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b'Where should commas be placed? Combine flour shortening pecans and cold water to make a tasty pie crust.'

b'The word slippery almost feels slippery This may have to do with the blending of s and I so that the word glides or slips out of your mouth. Many English words seem to imitate their meaning. Try to record at least six such words.'

b'This is for an essay: How do you say/phrase he used to, he does not, he is confronted with, he would rather, they have evolved, and have succeeded in present tense?'

b'the stems measure a foot in diameter=transitive people use bamboo in many ways=transitive in japan the hollow stems serve as water pipes= transitive'

b"Hey so im reading the kite runner and i have to asnwer comprehension quesions n idk how to answer these questions...sparknotes kinda help but at the same time it doesnt. so can somebody help me. 1 How did Hassan come into Amir's life? What contrast is made between Amir and ..."

b'All of the questions refer to the story To Build a Fire by Jack London. In the first few sentences, we are in exposition. The following observations are things we may or may not learn in the opening few sentences. Which of these is an accurate description of an observation ...'

b'Do you think I should consider this sentence 1 as wrong? I included it in a test . 1 He tells how his ship was caught in a violent storm, then by mist and snow and finally was surrounded by ice. 2 I need to find a reading comprehension at intermediate level to be ...'

b'Write a paragraph explaining why you think it is a suitable topic for a research paper, based on your research questions. What are the risks of using cell phones when driving? How will the police control people from violating this law? will banning cellphones while driving ...'

b'My research topic is Banning Use of Cell Phones While Driving include calls and texts Could you give me some ideas of research questions? I have to have three. I already have three but I am not sure if they are research questions. will banning cellphones while driving going ...'

b"I urgently need you to revise this email. Thank you very much in advance. 1 My science colleague is willing to work on a project in English concerning ecology with some of her students in the years 10-11. 2 Though we haven't got a bilingual branch at the moment, she has ..."

b'Thank you. I still have a few doubts. So both sentences are correct: 1 the ship was caught in a violent storm, then by mist and snow OR the mariners were struck by a violent storm .. 2 The sun rose on the left out of the sea, shone bright over the mast at noon and ...'

b'Last night, Lucy and Neil met Morey in Gramercy Park. The predicate of the sentence is A. in. B. Morey. C. met. D. Lucy and Neil.'

b'In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. We returned our books to the library. B. You really should apologize to her. C. I would like you to listen to me. D. I gave her a gift for her birthday'

b'Conrad and his sister will sing a duet in the concert. Which one of the following sentences is an accurate statement about the sentence? A. The sentence has no object. B. The sentence has a compound subject. C. The verb in the sentence is in the present tense. D. The pronoun ...'

b'Which of the following statements is not true? A. Whom can serve as the object of a preposition. B. Whom is an object pronoun. C. Who and whom are personal pronouns. D. Who is a subject pronoun.'

b'I need synonymous and antonyms of 1 bluster 2 commentary 3 facet 4 synopsis 5 tarry 6 setback 7 fidelity I need this seven words to finish my homework . Pleaseeeee'

b'I have included the sentences I was most doubtful about. 1 The ship was cheered and they left the harbour. They went below the prow I think kirk is the archaic word for prow 2The mariners were then caught can you say struck in not by a violent storm, then by mist...'

b'Hello. Please help me with a few language problems. 1Is it possible to say aThere are good responses about these experts. bThese experts have good responses. cThese experts are well reputed. Meaning: The experts have a good reputation, they are well spoken of. Are a,b,c...'

b"Could you please help me revise the rephrase of these sentences from Colerdige's The Ballad of the Ancient Mariner? 1 The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared, Merrily did we drop Below the kirk, below the hill... The ship was cheered and they left the harbour. They went ..."

b'In Catch-22, The Great Loyalty Oath Crusade is one example of The need to show true patriotism in war. The importance of being able to trust companions. The ability of spies to remain hidden despite careful efforts to unmask them. The desire of officers to gain publicity. I am...'

