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b'the subject and verb to the sentence the sharp edge of a book page slit my finger.'

b'how could i make these two sentences better. In the south pacific mountaintops there is vast number of forests. Hunters from this mountaintop civilization find it extremely difficult to hunt with the burden of the forests.'

b"I have a term paper and its on the Prohibition era, and i want to know if this thesis is the best, and if not,could you help reform it? thesis: Prohibition of alcohol in the United States during the 1900's was enacted to reduce crime, have a healthy country, and also to have a..."

b'could someone tell me an awesome thesis on the Prohibition era cause and effectfor a paper'

b'because reverend hale and parris pressured tituba to confess about the devil, then'

b'What is the book The Great Gatsby about?'

b'1. Because she felt cold, Susan put on her coat. 2. Because Susan felt cold, she put on her coat. 3. Feeling cold, Susan put on her coat. Which one is correct? Are all acceptable and the same?'

b'I just wanted to add a few more things. I urgently need to express them. 1 We keep emailing each other two people involved in English because we both agreed to use English as the lingua franca. 2 Therefore, we must vary the application module; otherwise, both our students ...'

b"Rewrite each sentence below, replacing all clich\xc3\xa9s with more creative or straightforward expressions. The tried and true methods quite often can't be beat."

b'I urgenlty need you to check these sentences, too. I need to be extremely convincing but also determined. 1 We also agreed to use English as lingua franca during the preliminary meeting we held at our school with our school principals. 2 On that occasion we established that ...'

b'That apple, glossy and red, rolled out of the grocery bag and across the smooth wooden table.'

b"I urgently need you to check these sentences. 1 Our German partner wrote that students can communicate in one of the European languages of their partners. I'm really disappointed by his words and I need to reply to this. 2 Among the linguistic objectives you included: - ..."

b"Could you check these sentences, please? Thank you for helping me 1 Here is the translation I did on the presentation of the school as received in Italian from..... I'm attaching it to this email together with the things he still has to complete. 2 He is going to work on ..."

b'A man in your community received a postcard yesterday from his father, who lived in a nearby town and had just returned from a trip. \xc2\x93Please come over so your mother and I can show you pictures of our trip,\xc2\x94 the postcard said. \xc2\x93I guess my father wondered why I never came...'

b"What are some good websites that help you create your own personalized avatars?? I need to create my own avatar for English class, but I can't find a good website. I need a website that helps create awesome avatars, such as those in video games. Any suggestions??/"

b"Which statement about the narrator's son is the best example of pathos? A. The boy had a good appetite, so I didn't have to make him eat. B.He was four, a little brown boy in blue rompers, and when he talked and laughed. . .his voice was soft. . . C.I could hear the boy ..."

b"i need help with plot summary of the painted door. i not know what to write for introduction. this be how it start out. Straight across the hills it was five miles from John's farm to his father's. But in winter, with the roads impassible, a team had to make a wide detour and ..."

b'Here is the second part of the school description I need to translate. Some words are unclear and the sentences are too wordy. I need your help to improve them. 1 third branch includes the study of two foreign languages: English and French and addresses to all those who wish ...'

b'Thank you very much. As for my project, I translate the presentation of the school literally without changing any single word. I I think we should shorten sentences and choose more appropriate words. 1 The scientific high school \xc2\x85\xc2\x85 was founded in 1969. It currently has ...'

b'i read the story the painted door today anyone by chance read this story? it very long so i not want anyone waste their time reading it.'

b'write sentence about desert animals. use each given word in the past tense. they give word find, think, run, go, take my son write- a kangaroo rat needs to find nuts to survive. my son write- i think a rattle snake can confuse you. my son write- a scorpion can run a little ...'

b'write three sentences describing life in the desert. use the past tense of at least two irregular verbs.'

b'Identify the sentence with the correct capitalization. a My Spanish dictionary says that hola means hello. b My Spanish Dictionary says that Hola means hello. c My spanish dictionary says that hola means hello. d My spanish dictionary says that Hola means hello.'

b'What kind of clause would when painters looked at rapidly moving horses. would it be a adverb,adjective, or noun?'

b'I left out the following statements. Could you please check them? Thak you.. 1 A third-person narrator can tell the story as an omniscient narrator, who knows everything about the events and the characters\xc2\x92 thoughts using an unlimited point of view or the point of view of a...'

b'Thank you Could you check the things I wrote on the different kinds of narrator. I still need to include the non-omniscient narrator but I need to know if my definitions are correct. 1 The narrator is the voice who tells the story and from whose point of view the story is...'

