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b'i not get this question which be author come back to his Orpheus allusions with question referrring to jakes dad, what songs found their out, or had any? what be jakes hope for his dad?'

b'Why Jake spend his time try to forget everyone? That be because his family not have proper relationship with him before so they not show him love and now he not know how to love so he want to be alone.'

b'What be meaning of allusion to hemingway\xc2\x92s death? He not feel he important to family?'

b'why jake dislike how his father smile at his attempt and failure in physical activies? That be because he feel embarrassed?'

b'Jake tell that in long ago when his father offer things in same tone as question he ask which be \xc2\x93You , comin jake?, he regularly refuse. Why he do this? That be because he giving orders not asking nicely?'

b'when jake tell her daughter that her grandfather be really sick, she say Oh which be a wounded soung. a moan. orpheus look back and regret in his throat. what this tell about jake daughter? she be innocent?'

b"What can be understood frm the fact that jake\xc2\x92s daughter faces the trail as though waiting? i not get this. it be that she going to know about jake's family also?"

b'Jake tell that some families grow like trees.... to what does he compare his own family? what be im plied by this comparison? Do he express this symbolic meaning explcitly ? it be that he tell his family not close with each other. everyone be far apart from eachother and be ...'

b'I need to write two short paragraphs. The first should be a description of the uses of a mobilie phone I use my mobile phone to ......... It has got..... /functions The second should contain useful expressions needed when buying a mobile phone? Could you please help me?'

b'what be jakes opinion of honesty of adults? adult not be honest enough to admit how they feel?'

b'ms. sue this be english continued from yesterday on story questions :and i try to remember to put capital English now : what be jakes attitude toward darkness and night? i only read that he like darkness because he lose his parents in daylight. i not think i right though.'

b'how am doing now can you help is it right McDonaldsRomeo: How bright What light bounces off the linoleum floors that my lover has cleaned It is a flashlight, and Juliet is a firework Get up, you spark and burn off the brown field which is already splattered with grease ...'

b'I left out these sentences. Can you please help me express them? Thank you very much 1 I also use Internet to download music from different websites and then I save it on my computer or MP3 player. where else can I save it? Flashdrive, USB memory stick\xc2\x85. I\xc2\x92ve never ...'

b"Thesis is -Taking daughters to see their mothers in jail should be a program of its own.- I don't know if my topic sentence are correct: Negative affect on the amount of extra responsibility the girl scouts take on. Girl scouts has an age limit for not all girls can ..."

b'How do I say: He always smells like garlic. Is it: Siempre huele como ajo. /sorry for my english'

b'am doing a parody project for Romeo and Juliet only ACT 5. I need to write a script for burger king or any ideas you have. I need help starting off the script. Thank You'

b"I included a few questions and a short paragraph about a teenager talking about the internet Do you think I should add other reasons for using the net? 1 What does the sentence I'm sick leaving mean? Does it mean I'm on scik leave? 2 My students would like to start a ..."

b'To answer the question below, use an idea that you generated in Part 2 of Lesson 2 or come up with a new idea. In the text box provided below indicate the following; The writing idea The kinds of questions you will be writing Informational , Personal, or Creative Then type ...'

b"I have write a evaluation essay on the movie Troop 1500. So my thesis is -Taking daughters to see their mothers in jail should be a program of it's own.- I don't know if my topic sentence is correct: One reason a program should be made separate for daughters who want to ..."

b'Edit please. Take the errors out and rewrite Calligraphy is very popular amoung artists as well as among people whom are not professional artists. But who are creative for their own pleasure. The word calligraphy provides own definition. It comes from two greek ancient words: ...'

b'I this paragraph correct? Many names for groups are quite interesting. Group names were commonly used at one time. Now only a few of them are rare, some like a pride of lions or a school of fish. Yet some group names are really neat in describing, for example a clutter ...'

b'superman is to metropolis as --- is to gotham city'

b'what is a personal growth paper?'

b'Given that an English pound is worth 1.64, how much larger is a pound than a dollar? Answer in percentage terms'

b'spellings of /j/,/k/,/s/ directions draw a line under the words that have the /j/ sound that you hear in jar, large and edge. then write the __ ____ words on the lines below the sentences. 1 jassie took a big piece of fudge. 2 the storm caused a lot of damage to the brige. 3 ...'

b"please help I just can't find the answer to this question. Words are: Aconvenient communication shortcuts Bnot arbitrary symbols Cunique to each individual in english D thoughts written down I really cant decide which is correct. the definition of words does not help pick ..."

