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b"We have left out a sentence which you said was incomplete. Work stage IV: - Documentation of analyses led in Italy - Evaluation of the activities and attitudes. Can't we just leave out attitudes?"

b'I left out a sentence again, which I had to vary. The schools involved are all situated near natural parks, such as Marais Poitevin in France, Naturpark Schw\xc3\xa4bischer Wald in Germany, and the Mogliasso sanctuary reserve on the bank of the River Tanaro in Italy.'

b'I left out this last variation. The participating pupils will take turns informing not only their classmates but pupils from all classes, whether in the project or not, about the activities of the project, as well as their results. Can you consider also this possibility, ...'

b"One last thing. I varied this sentence since we are going to involve students from different third classes.I don't know how to express the second part. Pupils taken from different or various tenth classes will be involved in the project since the scientific project's topics ..."

b'This sentence keep showing up as a error in it. Could you please find the mistake and fix it for me. To obtain a position as an Administrative Assistant which I can use my knowledge and experiences toward the growth of this company.'

b'I left out the following sentences. Thank you. - Documentation of the activities taking place in France - Publication on websites - Preparation of the final report/film Participation: local environmental days Final meeting - Presenting final report and film - Press conference...'

b"Sorry, You had already checked that one I'll thank you later.."

b"I think I left out a last part concerning the dissemination of the results. Can you please have a look at it? It is the last - publication of the project documentation with reports, film and outcomes on the schools' websites and websites of natural parks - information of the ..."

b'I left out a brief description of the two partners. Feel free to make the appropriate changed. We need the project to be approved 1 Lyc\xc3\xa9e ... is a general sencondary high school with 920 pupils, which is situated in south Vend\xc3\xa9e, the least economically prosperous of the ...'

b'I left out two important things. Hopefully, you can have a look at them. First, the sentence you asked me to vary; 1 The following items will be assessed: the pupils\xc2\x92 attitude towards the European Union, their disposition to mobility and their knowledge of both English and ...'

b"Hello. I'll be grateful for your help. 1Is the sentence OK: The terms of the new contract were being discussed exactly when he called I mean, is the word exactly OK here? 2Is the word order correct in the sentence: The contract at this time is being discussed.? 3Is ..."

b"Here is the very last part I've finished it My next homework will be on history, literature and grammar again 1 DISSEMINATION OF THE RESULTS Work stage I - Courses in English and ICT - Evaluation and analysis of activities and attitudes Work stage II: - Working out the ..."

b'The part on the dissemination of the results consists of a list of things. It is very long, so I\xc2\x92ll post it into separate times. Please, check if the words are correct and possible. Thank you for all. This is the end of the project. 3 DISSEMINATION OF THE RESULTS F 6 ...'

b'Here is the part on evaluation add presentation of the German school. Thank you. 1 Presentation of \xc2\x85.. Gymnasium Limes Gymnasium is for the first time involved in a COMENIUS-Project. This project might open the school and its community to a deeper European engagement. 2 The ...'

b'Thank you very much. Here is a paragraph I need to change again plus a part on evaluation. 1The participating pupils will take turns informing pupils of all classes of students, whether in the project or not, about the activities of the project, as well as their results. ...'

b'The original sentence for 1 was: 1 The preparatory meeting made clear that the idea to make a project is a result of the desire to become a more European school as well as to get to know how those things are approached in other European countries and to form networks. Second...'

b'Thank you very much I\xc2\x92m including the last data. My next post will consist mainly of long lists of things. I checked the spelling myself. Could you please check if the words are appropriate? Thank you. - Natural parks as partners will become aware of European dimensions ...'

b'Writeacher, thank you very much Here are some sentences I varied and I urgently need you to check. I need to clarify those things. Could you please help me express sentence 1? We need to impress the EU to support the project Rationale 1The preparatory meeting made clear ...'

b'thankyou very much for your help.the noun that I can think of are airconditioner,breeze,celsius,cloud,degr?ees.And verbs forecast,land, damage, drop, use,should.please see if it is correct.'

b'Q: 1. Good writers are likely to: stick to one basic strategy that works for them. adhere strictly to a set of established rules for writing. break big jobs into small chunks.* edit the document during the process of writing the first draft. 2. Which of the following writing...'

b'please help me to find 5 adjectives,5 verbs,5 nouns for the topic of drought.'

b'Explain relationships between two or more seemingly unrelated things.'

b'I left out a last sentence I need to add at the end of the school presentation. 1 Our students are also encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities. Our school has been awarded several prices within the contest \xc2\x93I Giovani e le Scienze\xc2\x94 sponsored by FAST, the ...'

