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b"Writeacher, I'm posting the last sonnet I need to rephrase for tomorrow. I really hope you can have a look at it. 1 Sonnets 116 is about love in its most ideal form. The poet thinks that true love is to be based on mutual trust and understanding. 2 True love doesn\xc2\x92t change..."

b"I'm including an introductory part I wrote on Shakespeare's sonnets. Can you please check it, Writeacher? Thank you 1 Shakespeare\xc2\x92s sonnets were published in 1609, although they were probably written in the 1590s. The collection includes a hundred and fifty-four sonnets ..."

b"Thank you very much for your revision I just wanted to know if I can use indirect speech in this rephrase: Then the poet has doubts about the fate of a fair youth. Will he also undergo the ravages of time since sweet and beautiful creatures don't stay that way forever; they ..."

b"10. In the end of the story, most of the inhabitants of Rip Van Winkle's village a. doubt his truthfulness b. believe, enjoy, and retell his tale c. consider him deluded d. ignore his story B? 13. The character of the narrator in The Fall of the House of Usher might be ..."

b'Life would best be symbolized by what? A. darkness B. island C. tree D. stone'

b'I need a thesis statment for an esaay. I have read the short story the large ant but cant think of any thesis statment. Its about human nature and violance.'

b"I tried to rephrase Shakespeare's sonnet myself. I really need your revision, Writeacher. I urgently need your help. I included the sonnet itself.Thank you very much 1First, the poet looks at the clock ticking away the time or and notices the time ticking away?. Then he ..."

b'ROMEO AND JULIET what are juliets feelings towards romeo in act 3 scene 2 from lines 1-35?'

b"It must be nice, she said. It must be very nice. I wish women could do such things. It ain't the right kind of a life for a woman. Her upper lip raised a little, showing her teeth. How do you know? How can you tell? she said. I don't know, ma'am, he protested. Of ..."

b"Writeacher, I need to rephrase a few verbs related to film stars. I also wanted to prepare a sort of vocabulary to be used when describing music groups. Can you suggest a website? Thank you very much. 1 She's been involved in show business ? since she was 7 years old, when ..."

b'Can i please get the analysis of the poem Horses by Edwin Muir? This should not, however, be confused with another of his poems The Horses. Thank you.'

b"what are the strengths and what are the weaknesses of George and Lennie's relationship in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men?"

b'I included my doubts using question marks. I need to rephrase hopefuls, disposable and the last sentence. I really hope you can help me. 1 Craig Jones is not only an office worker, but he is also a talented singer who dreams of becoming a star. 2 He has already won a ...'

b'Hi Ms. Sue I\xc2\x92m Aaron and I\xc2\x92m Mohammad\xc2\x92s friend, I helped Mohammad edit his, and I\xc2\x92m also doing a theme on the story \xc2\x93A few notes for Orpheus\xc2\x94 and could gladly use your help. As Mohammad had pointed out before that the title is a musical tribute to Orpheus, and I ...'

b"Is this quote a metaphor? That's a bright direction, there's a glowing there. In context it seems like a metaphor since the direction she is looking in is not actually bright or glowing. there was a lot of text for the question but I thought it e too much. Thanks for the help."

b'ms. sue one my really good english friend also writing essay on theme of a few notes for orpheus u please be able to help him also get 100 words? he be able to post new question?'

b'Could you please check this dialogue and tell me if the expressions are commonly used in American English? Would you have written them differently= 1.How are things with you? Any news? 2.We\xc2\x92ve moved house. 3.Where did you move to? 4.We moved to Villiers Terrace, just round ...'

b'Thank you very much. Here is a summary I need to prepare for tomorrow. I also need to rephrase the last sentence. Thank you very much, Writeacher 1 Though Craig Jones is an office worker, he is also a talented singer who dreams of becoming a star. 2 He has already won a ...'

b'Are Once upon a greek stage and Oedipus the King the same story?'

b"I urgently need to check this paragraph. Can you help me, Writeacher? 1 St. Valentine's Day is the feast's day of the Patron Saint of love called St. Valentine. He was priest in the third century in Rome. 2 He was killed because Emperor Claudius II said that soldiers in the ..."

b'Bee balm, coneflowers, and black-eyed Susans, brightly colored flowers with darker bulbous centers, contrast beautifully when planted together.'

b'drunk driving paper'

b'I left out the last sentences on fiction. Thank you very much, Writeacher 1 The point of view can be fixed, when the story is told from a single point of view, as in Defoe\xc2\x92s Robinson Crusoe, or shifting, when perspective moves from one character to another. 2 ...'

b'Here is the second part of my summary I really need you to revise. Thank you. 1 Details of the behaviour, clothes and so on of the characters are part of the social setting of the story. Characters are the people who appear in a novel and represent the most important ...'

b"I urgently need you to check this summary I wrote on fiction. I'm sending it into two separate posts. Thank you very much, writeacher 1 The setting is the time and place in which the action of a book happens. The setting can reveal a great deal about the character or the ..."

b'I considered the website you suggested to me but I find it difficult to rewrite it in prose. I simply varied all the instances of \xc2\x93I\xc2\x94 with \xc2\x93he\xc2\x94 , that is the poet, but I don\xc2\x92t know how to simplify it and how to vary \xc2\x93you\xc2\x94, \xc2\x93your\xc2\x94. Please help me 1 In the ...'

