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b'Can you check this for grammar mistakes? By taking a Modern World Literature class, one should expect to read novels about cultures throughout the world, and I think Snow Flower and the Secret Fan did a wonderful job in portraying the customs and traditions of mid nineteenth ...'

b'what is the english translation of all fill del compare?'

b'Can you read this for grammar errors By taking a Modern World Literature class, one should expect to read novels about cultures throughout the world, and I think Snow Flower and the Secret Fan did a wonderful job in portraying the customs and traditions of mid nineteenth ...'

b'ms. sue sorry yesterday i ask question that not make sense but i be talking about the occasion question where rock say the bith word for second time it ask when be this second occasion? first occasion be daytime and second occasion be night time? also i still not get the last ...'

b'What do you think about my essay? A little bit longer and I will be fine \xc2\x93..And you do not know what you got until it is gone, and you do not know what i s like to feel so low...\xc2\x94 A quote written by Nick Jonas to express how he felt after being diagnosed with diabetes at...'

b'when you read you can somethimes make a general statement, or generalization,about inividual ideas in the text. a generalization tells how ideas are mostly alike or all alike. directions read the following passage. people of all ages can play basketball young children join ...'

b'I left out a sentence,writeacher. Thank you. He is holding a pen on/over his right ear. A pen is sticking on his ear.'

b'Incorrect sentence: The report considers important factors in choosing a medical facility, ratings of services at the urgent care center, reasons why HMO members do not use the center, and offers suggestions for increase in member usage. I know this has parallelism problems. I...'

b'Thank you very much, Writeacher. Could you please check these sentences I need to include in an email? Thank you. 1 I got the email address of your school on the the E-Twinning platform. I really hope your school is still interested in a school exchange programme with other ...'

b'Which sentence is passive voice? 1. The clerk made five errors. 2. Susan had been in sales for five years. 3. She asked for an adjustment. 4. The report was completed by the entire team.'

b'I am having a hard time understanding active voice. Can anyone please assist? which following sentence is active voice? 1. The new product line was developed by the Research and Development department? 2. The secretary was promoted by her supervisor to an assistant position. 3...'

b"I am having a hard time understanding passive voice? Could someone please help? Which sentence below is passive voice? 1. She served the customer the food. 2. The food was served to the customer. 3. The customer asked to change the order. 4. The server too the customer's order."

b'Writeacher, could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1 Picture 1 shows some teenagers leaning on a barrier bar?, whereas two are standing near them. They are all wearing casual clothes: short-sleeved T-shirts or shirts over ripped jeans. 2 Picture B shows a huge ...'

b'why does it make sense for us to form a parody of Romeo and Juliet?'

b'Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. I need you to check if the instructions are correct. 1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 2. Turn the sentences into the passive. Mention the agent when necessary. Examples...'

b'Why don\xc2\x92t the narrator and the other man want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external?'

b'I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1 The man in the middle is wearing his pink hair in cornrows and has a ring earring in his right earlobe. He\xc2\x92s looking down and has a black, studded, leather jacket on. 2 Next to him I can see another Asian boy with ...'

b'Thank you very much, Writeacher. I still have to describe a few pictures. 1 Picture 1 shows some teenagers leaning on a bar, whereas two are standing near them. They are all wearing casual clothes: short-sleeved T-shirts or shirts over a pair or ripped jeans. 2 Picture B ...'

b'Sorry, Writeacher. I mixed two senteces without realizing it. 1 James prefers to define \xc2\x93youth\xc2\x94 as the age in which people are not children any more and not yet adults. 2 James believes that youth culture is always changing since young people are very receptive to new ...'

b'Writeacher, we left out a few sentences yesterday. I wonder if you could have a look at them today. Thank you. 1 I couldn\xc2\x92t get off last night. It must have been the coffee. His lawyer managed to get him off. He got off/away with a fine. 2 On Friday afternoon he usually ...'

b'I left out the following descriptions. Can you please have a look at them, too? Thank you. 1 Picture 4 shows a vending machine in the left corner, a white table with five coloured chairs around it in the middle and a noticeboard hanging on a wall in the top right wall. 2 In ...'

b'Writeacher, could you please check these sentences I wrote about a listening a need to prepare for tomorrow. 1 An elderly man remembers the regional tradition on New Year\xc2\x92s Eve when he was a child . In particular, what made New Year\xc2\x92s Eve special for him? was that most ...'

b'please any jiskha teacher that be online you please able to delete my english posts? i not want anyone landng on my post asking same questions on google. thank you.'

