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b'First slide: I not know what to put on first slide, I was putting theme of story If you look back you will be destroyed but I not want to give this away in starting, I give it in end. For first slide I want to say something like \xc2\x93He couldn\xc2\x92t follow the light to his heart...'

b"I am writing an essay about what the online community offers that the actual community doesn't. I need help finding some interviews or some solid evidence on how you save money by using the online community and lose money in the actual community. Any ideas ??"

b'chick: a young woman A. direct definition B. indirect definition a'

b'indirect definitions are subject to individual interpretation.'

b'i take better quotes from story a few notes for orpheus i need help choosing best 5 ones. all these show theme really well so i not know which 5 to choose. I was almost glad to hear her. But something must be wrong. She never phoned me. Will you come up to the cottage this ...'

b'Could you please check these other sentences? Thank you. 2Then he describes his family and friends as ...... both in shape and disposition rephrase though more civilized and endowed with the gift of speech. These qualities, however, do not make them any better. Moreover, ...'

b'Could you please check these other sentenes. Thank you.'

b'Could you please checke my summaries? Thank you. 1At the beginning of the passage, taken from Chapter 11 of Swift\xc2\x92s Gulliver\xc2\x92s travels, the Houyhnhnms are described as strong, beautiful, wise and fast horses full of virtues and intelligence. 2 Gulliver never refers to ...'

b'Sorry, for including so many sentences in a single post. I realized it only later. I included the ones I was doubtful of. 1 Customs duties in imports and exports of raw materials were removed. He was accused of corruption but he survived a change of monarch, when George I ...'

b'so for theme of story of few notes for orpheus before i think that the title of story meant message for orpheus but i guess that not be because orpheus way different than jake. jake be so cranky when orpheus be so charming, and caring. i think it be a musical tribute to ...'

b'Here are the last paragraphs on history Thank you very much for helping me 1 The first political parties were the Whigs and the Tories. The Whigs descended from the Parliamentarians. 2 They were in power continuously from 1714 to 1760 and pressed for industrial and ...'

b"I'm not sure how you want me to link 10 and 11. Do I need to use capital letters after a colon or a semi colon? I included a third summary on history. Thank you. 1 The Augustan were interested in real life. Virtue came to have two meanings: Firstly, a disposition of ..."

b'can some proofread this research paper Mario Garcia Mrs. Minick English 2-09-12 Animal Experimentation Many people say no animal should be held for cruelty, such as being experimented on for biomedical research. There are people out there that need a cure for cancer or other ...'

b'Here is the second part on history. Thank you very much 1 During his reign, a series of laws were introduced which were to fix the course of modern Parliamentary England. In 1689, the Bill of Rights established that the Crown would not be able to rule the country without ...'

b'As I made a few changes, could you please check there paragraphs again? Thank you very much 1 In 1660, Parliament invited Charles II 1660-1685 to return to his kingdom from exile in France. Charles\xc2\x92s first concern was to reassert I need a synonym the predominance of ...'

b"I need help with THe Noisless Flash from herishoma written by john hersey. I have a project and my job is to fina and record two objective details from the character Reverend Tanimoto's account. Then, change those details to subjective ones. Next, find and record two ..."

b'Whats the difference between honoring women vs honoring women of. Color'

b'So ms. Sue before you say that theme of story be don\xc2\x92t look back or you be destroyed. ms. sue before I start this paragraph, I also need to put 5 quotes in paragraph from story, which u think be best ones to put in there?'

b"What part of speech is... You'll never corner him corner"

b'What is the subject and verb in the sentence below: The company offered a fifty dollar rebate on every energy efficient refridgerator bought during the month of June.'

b"Yes, you are right. Thank you very much for giving me advice, too By the way, I need to include this sentence in an email. Could you please check it? 1 As promised, I'm sending you both the email address and the password of my first class so that your students can get in ..."

b'Which of the following is punctuated correctly? Choices are: A. The new shoe store is located at 11347 Arthur Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. B. The new shoe store is located at 11347 Arthur Drive, Baltimore, Maryland, 21201. C. The new shoe store is located at 11347 Arthur ...'

b'Which of the following is punctuated correctly? Choices are: A. President Roosevelt described December 7, 1941 as a date which will live in infamy. B. President Roosevelt described December 7, 1941 as a date, which will live in infamy. C. President Roosevelt described December...'

