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b'Jerome waved as he rode past. Is past a adverb or preposition? Thanks.'

b'Can someone please help me with this, let me know if the below looks correct? Improving Your Writing. Section 1 Facts and Figures that define the problem the cause Details that show the impact of the problem effects on Jack, Ruth, and the company. Section 2 The steps ...'

b'What is the syntax in,bending, I bow my head and lay my hand upon her hair, combing and think how do woman do this for each other.'

b"My english teacher said that they didn't tell any winners for the 7th graders for the reflections and she said that I got a 100 on my essay because she said it was the BEST essay she ever read and I worked really hard on it. The showcase is this week I think... or next week."

b'Could you please help me describe the pictures I posted you and check these sentences. 1 Go and fetch some chalk, will you? Open the window halfway to let some fresh air in. 2 You should hand in your dissertation by next Monday. Wipe off the blackboard. 3 If you enter the ...'

b'I needed to write a good thesis statement for my english class about how people consume the news. This is what i have tell me if its good, if not please help me revise Back in the day people of a particular age would consume news by reading the newspaper, watching the news, or...'

b'Under what conditions are wagers, or bets, made? Are they necessarily friendly or unfriendly?Are they always friendly? What is the usual outcome of a bet? Does the outcome of a bet ever affect their respective situations significantly?'

b'is there any info about mottos relating to following your dreams ????'

b'I have this project that my english teacher assign the class to do. Since we are on our perserverance unit this have something to do with perserverance. She gave the class guildelines sheet for the poster. Also we have to work in a group of three so me and 2 others boys ...'

b'What is an example in Antony and Cleopatra of Casear displaying a disposition to not want to go to war? Thank you'

b'how would you write a 6-10 complete sentence'

b'What conclusion can you draw about Samuel Pepys from his account of the Great Fire of London? A. He maintained relations with all social strata. B He became the spokesperson of the aristocracy. C he felt responsible for organizing rescue missions'

b'can someone help me with an intro for a compare and contrast essay on No Gumption and Barrio Boy please????'

b'Write a four paragraph literary essay in response to the following question. Be sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction, provide textual evidence in the body paragraphs, and end the essay with a strong conclusion. You may use your books and other notes you have...'

b'Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1 Looking to receiving some good news from you, I take the opportunity to wish you all the best for the new year. 2 In picture A I can see a Latin American teacher explaining things to a class of students. She is probably ...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences.Thank you very much. 1 This hotel is more convenient since it lies near the school. They it? charge 60 Euros for a single rooom and 90 for a double room. 2 Thank you very much for your decision of helping me finding a school ...'

b'I urgently need to know which of the following sentences are possible. 1 Caliban has been reduced to slaveryC by Prospero. 2 He has been enslaved by Prospero. 3 He is subject to Prospero. 4 He is a slave to Prospero. Prospero has enslaved him. 5 He has made a slave of ...'

b'word for thoughts that always stay in the past'

b'a word for the opposite of within reach.'

b'how can i fix this sentence? \xc2\x93A glove and ball is the required gear.\xc2\x94'

b'the sentence has a dangling modifier did i fix it? \xc2\x93Swimming at the lake, a rock cut Sue\xc2\x92s foot.\xc2\x94 The sentence has a dangling modifier. \xc2\x93Swimming at the lake, Sue cut her foot on a rock.\xc2\x94'

b'how can i fix this sentence: \xc2\x93Swimming at the lake, a rock cut Sue\xc2\x92s foot.\xc2\x94'

b'. Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and revise as needed to correct the problem: \xc2\x93A glove and ball is the required gear.\xc2\x94'

b'. Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and revise as needed to correct the problem: \xc2\x93Swimming at the lake, a rock cut Sue\xc2\x92s foot.\xc2\x94'

b'Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and make any corrections if necessary: \xc2\x93Either Bruce or Tom should receive first prize for their poem.\xc2\x94'

b'Marta got 88 points on her English test. Sandy got x points on the same test. What was their average score?'

b"I have to write an essay about whether or not Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal was effective as a satire. one quote i have is I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most ..."

b'How did Bethany Hamilton show perseverance????'

