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b'come up with a thesis statement and have two resources or references to support it'

b'Since the sentence The cab driver was driving extremely fast down the street has both an action verb and a linking verb, what do I say it is action or linking?'

b'Okay got that one.. What about The cab driver was driving extremely fast down the street. The very phrase is was driving. Was is a linking verb and driving an action. Is it a linking verb or an action verb? Directions say to underline the verb phrase and indicate action or ...'

b'Suddenly, a rainbow appeared in the sky. Is sky an adverb because it tells where the rainbow appeared? also, The hard working plumber was early. Was early is the verb phrase. I have trouble labeling it linking or action verb because it seems like both to me. Can you help??'

b'I forgot to include this sentence. Thank you. 1. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first.'

b'Thank you. Where should I include commas? Can you check if I set them correctly, please? Explain to a friend of yours, who has never flown, what he/she should do before boarding a plane. 2 Talk about the place where you live using the following grid: . \xc2\x96 What is your town ...'

b'I urgently need you to revise these sentences instructions, please. 1Explain to a friend of yours who has never flown what he/she should do before boarding a plane. 2 Talk about the place where you live using the following grid: . \xc2\x96 What is your town like \xc2\x96 How long ...'

b'I would like to learn more about my ancestors. Is the word learn the object of the prep. to and is the word more an adjective.'

b'MY ancestors are Irish. Is Irish a predicate noun'

b'i am writing a paper for English the question is what ethical problems may rise in research on humans?List and describe the three principles researchers are supposed to be guided by in resolving dilemmas. I AM STUCK PLEASE HELP ME'

b'The teacher should take attendance every day. Verb phrase is should take. IS this a linking or action verb and why?'

b'2 questions what is the word down in this sentence? 1. Samantha rode her bike the hill. noun or adjective or adverb or verb 2. What is the word sky in this sentence? Suddenly, a rainbow appeared in the sky.'

b'Thank you very much. Could you please check these sentences, too? 1 Explain to a friend of yours who has never flown what he/she should do before boarding a plane? 2 Talk about the place where you live using the following grid: . \xc2\x96 What is your town like \xc2\x96 How long have ...'

b"how do i write a thesis statement ? Like teachers always say What's the Big Idea or Universal Idea and I always think I have it but I never get it right. I'm embarrassed to say that I am a Senior in High School asking this question -__- I have to write a thesis for The ..."

b'how to give credit in an essay?'

b'I am trying to understand my essay question, but need help putting it in simpler terms. Question: How does Selvadurai\xc2\x92s text encourage a critique of normative ideas about gender and/or sexuality?'

b"what does this mean? how can i summarize it ?? we acquire language not just because we are taught it, but because we are born with the principles of language. They're in our genes. We have language because of nature, not just nurture"

b'i am writing a paper and i want to write something that was said in the movie how do i give credit ?'

b'Here is another exercise I include on the use of the infinitive/gerund. Complete the following sentences using gerund or infinitive with or without to forms of the verbs in brackets. 1. She swore tell __________ the truth. 2. She mentioned move __________ into a new ...'

b'Could you please check this other exercise on reporting verbs? Thank you. 1 \xc2\x93Would you like to go for a motorbike ride uphill?\xc2\x94, he said to me. He invited me to go ..... 2 \xc2\x93I\xc2\x92m sorry, I broke your glasses.\xc2\x94 He admitted breaking the vase./He apologized for breaking ...'

b'Are the following sentences fragments, run-on or complete sentences? 1.You better believe what I say to be true. 2.Listen carefully to what the teacher has to say. 3. I have always wanted to live in England, but I am afraid I will only get to visit at this point in time.'

b'Leadership Traits of Effective Managers. I NEED SOME GOOD ARTICLES FOR THIS TOPIC.'

b'Could you please check this exercise in which sentences need to be changed into the passive using the personal construction? 1 They say he lived in New York. He is said to live in NY. 2 Journalists report that the famous couple is flying to Paris next Monday. The famous ...'

b'Write two arguments in English, one in the form of modus poens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then write the arguements in symbols usimg sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. What advantages does being able to symbolize our arguments provide? Are there ...'

b'Please could you help me with 6 words with silent letters ...please'

b"I urgently need you to revise the following sentences I have to include in an email. 1 Thank you for answering my last email and letting me know you are going to find another theme for our Comenius project with your French partner. 2 As I'm holding a meeting with my ..."

