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b'The delivery will have arrived by next Sunday. is this an example of future perfect tense or an example of passive voice? or both?'

b"Where is Beyonce from? There is an apostrophe on the last letter 'e' in beyonce.' in a text book? Whay is that?"

b'Can anyone explain how expatriate Americans and native Europeans viewed America after WWI.'

b'vowels: r-controlled riddle read a clud and write the list word. when you have written all seven word, the answer will appear in the boxes. THIRD,EARLY, WORLD, CERTAIN, DIRTY, HERSELF, EARTH, WORD, PERFECT, VERB, NERVE, WORM, THIRSTY, WORKOUT, EARN what building has the most ...'

b'Thank you, Writeacher. Can you please have a look at the following sentences? 1 I think in American English you can say: She said she was leaving the hotel the day after instead of the following day. 2 He said he had lost his keys the night before. 3 I heard him play the ...'

b"Identify the subjects of the following sentences. Jacob's favorite poker game is Texas Hold'em"

b'CkB is the director of television of SKC Limited, a broadcasting company. The new managing director of the company expressly forbade CKB from entering into any contracts for broadcasting rights. CKB however bought rights from OSMI Limited for the broadcasting of English ...'

b"Hello. I will be very grateful for your help. 1 Is it possible to use for the present in the meaning so far in the context she hasn't said for the present how long she will stay in London? 2Is it possible to use an infinitive after to come to agreement / reach ..."

b'Is this paragraph right? Newspapers are a great way to start your day. Many people think newspapers contain only dreary news, well their wrong. Newspapers are surprisingly interesting, and you might actually like them. There even might be something about your hometown. There ...'

b'I did my thesis paragraph. 1. history 2. background 3. theory 4. benefits Is their any sample that I can see, so I know if Im in the right direction'

b"Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1Are the structures with yet correct: ahe hasn't said yet how long... bhe hasn't yet said how long...? 2Which word order is correct: he spoke with the prime minister over the phone or he spoke over the phone with the ..."

b'I need you to check these sentences. I would like to rephrase n.1-2, too. Thank you very much 1Describe how Mr Gradgrind is portrayed by Dickens in Chapter 2 of Hard Times. What is his surname symbolic of? How does he address his pupils and what kind of philosophy does he ...'

b'how would I start a formal outline on early childhood education/ intervention'

b"I don't have time to express these ideas more clearly. I really rely on your help, Writeacher. My sister's husband works as a journalist and therefore she and the children will probably accompany him to London for the Olympic Games and will be attending a summer course there..."

b"Writeacher, you didn't manage to check my post yesterday. I really need you to check just this part. I also included a few other things. Thank you very much in advance 1 Mr. Gradgrind turns his attention to Bitzer, perhaps because he, though sitting a few rows in advance of ..."

b"Writeacher, you didn't manage to check my post yesterday. I really need your help to rephrase just this part. Thank you very much in advance 1 Mr. Gradgrind turns his attention to picks on? Bitzer, perhaps because he chanced to sit in the same ray of sunlight which, ..."

b"I need to write a poem in the style of an American romantic poet. I don't really understand how to incorporate that into a poem. My poem is supposed to be about nature with the five senses. Can someone please explain to me how i create an american romantic poem??"

b'subject and object pronouns DIRECTION - write SP if the underlined pronoun is a subject pronoun. write OP if it is an object pronoun. 1- SIR EDMUND HILLARY WAS A CLIMBER. HE REACHED THE Top OF MOUNT EVEREST. SP underline the word he 2- TENZING NORGAY, A GUIDE, WENT WITH HIM...'

b"I need examples of selflessness in Robin Hood and Jeremiah Johnson - I have Robin Hood but don't know about Jeremiah Johnson"

b'What are the verbs in these sentences? I just want to check my work. Gasping, Matty called for his gift to come. There was no sense of how to direct it. He became aware, suddenly, that he had been chosen for this. Thanks in advance'

b'Writeacher, I really need your help to rephrase just this part. Thank you very much in advance 1 Mr. Gradgrind turns his attention to picks on? Bitzer, perhaps because he chanced to sit in the same ray of sunlight which, darting in at one of the bare windows of the ...'

b'when Odysseus described his reputation for guile to Alcinous, he is revealing Ainternal conflict Bcharacter Cexternal conflict Dirony'

b'Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A. Melissa said that she would never go on a cruise B. Justin asked, Will tickets be available online? C. Of course, Mr. Howard replied You can buy tickets and rent a car online. I think it is A.'

b'Here is the last part I need to rephrase. I need to simplify the description in two, three sentences. Thank you 1 Sissy is described as so dark-eyed and dark-haired, that she seems to receive a deeper and more lustrous colour from the sun, when it shines upon her. 2 In ...'

