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b'How do I cite a picture that is in an article for my work cited page???'

b'I need some help finding statistics and pics about how much money people save by using the online community. Help please '

b'is this sentence correct What did the philosopher Aristotle mean when he said To perceive is to suffer?'

b'ms. sue u please able to delete my other post where i talk about animoto site today i present it to class actually everyone really like i not want them searching up and come here.'

b'This sentence contains a dangling modifier. As a Principal Technical Editor/Writer for Alpha Communications, with over 12 years of experience, the internship would provide an opportunity to work with technical documents outside my familiar comfort zone of technical manuals. ...'

b'Correct this: The virus may cause AIDS, cancer, or even kill. Do I need to add a word in front of cancer? Would this be correct? The virus may cause AIDS, produce cancer, or even kill.'

b'Does Victor have an obligation to the monster? Use evidence from Chapters 9-14 of Volume 2.'

b'Will just taking out the it make this sentence correct? The disease is typified by a delay in motor development, by self-destructive behavior, and it leads to death.'

b"Writeacher, could you please check my post, I need to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you Could you please check these phrasal verbs i'm unsure of? thank you. 1 They are cutting off the water/gas supply tomorrow. The chairman cut him out of the discussion. 2 The light went off..."

b'How should this be written to correct the dangling modifier? The cost of production can be reduced by purchasing an ultra-pure water system.'

b"I really appreciate you helping me earlier today but I have another poem by Wordsworth-Tintern Abbey 1.According to these lines, compared to his youth, Wordsworth see himself now as: a.More responsible b.Less happy c.More aware of the world's problems d.More serious e.Less ..."

b'I am looking for the dependent clauses in this sentence. 1. Because nests of baby dinosaurs have been found, scientists believe that these ancient creatures cared for their young for some time. Scientists believe is the independent clause. Are the other two the dependent clauses?'

b"Could you please check these phrasal verbs i'm unsure of? thank you. 1 They are cutting off the water/gas supply tomorrow. The chairman cut him out of the discussion. 2 The light went off out is possible? all of a sudden. Can you switch off /put out the light, please? 3 ..."

b'Writeacher, Can you please check these sentences. I urgently need to know the difference in meaning among the various sentences. 1 She often makes herself pasta. = She often makes pasta for herself She often makes pasta herself. = She often makes pasta personally She ...'

b'I need help on how to write a compare and contrast essay on the topic of pre-school'

b"We're reading The World is Too Much with Us by Wordsworth. We have some questions to interpret-I understand about Wordsworth and his relationship and philosophy concerning nature but I'm just not sure after further research the answer to these two questions. 1. In the context..."

b'Critical thinking: alien tour guide'

b'One of your aliens looks down and becomes very confused, so you tell him that there is a game going on'

b"Hi is my thesis statement clear in the following paragraph, if nto how can i make it clearer. Basically I want to show that music programs can positively impact a students education, so music programs shouldn't be cut. Also should I keep out all the standardized test score ..."

b'The interviewer wants to know why you got a D in all your English classes until this year, when you got a B. Your best response is A- \xc2\x93I had problems writing and never thought it was important. Then, I realized that it is important, so I got myself a tutor and really buckled...'

b'Would another past tense from be has ran or what would you combine with had, has, or have for past tense?'

b'What is the past tense of run'

b'Does Victor have an obligation to the monster in Frankenstein? Why?'

b'Could you plz help me to check if these two essays have thesis and thesis development? ESSAY 1:There has been much discussion over the maximum population capacity of our world today. This paper analyzes how agroecology has been a major benefit to society on a global scale. ...'

b'For my slideshow I had wrote down - - Jake draws away from everyone. But corrected it to withdraw, so would that be like - -Jake withdraws away from everyone, or Jake withdraws from everyone? I also wrote - - to act positive and move on, but she corrected me and said ...'

b"Could you please check these few sentences? Thank you 1 I've been a Tim subscriber for two years. I top up my mobile every two weeks. I recharge it every evening. 2 I keep in touch with my friends by sending them email and by chatting on Facebook. 3 I joined Facebook last ..."

b'I need examples of a sonnet'

b"Can you help me complete the sentence? I'm worried about Brian's adding Thank you."

b'Could you please check if all the sentences are correct? Thank you. 1 To start with, I\xc2\x92ll have a tomato salad. I couldn\xc2\x92t help crying. I\xc2\x92m worried about Brian\xc2\x92s getting low marks at school. 2 He admitted eating all the biscuits. I couldn\xc2\x92t do anything but answer ...'

