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b'Hello Can you please come up with a few questions on the following topic: my free time I need to have a few questions which I would answer and in that way write my essay. But I am totally out of ideas :/'

b"put an * next to the answer I chose. Not asking anyone to do my work for me; just want a double check. I'm a little unsure since I picked the same term for each answer : Read the following sentence from In Another Country and choose the word below that describes the tone..."

b'I left out the following sentences. Thank you. 1 prepare them to become successful individuals thus increasing their job opportunities in a more and more globalized world 2 increase students\xc2\x92 reading skills which they will require to analyse and interpret data derived from...'

b'I have a question about Henry II. What did he do that solidified his power as king but led to economic problems and helped incite conflict with the church. The possible answers are: Executed all Bishops who were opposed to his rule Gave enormous finiacial gifts to the nobility...'

b'write about your actions your observations and your thoughts. remember you are the personmichael jackson my son say that you have to pretend that your michael jackson and to write about your actions your observation and your thoughts. but you have to do michael jackson ...'

b'Thank you. Here are the sentences again for you to check At the end of the two-year program students should be able to... 1maximize their use or upgrade their knowledge of a wide range of Information and Communication technologies I want to make it more specific: how do ...'

b'Here is the second part I need you to check. Thank you. 1To maximize the use of a wide range of Information and Communication technologies I want to make it more specific: how do modern students communicate? as well as of English as a medium of communication 2To facilitate...'

b'I need to improve the objectives I wrote for my Comenius project. Can you please help me? They must be persuasive. 1to increase the students\xc2\x92 general knowledge and understanding of concepts, procedures and attitudes by involving them actively and cooperatively in all the ...'

b'Perseverance means to never give up during difficult times. For example, people may choose to persevere after experiencing a serious injury. Rosa Parks is a former civil rights leader. Rosa Parks\xe2\x80\x99 words and actions showed that she persevered in order to stop civil ...'

b"As promised, I'm posting you the 5 sentences to be checked. 1 Thank you very much for helping me with my school search. 2 Your colleague wrote in her blog that the involved students come from the fifh and sixth classes. Actually, they are between sixteen and seventeen years ..."

b'write about your actions your abservations and your thoughts. remember you are the person.Michael Jackson'

b"For this question, the directions say to name the TWO infinitive phrases in this sentence... His wish to succeed as an architect made him work hard. I know that to succeed as an architect would be one infinitive phrase, but there isn't another to ? So how would I figure ..."

b'write three sentence about whales. use present tense in one sentence, past tense in one sentence, and future tense in one sentence. my son write three sentence i want did he write correct or not 1- whale willl swim to have some krill. 2- whale leaped out the water because to ...'

b'could you pl correct the following sentence : nobody is understanding what is the problem our teacher has just explained'

b'Can you please check these sentences? I find it difficult to rephrase to sentences. Thank you. 1 thank you very much for helping me with my school search. 2 In the blog I noticed that your colleague wrote that the involved students come from the fifh and sixth classes. 3 ...'

b'Hello I have a question concerning the following sentence: Teachers are these days very patient and give more information and they explain it better. Can we say explain them better also? Which one is correct?'

b'why is certification and censorship of films and programmes is necessary? - include children are immpressionable and my copy what they see - children are weak minded - shocks elderly'

b'write three sentence about whale. use present tense in one sentence, past tense in one sentence, and future tense in one sentence.'

b"How can I revise this sentence? with the addition of a lexical and skills syllabus on biology. therminology used in biology to describe biodiversity 1 Do you think that the following should be included into the objectives or the results of students' analyses on water? 2 ..."

b'I left out the following statements. Thank you. 1 Investigation activities will be based on four components: investigation analyzing problems from different points of view, interaction activities and skills and interpretation presentation of findings in front of the ...'

b'Could you please tell me if everything is OK? Thank you. I had to include the linguistic objectives of the project as well as the methods we are going to employ. Linguistic objectives 1To provide students with the necessary linguistic structures to operate in a global work/...'

b'What argument does the other man use to convince the narrator to team up with him? What lesson do you think the narrator learned by the end of the evening?'

b"Hey guys I was hoping someone could critique/view/edit me essay for me? : It's a compare and contrast essay on Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, and How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzald\xc3\xbaa. I'm a hs junior but i'm also taking college english~critical writing. Thanks You can ..."

b'I left out a sentence, too. Thank you very, very much 1 In particular, your school would analyze the water in your local area the results of which will then be exchanged through an E-twinning platform set up by the German schoool and you would also help the Italian science ...'

b"Writeacher, this is my last doubt As I couldn't find anything on the objectives of a project on the biodiversity of water in English I'll have to refer to these objectives which refer to soil. Do you think you can help me? The topic must be water rivers, ocean etc not soil..."