b'The speaker in \xc2\x93I, Too, Sing America\xc2\x94 survives adversity because he feels faith that he will one day be affirmed by white America. he has uncovered the hypocrisy around him. he is better than the people who are oppressing him. hope that he can one day run away from his ...'

b"Writeacher, thank you very much for all your explanations I think the part of the integration of the project into the students' curriculum should be improved. This is what I translated. I think certain points should be omitted. I also wanted to add a new point. 1 ..."

b'I forgot to add a point to the linguistic objectives. By the way, what do you think of the linguistic objectives I included? 1 achieve high levels of competence in English as a preparation to end-year/last-year of high school English CLIL Content and Language Integrated ...'

b'F. Scott Fitzgerald dropped out of college to ..... begin writing. get married. join the army. work for his father.'

b"Thank you very much. I just have a few doubts about an email I need to write. Students will be able to.. 1 use recordings to monitor grammatical errors in spoken English 2 Prof. ... has completed part D in Italian points 2-6. I translated them into English and I'm ..."

b'Here is the second part of the objectives. 5use communication strategies that will help them to compensate for language gaps they may have in their current speaking skills 6 interact successfully with both their group mates and partner students as a consequence of effective ...'

b"Thank you very much As to the linguistic objectives, I included a few more things but I don't know if the logical sequence is correct I think some points could be omitted. As you are also an English teacher, I really hope you can help me organize the linguistic objectives ..."

b"Hello. I'll be grateful if you say whether the following is correct: Presidential candidates in Russia are currently preparing makingtheir election programs. Thank you very much for help."

b"Hello. Thank you for your answers. One more question please. Do you think it's possible to say to prepare or to make an election program? Thank you."

b"Hello. I apologize for bothering you with similar questions but I'm supposed to explain the difference in tenses in the following English sentences taken from the original English press. Will you help me please? The context is absolutely the same, but the tenses are different..."

b'Hello. Will you help me with one more sentence please? Is the sentence correct: The letter will be done by 5 pm. I mean, is done in the meaning finished possible here? Thank you.'

b'Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? The two sides have conducted negotiations and reached a compromise. Is it grammatically correct? Thank you very much for help.'

b"Writeacher, I think I should also improve a point related to the students' involvement. In particular, the last part should be clarified. Thank you. 1 A focus group, led by the school principal and made up of participating students, the contact person, the participating ..."

b'Hello If you had a topic Murphy s law and you had to work on it in the classroom for 90 minutes, what would you do? I have a text on Murphy s law, I thought to teach the children time clauses. My idea: work on the text for 45 minutes and then introduce time clauses which ...'

b'Everything is perfect. I just have to vary point 1. I included a further point for you to check. Thank you very much. I think we have to vary some of the sentences. 1 Involvement of the classes of the participating students Only 10 students belonging to current second ...'

b'Writeacher, could you please check if the sentences are correct? Thank you. I included my doubts in parentheses Integration into ongoing activities 1 Involvement of the classes of the participating students 2 Closer examination or in-depth analysis of propaedeutical ...'

b'Here is the fourth part of my translation. I still have problems with synonyms. EVALUATION How will you evaluate, during and after the partnership, whether the aims of the partnership have been met and the expected impact has been achieved? 1 Evaluation of the activities: ...'

b'Thank you. Here is the third part of my translation. I included synonyms in brackets. I really need you to check the words. Integration into ongoing activities 1 Involvement of the classes of the participating students 2 Closer examination or in-depth analysis of ...'

b'protecting ones right to speech is a legal act but it does not mean it is right. Can anyone help me with this I need thesis for ProtectDerek Bok, Protecting Freedom of Expression on Campusing does this sound argunmantal?'

b'What is the mock prison experiment? Why was it created?'

b'Magical Once upon a time there were 4 friends, Ivy, Sam, Jenny, and Lisa. They\xe2\x80\x99d gain magical powers. This all started on a field trip. The whole 8th grade is going to bear mtn. When everyone arrived they started setting up the food, turn up the music and start taking ...'

b'Here is the second part which is sometimes confusing. I really hope you can help me. 1 Sharing of the results in English, interpretations and formulations elaborations/working-out/drafting through an Internet platform set up by the German high school e-Twinning is a ...'

b'Thank you very much. Here is the second part. Some data are unclear. I hope you can help me. 1 \xc2\x93Focus group\xc2\x94 led by the school principal made up of the participating students or the students involved in the project, the contact person also: reporting person , the ...'

b'this is my answer to this question is it right. select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. 1.Paloma did not make it to work for, her car broke down on the freeway. 2.Paloma did not make it to work for her car,broke down on the freeway. 3.Paloma did not make it to work, ...'


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