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b'I am doing an application it says: Have you held any leadership type positions? Yes/No Please describe 100 words or less I did not have any leadership type positions, so no. My question is, do I have to explain why I did not have any leadership or is it only if I say yes?'

b"Hey guys I was hoping that someone could look over my answers help me out with the ones I didn't get? Thanks : Directions: Identify the subordinate clause. Tell whether it is a noun, adj, or adv. clause. Indicate whether it's introduced by a relative pronoun, subordinating..."

b'Sentence number 5 was incomplete. I think I should leave out in part two. I urgently need you to have a look at these other sentences, too 1 I hope you can help me find a Scottish school which is interested in a partnership with our school. 2 In the mail I sent to Mrs. ...'

b'As promised, I included 5 sentences. I hope the others were possible 1 Winston lives a squalid existence in a one-room apartment in Victory Mansions, eats black bread, synthetic meals, and drinks industrial-grade Victory Gin. 2 He is discontent with his lifestyle, and ...'

b'Is Famine considered as Extra curricular activity?'

b'I have to write an essay for my english class. The subject is inventions. I came up with the phone, the car, electricity, and peanut butter. Peanut butter was more of a joke. I think that I should do electricity. If I did electricity, I could put different things that we ...'

b'unscramle this word-crimeamsg'

b'paraphrase the following lines from dickinson i found the phrase to every thought i ever had, but one; and that defies me,...'

b"Here is the second part. Thank you very much. Hopefully you can have a look at it, too. 1 The Ministry of Truth, which exercises complete control over all media in Oceania, employs Winston at the Ministry's Records Department, where he doctors/alters historical records in ..."

b"Thank you very, very much. Here are some more sentences on the summary of Orwell's 1984. I referred to the websites you suggested to me. 1The novel describes a future England, Airstrip One, no longer the head of an Empire, but an outpost of Oceania, a vast totalitarian system..."

b"I urgently need to write a short email to a scholar specialized in Comenius projects. After presenting myself and the school I'd like to include this: 1 As you are a scholar with an in-depth knowledge of Clil within a Comenius project, I would like to have your personal ..."

b'I am doing my application form for a university, it asks for my job information Job Title: I work at Mcdonalds part-time and work in the kitchen, what will my job title be? Kitchen staff? :S'

b"Thank you very much. Here is the second part I'd like you to check. 1 From his place Winston can read the three slogans of the Party: War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. 2 Each of these is of course either contradictory or the opposite of what we ..."

b"Thank you writeacher. I hope that one of your science experts on Jiskha can help me with finding the vocabulary. Here are some sentences on Chapter I of Orwell's 1984 I need you to check. 1 The telescreen is described as an oval metal object fully integrated into the right ..."

b'What does the things you carry say about you? The things we carry is largely determined by ________.'

b'Can you give me a 1 paragraph example of casual analysis? Its for my report in English. Thank you so much :'

b'an instructional guide on the writing process for the future choose an effectiv formar for your job aid'

b'How would you write this in your own words , An articulated philosophy that addresses the needs of children, families, educators and the community ?'

b'I urgently need to know where I can get a sort of dictionary of terms on microbiology. 1 I need to translate technical terms from Italian into English used to describe the results of a microbiological analysis conducted on water. 2 In addition, I need to know the English ...'

b'what are some examples of ethos that Frederick Douglass usedd in his narrative book? thank you'

b'What is the one thing Countee Cullens finds to be God\xc2\x92s strangest \xc2\x93mistake\xc2\x94? a.creating a black poet b.making moles blind c.that people must all die d.that the Greek king Tantalus must be punished for all eternity'

b'I am doing a university application form where I am asked questions it asks: *Why are you interested in this program? 100 words or less I applied for Biological Sciences-Major Human Biology. My question is, would it be ok if I talked about the major instead of general ...'

b'whats wrong in this sentence. Ali said that he had worked hard all day, that he was tired and that he will go to bed early.'

b'27. In the story \xc2\x93In the Shadow of War,\xc2\x94 why did Omovo refuse money from the soldiers?'