b'People count on the media to find out information around the world. They watch event happened in different place, weather, sport ect. What if the source is not accurate what Eggers demonstrates that the media is misleading, thus, the reader sees that the media forced new ...'

b'I would like to know if this grammatically correct. When there is change in reactant, product, and temperature the equilibrium position will shift in a direction that tends to decrease that change in situations. When the concentration of one of the products of an equilibrium ...'

b'What is the universal truth in Oedipus the King?'

b"We had to read An Essay on Criticism by Alexander pope and answers some questins. I spent my weekend trying to figure out one of the questions-Could someone please help Those Rules of old discover'd, not devis'd Are Nature still, but Nature Medthodiz'd Nature like Liberty is ..."

b"Writeacher, I urgently need to rephrase Shakespeare's sonnet When I do Count the Clock that Tells the Time. The rephrase must be simple and straightforward. Can you recommend a website? Thank you very much"

b'Could you check if the following instructions are correct? Thank you. 1 It takes me ten minutes to go to school by motorbike 2Complete the sentences with the correct form of the Present simple or the Present continuous 3 Complete Mary\xc2\x92s story with the correct form of the ...'

b"Writeacher, I urgently need to rephrase these questions. I didn't want to repeat exactly the same questions but the answers, of course, must be the same. Can you help me rephrase them? 1 How was Elizabethan theatre structured? Focus your attention on the description of the ..."

b'In this sentences I just want to know whether this sentence is correct. Natalia is a better cook that I or me. I have I'

b'Here is the second part of the rephrase. Thank you very much, Writeacher 1 Mr. B. charges her with overreacting and, by way of giving her some more substantial grounds for anguish, invites her to sit on his knee. As a matter of fact, Mr B attempts to rape her taking ...'

b"Writeacher, I'm posting you the rephrase again. I varied a few things, Thank you very much for you cooperation. 1 Mr. B refers briefly to the incident in the summer house. He excuses himself by saying that on that occasion he didn\xc2\x92t want to do her any harm but be a little ..."

b"i don't know how i would set up the attribution for this fact. i got it from a pdf file online called- Women in Prison and Children of Imprisoned Mothers Series this is the quote- \xc2\x93Children should be consulted in determining the extent and type of relationship they want with..."

b'In HOPE LESLIE, the theme of captivity is prevalent.. How is it portrayed in the novel with the major characters Hope, Magawisca and Everell getting captured?ALSO, in what ways is Sedgwick AGAINST the captivity theme?Any pointers or ideas will help me in writing my analysis ...'

b'for slideshow presentation i want to add another theme caption for story. i not really know how to say it though like follow your heart to positive direction. like i want to take something positive from orpheus story and teach lesson to jake.'

b'Here is the rephrase I hope you can check. Thank you very much in advance. 1 Mr. B refers briefly to the incident in the summer house. He excuses himself by saying that on that occasion he didn\xc2\x92t want to do her any harm but be a little kind to her. 2 He scolds her for ...'

b'This paragraph serves as an introduction to the rephrase. I summarized briefly what happened before their conversation. I will include the rephrase in my next post. Thank you. 1 In letter XV of Richardson\xc2\x92s Pamela, Pamela recounts to her mother what happened to her as she ...'

b'Does this sentence make sense: After interviewing my neighbor, who does not want to release her name, so I will call her Ms.Smith,.....'

b'Hello. I will be very grateful for your help. 1Which is correct: he called me ain an hour, b after an hour? 2Is it possible to use dismiss in the context: Many plants and factories are now dismissing workers? 3Is it possible to use convert in the following context...'

b"Hi, I really need help to fix my grammar and to double check my answer Write several paragraphs for someone who has just watched the same movie you did. They didn't know the story before watching the movie, and are wondering what was changed from the original story. Be ..."

b"Hmm I'm just wondering why no one is helping me and skipping my question yesterday, is it because it's too long or too advanced? I just needed help with my thesis/argument so I can start my essay. I wrote my intro already but it needs a bit of work. You guys helped me before ..."

b'Identify the participial phrase in the sentence below. Rising early, I saw the sun come up. A.Rising early B. saw the sun C. come up D. in the distance Thanks for the help :'

b'Thank you very much for helping me, Writeacher I have a question. As in chapter 11 chapter refers to his last year fifth year in England shall I use the past in the rephrase, when he recalls the time he spent with the horses? Here is the third part of my rephrase. 1 Then ...'

b'Hello. I will really appreciate your help. 1 Is it possible to use unknown in the following context: It is still unknown what effect the accident will have on the world.? 2Is it possible to use include in the sentence: The organization includes 62 nations.? Thank you...'

b'Here is the second part of my rephrase. Hopefully I can send it to you, Writeacher Thank you. 1 Then he likens both his family and friends to the horses for their shape and disposition ?. Though more civilized and endowed with the gift of speech, they seem to use their ...'

b"There were problems with my last post last night. I was ill and I didn't manage to include they things on Gulliver's travels I wanted you to check. Here is the first part of the rephrase. I've tried to rephrase the beginning of Chapter 11. 1At the beginning of the passage, ..."


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