b'. Compose a sentence of your own that contains a split infinitive. Then, recompose the sentence to fix the error.'

b'rewrite the sentence, adding the missing helping verb. in the paper is That make a lot of children unhappy. my son rewrite the sentence and he write That will make a lot of children unhappy.'

b'. What is the difference between the two verbs \xc2\x93lie\xc2\x94 and \xc2\x93lay?\xc2\x94 Compose a sentence of your own with both verbs to illustrate your point and to demonstrate your understanding.'

b'how do i compose a complete sentence that contains a plural subject and one verb. Underline and identify each.'

b'When writing a literary analysis on a book series, how to you denote the series title differently than the title of an individual book?'

b"Here is the second part of my rephrase. I'm finding it difficult to summarize the last paragraph. 1 In the second passage excerpt Robinson instructs Friday in the Christian religion. Friday, on the other hand, comments on the difference between Christianity and his own ..."

b"I urgently need you to check the second part of my rephrase. I'm sending it to you separately. 1 Although Robinson describes Friday as a good-looking, healthy young man, yet he stresses that the features that make him a pleasant fellow are exactly those that most resemble a ..."

b'Can someone please me with this. Improving Your Writing. Section 1 Facts and Figures that define the problem the cause Details that show the impact of the problem effects on Jack, Ruth, and the company. Section 2 The steps needed to change the situation Reason to implement...'

b"Dear ss teacher's name, Hi How are you? I'm having a wonderful time of my life here in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is part of the New English colonies just to let you know. In addition the religion of Massachusetts is the Puritans. The founder of Massachusetts, John ..."

b"Thank you very much. Here is the second part. I'm including the part I have to rephrase first. Thank you. 1 His hair was long and black; forehead very high and large, and a great vivacity and sparkling sharpness in his eyes, skin .... of a bright kind of a dun olive ..."

b"Here is my rephrase. Actually, I don't have much time to find synonyms, so I hope you can help me. 1 At the beginning of the passage taken from Chapter sixteen of Robinson Crusoe,Friday is described as a fascinating, good-looking young man in his late twenties. Robinson ..."

b"I need your help to rephrase the description of Friday in Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. I really hope you can help me 1 First I let you have a look at the sentences I need to rephrase: a comely handsome fellow, perfectly well made, with straight strong limbs; tall and well ..."

b'I still have to include the following paragraph to my previous letter. Can you please check it? Thank you. 1 As to your accommodation, you have chosen a hotel which lies more than two miles from the school 2 I think you should opt for one among the following hotels which ...'

b"Can you suggest a website to me where I can listen to the various chapters of Defoe's Robinson Crusoe? Thank you."

b"I'm pleased you are helping us again I need you to revise a few sentences on my project since I varied them a little. Thank you very much for helping me again 1 I wonder if you could help us find a school which is willing to join our partnership with both a French and a ..."

b"I urgently need to include the following details in a letter. Ms. Sue, could you please check them? 1 As I'm planning all the details for our preliminary meeting I urgently need to know when you are arriving here and if you need any help to arrange your transfer from the ..."

b'Improving Your Writing. Is below look correct? Section 1 Facts and Figures that define the problem the cause Details that show the impact of the problem effects on Jack, Ruth, and the company. Section 2 The steps needed to change the situation Reason to implement each step...'

b'Improving Your Writing. Section 1 Facts and Figures that define the problem the cause Details that show the impact of the problem effects on Jack, Ruth, and the company. Section 2 The steps needed to change the situation Reason to implement each step, including the ...'

b'What would a careful researcher ask about a Web site called Facts about pesticides and health published by the Coalition for a Chemical-Free Environment? A. How can I obtain copies of this article? B. Is this information being used to advocate a point of view? C. Where was ...'

b"1. Journals differ from magazines in that they're A. available by subscription. B. sources of academic research not intended for the general public. C. published only periodically. D. printed with volume numbers. my answer is B 3. It's important to include references in your ..."

b'What does civic stewardship mean??'

b'Ms Sue, could you please check my sentences, please? I still have a few doubts. 1 How long is it since you last played with the band? Since last year. Or just last year. 2 How long ago did you last play with the band? A year ago. When describing a picture in a book, would ...'


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