b'Here is the secomd part of my rephrase. I urgently need to rephrase point 5 symplifying it. 1 He addresses one of the pupils, identifying her by her number in the class, not by her name. She introduces herself as Sissy Jupe. 2 He takes offence at this version of her given ...'

b"I'd like you to check the first part of the rephrase. I'll post you the rest in my next post. Thank you. 1 In Chapter 2 Thomas Gradgrind, is introduced as a rigid, narrow-minded man, who seems to be concerned only about facts with a total disregard for imagination. He always ..."

b"Writeacher, I really need your help to paraphrase the beginning of Chapter 2 taken from Dickens's Hard Times. In particular, I would like to simplify Mr. Gradgrind's description, reduce it to a paragraph and turn it into a fill-in-the-blank activity. I don't know if you can..."

b'I urgently need you to have a look at the following sentences. I really hope you are not looking after your grandchildren today. 1 Your account description of historical events is incomplete and occasionally wrong. In addition, you failed to cover the ten-line space or ...'

b'I need help explaining experiences english immigrants had while travelling to the united states in the 1920s. Also, how they gained entrance into the counrty and experiences at Ellis Island'

b"Writeacher, I really need your help to check these sentences Too many mistakes. 1 Lady Macbeth compared the Duncan's murder with a painted devil, a picture that scared only children who thought it was real. Correction: Lady compares dead and sleeping people to a painted ..."

b"I need to write my own classification and division Essay of 200 words about the versions of English spoken using mother tongue as a sample. I'm having Trouble developing a good thesis statement. Please help"

b'17. Which sentence contains a verb in the simple past tense? A. She has obeyed her father. B. She obeyed her father. C. She obeys her father. D. She had obeyed her father.'

b"1. Mark an O on the picture you like, and mark an X on the picture you don't like. 2. Mark O on the picture you like, and mark X on the picture you don't like. 3. Check a circle on the picture you like, and check an X on the picture you don't like. 4. Check circle on the ..."

b"What was Longfellow's literary zeal??"

b'What does it mean that H.W. Longfellow reached the household name status?'

b'a graphic source is an image that help you understand what you read. common graphic source include charts, graphs,and diagrams. study the following graphic source. then answer the questions below. the worst volcanic eruptions in history VOLCANO| LOCATION| YEARS| DEATHE| MAJOR ...'

b'What was so great about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow when it came to his work? What inspired him make write the types of poetry that he had?'

b"This is about the book Oedipus the King. What are three distinct moments of suffering? How could these moments apply to Aristotle's theory: a critical component of tragedy is a scene of suffering."

b'Writeacher, what time is in your country now? I really need you to check my last sentence. I hope you are not too busy with your grandchildren. Thank you very much for your invaluable help. 1 In particular, we may be interested in two different types of two-week courses: one ...'

b"How teachers of secondary school students can engage and capture their students in spite of all temptations in life. what i think teacher can do is to make some jokes in between class. i don't know what else to write please help."

b"I've added a few more things to a sentence. I'd like you to check it. I included another doubt. 1 In particular, we may be interested in two different types of two-week courses: one for students, whose level usually ranges from low intermediate to upper intermediate; and one ..."

b'latin, greek, english, and balto-salvic are all____ languages.'

b"Just two more things. I can't find a proper verb to include in 1. 1 Can I officially inform the parents about the existing cooperation between our schools, which will be accomplished ??through various projects? 2 As I wrote you or as I wrote to you in my previous email? 3..."

b'In the story pecos bill: the cyclone how were the great plains formed?'

b'what is an arbitration clause? What is a cancellation clause? What is a prevailing law clause? What is a complaints procedure?'

b"What figure of speech is 'the heavens let loose' in a comprehension implying a heavy rain"

b'I varied my original email including other information. I wonder if you could help me express the new things, in 4 and 7. Thanks a lot 1 Thank you very much for your prompt reply. 2 Our students would really like to be involved in a student exchange programme with your ...'

b'Writeacher, I clarified all the instances of Prospero and Caliban. Thank you very much. 1 Who is Caliban? How did Caliban behave towards Prospero when Prospero first arrived on the island? Does Caliban regret his behaviour now? What does Caliban wish? 2 What did Prospero...'

b'Writeacher, I urgently need you to check this email. In particular, I wrote a few things I need to express better. 1 He has such a strong determination he always menages to achieve his goals. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. 2 Our students would really like to be ...'

b'Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these questions. Thank you. I also included the answer, which you have already revised. 1 Who is Caliban? How did Caliban behave towards Prospero when he first arrived on the island? Does he regret his behaviour now? What does he ...'


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