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b'43x - 1= 3 add 8x - 11 -2t add2 add 5t= 6t add 11'

b'A Caterer has 8 cups of red candies. How many cups of white candies must she add to the red candies to create a candy mix that is 30percent red candies.'

b'I have 3 1-6 cubes looking for different ways to roll the sum of 12, How many ways will it be?'

b'2 1/4 r =10?'

b'1 It takes 4/3 cans of paint to paint 12/3 lockers in the 7th grade hallway.How many cans does it take to paint one locker? a. 48/9 cans B. 36/12 cans C. 1/3 cans D. 9/48 cans 2Carlos is adjusting a balance of scale that reads -0.45kg.He will need to add the opposite of this...'

b'Find the GCF for each set of numbers. 28,42,56 3,5 4,5,6'

b'A money bank has twice as many nickels as dimes. There is exactly 2.00 in the bank. How many nickels are there? Can you answer this and show me how you got it?'

b'Ryan burned 315 calories in 30 minutes . If ryan works out for 1.5 hours , how many calories can he expect to burn?'

b'For a class trip 114 students are put on 4 busses.At this rate how many students would be on 8 busses?'

b'The table shows the number of volunteers that work at a radio-thon for different numbers of hours . How many volunteers can be expected to go to work for 9 hours?'

b'There were 20 at a round table at dinner, each of whom shook hands with the person on his or her immediate right and left.At the end of dinner, each person got up and shook hands with everybody except the people who sat to his or her immediate right or left at dinner.Find the ...'

b'Determine whether the graphs of the equations are parallel,perpendicular,or neither Y=-xadd2 Y=-x-3'

b'Please solve 6/21add2= 1'

b'Guess my rule Fit the rule AEFHIKLMN Do not fit the rule BCDGJOp'

b'Amy Ashley bike along the same trail. Amy bikes the entire trail at 20mph Ashley bikes at 15mph. Amy finishes 8 minutes before Ashley. How many miles long is the trail?'

b'Simplify cosxaddy-cosx-y'

b'Orin has driven 150 miles in the past 8 hours write an algebraic expression to show how many miles are in drove each hour'

b'5.The sales tax rate 6.3percent. a. find the tax paid for a pair of earrings with a list price of 77 b. what is the total cost of the pair of earrings? 4.85;77.79 4.85;81.85 \xc2\x95\xc2\x95\xc2\x95 0.49;77.49 0.49;81.85'

b'Jessica earned a total of 647 in simple interest from two seperate accounts. In an account earning 9percent interest, Jessica invested 2,300 more than twice the amount she invested in an account earning 2percent. How much did she invest in each account?'


b'Calculate the tax for each given rate. Select the rates with tax greater than 3. 45: Tax- 7percent 80: Tax- 2.9percent 66: Tax- 10percent 29: Tax- 11percent 55: Tax- 4.5percent My answers: The first one The third one The fourth one Am I correct??'

b'what is the best estimate for the sum of 5/12 add 2/5'

b'Calculate the simple interest for each situation. Which choices have a simple interest grater than 800. Select all that apply: 2,000 at 6percent for 7 years 4,500 at 3percent for 6 years 1,400 at 6percent for 9 years 5,000 at 7percent for 3 years 800 at 15percent for 5 years I really need help. I am ...'

b'A bike was originally 240 but the price was marked up 15percentW What is the new price of the bike? a 250 b 264 c 268 d 276 I think it is b. Am I right?'

b'Given the functions of fx=x-3/x9, gx=9xadd3, find gofx.'

b'Debra has 3600 of ribbon, how many pieces at 8 inches each will she get out of 3600'

b'divide the 300Rs between hina and rina such that rina gets 100 less than 3 times what hina gets?'

b'Mark, Carrie, Max, and Jane are doing a probability experiment in math class. They flip a coin 200 times and record their results. Heads:120 Tails:80 Question 2 on their lab sheet asks for the theoretical probability of flipping heads. They come up with four different answers...'

b'A machine with 80percent efficiency does 4,000 J of work. Using the machine how much work did you do? NEED HELP PLZ REPLY SOON'

b'prove the identity cos x/sec x-tan x=1plus sin x'

b'Construct a triangle ABC such that BC = 5.2cm,AB=4.8cm and median CM=3.6cm.'

b"A family has 3 children. Their first child was a girl. What I'd the probability that the two children are of different gender?"

b'In a small school of 100 students 70 like red, 50 like blue and 10 like yellow. If told that the 10 students who selected yellow do not like red or blue. How many students like red and blue?'

b'Amy,nicholas,cindy and calvin shared 60 amy received 1/2 of the total amount of money received by nicholas,cindy and calvin.nicholas received 2/3 of the total amount of money received by cindy and calvin.cindy received 3 times as much as calvin. A. How much money did amy ...'

b"1. A box of crackers has a mass of p kilograms. When empty, the box has a mass of 200 grams. What is the total mass of the crackers in 5 such boxes? Express your answer in kilograms. seems to me like the empty box part of this is there just to throw you off. Isn't the answer ..."

b'I tried answering this and pending how I read it I get several answers. Any help out there 1. A box of crackers has a mass of p kilograms. When empty, the box has a mass of 200 grams. What is the total mass of the crackers in 5 such boxes? Express your answer in kilograms.'

b'A rectangular box is of length 2/5 m. It has a square base of area 9cm*cm. What is the greatest number of 2 cm cubes that can be cut from it?'

b'How do you get from 4 22/15 to be 5 7/15. If some one can explain I keep breaking my head Thank you'

b'A length of metal pipe has a circumference of 2.5 inches. the pipe is 1/16 inches thick. a gas fitter needs to know the inside diameter of the pipe to calculate the gas pressure. What is the total diameter of pipe including metal? how much of the diameter is metal? what is the...'

b'what is the difference in weight in pounds 100 gallons of water is 8.34 pounds per gallon and 100 gallons of gasoline at 0.71 kilograms per liter?'

b'A restaurant offers seven different main courses,,eight types of drinks and four kind of desserts. How many different meal consisting of main course,a drink and a dessert does the restaurant offer?'

b'Write the expression in standard form by collecting like terms: 12\xc3\x97-3\xc3\x97-5yadd1\xc3\xb724\xc3\x97-10y'

b'-3\xc3\x97-5yadd1\xc3\xb72 4\xc3\x97-10y'

b'The ratio of adults to children at a park is 2:5.If there are 10 adults at the park, how many children are there?'

b'A boy had a box of animal crackers. He counted them out and found 20 cookies. 7 elephant cookies 6 tiger cookies 5 monkey cookies 2 zebra cookies Suppose the boy put all the cookies back into the box and took 1 out without looking. What is the probability of him choosing.. An ...'

b'what is the measure of the angle of an arc that is 25 cm long with a radius of 7?'

b'Sally charges 175 for 5 hours of babysitting. How can I put that into an equation. What is the slope of the line, what is the y-intercept, is it proportional, and is it a function???????'

b"Susan picked a squash that weighed 8/15 lb. Larry picked a squash that weighed 1/4 as much as susan's squash. How much did larry'squash weigh?"

b'how do i put 32 ninths as a fraction on a numberline'

b'Pretend you have 2 triangles that are similar. Triangle 1 has sides that are 18 and 24. Triangle 2 has sides that are x and 6. What is the value of x? -6 -8 -30 -72 <--- I chose this answer.'


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