Name and explain the information provided in the exposition of the story. Then, name the point at which the climax takes place and explain why it is the climax. Finally, tell what is provided in the ...'

b'Please check for any errors. If you would correct them i would appreciate it. Obesity is one of the major causes of health problems in the United States. Research has been done about this topic for many years. It is more common in the United States because of all the ...'

b'Describe how are represtative governments became more and more independent from the english parliament and king'

b'how did the representatives became independent from the english parliament? And i tried wikipedia'

b'I vary the last sentence. Could you check it please? In conclusion, he says that though the populations of many marine species are decreasing very quickly, people have not been aware of the problems with ocean wildlife because these species are not visible.'

b'I left out the following sentences. Thank you. 1Of among? the toothed whales Narwhal whales are his favourite. They are known for their unicorn-like tusk that grows springs? from their forehead, in the male of the species. This can be up to three meters long. 2In ...'

b'I need your help to understand the meaning of a few words descend, feeding apparatus and check the word choice. Thank you. 1According to the speaker, education is the most successful way of combating risks threats? to endangered species. The interviewee explains that he ...'

b"Hello I'm a French student,I'm 17, I've learned the beginning of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Sometimes, it seems confused as it's my second language. So I need help, please. Can you explain what happened with Patty, Eliza, Carter, Richard and Walter in the chapter 2: best ..."

b'What term best describes the Texas legislature? a. moderate professional b. citizen c. moderate professional/citizen d. congressional I would say C is the answer from this paragraph. Today the Texas legislature falls between those legislatures that are highly professional and ...'

b'Could you please check the first part of an interview I need to prepare on engangered species? Thank you. 1 The interviewee works for an organization, which safeguards the conservation of hundreds of endangered species around the world. 2 These species need not only special ...'

b"The strategies for writing positive or neutral message. is my response correct?: In the opening avoid personal information state your main idea so it wouldn't be overlooked. In the body of the message provide reasons and/or details for the main idea. Close your message ..."

b'I am still trying to figure out the meter in the poem On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City. Looking at the types of meter I narrowed it down to iambic pentameter and anapestic. I thought the meter was anapestic because of the 2 unaccented syllables followe by 1 accented ...'

b'I am writing a paper on On the Amtrak from boston to new york city by sherman alexie. I need to detail how the poet used literary conventions and poetic devices such as meter, imagery, and symbolism to communicate the meaning of the poem. I have the imagery and symbolism ...'

b"I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1 A volunteer voluntary worker' has a little monkey on her legs. She is observing the monkey sucking a milk bottle. 2 A veterinary is stethoscoping ?a dog. 3 In picture C I can see in the foreground a deer or a ..."

b"Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1 We're looking for a high school in which subjects such as biology or geography are taught in English so that in the future our students could carry out a project on a common theme in English. 2 I really hope your school is..."

b"How can I improve my thesis for a comparative essay: Although both \xc2\xa1\xc2\xb0All is Calm\xc2\xa1\xc2\xb1 and \xc2\xa1\xc2\xb0The Bicycle\xc2\xa1\xc2\xb1 portray love and problems between family members, the protagonists in the stories experience drastically different journeys and each learned their own lessons. I don'..."

b'i need interesting topics for a presentation for English for Medical Sciences topics like diseases or anything .. please reply ASAP'

b'Please can you give me some feedback and any advice on how to improve my argument essay on the topic Zoos are important places Also if you have any further ideas I could include. Many thanks for you help. By 2050, 30percent of the world\xc2\x92s wildlife will have disappeared. Over a ...'

b"Here's the question you posted in response to another student. Ms.Sue do you mind if i ask were you a math teacher or are you just a genius at math and why do you do this help online do you get any benefit for doing this? I taught a couple of sections of 7th grade math -- ..."

b'foreshadowing and symbols in the story of Alex Rider Scorpia rising '


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