b"i write first part of story out cause i confused with first question. I was sitting in my room when the phone rang. Hello it's me, she said. Mother. I was almost glad to hear her. But something must be wrong. She never phoned me. is something wrong? your father, she said..."

b'Can someone please help me? In Jane Eyre in chapter 1 with the quote, every nerve I had feared him; and every morsel of flesh on my bones shrank when he came near, all the literary devices illustrate all of the following EXCEPT A parallelism, B hyperbole C paradox, D ...'

b'i read this book and if anyone read it, please be able to help me with questions? 1D_SS_CA_A Few Notes For Orpheus . d o c'

b'every nerve I had feared him; and every morsel of flesh on my bones shrank when he came near, uses all of the literary devices EXCEPT A parallelism, B hyperbole, C paradox, D personification, E synecdoche'

b'Read below: English 7 HW - Collect faucal info. about your role to be incorporated in your narrative/journal entry. English Notes Taken Today/Do Now: Aim - How can we plan and brainstorm for an narrative that refects real life determination from a historical perspective? - Gen...'

b'i read story today it be called A few notes for orpheus anyone read this story before? i need help with questions.'

b"make separate absolutes for each of the following: Moshe the Beadle- spiritual leader, outsider Elie's father- closest relative, caring Elie's mother- mom, lost in begining of the book Hilda- Elie's sister Gestapo- Officer that took Elie away from his hometown Madame Schacter..."

b'I left out these sentences. Thank you. 1 If he wore a tuxedo and a pair of slide-on shoes, he would be more suitably dressed. 2 I need to give an example for the following phrasal verbs: Keep up: continue gear up for: get ready chase away screw up melt away Could you please ...'

b"Could you please help me rephrase these sentences? Thank you. 1 Dad took the day off to come with me. Rephrase? 2 Don't take too much work on rephrase? 3 They took 20percent off the list price. They removed 20percent from the list price is there another verb I can use? 4 It took..."

b'What does the proverb say about braviety.braviet is?'

b"Could you give me some more examples of bring off? I included other examples of phrasal verbs. I also need to write the evacuation rules. Could you please help me? 1 I'm letting you off this time, but you must promise you'll never take any money from my wallet again. 2 The..."

b'We first meet juliet act 1 scene 3 she has a conversation with her mother about marriage. discuss this. what do we learn about juliet from this? ROMEO AND JULIET'

b"Hi Any ideas on an activity which could last for 45 minutes? The topic - Valentine's day Learners: 16 year old, 30 in the class, learning English as a foreign language for 7 years"

b'Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Briefly explain Anne\xc2\x92s relationship with her parents. How is her relationship with her father different from her relationship with her mother? What does each relationship tell you about Anne, her values, and her needs?'

b"Can you please help me rephrase these sentences? 1 It's getting on towards midnight. It's approaching midnight. He can't get his message across. He can't communicate his message 2 The deal was brought off at last It was accomplished. You can't always let her get away with it..."

b"I have a few doubts on certain phrasal verbs. I hope you can clear them up? 1 Can you give me an example of lay on to? I can't find any with the preposition to. 2 He got off with a fine = He got away with a fine 3 The teacher let them off their homework. She exempted ..."

b'what is the complete subject of this sentencesauthored and sponsored landmark legislation'


b'I urgently need you to check this sentence. Thank you. 1 In section F.4 concerning integration into ongoing activity our coordinating partner mistakenly wrote that our tenth classes instead of our eleventh classes, which correspond to the third classes in Italy, will be ...'

b'can somebody who has done LLB advice me on studyn for da first year exam in may..i fear cz i was not really in touch n i doubt whethr i can score well for all 4 subjectscriminal/contract/constitution/?english legal system pls advice me how to pass all these.an outline ...'

b'What are some culture collisions in the play othello by shakespere? i got one: color but i am stuck thank you'

b"I left out two sentences I need to write in an email. 1 I wrote to the two Irish school's principals you suggested to me but none of them replied to my email. 2 As I would really like to start a school exchange programme with an Irish school in your area, could you please ..."

b"Thank you very much for encouraging me to go on with my work Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. Can I start my exercise with: Fill in the blanks with an appropriate preposition. Complete the sentences using an appropriate preposition. 1 He is a trainer now ..."

b'i need to chose at least 8 songs and how they relate to romeo and juliet acts so i can make a soundtrack. thanks'


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