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b'1From reading Birches, we can conclude that the speaker is an: a boy. b birch tree. c old man. d girl on her hands and knees. 2 the tone of A Simile is: a hopeful b cheerful ctense d light'

b'Can you tell me what a Begrudge is?'

b"I urgently need you to check these sentences. 1 Tourists spend their holiday in bed and breakfasts and go to restaurants. 2 I like the countryside because the air is cleaner and the atmosphere is quieter.There is always something to do, like going for a walk or cycling. It's..."

b"I left out the following adjectives. 1I'm cheerful about I can't find an example. 2 She was depressed about the hard wprk."

b"I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1 I'm angry/annoyed/upset?/ furious with him for arriving late. I'm angry/upset about his behavior in class. I'm fed up with his behavior. 2 I'm dissatisfied/satisfied with my exam result. 3 I'm pleased/happy/..."

b'Do I need a comma after the word book and does the sentence sound alright? When I first saw the title of the book I knew the theme would pertain to the importance of one\xc2\x92s identity.'

b'Anyone know where I can find a good detailed summary of the ramayana by narayan?'

b"Ms. Sue I need your help for the second paragraph for my essay. I need 3 supporting deatils for this paragraph but I got 1, need 2 more. Rosa Parks wanted people blacks to be free and have a better education. Most blacks couldn't go to the same schools as whites they went to..."

b"1. Oh, it\xc2\xa1\xc2\xafs on aisle 6, next to the coffee. 2. Oh, it\xc2\xa1\xc2\xafs in aisle 6, next to the coffee. 3. Where can I find a dark chocolate bar? It's in Aisle 3. 4. Where can I find a dark chocolate bar? It's on Aisle 3. Do we have to use 'in' or 'on' before 'Aisle'? Are both OK? ..."

b'I have to write a paper on The Namesake about an important theme. What are some ideas I can possibly write about?'

b"I left out a few more sentences I'm really doubful about. Thank you very much for helping me. 1 In the summer my village is very lively. There are a lot of tourists who spend their holiday in bed and breakfasts and go to restaurants. 2 You didn't vary a single word from the ..."

b"I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1 My village is a ten-minute drive from Milan. 2 It's ten minutes' drive from Milan. 3 I like living here because I don't have to watch out for traffic all the time. 4 There are only two hundred people in my town.I'd..."

b'I rethought them all. Thank you very much. 1The following morning he is very polite to the old man and continues to carry out his duty asking the man how he has spent the night. 2At 4 a.m., just when he has finished his work, the narrator answers a knock at his front door. ...'

b"Hello. I'll really appreciate some help. Do you think it's possible and natural to use declaim in the sentence Thousands of people were declaiming in support of the incumbent president? Thank you."

b'In my original version I had the simple past and past perfect. I tried to use the simple present in place of the simple past and nearly always the present perfect in place of the past perfect. However, I\xc2\x92m still unsure. Could you please check them again? 1The following ...'

b'Yes I did the turtle said. They went on arguing, and arguing the rabbit lost his mind; He got a stick, and start beating the turtles back shell. Break the shell all up. That is why the turtle has spots all over him. The Turtle was all beat up, broken back, and laying down ...'

b'Writeacher please check my last post, you never replied.. it kind of left me wondering.. you said you would give me some ideas.'

b'how to write a formal letter about declining population of animals in the hills'

b'i am writing an essay on texting conversation i also need to write about texting could you write some bullet points for the plan please'

b'can i get help on a Question?'

b'I need the format of a business letter, and a friendly letter P.S: also need the spacings if they are any. I mean like the spacingsNo. of lines between ______ and _______.'

b'how to write a formal letter to a editor about declining population of animals in hills.'

b'What good book report needs to contain?'

b'What are ten things harry potter would bring if he had to go on a trip and can only bring 10 items?'

b"I need your help you see like... ok here is my topiv sentence for my second paragraph: Rosa Parks wanted people blacks to be free and have a better education. and I wrote for notes to put into sentences - Blacks were slaves - Most blacks couldn't go school - Black people ..."

b'1. You can link the website address on your website. 2. I will paste the link on the messanger, and will send you the address. Are the sentences above grammatical? Would you check them? Thank you.'

