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b'I left out these other two sentences. Thank you very much. I need to fix sentence 2 using linkers. 1 From the ship Robinson takes paper, ink and a pen, which he uses to write a diary necessary for Robinson to mantain an ideal contact with his motherland. 2 Robinson has many ...'

b'Here are some other sentences I need to check with you. Thank you very much. 1 He writes a diary with everything he does on the island and records everything he does on the island?. 2 To feed himself, in addition to goats\xc2\x92 meat and milk, he plants some corn seeds in the ...'

b'I tried to check things myself but I still have a few doubts. Please, have a look at them. 1A novel is retrospective when the narrator recollect memories from his/her past. 2 Friday is similar to a European in his complexion. However, he describes only few negative aspects ...'

b'Here are other sentences I need to check. Can you please help me to have a look at them? Thank you. 1 In his Robinson Crusoe, Defoe uses retrospective first person or 1-st person narration because he recalls memories from his past adventures. Not because the characters are...'

b"I urgently need to check some paragraphs with you. I hope you can help me. I repeated the same sentence many times to see all the possible variations. Thank you very much. 1Defoe's novels are fcitional and retrospective autobiographies always pretending to be true stories and..."

b'the textbook stresses that your writing___that is, you must have a goal of demonstrating the truth of your conclusions and clarifying and illuminating your idea about the topic and also about the work.'

b"1. Wilma tried very hard to succeed as an athlete. 2. Wilma tried to succeed as an athlete very hard. Do both sentences have the same pattern and the meaning? Is the verb 'tried' a transitive verb, and take an object the to infinitive? Or is the verb 'tried' used as an ..."

b"for the story the street of the Canon.. -how does pepe gonzalez behave when he first arrives in the village the night of the party? -What might Gonzalez's actions suggest about the kind of person he is? -How does Gonzalez arrange to dance with Sarita? -when they began dancing..."

b'Thank you very much. A few other things on sentences I need to check. They are really awkward to check. 1 Which of the following are possible? The novels were told/written in the first or third person singular ?. We have a first or third person narrator. 2 The author ...'

b'1. What is his personality like? 2. What is his personality? 3. He is generous. Which question is correct?'

b"first of all, i'm an esl student and i'm bad in making research paper. please give me advice on how i can improve. here is my work that needs proof reading. ty Fermentation has been used for many years to produce beverages such as wine. Fermentation in wine happens when the ..."

b'F. Scott Fitzgerald dropped out of college to'

b'In the article, How Lethal Was the K-T Impact? by Richard A. Kerr and Virginia Morell, what is listed as part of the related subject matter?'

b"Writeacher, I'm glad you are with us again. I'm finding it difficult to check 2-4. I wonder if you could help me. Thank you 1 The teacher took two points off for each/every any is a mistake grammar mistake. Edward got back at his brother for being rude to him because he ..."

b"Hello. I'll be very grateful if you help me understand the word thrusting used in the context: she can be distinguished from the pop world's thrusting teens. Does thrusting mean 1go-ahead,active or, maybe, 2obtusive,importunate or maybe something different? Thank you ..."

b'Topic:machine,a block and tackle of 6 pulleys is used to raise a load of 300N steadily through a height of 30m.if the work done against friction is 2000J. calculate:the work done by effort,the efficiency of the system,the applied effort.'

b"the question might sound dumb, but can anyone check to see if the sentence is correct: It'sform due till May 1st."

b'we are asked to write a 1 page report about how is fermented beverage made. my plan is to make report about fermented milk. i found this article but my concern is how can i make my report without looking like a copy/ paste work? need serious advice. here is the article that i ...'

b'Can someone check these two paragraphs, please? It is really important to me. 1In Chapter ten Dr Jekyll comes to the realization of the primitive duality of man. He admits that man is not truly one but two. He is sure that if he can separate his two identities, he will be ...'

b'As Writeacher is on holiday, I need someone of you, Ms Sue, to check my paragraph. In particular, sentence 1 ? he had daydreamed and sentence 2 the whole sentence. I really hope you can help me. 1In Chapter ten Dr Jekyll comes to the realization of the primitive duality...'

b'Fill in the blank. English is an important language for international __________.'

b'the passage makes it clear that aunt georgiana??'

b"Ms Sue, here is the second and last part, concerning Stevenson's biography. Thank you very much for helping me. 1 Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh in 1850. He spent most of his childhood in bed because of his poor health and grew up under the influence of his ..."

b"Ms. Sue, as Writeacher is not there, I'd like you to check if everything is OK in this rephrase I need to prepare for tomorrow. Use of tenses 1 In Chapter ten Dr Jekyll comes to the realization of the primitive duality of man. He admits that man is not truly one but two. He..."

b'Writeacher, I urgently need you to revise the introductory part of Chapter 10 Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde. Can you check tenses,please? 1 In Chapter ten Dr Jekyll comes to the realization of the primitive duality of man. He admits that man is not truly one but two. He is sure ...'

