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b'what is some word tones for a mystery novel?'

b'I believe that if President Obama and other Democratic leaders run this country for five more years, our children and grandchildren will never be able to live the American Dream. This would end up a socialist country. WHAT LOGICAL FALLICY IS THIS?'

b'In the sentence They named him John. what sort of complement is John? The direct object is him. How does this relate to a sentence like They made him do it.'

b'In the story Hedda Gabbler by Henrik Ibsen, how many possible and probable love triangles are there?'

b'In the short story To Build a Fire what is the answer to this question? In the first few sentences, we are in exposition. The following observations are things we may or may not learn in the opening few sentences. Which of these is an accurate description of an observation ...'

b'They lived happy ever after. What is the mistake and how can I explain it?'

b'The sea appearred calm in the morning. Identify the complements?'

b'big and solid as twelve pounds of mashed potatoes in an eight-pound bag is an example of what?'

b'I need help understanding adverb clauses...'

b'Who won the battle between the English and the Welsh ? the English right?'

b"Hello. Will you please tell me if it's possible to use the following verbs with the word message: 1to declare; 2 to announce; 3to sound; 4 to voice; 5 to present. For example, Diplomats announced a message from the UN urging Syria to stop violence. Thank you for help."

b'Can someone please read this and check if my grammar is correct? Also, is there a protagonist or antagonist in the story? Thanks in advance The waters were calm today so when I heard a splash as loud as a tarpon, I knew it wasn\xc2\x92t pelican. I sped toward the sound just in ...'

b'Will you also proofread this? Cut By Patricia Mccormick Bryce Romig If I had the opportunity to ask Patricia Mccormick two questions about the main character, I would ask her why the main character Callie feels as though she has to self mutilate as a way to express her ...'

b'Will you please proofread this? Indigo By:Alice Hoffman Bryce Three Key Events 1. Martha Glimmer lives in the horrible town of Oakgrove. Her two adopted brothers are outcasts in the town of Oakgrove because they have webbed toes and fingers. They all long to leave Oakgrove ...'

b'I have this assignment for english. Ok like I have a journal to write down my daily life that what we supose to do for english to practice our writing. Is there any decorating notebooks ideas and journal entry ideas for middle schoolers.'

b"Hello. Please tell me if it's possible to say: 1 to declare a message; 2 to announce a message; 3 to sound a message; 4 to voice a message; 5 to present a message; for example, Diplomats ... a message from the United Nations. Thank you very much for your help."

b"Punctuate the sentences and underline the explanatory words. Use the editing guide below. 19 mistakes heath i want to show you how to change a flat tire said dad youll be old enough to drive soon and this is a skill youll need to know you don't want to be stranded on the side ..."


b'which paragraph of the article best supports the authors argument against clear cutting?'

b'Select the gerund phrase in the sentence below. Then, determine the noun function of the gerund. Writing a research paper sounds difficult'

b'Hello. I again need your grammar help and will be very grateful for it. Please tell me if the sentences are OK: This is a very difficult situation, 1the same as in Greece. 2the same as it is in Greece. 3the same as that in Greece. 4the same as the one in Greece. 5like in...'

b'what logical fallicies are these If Jesus Christ were running for the presidency, conservatives would attack him for being a socialist and wanting to help the poor. They would say he is weak on defense and berate him for driving the money changers from the temple. Anyone care ...'

b'25percent of the students in an English class of 100 are international students. Find mean, and standard deviation of this binomial distribution'

b'I am seeking for some help in English grammar and punctuation. Thanks Please review the folloing: As you know, in the absence of timely copies of all bills and payments and medical records supporting the reasonableness and necessity of the services and bills, we will not ...'

b'Please help me with English grammar, especailly punctuation on the following sentence Thanks in advance: It is essential that we have a complete, itemized up-to-date bill, whether paid or not, for use at the evidence deposition.'

b'What would u like to see if u visit a firehouse.'

b'Would someone please write me a sentence? I want to see if I can correctly identify the direct object, indirect object, verb, subject, predicate nominative, predicate adjective. It only has to be a couple Thanks'

b"Clear communication in a government memorandum would most likely be hindered by slang idioms jargon dialect i really don't get this question please explain thanks."