b"I can't understand your last correction in my previous post. Thank you Natural parks as partners will become aware of European dimensions and should be motivated to promote themselves as European activities. what does this mean?"

b'The first sentences of the last paragraph and then we have finished Thank you very much 1 The preparatory meeting made clear that the idea to make a project is a result of the desire to become a more Europeen school as well as to get to know how those things are ...'

b'Here is my last paragraph for you to check. I left out the most important part, which we need to vary, bearing in mind that English must be the lingua franca. Do you think we should include helping the pupils overcome their inhibitions among the linguistic objectives? I will...'

b'We laughed at the colorful ball. Is this sentence structurally ambiguous?'

b'Writeacher, could you please check the last two paragraphs I posted. I need to check everything for tomorrow. There is still one more paragraph after those and then we will have finished Thank you for your invaluable help'

b'In that advanced season, the party soon passes out of the moist, temperate regions of the foothills into the dry, cold ,bracing air of the Sierras. Explain what it shows about poker flat and the old west. The Outcasts of Poker Flat by Bret Harte'

b'In \xc2\x93Crossing the Bar,\xc2\x94 Paraphrase Explain, what the speaker desires'

b'I forgot to add this part with reference to our school. It is essential. Thank you. 1 Pupils taken from one tenth class will be involved in the project since the scientific project topics are included in the curriculum of this class. The participating pupils will take turns ...'

b'could someone tell me 2 hard sourcesbooks/database/magazineor websites about prohibition era that could be very informative for term paper'

b'Here is the second part on the European added value. Thank you very much in advance 1 The European added value of the intended project is first of all to be located in this European project in which pupils will cooperate. 2 It will bring educational programs and methods to...'

b'Here are the integrations into ongoing activities which refer to the two other schools. Thank you very much 1 The project, its cycle and the outcomes will be integrated as followed: .......Gymnasium: The 10th class will be involved in project because the project subject is ...'

b'how do you write an annotated bibliography on animal experimentation'

b'Writeacher, thank you very much Here is the part on the integration into ongoing activities. I wrote a number of ideas. I hope you can join them into a cohesive paragraph 1 High school... Pupils taken from a tenth class or from different tenth classes will be involved in...'

b'the oicnic was postponed because the rain ruined the grounds is the sentence with an adverb clause punctuated correctly'

b'He is a champion cyclist because he rides miles everyday. is this complex or coumpound-complex'

b"Writeacher, I urgently need to email the our partner the following things, to make sure he will make the changes. 1 As there are several pages to check , I won't be able to revise everything by this evening. 2 I made just a few changes in the linguistic objectives, the ..."

b"Which of the following excerpts from Frost's poems is NOT a metaphor? A.Magnified apples appear and disappear / Stem end and blossom end B.Spring is the mischief in me C.My apple trees will never get across / And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him. D. Give the buried ..."

b'Here is the part concerning the distribution of tasks among the partner schools. 1..... Gymnasium: It will coordinate the project and accomodate partners twice beginning and end. It will as well set up the e-twinning platform and organise presentations, press conferences ...'

b'When presenting the school we missed an an important detail I need you to check: 1 Among the experiences realized in cooperation with the Politecnico of Turin It is a well-known Applied Science Faculty in Turin. I would like to leave the name in Italian. What do you think? ...'

b"discuss maurya's character in ''riders to the sea''as a mother and a priest....thanks :"

b"Here are the linguistic objectives which I'm going to vary as English should be the lingua franca. Is it correct to mention the objectives using the gerund??? They didn\xc2\x92t consider the pupils\xc2\x92 point of view. What do you think? 1 Linguistic objectives : - helping the pupils..."

b'Thank you very, very much indeed Here is the second part, concerning the scientific and linguistic objectives. The question is: What are the concrete objectives of the partnership? 1Scientific objectives - describing the biodiversity, the presence of macroinvertebrates as...'

b'what is drought? give 5 adjectives, 5 nouns, 5 verbs. write antonyms for 3 adjectives you have mention.'

b"Yes, you are right. It's 2 pm here right now. Writeacher, I just wanted to know your personal opinion about this sentence: By executing the whole cycle of project management in English and the two other partner languages, the pupils will have a fairly better qualification to ..."

b"Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences. 1 I'm pleased to read that English is and will remain the lingua franca of the project. For this reason, we'd like to vary a few sentences in your application form. In particular, this sentence: 2 By executing the ..."

b"I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much 1 I'be been really disappointed to read that our German partner doesn't want your school to join in. Actually, we won't be probably part of the partnership, too. 2 Though English is regarded as the ..."

b'need an acrostic poem w e d n e s d a y'


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