b"In the word ecologists, is eco the root morpheme or ology? Are the morphemes eco, log, y, ist, s or ec, ology, ist, s ? This is very confusing for me. Any explanation on how to find the root would be appreciated. It's easy to find roots on some words, but words like ecology, ..."

b'I urgently need to check this paragraph. I need to revise word choice, punctuation, sentence connectors and grammar. I really hope you can help me. 1 The 18-th century novels represent the contemporary middle-class and its virtues and features; so the hero is always a self-...'

b'Could you please check these sentences? Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1 Your paragraphs show a good knowledge of the literary contents. As to the grammar, you are still unsure in the use of tenses and prepositions. 2 As to cohesion, you failed to write an introduction or ...'

b'briefly summarizing the theory and discussing at least two of the \xc2\x93Seven Intelligences\xc2\x94 that apply most closely to you, providing examples to illustrate your point.'

b'I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1 The sense of reward and punishment followed the Puritan ethics of the middle class. but not: the rewards and punishments followed..... 2 Other important themes are time and place, which are decribed in great the...'

b'Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1 You forgot to mention the fact that Robinson keeps himself busy by writing keeping a diary using the paper, pen and ink he finds on the wrecked ship. 2 He realizes his gunpowder is running out. 3 The ...'

b'Look at the significance of chapter 5 to the novel as a whole. Focus on the relevance and effect of writer\xc2\x92s use of language to describe setting, character and what it shows about social and historical influences. the novel is frankenstein by mary shelley'

b'requirements name the root morpheme:quire of bound morphemes: 3 list derivational morphemes: re, ment list inflectional morphemes: s Is this correct?'

b"Could you please check these other sentences? They are the last on the same topics. Thank you. 1You can't get around it: you must tell him the truth. 2 You can't get out of it: you must tell him the truth. My dad took a day off to take me to the sea Or to the seaside? 3 ..."

b"I left out a few sentences. Thank you. I would like you to tell me the ones which are not possible.Thank you 1 I don't manage to get around to thanking you. Correctio: I can't get around to.. 2 She brought up three children by herself/on her own. She brought three children ..."

b"Writeacher, I really need you to check these sentences and tell me which are possible. Thank you. 1 I really hope we can start our students' email exchange next week. 2 Can you possibly write a short presentation of your school age range of your students, list of core ..."

b"Doing an assignment on act 4 scene 1-2 of Romeo and Juliet's symbols I have to use these symbols and find an object for each one that reflects it it needs evidence too Here are the symbols and thanks for all your help Love Foolishness of the feud Extremes Loyalty Dreams/Fate"

b"Writeacher, I need you to check these things I need to include in an email. Thank you. 1 He has just received your principal's email and he is very pleased our schools will be working together on the accomplishments of various didactic ?? projects. I'm going to find out ..."

b'The subject of this unit is the role of those mythologies which determine the meaning of being male or female in American culture. As always, your aim as a writer is to incorporate what the critics have been arguing into your own thinking, thereby to enter into a discussion ...'

b"I left out a sentence. He didn't let on the secret to anyone."

b"Writeacher, could you please check these examples? Thank you. 1 'm glad you moved into a new house. I'm pleased you moved house. We were having dinner when the lights went off/out. We didn't 2 What kind of approach can a person have to work? He can work at a passion, at a ..."

b'Is this an adjective or determiner if you are doing a syntax tree diagram branching out from a NP? I will surely leave this job without a penny in my pocket. Is without a preposition?'

b"I have removed your post because you included personally identifying information, which is not a safe thing to do online. I've saved the text of your paper in a Word file, though. I'll get back to you soon."

b'what is the subject in the following sentece... these past three days have been quiet and enjoyable'

b'Is this sentence in past progressive tense? The freshman math classes were already behind schedule by three weeks.'

b"The equilibrium constant Kc for the following reaction is equal to 0.20 at 250\xc2\xb0C. Calculate the equilibrium constant Kp for the reverse reaction at the same temperature. COCl2 g = CO g add Cl2 g I'm sorry.. English is a second language for me. After solving for K'c and ..."

b"I still have a few doubts, Writeacher. These are my last sentences. I really hope you can check them 1 I\xc2\x92ve just been on holiday to France with my family. It means you have just come back? I\xc2\x92ve just gone on holiday with my family. I'm still there?? 2 My nephews did..."

b"I included the sentences I was most doubtful of. I hope you can clear my doubts. Thank you very much in advance. 1 My family and I have been on holiday in Greece. We stayed on a little island... There wasn't any wind. Unfortuanately I spent there only a week. 2 I have just ..."

b'What does a spectator do? thx for any and all help ???????6;'

b'vowels:r-controlled directions replace the sound in each word with the correct combination of letters. choose one of the combinations in the box. write the word on the line. /er/spelled ir,er,ur,ear,or ar spelled or spelled or,ore,oar 1- moth/er/ my son write mother 2-h/er/t...'


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