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b'state the error and rewrite the sentence.who did max always want you to meet'

b'Could you please check these other sentences, please? Thank you. 1 I\xc2\x92ve just been on holiday with my family. I\xc2\x92ve just gone on holiday with my family. 2 My nephews did some pirates\xc2\x92 games. If you have just come back from your holiday: I was in Spain with my family for ...'

b'In a mystery story, the conflict is given a new name. What is it? Climax, Resolution, Problem, or All of the above? My choice is problem, am I correct?'

b'I forgot to add the following data. Thank you very much. 1 You should make a short list of the job requirements before going for the interview. 2 There is nothing wrong with pulling out the paper with the company\xc2\x92s data on during the interview. 3 You should arrive to your...'

b"I urgently need to check these sentences for the last time. Thank you. 1 The doctor prescribed a nasal spray to be used is TO USE a mistake?? three times a day. Incorrect: The doctor prescribed me OR to me a nasal spray ... 2 Why don't you take SOME bicarb or bicarbonate/..."

b'I still have a few doubts. Can you please tell me if the sentences are all possible? Thank you 1 He cut his finger when he was slicing some bread. The surgeon gave him five stiches. The surgeon put five stiches in his finger. 2 The doctor put a cast on my ankle. The doctor ...'

b'Thank you very much, Writeacher. Here are some more things I wanted to include. 1 Can you help me organize the introduction to the project? I will also include a group photo of the participating students as well as photos of our school. 2 Once the students know about our ...'

b"1. After you read the three friends' self-introductory passages, complete the following table. 2. After you take a look at the table summarized above, introduce one of/among the three friends to your classmates. They are directions. Are they grammatical? And in sentence 2, do..."

b'I am currently writing my Journey Speech, does anyone know a quote from a famous person who has a quote about journey that is very inspiring and I can include at the end of my speech? Thank you...'

b'Identify the Direct Object in the sentence. 9. Nevertheless, they know the long distance traveled by the accomplished athletes. My answer: distance'

b"Hi I'm back again, how does this sentence sound: Both delve into issues regarding the search for one\xc2\x92s identity and fitting in among society while maintaining a sense of individuality."

b"How would I correct the following sentence, I don't know if I have to put quotes for the poem or the movie: As I was reading Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, I noticed parallels between it and the movie Finding Nemo."

b'i just need some checking on my sentences if there is something wrong. thank you Ranchers and farmers are competitively trying to reduce their cost in many ways. This strategy reduces the quality of the product which brings problem to the food. Each year, many Americans are ...'

b"Hi, I have to compare Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Walt Whitman to modern day time. The last couple of journal entries I've compared to well known songs and their lyrics. I'm thinking of comparing it to an important event or movie, but I'm not sure what to write about. Any ideas..."

b'What is the subject for the following sentence? The first assignment for this class is this quiz. Answer a. first b. assignment c. class d. quiz .'

b'Identify the capitalized part of speech in the following sentence: Unless you come to class and complete the work, you will learn VERY little. Answer a. noun b. pronoun c. verb d. adjective e. adverb f. preposition g. conjunction .'

b"Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH 1. Write from Mrs.Frisby's point of view your thought upon hearing the tractor start. Then write about the same thing from Mr.Fitzgibbon's point of view."

b'Identify the underlined part of speech in the following sentence: Unless you come to class and complete the work, you will learn very little. Answer a. noun b. pronoun c. verb d. adjective e. adverb f. preposition g. conjunction'

b'Identify the capitalized part of speech in the following sentence: Sterling has volunteered FOR an organization that helps the homeless. Answer a. noun b. pronoun c. verb d. adjective e. adverb f. preposition'

b"Identify the capitalized part of speech in the following sentence: You should be proud of him, FOR he's a jolly good fellow. Answer a. noun b. pronoun c. verb d. adjective e. adverb f. preposition g. conjunction ."

b'Can you have a look at these sentences, please? 1. I\xc2\x92m emailing you the list of students, who are looking forward to starting the email partnership. As you can see, there are 25 pupils, coming from different classes and age groups. Do you think you can find other 4 pupils ...'

b'what is sentence variety and rhythm'

b'1 How can I shorten the word sixteen-year-old pupils? sixteen-year-olds? I need to include groups of students belonging to different classes. So I would like to identify them according to their age.'

b'possessive pronouns direction circle the correct possessive pronoun for ecah sentence. 1-Gems are some of our,oursmost valuable rocks. my son circle the word our 2-Their,Theirsfavorite gem is bright green. my son circle the word their 3-Diamonds are found in my, mine...'

b"The main disadvantage of relying on a computer spell checker is that it A.takes too long to make the corrections B. can't distinguish between homonyms C.highlights all words that aren't in it's dictionary. D. may have too few words in it's dictionary. Ichose C can someone ..."

