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b'can anyone help me with explicationg act 3 scene 1 setting charcater plot theme of macbeth?'

b'1. Research projects that have won Ig Nobel Prizes are real, scientific work. have won 2. Here are some of the most interesting projects that have received the prizes so far. have received Question: What is the use of the present perfect in each sentence? Does each ...'

b'Would Culture, Heroism, and Supernatural Forces in Beowulf be a good topic for an expository essay on Beowulf being an epic poem?'

b"I corrected my grammar errors from my last post. Don't bother checking to see if I got it right or not. My two body paragraphs seems to be a bit long. First idea is his jobs as a reporter/writer for newspapers and magazines. Second idea is his literary influences. Any ..."

b"Am doing Autism and I have to give farther information. Thanks The cognitive part: I have...1 Selecting attention, I have they absorve things..2 Concrete processing, i don't have anything for this one. 3 Rote memory: I putted recalling."

b'I left out 2 sentences. Can you help me check it? Thank you. 1 She is not the complement to her husband,but ? rather the driving force behind her husband. In spite of the fact that we tried to save him, he died.'

b'Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1 Humanism spread in the whole country. 2 The English Renaissance developed spread is possible? later than its European equivalents. 3Puritans wanted a balance of power between the king and the? Parliament. 4 Charles I...'

b'How can you have Motivation, Forecast and Orientation in speech intorduction? like show the audience pictures etc?..thanks'

b'I urgently need to check sentence number 1. Thank you. 1 She seems like a man, more than her husband, surely. She is more of a man than her husband.'

b'Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1Would you use the article in the sentence The UN called on Egypt to end the violence and bloodshed? 2Is it correct to say: athe British newspaper Daily Mirror; or is it bthe British newspaper The Daily Mirror? 3Which ...'

b'Can you tell me if sentence 2 is a mistake? Thank you. I remember going to primary school.. I remember I went to primary school..'

b"I posted this many times. I just want a list of comments about my essay not criticism I don't think the things I wrote is wrong. This is what I got from articles. My essay is about the jobs he did and his literary influences. This is my topic of my essay. People stated my ..."

b'What do you think about my essay, It is a Cynthia Owens English 43 Instructor Toland Perry Dec 5th, 2011 How to Make a Fruit Pizza My fruit pizza is always a great conversation piece at any occasion I have taken it to, and it is always the hit of the party. For example, once I...'

b"I'm doing a research paper on Ernest Hemingway. I have to write 1,500 word essay on it. I chose to write about his jobs that helped him gain experience for writing and about his literary influences. I need this for marks. I need people to read it over and what they think about..."

b'I just wanted to know how you would evalute these sentences, which are part of an essay. 1 The monologue is when the actor is alone on the stage and he gets speaking while the soliloque is when there are some actors and one gets speaking as something he is thinking about. 2...'

b"This is part 3 of my essay. Give any feedback. Any suggestions. This peer editing is part of my marks for my essay. Anytime you got can you look over my essay. don't worry about errors I got that cover. Ernest Hemingway had many writers as his literary influences that helped ..."

b'Am doing a project about Autism, what are the Cogngntive and pscohosocial of Autism and where can I find them? Thanks'

b'Which of the following is correct? a We were supposed to go to the game today, but it rained. bWe were suppose to go to the game today, but it rained.'

b"I know I posted this but, I need suggestions on my essay. I'm going to break this into parts so it doesn't look so long make it easier. Please give me any feedback. I just want to know what you think about it. Don't worry about grammar errors for now. I need this for marks on ..."

b"Which of the following is correct? aWho's toothbrush is floating in the toilet? bWhose going to Dairy Queen with me? cWhose jacket is that? dbc I believe the answer is C"

b"I left out the following statements. Thank you very much. 1Lady Macbeth is more ambitious than him Macbeth OR than he is. Duncan's murder has deprived his life of sleep. 2 She is more of a man than he is. She tries to remove her husband's hesitations by telling him that ..."

b"Could you please check these statements, please? Thank you. 1 Both the witches' prediction and Macbeth's ambition increase Lady Macbeth's thirst/desire for power. 2Sleep is seen/regarded/described/personified are they all possible? an innocent murder victim. 3 Sleep ..."

b"I am stuck I don't know what topic to write about for my research paper I want to write about something modern and recent but I don't know what I have been looking through sites but nothing seems to stick out Can you give me any suggestions?"

b'which of the following is an example of an adverbial clause fragment? 1.Wherever there is a chance for a fabulous meal,2. who described the book as a compelling masterpiece or 3.that the poet choose words carefuly to convey a particular tone. I think it is number three. I know...'