b'Write two arguments in English,one in the form of modus poens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. Whay advantage does being able to symbolize our arguments provide? Are there ...'

b'Please chech for any errors and let me know if I need to change please correct it for me. Obesity is one of the major causes of health problems in the United States. According to Charles Schmidt, obesity is starting to catch up with smoking, which is causing illness and death...'

b"I am trying to look for 20 lines of blank verse in shakespeare's play Measure for Measure. I found this: we CANnot WEIGH our BROther WITH ourSELF. great MEN may JEST with SAINTS; tis WIT in THEM. 2.2.16 Did anyone find a bigger chunk of blank verse?"

b'Is this a good paragraph with correct grammar? The Grilled Cheese Memorial and Museum is an interesting and educational place to visit. It is located in Elmwood, IL. There are many exhibits in the museum. The exhibits show all different varieties of cheeses and breads which ...'

b'Are there any tutors on here that are familiar with The Canterbury Tales?'

b"1. What's this? - It is goggles. - It is trousers. - It is scissors. 2. What are these? - They are goggles. - They are trousers. - They are scissors. Are the questions and answers all correct?"

b'1. What do you enjoy doing? 2. What do you like doing? 3. What do you like to do? 4. What do you enjoy? -I enjoy swimming. Can all the sentences from 1 to 4 be the suitable questions for the answer?'

b'this crime is holy-------what kind of literary device is this?'

b'I urgently need you to check this rephrase.I added another sentence. The ice did split with a thunder-fit; The helmsman steered us through. 1 The ice split as ? the sound of the thunder and the helmsman steered them through. 2 The white Moon glimmered through a white ...'

b'At the Battle of the Bulge: 1. Germany\xc2\x92s victory once again threatened an overall Allied defeat 2. the British repelled the German invasion force seeking to conquer Britain 3. German forces pushed the Allied amphibious invasion back into the English Channel 4. ended the war ...'

b"I urgently need you to check these other examples. I can't find a good example with The swan glides.../The swan hisses ... Could you help me? 1You will be asked to walk, trot and canter your horse around the ring. 2 The lion pounced on its pray. 3 The rabbits hop in the ..."

b'What kinds of things do parents teach their children in the animal kingdom are similar to the things our parents teach us?'

b"My task is to write a persuasive article for my chool website about an issue related to school meals. My title is 'Unhealthy heaven' My sub-heading is 'Those hungry humans crave for tasty foods. What will it be?' My introduction's main point is that ' School healthy meals aren..."

b'what is English Second Language?'

b"Is my grammar correct in this sentence and should it be effect or affect? Thank you A year later, and I still haven't completely figured out how to deal with what I'm going through and not let it affect how I go about everything else."

b'Could you please revise these sentences. I have two doubts concerning my previous post. 1 When I arrived at/on the farm which preposition is best?? 2 A rabbit was thumping its paw?? in the rabbit hutch 3 The theme of reversal of values is best embodied by the thee ...'

b'Analyze the realtion between Angela nd Gracey. It is correct? The book \xc2\x93Angela\xc2\x94, written by James Moloney, deals with the friendship of Angela and Gracey, which drifts apart by a historical conflict, because the girls come from two completely different social backgrounds. ...'

b"Thank you for your help. I think I made a mistake in my previous post sentence 1. I added a few more examples I'm unsure of. 1 There is no point in not of worrying about his behaviour. He won't change it. It is no use/no good worrying about his behaviour. It is pointless/..."

b"I need to revise animal sounds. I wonder if there are children's short poems, songs or riddles I can use to memorize them. 1 What sound does the cat all other animals make? I made up a series of short sentences to help memorization. 2 When I arrived at/on the farm, a cat ..."

b'Is there any info. on fun and interesting facts about Culture?'

b"I left out the following verbs. Thank you very much. 1 I'm capable of climbing over a wall. I'm nervous about having to write a maths test tomorrow. 2 My village is famous for growing producing? good wines. 3 He is responsible for letting the government fall or for ..."

b"Ok I have got a silly question but I don't know how to do a work cited page. I know how to create one but my question is in my paper to I need to label my source/resource as a number or do I put the whole web address in the source?"

b"Ms. Sue or any other teacher I need your help. This is what I wrote for my english essay about Diversity Means. Diversity means the condition of being different. What good about it that you can ... That's all I got like this is a intro. I need help writing the info. for it. ..."

b"Zora's lemon tree produces to mush fruit. she gives them away, therefore to her friends and neighbors."


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