b"Writeacher,I have a question on the sonnet I rephrased yesterday. I hope you can check it. And summer's green all girded up in sheaves, Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard... He sees the summer's crops tied up is possible in bales and taken to the barn as if the..."

b'Hi, I have to compare the story Young Goodman Brown to some modern day song or movie or television show some form of entertainment. Do you have any ideas I could use?'

b"Here is the second exercise I'd like you to check. Thank you, Writeacher. 1.I am used to read __reading________till late. 2. The manager would like speak _to speak_________ to his secretary. 3. I remember go ___going_______ to primary school by bus.4. The policeman ..."

b'Could you please check if everything is OK? Thank you very much. 3 Put the following into indirect speech using a suitable reporting verb 10 1 \xc2\x93Would you like to have dinner with me on Saturday?\xc2\x94, he said to me. He invited me to have dinner ... 2 \xc2\x93Shall I help you ...'

b'I removed your latest post because it included too much personal information about you. Do not post the name of your school or your last name. Please see my questions about your question below.'

b'Would tonight/night be an exact rhyme or a slant rhyme? And is begin/him a slant rhyme? Thanks -MC'

b'Please help me create a fordable about the compassion of adverbs by using 10 regular and 5 irregular adverbs. I have to pass this assignment on Feb. 23, 2012. Thank you Ramon Christopher'

b"Could you please tell me if the following verbs can take the -ing form in the examples below? I included a sentence I need to write in an email. 1 I'm smelling the perfume of the flowers. I'm testing a red wine. 2 I'm hearing him coming I think you can only say I can hear..."

b'Writeacher, where shall I whoinstead of which in the sentence below? Thank you. 1 In all revenge tragedies a sexual or violent crime is committed against a family member of the hero, which stands for the crime for various reasons cannot be punished; so even though the ...'

b"What opportunities does the online community offer that the actual community doesn't?"

b'I am trying to use this as an objective for my resume. I am applying for a hostess position. Please let me know if this is good or how can I make it better for the resume. To pursue a position as Host/Hostess in which my professional skills would be used to the fullest.'

b"Ms. Sue having loads of trouble here could you please help me? Actually Mohammad and I just went on the site Animoto and it won't let us put full sentences. Maximum letter count is 30. Exactly how do I shorten this sentence? Jake draws himself away from everyone and thinks ..."

b'Where do you find the editor of a certain article of a website? Where can you find the name of the organizatin that associated with the site??'

b"I need to cite Beowulf from The Norton Anthology of English Literature, but I'm not sure how, as the author is unknown. Here's the general format for MLA citations given by my teacher: Authors. Title of Piece. Title of Book. Edition. Vol. Editors\xc2\x92 Names. Page Numbers. City: ..."

b"14. All of the following are unusual elements of Walt Whitman's free verse except a. foreign terms b. invented words c. satirical commentary d. American slang I think it's A but it might also be C.. 15. Which of the following word pairs from Emily Dickinson's poems contains ..."

b'ms. sue i cant think what picture i add for second slideshow? it have person on it or it just be scenery?'

b'Could you please check this paragraph I varied on the tragedy of revenge? Thank you. 1 Shakespeare\xc2\x92s Hamlet shows all the features of the revenge tragedies, whose rules were set by Seneca. In all revenge tragedies a sexual or violent crime is committed against a family ...'

b'I realized a left out a few considerations. Could you please have a look at them? 1 The sickle stands for the inevitable passing of the time, whereas the adjective \xc2\x91brief\xc2\x92 points out the transience of beauty and time. 2 In the first two quatrains the poet dwells upon the...'

b"Thank you very much Writeacher I added a few more things. I'd like you to check them, please 1At the end of sonnet 12: The image of time as death, bearing a scythe typical in medieval and Renaissance iconology is left impotent by the presence of the fair youth\xc2\x92s progeny..."

b'ms. sue u please erase my post here also? one i wrote my essay in.'

b'I have an article called \xc2\x91\xc2\x91It would have been worse under Saddam:\xc2\x92\xc2\x92 Implications of counterfactual thinking for beliefs regarding the ethical treatment of prisoners of war\xc2\x94 by Keith D. Markman , Nobuko Mizoguchi Matthew N. McMullen Can I take out the first names of ...'


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