b'Here are the last sentences. Thank you very much. 1 Ten students and two teachers from each of the four schools will take part in the mobilities of this two-year project. 2 The teachers and the students involved will be chosen by each school discretionally if the project ...'

b'Sentence 3 was incomplete. Can you please help me to express it better? Thank you 3 The final product of our research will be both a DVD and a film. The French school has the instruments ? to make a film out of our common experiences. The students will decide how to make ...'

b'Thank you very much Here are the last sentences I need you to check. 1 Could you also email to my school a short presentation of your school, explaining which scientific subjects your students learn and if they learn them in English? 2 I need to determine which ...'

b"I don't know exactly how to express these concepts. I urgently need to express them in English. Please, help me 1 Tomorrow I will tell both our French and German partners that your school is going to cooperate with us on the project. 2 We have agreed on a common theme ..."

b'Example 1...Many people use bamboo screens that roll up and down. Is the part in parentheses a subordinate clause?'

b'Calculate the mass in SI units of a 150 lb human being. m= correct unit Calculate the weight in English units of a 2000 kg rhinoceros.'

b'The majority of Robert Frost\xc2\x92s poems concern life in the city. true false i think its true'

b'It is the neighbor who believes that good fences make good neighbors, not the speaker. true false'

b'Why don\xc2\x92t the narrator and the other man want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external? in \xc2\x93I, Too, Sing America\xc2\x94'

b'The speaker in \xc2\x93I, Too, Sing America\xc2\x94 survives adversity because he feels what? 1.faith that he will one day be affirmed by white America. 2.he has uncovered the hypocrisy around him. 3.he is better than the people who are oppressing him. 4.hope that he can one day run...'

b'I left out these few sentences. Thank you 1 The harvest begins around mid-October; the grapes are collected by hand and laid into boxes. 2 The must ferments 15-20 days in stainless steel vats between 25 and 28\xc2\xb0C The elevage in Slavonian oak casks holding from 30 to 60 ...'

b'choose a verb from the list to replace each underlined word or words. change each verb to the correct tence if necessary. write the sentence. view, leap, enjoy they gave this sentence and they gave this word and they say change each verb. they give this sentence- a dolphin ...'

b'I have a four page paper I have written for a scholarship. It is still in its rough draft. Would anyone be willing to proof read it?'

b"I was selected to the Math Academy at my school. I have it every wednesday after school. They are going to prepare me for the NYS Math Exam : I got a 80 on my Science Quarterly Exam : i didn't know some of my friends and other people were saying good job laruen on ..."

b'Could someone please check the answers I have also help me with a few? Thanks 1. Nosotros ______ al Departamento Choc\xc3\xb3 para las ocho. -habremos llegado. 2. \xc2\xbfVosotras ______ cual mesero van a ocupar? -habr\xc3\xa9is decidido 3. Sof\xc3\xada y Carlos ______ a Juan Pablo tomar unas ...'

b"For English II I'm supposed to write a persuasive essay on a speech such as the I Have A Dream Speech or similar. I don't particularly care for King's speech. What are some other speeches I could use?"

b'A girl tells her mother she is volunteering at an animal shelter because it makes her feel good, but the truth is that she has been offered extra credit in one of her classes to do so. Her motivation is 1.a lie 2.external 3.idiomatic 4.idiomatic'

b"I urgently need you to check the agenda again: Agenda of the Comenius project 1 27 January 2012 Greeting of the principal of ... high school to the German and French schools in the teachers' library. 9 pm -12pm Visit of the school and its laboratories accompanied by the..."

b'I left out these sentences. Could you please check them? Thank you. 1 We are delighted to welcome today representatives from the French and the German school with whom we will embark work? on our Comenius project. 2 We have searched with difficulty to find two schools that...'

b'calculate the mass in SI units of a 150ib human being? m= Calculate the weight in English units of a 200kg rhino m='

b'i need to write carecter sketch esay nedd help due 1/27/12 friday need help ASAP'

b"Thank you very much I still haven't found anything on biodiversity in water. I need to find a website which explains the possible scientific objectives of this type of topic. Remember that the research will be carried out by 17-year-old Italian students specializing in ..."

b'I left out these sentences. Thank you very much for your cooperation. 1 We would eventually like to build on not only the sharing of information between schools but on building an eventual student exchange programme between the schools. 2 This project is also important to ...'

b'You are perfectly right. I wanted to add these sentences, too. I really need your revision. 1 We must remember past atrocities but at the same time we must do something against them. It is for this reason that our school has decided to embark on a European project involving a...'

b'I urgently need you to check these sentences on the Holocaust. Thank you. 1 27 January was chosen as the date for Holocaust Memorial Day because it was on this date in 1945 that the largest Nazi killing? camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated. 2 On this day our school ...'


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