b"I left out the following sentences. Could you please check them? 1 Colin decided to try to become a real eco-warrior and reduce his family's impact on the environment I need a synonym for impact. 2 For one year in his familiy there wasn't a TV or a fridge, they used one ..."

b'Explain how a word can be a morphemic noun and a syntactic adverb in the same sentence'

b"What was the Clinton Healthcare plan in the early 1990's? Know of any links or info that I can read up about it? Thanks"

b'Could you please check if everything is correct? Thank you. 1 angry/annoyed/furious/cross/happy/glad upset ABOUT something / WITH someone FOR doing something. Are you annoyed/furious/angry with me for being late? 2 excited/worried/nervous/crazy/cheerful/ enthusiastic/sad/...'

b'Use one of the following topic sentences to write a well-developed paragraph of approximately 150 words. Supply the specific details or examples that support the topic sentence you choose. \xc2\x95Our dog is a nuisance to the neighbors. \xc2\x95Baby-sitting is an easy way to earn money...'

b'Read the following paragraphs carefully and compare them. Paragraph 1 Since every person has only one opportunity to live each hour of his life, the time must be spent wisely. He should spend it thoughtfully. He should care what he does with his time. He should use good ...'

b'what is a Ninus\xc2\x92 Tomb Metaphor?'

b'what is the correct way to write, A characteristic I dislike is someone who is weak.'

b'Could you please check these two sentences, please? Thank you. 1 When I set the table, I lay on the the table cloth, the cutlery, the napkins, the soup and dinner plates, the water and wine bottles, the oil and vinegar bottles, the pepper shaker and the salt cellar. What ...'

b"Which of the following provides the best portrayal of the author's resolution of the story's climax? A. Taylor explains to Turtle that she can make no promises. B. Esperanza is relieved that she will no longer be responsible for Turtle. C. Esperanza's radiant face shows that ..."

b'We are poisioning ourselves slowly. Many towns are putting garbage in landfills. poisoning and landfills are they main verbs in each of these sentences. I think landfill would be, how about poisoning?'

b'Is this a good thesis statement? Filth is characterized by dirt, foul language, and corrupt conditions. Baldwin personifies the meaning of filth through Gabriel\xc2\x92s character and his actions brilliantly.'

b'What do the abbreviations S F SCS SCV CD and CX stand for in Shurley English.'

b'I left out a few sentences. Can you please check them? 1England turned from an agricultural into an industrialized not industrial country. 2The Indutrial Revolution caused an improvement in life or in the living conditions. 3 The Luddites organized riots in order to ...'

b'I told the child__down for nap, when he fall asleep, o __down for nap of my own. lay.lay lie.lay lie,lie lay.lie what is best option.'

b'Hi, I have another question about a sentence in my paper. Does this sound alright? Immigrants envisioned and anticipated America to be an answer to their problems but what they got instead was a world filled with filth.'

b'Does this sentence sound good or should I change it up? They expected a grandeur lifestyle filled with endless opportunities to be successful and happy.'

b"Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you. 1 There was a shifting of the population from South to North. 2 You reported my notes without changing a single word. A paragraph mustn't be the exact repetition of my summaries. 3 Furthermore, some sentences are ..."

b"Hello. I'll be very grateful for your help. 1Is it possible to use involve in the context This step could involve a serious crisis? 2Is it possible to use till the present day the same as until now, for example Till the present day, China has opposed tough sactions ..."

b"Exercise 32.4 Please help with this assignment. I'm having trouble with it. Rive to clarify pronoun reference. Most can be revised in many ways. If a pronoun refers ambiguously to more than one possible antecedent, revise the sentence to reflect each possible meaning. 1. All ..."

b'I still have a few doubts on some sentences. Thank you very much. 1 Thanks to the development introduction of steam engine, the manufacture of cloth became cheaper or to manufacture cloth became cheaper. 2 The poet personifies the elements of nature. 3 As for the ice, ...'

b"Could you please help me check these sentences, please? I have a few doubts on sentences you checked some time ago. 1 This ballad is composed of seven parts consisting of four-line stanzas. 2 The mariner's glittering eyes force the wedding guest to listen to his tale. The ..."


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