b'Could you please check these last two sentences, again? Thank you. 1 On one hand, I think it would be best to organize a student exchange program for next autumn and, on the other hand see the number of students who would be interested in spending an academic year at your ...'

b"I left out the following sentences. Please, could you check them too? 1 My backpack is very heavy because inside in it? are both possible there are extra clothes, food, water or food and water for two days, a map, and a compass. 2 I'll take a big backpack with a tent to ..."

b"Could you please check these sentences, please? Thank you. 1 The thieves stole a lot of things but they didn't damage the house. turn this sentence into the passive/this is part of a test: A lot of things was/were stolen by the thieves but the house wasn't damaaged. 2..."

b"I left out these sentences. Thank you. 1 I hope the weather will be nice/good. I hope to have luck with the weather. If there is heavy rain, I'll have to wear walking boots. I also have a wind breaker in my rucksack in case it will rain. 2 All the boys and girls who will ..."

b'Imagine you are one of the competitors in the Ten Tors Challenge. Describe your clothes and the things you will take with you on the Challenge. Can we use both the present continous and the future when described the clothes,: I will wear/ I will have to take ... I gave two ...'

b"I urgently need you to check this. Thank you, Writeacher. 1 Sorry for disturbing you again. Our secretary told me she hasn't received your headmaster's email, yet. 2 Can you please send it again to the following email address.....? We'll be organizing a link to your school ..."

b'that last 2 questions. how does author of story talk about wallpaper? what symbolism it obtain? She discuss wallpaper by showing herself being trapped and isolated in room where no one understand her. She be describing her own life. I not get the symbolism part. Where does ...'

b'wud narrator be in same situation living in the present? What options she have? What treatment be offered to her? I think so because it have big effect on her brain already. It be too late for her i think. Options she have to be getting freedom be to do what she want. ...'

b"i also not get this one which be talk about 'madness' as social experience phenonmenan compare experience of madness with other kinds eg. social dev iates."

b'story be more powerful in this first person narration? i write yes because we know what she feel and think. i not get second part to this which be there be other ways of describing what narrator think possible and/or more interesting? in anyways?'

b'One observer say of narrator, that \xc2\x91madness be her only freedom\xc2\x92 u agree with this? What other options she have? I not agree with this because narrator know what she want, but her husband not let her desire be fulfilled. Narrator wanted to write, and express herself but he...'

b'in what way the madness in this story be a kind of trip, an inner trip instead of trad itional voyage? i not get this one.'

b'tell the images that come into sight in story. eg pg. 11 a place with hedges and walls and gates that lock, and lots of separate little houses for gardeners and people. that be dark images?'

b'3. How do writer create loneliness of narrator? Is the sensation of being alone, being solitary, part of the notio n of \xc2\x93madness\xc2\x94? i not sure if some of my answer be right. The author create lonliness of narrator through journal. There be no one that understand her, so she...'

b"I took too long in the shower. Is this grammatical? What is the part of speech of 'long'? Is 'long' a noun?"

b'ms. sue my sister make account on here and i post site where i put my questions but my post not post.'

b"I need help on writing a thesis statement for my informative essay for ENC 1101. I decided to write about adoption and I want to write what the advantages and disadvantages of adoption are. I'm very undecisive on how I should write it. Please help."

b'I still have a few sentences to check. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1 During my last holiday I went to Switzerland. For my birthday my parents gave me cards for a horse jumping tournment in Zurich and I went to watch it. 2We went to friends who have a house in Zurich and...'

b"I urgently need you to help me check these sentences. Thank you, Writeacher 1 I'm sorry we havent' been in touch with each other for a long time. I've just been on holiday with my family. 2 I visited a medieval village and two islands on the Maggiore Lake. During my holiday ..."

b"fact and opinion a statement of fact can be proved true or false. a statement of opinion gives someone's thoughts or feelings about something. words that express feelings,such as fun and wonderful,are clues that a sentence is probably an opinion. direction read the following ..."

b'Writeacher, can you suggest possible topics for email conversations among teenagers? 1 I will ask my students to introduce themselves, describe their daily routines, their hobbies and interests and the place where they live. They will do that with the help of our arts teacher...'

b"I urgently need you to help me find the proper words. Thank you Writeacher 1 Thank you very much for sending me the list of your students. I was thinking of creating a link to our partnership I don't know how to express this on my school webpage. 2 Five of your students ..."

b'1999,I went to Disney World for vacation'

b"Writeacher, here is my today's post. I varied my name from Henry to Matthew because there are too many Henry on Jiskha In this way I can get to my post more easily. Imagine you have been on holiday with your family. Write an email to a friend telling him/her all your news ..."

b'who did thomas paine right common sense to?the british monarchy or the colonist in 1776..I think he wrote it to the british monarchy. am i right?'


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