b"1. I took a shower so I felt refreshed. 2. I took a shower so that I felt refreshed. 3. I took a shower, so I felt refrewhed. What does 1 mean, 2 or 3? In Sentence 1, there is no 'comma' before 'so.' In Sentence 1, we cannot see 'that' after 'so.'"

b"1. Paul visited me in order to ask for a help. 2. Paul visited me in order to ask for help. Which one is correct? Do we have to put 'a' before 'help' or not?"

b'ms. sue i wrote out this story i read in class in word document u please read it and help with questions? if only you not mind.'

b'Are the verbs in these sentences passive voice, weak or past tense. My answers: 1. The book was informative but too long.--weak or past or both?? 2.The teachers have sent the book to the publisher.--past 3.The essay has been shortened by ten pages.-- past 4. This method of ...'

b'Original sentence: The urgent care center offers a variety of services such as physician appointments, mental health, health education programs, and lab and X-ray work. My corrections: The urgent care center offers physician appointments, mental health evaluations, health ...'

b'after the had reached the museum is this a subordinate or and independent clause?'

b"George Washington Carver's work on soil improvement and plant diseases helped the South and its recovery from the effects of the Civil War. Is it a simple, complex, or compound sentence?"

b'graphic sources are sources of information such as maps charts illustractions,and captions. graphic sources help us understand information in a text,or they can provide information on their own. directions read the following chart. then answer the questions. michael jordan ...'

b'I left out a few sentences. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1 ames is particularly interested in the language of youth. He believes that the greatest influence on teenagers is the media. It\xc2\x92s the constant bombardment from advertising that youth cannot resist. 2 Magazine, ...'

b'Thank you. I left out the following phrasal verbs. I added a paragraph on youth cultures I also need to prepare. Thank you. 1 I couldn\xc2\x92t get off last night. It must have been the coffee. His lawyer managed to get him off. He got off/away with a fine. 2 On Friday afternoon ...'

b'Here are the other sentences.Thank you. 1 She took on responsibility for the whole family.She forgot to turn down the gas and burned her dinner. 2 How many people turned up at your party? That child is bringing up food. She brought up three children herself. Damp days ...'

b'Writeacher, here are my sentences on phrasal verbs I urgently need you to check. Thank you. 1 I can\xc2\x92t get around to thanking you for your hospitality.I\xc2\x92ll get back at you for being so rude to me. 2 When will you get around to clearing your room?He is a good writer but he...'

b'Writeacher, I left out these sentences on the same topics. I included various possibities. Thank you. 1 Sorry, I\xc2\x92ve been out of touch. Sorry, I haven\xc2\x92t been in touch is the same? How are things with you? Any good news? I\xc2\x92ve been busy with my mum recently since she was ...'

b'I urgently need you to check these sentences on the use of the present perfect. Thank you. 1 I\xc2\x92ve never messaged my friends in another country or posted a message on a message board.I have never missed meals because of the Internet and have never spent more than three hours...'

b'Christina Nehring makes allusions to classical myths and 18th and 19th century writers in her essay Fideltiy with a Wandering Eye. How do these allusions support her argument about women and sex? ALSO How effective are these allusions'

b'could you please tell me how to make use of will be in language use eg i will be there she will be a unique woman'

b'how would you edit, misty could you walk ms millers dog on tuesday mom asked'

b'in the scarlett letter, how is cultural renewal shown.'

b'what be occupational therapy? i come across this reading story.'

b'anyone read story the sound of hollyhocks?'

b"Dame Van Winkle and Rip are stereotyped characters that have been found in literature- the nagging wife and the henpecked husband. Can you identify these character types in current literature and in popular movies and tv shows? From the short story Rip Van Winkle I can't ..."

b"The question ask us to analyze this quote, We've got all the time in the world. What does this mean? How do you explain it?"

b'directions- write each sentence. replace the underline word or word with the correct pronoun. 1- sports and games have many different rules. underline the word is in this sencetence - sports and games 2- basketball players run, pass, and shoot. underline word is basketball ...'

b'I need a thesis statement on the crimes of prohibition era'

b"Writeacher, I left out the following sentences. Can you please check them, too? 1 How are things? I'm sorry we haven't been in touch with each other recently. I've had a busy month. We've been on holiday, and we only got back last week. 2 I spent two weeks in Spain with my ..."

b'Could you please check these sentences, please. Thank you. 1. Connect the sentences with a relative pronoun and make any necessary changes. 2. Write in brackets the relative pronouns that can be omitted. 3. Complete the sentences with a suitable word. 8 pts pts stands for ...'

b'I need help with my one paragraph 8 to 12 sentences in length assignment. My biggest problem I believe is my topic sentence which must be the first sentence of the paragraph. Also I need help with transitioning between one of my sentences. The following is the scenario ...'


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