b'I love college football: there\xc2\x92s nothing like the sound of a fully packed stadium. Is the words college football capitalizedin this sentence?'

b'use each word or phrase as the subject of a sentence. add a verb describing an action that place in the present. make sure each verb agrees with its subect. they give a word my son make a sentence i just want to now did he write correct sentence or no the sun- the sun shines ...'

b'I asked my father, \xc2\x93father, when will we take our vacation?\xc2\x94why does father i this sentence become capitalized:'

b'could you please let me know the parts of speech separatly each word for the following sentence : all that glitters is not gold'

b'could you please correct the sentence: i stopped to smoke last year'

b'Can someone please help edit my French? My French: Quelles mati\xc3\xa8res \xc3\xa9tudiez-vous cette ann\xc3\xa9e ? Moi, je fais deux les maths, la chimie, la physique, l\xc2\x92anglais et le fran\xc3\xa7ais. Je n\xc2\x92aime pas les maths parce que il y a beaucoup des devoirs pour les sujets alors c\xc2\x92est tr...'

b'they say write a sentence about something you like about stars. underline the verb make it agrees with the subject of the sentence. and my son write stars are really shiny,and really bright. also i like about stars is that they help with directions. my son underline the are ...'

b'Which is the best way to revise this sentence? In England during the 1700s, people could be punished for finding fault with government in England A. In England during the 1700s, people who were English could be punished for finding fault with the government in England. B. It ...'

b'When writing a research paper, choose a research subject that is a not too broad or too narrow. b very broad. c only about personal experiences. d very narrow.'

b'4. Why should you summarize? a Primary sources are hard to understand without summary. b Because summarizing is more effective than paraphrasing. c none of these is correct d So your paper doesn\xc2\x92t turn into a string of quotations.'

b'do you know any poems by robert frost? if so what is your opinion on fire and ice?'

b'what is a good quote, if you chose what would be your quote of the day??'

b'what is \xc2\x93Brother\xc2\x94 from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, about?'

b"which of the following is an example of foreshadowing in The monkey's paw? a herbert says he doesn't see the wished-for money and never will. bherbert is killed in an accident. cherbert returns from the dead. dherbert vanishes when mr.white makes the third and final wish..."

b'the antagonist of a story is: athe hero of the story. bengaged in a conflict with the main character. ccreated to assist the main character. d the element that creates an emotion in the reader. My answer is B'

b"I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much for helping me. I don't know a few technical terms. 1 I can see two young men who are probably working?? on the Stock Exchange. The one in the left-hand side of the picture is analyzing data on his monitor ..."

b'which pronoun refers to the narrator?'

b'if you wrote a memoir what would it be about?????'

b"if i wrote about, say my first kiss; say i put i was nervous, i was afraid i wouldn't be a good kisser, and so on, would that be considered a memoir if i posted it on a writing site? im totally confused, xoxo gothgirl-kk"

b'doees anyone know why barrio boy and no gumption have the same conflict? i have read them both 3 times and cant figure out why they have the same conflict'

b'which of the following statements does NOT describe a memoir: a the characters are actual people b it is a purely factual account c it is based on memories, not history d non of the above thx, xoxo gothgirl-kk'

b'what is a memoir: what is an example of a memoir? why would someone write a memoir. how do you relates to a memoir???? xoxo gothgirl-kk'

b"I need help identifying the use of the infinitive by writing noun, adjective or adverb. 1. Am I too late to volunteer? To volunteer. 2. If you enjoy mysteries, Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution is a good play to read. To read.."

b"I need help with this question. I just don't understand what it's asking me. Could someone tell me how I should start it, please? Thank you Writers often communicate their themes by building clues into the story. Choose one story from Collection 4 and show how the author uses..."

b'What is the adverb and what words does it describe? 1.Keep away from the acids in the science room. 2.Your parents will probably give you permission. 3.We will soon be going to computer class.'

b'1. Above the mantel hung a large painting. 2. A mass of dark, threatening clouds loomed above. For the word above, which is a preposition and which is an adverb? Thanks'


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