b"compare and contrast the outsiders and today's Youth Gangs"

b'I really need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1 Shakespeare meditates whether time is preordained or not inevitable, the result of human activity. 2 The concept of the universe as a cosmic dance was derived induced from the new scientific discoveries, which ...'

b'Directions: Be sure to make a copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be ...'

b'I left out a few sentences belonging to the same post. Thak you. 1 We, on our side ?? will choose only students who are high achievers and who are willing to devote time and energy to the project. 2 All my students are very anxious ?looking forward to getting to know to ...'

b'Can you give me three metaphors in the poem Tonight I can Write, please?'

b'Hi , I wanted to do questionnaire survey regarding two comparison product . The product is Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple Iphone 4 . It would be really helpful if someone could assist me and give some ideas . The targeted audience is University students . Your help would be much ...'

b'need help with my Juggling topic.I got 6/20 and I want to get the full 20 points ThanksSuch as thesis, Introduction. Thesis: The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about my experience with juggling; more specifically how I became involved with juggling. I have to ...'

b'Starting with nitrogen and hydrogen, millions of kilograms of ammonia are produced every year for use as a fertilizer. Use this info to answer the next 3 questions. Communicate the balanced chemical equation using molecular models. Communicate the balanced chemical equation ...'

b"Can someone look over my essay please. Tell me anything that needs changing. Any feedback would be great. Give suggestions if you have any I would really appreciate it. ps: I know it's long: 1,301 words Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway was a great writer who influenced many ..."

b'Well in english we have to write an essay which deals with dramatic irony between two stories. The stories are One thousand dollars and by the waters of babylon. WEll my teacher said to make it a compare and contrast essay and im not sure how to find the simularities of the ...'

b"Thank you very much. Here are a few other sentences I'm doubtful about. 1The universal order was conceived like a chain of beig/as a chain of being/in the form of a chain of being. Which ones are possible? 2 Man/or men had the unique function of joining together all elements..."

b"I urgently need you to check the following sentences. Thank you. 1 The dominant themes in Shakespeare's Macbeth are as follows. I don't think as follows is correct because it should be followed by a colon 2 The regicide brings about chaos. Actually, the sky is troubled ..."

b'I need help with my Juggling topic.I got 6/20 and I want to get the full 20 points ThanksSuch as thesis, Introduction. Thesis: The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about my experience with juggling; more specifically how I became involved with juggling. I have ...'

b'the book asks for the vowels circle the vowel spellings Does this mean the vowels? coin = oi please = eae'

b'Hello. I will be grateful if you help me with the article: EU finance ministers have finished a/the?discussion about the possibility of providing more loans to Greece. Thank you very much for help.'

b'In the sentence, Shenika looks tired,what part of speech is tired?'

b"Could someone explain to me why the word like is plural and not singular because I actually thought like was singular. And isn't the girls singular? the girls like the movie"

b'I have started on my initial draft and turning it into an essay. Like I said before it is about Banning cellphones while texting/driving and my main objective is that the device serves as a distraction leading to consequences.. We have to use research skills , comparison, ...'

b"Ms. Sue I just cannot figure what the subordinate clause would be in this sentence, Tom and Phyllis said they would pay our dog's boarding costs. Is it said they"

b"Tom and Phyllis said they would pay our dog's boarding costs. What is the subordinate clause? Is it our dog's boarding costs"

b'i go to college and it take 40 to 45 gallon every monthto go to college, some time cost of the gallon varies 2.96 to 3.61 /gallon . what would be my weakly cost to drive college. please answer . i come up with 21 dolor.Am i right or miss some thing . Math - Ms. Sue, Thursday, ...'

b"Ms. Sue can you check my essay is it good. Btw we did the conclusion today at class last paragraph. I did the mistakes I made yesterday that you told me to change. Rosa Parks A person's characteristics are shaped by the setting and beliefs of society during a specific time..."

b"Sorry, I included the wrong post. I still have a few doubts on the following sentences. 1 The traffic isn't very heavy. 2 A security officer will control check? you for metal. 3 Get on the plane not in, find your seat and wait for your flight plane to take off. 4 ..."

b'Thank you very much. I left out the following sentences. 1 I like everything in of the place where I live. My town is famous for its wines and truffles among other things. 2 There are a lot of sports facilities:tennis courts, a football pitch ground? and two outdoor and ...'

b'the climax comes at the end of the middle section of the story after which the author ties up loose ends by telling the reader what happened to each major character. true or false'

b"I urgently need you to check these sentences, please 1 My favourite places are the woods ??.I live in a little village surrounded by a hilly landscape. 2 More than one thousand people live there or here?. 3 I'd prefer to live in Milan even if ?? the countryside is ..."


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