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b'Math unit test. 1 write the fraction 1/8 as a percent. round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. 12.50percent 37.50percent**** 62.50percent 80.00percent'

b'46 add 2d = 10 add 5d How would i do this problem step by step. I need these notes for the future'

b'The scatterplot shows the number of minutes spent reading x and the number of pages read y by each of seven students last night. Use the labeled points to create a linear model that predicts the number of pages that a typical student reads in x minutes. Which equation ...'

b'Find the digit that makes _1,258 divisible by 9? List all the factors of the number 30? Find the prime factorization of the number 168?'

b'the temperature dropped 14 degrees in 3.5 hours'

b'Ms Rowe needs to make a box to hold 729 cm^3. She needs the box to have a lid. What are the dimensions of the box that would minimise the surface area?'

b'Bob is twice as old as chuck, and susie is 10 years younger than bob. If the sum of their age is 100 years, how old is susie?'

b'the half-life of iodine-131 is 8 days. how much iodine-131 will be left After 35 grams sample after 32 days?'

b'PLEASE CHACK MY ANSWER Discussion for Applications of Linear Systems When solving a system of equations, how do you determine which method to use? My answer: I determine which method to use by looking at the equations. If both equations are in slope-intercept form, I choose...'

b'From a rectangular sheet of tin,of size 100cm by 80cm,are cut four squares of side 10cm from each corner.Find the area of the remaining sheet.'

b'Mr. Lynch bought some oranges and pears.after giving away 10 oranges, he had twice as many pears as oranges left.if he had 24 pears in the end,what was the ratio of the number of oranges to the number of pears he had at first?'

b'The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a school choir is 4:3.there are 6 more boys than girls.if another 2 girls join the choir, what will be the new ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in the school choir?'

b'The smallest of three consecutive integers is added to twice the largest, the result so obtained is fifteen less than four times the middle integer. Find the integer s.'

b"The number of tim's stamps is 3/4 the number of david's stamps.if tim gives 1/2 of his stamps to david,what will be the ratio of the number of tim's stamps to the number of david's stamps?"

b'Find the coordinates of the image of the point p4,6under the reflection about the line x=3 followed by the reflection about the line y=x.'

b'in the figure given below, area of parallelogram ABCD is 29 square centimeters.calculate the height of parallelogram ABEF if AB=5.8.'

b'A restaurant has tables that can seat either 4 or 7 persons. there are 12 four seaters and 8 seven seater tables. a what is the largest number of persons that can be seated if all the four seater tables only are occupied? b 83 persons are to be seated for lunch. All the four...'

b'given tat Fx=x^3addax^2addbx has critical points at x=1 and x=5 find a and b and classify the critical points as max, min, or neither.'

b'A coyote can run up to 43 miles per hour while a rabbit can run up to 35 miles per hour. Write two equivalent expressions and then find how many more miles a coyote can run in six hours than a rabbit at these rates'


b'4\xc3\x975 1/8'

b'Round to the nearest 10 The average person eats 60 hots dogs. Rota is 86 years old. How many hot dogs would she have eaten in her life time'

b'leslie decides to join a gym . she must pay a monthly fee plus a one -time fee to open a membership. This situation can be modeled by the expression 55x add 80 . explain how each number and letter in the expression relates to the problem .'

b'The proceeds of a 9,500.00, 10 percent simple discounted note for 95 days is?'

b'The radioactive decay of a substance is expressed by A=A^0 e^ -kt, where the initial amount A^0, decays to an amount A after t years. The positive constant k differs for each substance. Strontium 90 decays such that k=.028. Find out how much of 1,000 mg of strontium 90 remains...'

b'109 miles at 1.99 a gallon how much is amount of paid mileage'

b'Compatible numbers to find two estimates that the quotient is between 2,593\xc3\xb76'

b'11 notebooks were added to w notebooks. 7 friends then shared the notebooks equally. Express the number of notebooks each person received in terms of w.'

b'The length of a picture frame is 8u - 12 inches. Its width is 3/4 of its length. Express the width of the picture frame in terms of u.'

b'determine the equation of the graph in the form y=acosbx'

b"A rectangle's length and width is a ratio of 17:2. The area is 136 square yards. What is the length and width. I have no idea on how to even attempt to work this problem. Please help"

b'How many critical values does the function fx = 3x^4 add 4x^3 have?'

b'If -272\xc2\xb0 c is changing at a steady rate for 25 minutes how much would the temperature change each minute'

b'A certain disease has an incidence rate of 0.5percent. If the false negative rate is 7percent and the false positive rate is 2percent, compute the probability that a person who tests positive actually has the disease.'

b'Tom had a board that was 4 ft. 5 in. long. He cut off a piece that was 1 ft. 9 in. long. How much board does he have left?'

b'A rectangles length and width are in a ratio of 17:2. The area is 136 square yards. What are the length and width. Have no idea how to even start to work this problem other than 17L X 2w= 136'

b'a large pie was cut into 12 pieces 2/6 of The Pie was eaten how much is left over?'

b'The length of a rectangle is 6x feet and its width is 3x feet. The area of the rectangle is 420 - 6x square feet. What is the perimeter of the rectangle, in feet? Hint: Create a true equation using the fact that LW = Area. Solve the equation for x by factoring. Find the length...'

b'The question:Consider a data set of 15 distinct measurements with mean A and median B. a If the highest number were increased, what would be the effect on the median and mean? Explain. The mean would remain the same while the median would increase. Both the mean and median ...'

b'Hi can someone please help me? A recent study gave the information shown in the table about ages of children receiving toys. The percentages represent all toys sold. Age years Percentage of Toys 2 and under 3-5 6-9 10-12 13 and over 17percent 19percent 24percent 13percent 27percent What is the ...'

b'How would you justify the steepness of a slope?'

b'The eleventh term of an A.P.with positive terms is four times its third term and the product of thord te and eleventh term is 256.Find the A.P.'

b'Brand A granola is 25?percent nuts and dried fruit and brand B granola is 20?percent nuts and dried fruit. How much of sweet item A and sweet item B should be mixed to form a 20-lb batch of sweets that is 23?percent nuts and dried? fruit?'

b'Here is the question:Consider a data set of 15 distinct measurements with mean A and median B. a If the highest number were increased, what would be the effect on the median and mean? Explain. The mean would remain the same while the median would increase. Both the mean and ...'

b'3. The demand equation for a certain product is q=500-40paddp^2 where p is the price per unit in dollars and q is the quantity of units demanded in thousands. Find the point elasticity of demand when p = 15. If this price of 15 is increased by \xc2\xbdpercent, what is the approximate...'

b'The number of blocks has 9 in the ones place the number in the hundred place is one more than the number in the tens place those two numbers equal 11 how many blocks are there?'

b'Solve the quadratic 2xadd63x-1=2'

b'Is it reasonable or not give me an anwser'

b'Brian was training to run a marathon. During the three day period before the race he decided he would train for 11 hours. If he trained for 2 3/5 hours first day and 2 9/10 second day, how many hours would he need to train third day. This is the question I solved it to the ...'

b'If an investment grows 75percent in 4 years, what annual compound interest rate, compounded annually, is being earned?'


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