b'Thank you very mch for comforting me. Actually, my son likes playing football though his performances are not very good. He likes getting enganged in the various activities and talking to his friends while doing them. He does his best to kick the ball, too. However, he is not...'

b"Writeacher, as you are a teacher, I would like to have your personal opinion about what I included below. I'd like you to check the word choice, too 1 At school teachers told me that he my seven-year-old child has got a great intelligence and logic capacity but he tends to ..."

b'\xc2\x93Redskin\xc2\x94 was originally a term for'

b'Type a short character sketch of a fictional Puritan named Justice Johnson based on what you have learned about the Puritans Make certain that you describe how he dresses how he lives what he believe?'

b'how can you resolve cultural bias of staff members in the work place'

b'what should be taken into consideration when cultural bias occurs'

b'Please help write a reaction on this Article, I want to give good presentation. How can I make it interesting? Thank you So, far I think the Author is Energy literate and motivates readers through his words. Please tell me how I can include Energy conversion, Energy ...'

b'Use a pronoun that can take the place of each group of words. Use he, she, it, we or they 1. Karen and I 2. the hoses 3. Dad and I 1. we 2.they 3.we'

b"I urgently need you to see if the sentence is OK now. Thank you 1 Moreover, this particular bacterium can survive in presence of arsenic and, therefore, won't die until its action of purification is completed. 2 This method is inexpensive and affordable even for those ..."

b'Could you check this sentence, please? 1 Great Britain became the master of a powerful empire that brought her Britain in contact with various cultures.'

b'am almost did with my parody PARIS Give me thy torch, boy: hence, and stand aloof: Yet put it out, for I would not be seen. Under yond yew-trees lay thee all along, Holding thine ear close to the hollow ground; So shall no foot upon the churchyard tread, Being loose, unfirm, ...'

b'1. During this time period, writers sought to capture the _____________ of the American people during this era of a new postwar economy and society. peace anger anxiety all of the above 2. Like the modernists, postmodern writers focused on _____________ experience and ...'

b'Two many cooks spoil the broth. Points : 1 Two many cook To many cooks Too many cooks Two many cooks'

b'Can you please check these two sentences? to spend much money to safeguard or: on the safeguard/on safeguarding? its water resources. The verbs underlined will be included in your test. The others will be tested orally'

b'2. Marion needs to believe in a ____ 1 point'

b'Writeacher, now that the grammar is OK, I just want to know if everything is correct from a scientific point of view. Could you please ask your science teacher, Bob Pursley? 1 After meeting with the engineer ......... we became interested in exploring the problems of water ...'

b"Just a doubt on my previous post. Isn't bacteria plural? Can I use bacterium for the singular? 1 In particular, we prepared have prepareda genetically modified bacterium ?, the ..., which can survive using arsenic instead of phosphorous in building its DNA. 3 Actually..."

b'I tried to reduce the sentences myself though I think you still need to revise it. Thank you very much. 1 We decided to create an effective and inexpensive filter using knowledge of genetic engineering. 2 In particular, we prepared have prepareda genetically modified ...'

b'love at first sight the ball romeo sees her first. their first words are a shared sonnet analyse the reason for this. analyse the language and the imagery what do we learn about her feeling? ROMEO AND JULIET'

b"Here is a presentation entitled treatment plant from arsenic and pathogenic bacteria. I don't know how to check it as I'm not familiar with the content. I'd like you to help me check the grammar. The paragraph contain long-winded sentences with no punctuation. I really need ..."

b'I got you. What is the meaning of this sentence? Does it have many meanings according to the context?'

b'How would you label sting in Ouch, that bee sting hurts.'

b'When do I use had have had has had had'

b"what be theme of this story? move on with life? don't look back at past? also i not understand the title of story. i before thought orpheus be someone in story but it not be anyone."

b'In last paragraph how author emphasize lack of love in old man? i not get this. i also not get ending which be The old lady was waiting for us on the path. He walked straight toward her voice. I felt the pinch of her words and fell behind. The man walked straight ahead and ...'

b'jake say that aftr today he have to start making some phone calls or have phone removed. what he mean? that mean that he have to face people or be lonely forever?'

b'jake dad not be anymore physical and he not be able to grab jake daughter when she fall into lake. Jake effects rescue. what be the symbolic meaning of incident? jake own past come infront of his eyes?'


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