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b"Thank you very much. By the way, what do you think of our Comenius project? Do you think we did a good job? I still have a few setences on phrasal verbs I'd like you to check. especially the reprhase of 1 1 I can't understand the various meanings of bring on. For example..."

b'words are: Aconvenient communication shortcuts Bnot arbitrary symbols Cunique to each individual in english Dthoughts written down I chose b is this correct'

b'how do i create a eight song soundtrack'

b'i need to create a eight song soundtrack and how they relate to romeo and juliet play.'

b'i need to chose at least 8 songs and how they relate to romeo and juliet acts'

b'Here are the other phrasal verbs I need you to check tell me of they are possible or of other are more often used and which I also have to rephrase. Thank you very much 1 Get your clothes off: they are all wet. 2 Get all that mess off your desk. I can\xc2\x92t get off that ...'

b"Thank you very much. Here is the second list of verbs I'd like you to check.I'd also need to rephrase each sentence using a verb which is not phrasal. Can you please help me? 1 A long strike threatened to bring down the Government 2 I\xc2\x92m sure this tablet will bring the ..."

b"I need to write sentences using specific phrasal verbs. I need to knwo if they are possible and supply the equivalent in formal English. I havent' found the meaning of let on to Does it exist? Thank you 1 One boy had let off a firework in class. Many fireworks were let off ..."

b"I included an introduction to 18th-century novels is it correct? add the features of Defoe's novels. Thank you. 1 Structure of his novels His novels are fictional autobiographies always pretending to be true stories. 2 They are preceded by a preface by the author which ..."

b'What is a narrative essay? What else besides the recap of?'

b'When do you use the past participle: had had, had have, had has?'

b'What is romantic in the novel The Great Gatsby that happens between ch. 1-6?'

b'i need help making my conclusion sentence more sense for essay on love. True love be built on solid base of trust, commitment, selflessness and shared admiration without judgment and physical attraction.'

b"Here is a part on Defoe's life you have already revised. THank you I added a sentence I need you to check sentence 4 1 He was born in London 1660 into a Puritan family and lead a life full of interesting and important events. He was educated in one of the best Dissenting ..."

b'is this a good narrative essay i wrote? A very good choice The day I crashed the bike is very vivid still. I destroyed someone else\xc2\x92s property. The property I broke was not very valuable. Five years ago, my family and I went to Cloverdale, California, My cousins and I went ...'

b"Thank you very much Can I divide my work into summary, narrative structure, and main themes? This is the very first part of the summary. I don't know if it is correct to use the present. Could you please revise it? 1 At the beginning of the novel we get to know that Robinson..."

b'I need to turn these sentences or notes into a cohesive paragraph, using sentence connectors instead of points and improving the word choice. Could you please help me? Robinson\xc2\x92s education of Friday recalls the processes of modern colonialism, which follows a recurrent ...'

b'Here is the criticism on the novel I need to improve 1 The story is told by a first-person narrator and is thus a faked autobiography. To enhance realism to the story to reinforce the idea of realism, Defoe supplies many facts about Robinson is is appropriate to use ...'

b'words are Acommunication shortcuts B not arbitray symbols C unique to ea. indidividual in english D thoughts written down I like A and also D thoughts written down not sure which'

b'I added a few details to my previous summary. I need you to check it. 1 During his journey, he is shipwrecked on a desert island off the coast of South America, near the mouth of the Orinoco River, where he remains for 28 years. 2 To get himself food he learns how to ...'

b"i not know how to expand my thought on love. i now realize that love not be unconditional. this only exist in fantasy, but in real life it not like this because you not be able to sacrifice yourself for someone else's sake, especially if they are doing a wrong thing. how i be ..."

b'Why is it important that canada produce value added products?'

b"I left out the last interview. I need to summarize the interview in a few sentences rephrasing the colloquial expressions I'm not sure of. Could you please help me here, too? Thank you. This isn't always easy but if you know before the interview, it's help you to refine your ..."

b"Here is interview 4. Could you please help me rephrase it, especially the part with ?? which I can't understand. 5Speaker 4 is again very colloquial. \xc2\x93I\xc2\x92ve had quite a few interviews for, let\xc2\x92s see, about 4 jobs. So I was getting a bit blas\xc3\xa9 what does it mean?? by ..."