b'I just have a doubt on a few sentences. Thank you. 1 A pair of robins has not have been building a nest in the porch since last week. 2 If you want to visit the USA, you must not have to get a passport. 3 When Dorian sees the corrupted image on in the portrait, he ...'

b'I am trying to find the translation of this sentence but it is kinda funky. Auxquels ne voulez-vous point ressembler? do you know what it means in english? thanks'

b"Could you please check these sentences, too? THank you. 1 I've just received an email from our national agency informing me that the deadline to apply to them for a preliminary visit to define the topic of our project was 18 November. What do you think we can do now? Do you ..."

b"what could be an example of something that is urgent but is not important? and something that is important but not urgent? these questions refer to daily actions or well any actions, i have absolutely no idea how to answer that. Sure doesn't urgent and important meant almost ..."

b'1Which of the following sets of Dewey Decimal call numbers is in the correct order? A. 100.1 BLU, 010.1 ABR, 004.15 KWA, 100.01 PRO B. 004.15 KWA, 010.1 ABR, 100.01 PRO, 100.1 BLU C. 010.1 ABR, 004.15 KWA, 100.01 PRO, 100.1 BLU D. 100.01 PRO, 100.1 BLU, 010.1 ABR, 004.15 KWA ...'

b"I wonder if your science experts can help me find material general information, word lists, books in English about biodiversity in water and waterways and microbiological analysis of water. This would be for Italian biologists who are familiar with the subject but don't know..."

b'I urgently need you check these statements. Thank you very much. 1 Unfortunately the deadline to apply to our national agency for a preliminary visit for our project to define the topic of our project was 18 November. 2 What do you think we can do? The visit is not ...'

b'Which of the following publications are both listed under the Magazines results? A. Astronomy and Science B. Odyssey and Natural History C. Science News and Earth Island D. The Economist and American Scientist'

b'Scholarly journal articles are written: A. By experts in a subject field B. By reporters C. By lower division college students D. For a general audience'

b'Search engines are most useful for finding: A. course information. B. books in a library. C. Web sites. D. scholarly journal articles.'

b'Please check my last post as well. I typed a reply. Moreover if I were to come up with an Original and creative essay title. What should it be. For the topic Banning Cellphones while driving. 1. Who is to blame? 2. Blame the cellphone 3. I just wanted to text a friend 4. My ...'

b'First of all is this free?'

b'Thank you very much for your suggestion. What do you think of the book Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology, by J.S. Levinton? Could you also suggest a book which could help us get to know the relevant English terminology?'

b'Okay so I have decided to write about Banning the use of telephones while drivingincluding calls/texts This is my last shot at the final to earn a B in this class and possibly an A. My opinion on this subject is that I believe that there should be a ban on the use of ...'

b"Hi, I need help fixing my grammar in the following: I'm going to tell you a story about a rabbit, and a turtle running a race. One sunny day the rabbit was running fast, and hopping around quickly showing off as usual; you know how rabbits are but the slow turtle can hardly ..."

b'I wonder if your science experts can be help find material general information, word lists in English which is needed to talk about biodiversity in water and waterways and microbiological analysis of water. This would be for biologists who are familiar with the subject but ...'

b'I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much. 1 Think about a TV programme among the ones analyzed in class. Briefly describe what it was about, what was happening in it and if you would recommend it. 2 Give a brief definition of the following words...'

b'are southerners considered to be immigrants?'

b"Stupid question but i have two critiques on Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, how would i write the critics points without quoting like everything they stated? The critics have made some major points but i don't want to quote everything."

b'We have a final exam coming up with a comprehensive essay including use of each of the types of essays strategies you studied this semester\xc2\x97 o Critique pp. 19-22 o Research pp. 378-380 o Comparison pp. 217-218 o Illustration pp. 186-187 o Argument pp. 275-283 The...'

b'Is there any infomation that tells how Rosa Parks became a civil rights leader 3 supporting deatils. Thank You'

b'Do you think unskilled labor is just a commodity or input'

b'I urgently need you to check these sentences. I have a few doubts on how to vary past perfect tenses when turning the summary into the present. I included my doubts using question marks. Thank you. 1 After moving the bed aside he takes three floorboards, secures the old man...'

b'What is the word ball in this sentence? The young boy played ball in the yard. adverb?'


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