b'What are the changes between the real story of Emperor Norton and the story 3 septembers and a january'

b'I shivered, and ____________* again the moving thing upon the sand-bank. *active voice,past tense of TO SEE'

b'What adj. is when someone drop out of school?'

b'The charity received donations for the hungry. Is received donations the predicate and for the hungry the phrase?'

b'The student, frowning slightly, erased the title. What are the phrases?'

b'On the sidelines, the coach paced nervously. What are the phrases?'

b'Guillermo hopes to visit us soon. What are the phrases?'

b'My goal is to become a forest ranger. What are the phrases?'

b'The jacket with a blue collar is mine. What are the phrases?'

b'Organized in 1884, the first African American professional baseball team was the Cuban Giants. Is was the Cuban Giants a phrase?'

b'What does it means what something say evaluate a person. Does it means I have to describe the person using adj.?'

b'Boulder Dam was the original name for Hoover Dam. The phrase is for hoover Dam. Is it an adjective or an adverb phrase?'

b'The Hudson River was one the chief trading route for the western frontier. The phrase is for the western frontier. Its an adjective phrase because it describes was once the chief trading route right?'

b'Jody was late for the party. The phrase is for the party. it is describing the late so its an adverb phrase right?'

b'After the game, we got something to eat. Are the phrases after the game and to eat? And if yes, are they both adverb phrases?'

b'the second-longest river in africa is the congo is in africa an adjective or an adverb phrase'

b'The view from Mount Fuji is great. From Mount Fuji is the prepositional phrase. Is it an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase?'

b'Organized in 1884, the first African American professional baseball team was the Cuban Giants. What are the phrases in these sentences?'

b'what does occassion mean as a literary element'

b'Tonight for english I have to print out 2-3 articles about the historical I choose to research. My historical person is Emma Amos artist african american painter, I got one article about her remember I was going a journal entry for english about me picking a historical ...'

b'What is the verb, direct object, and/or the indirect object in the follow sentence. The boy saw a huge beanstalk outside his window the next morning. Is it: Verb: saw or huge? Direct object: beanstalk? Indirect object: the boy? Or what is it?'

b"Could you please check these last sentences? Thank you very much. 1 I'm quite long, straight, brown-haired.Should there be a hyphen to separate adjectives? 2 After homework I help my mum with the housework. 3 Can you say \xc2\x93at 13:45 o\xc2\x92clock\xc2\x94? It\xc2\x92s a five-minute ..."

b'I still have a few doubts about some more sentences. 1 wide-apart eyes : is distant eyes possible? 2 pale-skinned: is fair-skinned possible? 3 happily: is contently possible? I watch TV is the TV also possible? a quite large mouth or quite a large mouth 4 I prefer ...'

b'Shall I consider the following sentences as gramatically wrong? 1 How many times do you do your homework after dinner? instead of how often 2 I always do my homework with attention instead of carefully 3 I think that two thousand three 2003, nineteen hundred five...'

b"Conor's sense if his own INFALLIBILITY has contributed to his succes at chess. A. inability to make an error B. worth c. open-mindedness D. srtategic skills"

b'Could you please chech the writing of the dates in letters? I included a few questions on Macbeth. 1 2003: two thousand and three/twenty oh three 2 1805: eighteen oh five/eighteen hundred and five. 3 What are the most dominant themes in Shakespeare\xc2\x92s Macbeth? 4 What ...'

b"Hi, I'm writing about this movie and we have to pick from specific categories: writing, cinematography, editing and acting. I'm writing about the sound of the movie because it's a musical. Of which of the 4 categories would sound fall under?"

b'What are the differences between the characters Johnny and dally, in the story The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton?'

b'What is the def. Of the word thing-a-ling how how to put it into a sentence. Can not find in dictionary.'

b'rite a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you do the following: oEvaluate the literary elements and structural devices in the selected poems and literature. oDescribe images of diverse cultureethnicity, race, class, gender, and ageand stereotyping that exist in the literature...'


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