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b'Solve for x: e^4x-3 = 2e^2x1 ln2xadd6 - ln3x-1 = ln2 Then, simply the radicals'

b'What power output will be provided for an amplifier having a gain of 12dB if the power input is 75W?'

b'A population grows exponentially at a rate of 2.6percent per year. How long will it take for the population to triple?'

b"The height above ground of a snowball thrown from a cliff is modeled by the function ht = -16t2 add 64t add 192, where h is height in feet and t is time in seconds. I d3on't know what to do with this i use to do this but know i forgot Guide me through this please"

b'1. Air pollution: According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the level of Nitrogen dioxide, a brown gas that impairs breathing, present in the atmosphere on a certain May day in down town Los Angeles is approximated by At = 0.03t^3t-7^4 add 60.2 0<...'

b"My granddaughter's homework asks to: Subtract. Show new groups. 1. 3146-1960 What does that mean...new groups?"

b"If I have a 76percent average, how many A's do I need to get to have at least a 81percent average?"

b'Jenn practiced basketball for 45percent of the time Kaylee practiced. Jenn practiced for 36 minutes. How long did Kaylee practice?'

b'2. Maximizing revenue: The quantity demanded each month of the Sicard wristwatch is related to the unit price by the equation p=50/0.01x^2 add 1 0 < or = x < or = 20 where p is measured in dollars and x is measured in units of a thousand. To yield a maximum revenue, how...'

b'Shade the rectangle in this shape that is 5inches long and 2 inches wide. What is the area of this rectangle'


b'Find the lower, upper and interquartile range 20,22,25,28,29,30,32,33,34 Math is not my best subject.'

b'Purchased 297 square feet of carpet at 18.50 a square yard, what is the cost? 297 / 9 = 33 yards X 18.50 =610.50 Do I divide by 3 again to get 203.50?'

b'At a little league game, three fourths of the people in the stands were kids amd the rest were parents. If the ratio of dad to moms is 3:4, what percent of the people attending the game were moms? Give answer to the nearest percent.'

b'Estelle is 5.9 feet tall. Find her height in centimeters to the nearest to the nearest tenth.'

b'Estelle is 5.9 feet tall. Find her height in centimeters to the nearest tenth.'

b'How much would you need to deposit in an account each month in order to have 20,000 in the account in 7 years? Assume the account earns 2percent interest.'

b'You deposit 300 each month into an account earning 8percent interest compounded monthly. a How much will you have in the account in 35 years? b How much total money will you put into the account? c How much total interest will you earn?'

b'Grandmother of the kitchen is 28 inches is the width of the kitchen is 120 what is the link of the kitchen'

b'Jon adds the expressions 5p add 2 and 2p add 1. Carlos adds the expressions 4p add 3 and 7p add 2.'

b'1. A cone has a radius of 40 cm and a volume of 1875 cm^3. what is the volume of a similar cone with a radius of 16 cm. A: 120 cm^3 B: 300 cm^3 C: 75 cm^3 D: 750^3 I know the answer is A but could someone explain how to do the problem.'

b'Name the quadrilaterals that have four equal angles. A. rhombus, square B. Square, rectangle C. parallelogram, rhombus D. rhombus, trapezoid My answer B'

b'The problem features this image, the URL is below. h t t p :/ / a s s e t s . o p e n s t u d y . c o m / u p d a t e s / a t t a c h m e n t s / 5 6 4 c 8 1 d b e 4 b 0 d 3 c 6 6 b 1 4 5 0 c f - j e w e l r y 0 2 - 1 4 4 7 8 5 5 1 0 9 5 6 7 - t r i 5 . p n g a congruent my ...'

b'What process would you use to convert a fraction to a lb. Would you take the fraction say 4/8 and make the pound 1/16 then add them together to get the total amount? I desperately need some help here. O_o'

b'In 2000, the population at Arlington middle school was approximately 421 students. In 2010, the population was approximately 584 students. Find the percent of change in the population at Arlington middle school from 2000 to 2010 and identify it as an increase or decrease. A:27...'

b'The area of one of the bases of a figure is about 21.2cm. The other is 7cm on three side and height of 9cm. What is the surface area'

b'a beverage bottle can hold 750 milliliters of liquid, and one liter is equal to 1000 milliliters. what percent of a liter can the bottle holds'

b'5 2/3 - 5= 2/3. Use a division algorithm to find the quotient. State the final answer as a mixed number. Why is the fractional part of your quotient different from your answer in the original equation 5 2/3 - 5= 2/3?'

b'It takes 5 people 3 days to put up a fence? How many days would 3 people take?'

b"On the blueprints of Adam's office building, the length of his rectangular office space is 5 1/4 inches. If the actual length of Adam's office space is 10 1/2 feet, what is the scale of the blueprint?"

b'David is a car salesman. He earns a salary of 750 a month, plus a commission of 300 per car that he sells. David needs to earn a minimum of 3,500 per month. Write an inequality for the number of sales he needs to make to earn his minimum. Let c represent the number of cars ...'

b'Sharon had 3/4 cubic yard of mulch. She used 2/3 cubic yard of mulch in her garden. How muchhow many cubic yards mulch did she have left?'

b'i Expand 1-x/21/5 iiState the range of values of x, for which the expansion is valid'

b'Sharon had 3/4 cubic yard of mulch in her garden. How muchhow many cubic yards mulch did she have left?'

b'The air pressure at sea level is generally about 1013 hPa hectoPascals. For every kilometer that you go up in elevation, the air pressure decreases by 12percent. Write an equation that describes the air pressure when the elevation is x kilmoeters above the sea level. The answer is...'

b'If you have 12dozen eggs and 15 broke how much leave?'

b'A rectangular strip 25cm*7cm is rotated about the longer side. find the total surface area of the solid thus generated.'

b'Write the dimensions of the following kitchen plan and find the area of its floor to be tiled presuming that the plan is drawn on dm-square grid'

b'What is 3/5 of 25?'

b'A student has to score minimum of 40percent to pass an exam .if student gets 178 marks and fails the exam by 22 marks, what is the total marks?'

b'A basket with 30 pears has a weight of 11 kg 200 g. The same basket with 18 pears has a weight of 7kg. if each pear has the same weight: What is the weight of the empty basket? What is the weight of the basket with 7 pears?'

b'My Question is that We have to sketch a floor plan of a house and make a rough estimate of the cost of building the house. We are given a 9m by 9m rectangular lot. I would like to build a one-storey house with 49-square-meter floor area so that there is adequate outdoor space ...'

b'Determine the probability of 3 sixes in 5 tosses on a fair die.'

b'It is required to seat 5 men and 4 women in a row so that the women occupy the Even place. How many arrangements are possible?'

b'7 3/5 = ? Yards Please help me a link will be greatly appreciated'

b'Suppose a math class contains 31 students, 14 females four of whom speak French and 17 males two of whom speak French. Compute the probability that a randomly selected student is female, given that the student speaks French.'

b"I don't know how to do my homework I'm in 4th grade and in Manchester gate in m's snyders class help me ppplllzzzz Its 2016"

b'the sides of a triangle are consecutive integers.If its perimeter is 126cm.find the lengths of the sides.'

b'A basket at a baby shower contains 10 bottles of pink nail polish numbered 1 through 10, and 11 bottles of red nail polish numbered 1 through 11 one is drawn from the basket at random'

b'In simplist form why is 2^2/2^5 a fraction'


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