b'I need to rephrase using indirect speech what 4 people said is important when preparing to go for an interview. Could you please help me? 1Speaker 1 recommends one should make a short list of the job\xc2\x92s requirement or requirement for/in the job position before going for ...'

b'what is song about determintation'

b"Could you please check this sentence? As I haven't heard from you, I'll email the module, you sent to me this morning, to my secretary's office myselfwithout making ANY CHANGES AT ALL"

b'Please paraphrase the phrase into a bit simpler English involving arrested development of engorged stages or of eggs.'

b'Unscramble the letters: N A N Qu I I R A B I N S O U I O TO MAKE THE BIGGEST WORD'

b'Marion needs to believe in a ____ ?'

b'http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=132?8824198 Or have you already taken care of this?'

b'Writeacher, I wanted to thank you for all what you have done for me and for my professional growth. We have worked really hard on the project over the last few days though I was in bed with flu By the way, I used your suggestion as a title for the whole project. If the ...'

b"Hi how can I make this sentence sound better? I'm talking about the garden of eden and how it applies to todays world. This can be related to commonly used phrases today such as, \xc2\x93the fork in the road\xc2\x94 or the comparison of the imaginary devil and angel."

b'i want to ask what be thematic statement? it say write 2 or 3 sentences that summarize the theme of the story. It should be the central idea of the story that reflects human nature. literary essay format for theme: Paragraph 1 : Thematic statment. write 2 to 3 sentences that ...'

b'i writing another essay but this be about love and i have to write expository essay. i have to write does it exist? or it only based on fantasy? i have to consider cultural and naturalbiological factors. i think true love do exist because romeo and juliet be in love and they...'

b'Need help with writing an allegorical timeline of high school life 4 yrs.'

b"I'm writing about Adam and Eve from the bible, and my teacher wants me to say how it relates to hebrew culture. How does it, please help I don't know where to start. thanks"

b'If you have time to do only a light revision, you should ask yourself all of the following questions, EXCEPT: Are the first and last paragraphs effective? Are numbers correct? * Does the design of the document make it easy for readers to get the information they need? Is ...'

b"Which of the following would a spell checker catch as an error? Typing it's instead of its * Typing received instead of received Typing accept instead of except Typing to instead of too"

b"During a group meeting when they are each reading a draft of their formal report, Madiha and Anne realize that sometimes they have used the word there correctly and sometimes the word should be their. They use their word processor's find feature to help them locate all ..."

b'diagram follow sentence the children who are in the fifth row will have no homework tonight'

b'If you were to revise a document three times, which of the following is something you would NOT be looking for in the final revision? You-attitude Positive emphasis Style and tone * Layout can you please review my answer i put * next to the correct answer'

b"I made a last change since our students study only Eglish as a foreign language Impact on pupils: - considerably increasing the students' ability to use English and motivating them to learn other foreign languages ....."

b"English HW: List the title of one song that includes on example of determination. Include the artists name, and write down the section of lyrics that provide an example of determination. My English teacher said that it could be a love song or a i don't umm... a sad song. Which..."

b"Writeacher, can you please check this email, as I need to send it right now. Thank you very much. 1 I've just read your last email, informing me about our French partner's decision to vary the title of the project. 2 As I have already told you once, we should stick to what ..."

b"I've just read your last email. What if a finished the email I've just posted you now with your proposal. I think it is just perfect Comparative and cooperative studies on local aquatic biodiversity"

b"I urgently need to know if this is correct. I want to reply this: I've just read your last email, informing me about our French partner's decision to vary the title of the project. I suppose the original title was just on biodiversity in water.. As I have already told you ..."

b"Hello. I'll be grateful for your help. 1Is it possible to say next day instead of tomorrow, for example: I'm meeting with him next day.? 2Is it possible to use develop in the meaning explain, for example:He will develop the situation later.? Thank you very much ..."

b"Wrieacher, after so many efforts my partners decided to change the title of the project instead of focusing only on biodiversity they used the sentence: Comparative studies on local biodiversity related to water and learning from each other. I think it's too generic. As you ..."

b"I left out these very last sentences. Preparation of the first meeting -ICT-platform set up - Integration on schools' websites - Regular reports of status quo evaluation - SWOT-Monitoring - Press information and information of external partners First meeting -Getting to know..."


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