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b"Can you please check these sentences and tell me which one are possible? Thank you. 1 He didn't let on the secret to anyone. He didn't let out the secret to anyone. 2 He didn't let on that he knew Mary's secret. He didn't let out that he knew Mary's secret. 3 Write 5 ..."

b"Can you please help check the sentence again. I forgot to include the verb. If you want, you can help me write a short description of your school including the summer courses and the students' mobility opportunities your school offers."

b"I forgot to include this sentence. Thank you. If you want, you can help me write a short description of your school including the summer courses and the students' mobility opportunities."

b'Writeacher, can you please check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1 My list included 27 students, including an older student from class IV F who would like to be involved in a science project to be carried out in English. 2 As you can see 17 of your students sent email ...'

b'please show me an example of an in text citation from an article'

b'I have to write an english assignment about banning a reality tv show. One of the paragraphs has to be about how 1984 underpins the whole concept of the show. I chose Next Top Model. I have found a lot of links like unacceptable standards of beauty, manipulation of the ...'

b'is indiana jones a mystery story?'

b'Which of the following is most likely to be a plot for a fantasy story? a a pirate ship must sail across the ocean quickly b a writer discovers an old diary c an old magic book is stolen from a wizard d all of the above i need help, i think it could be any of them. but at ...'

b'At Joseph Middle School, the probability that a boy takes English and Science is 0.087. The probability that a boy takes English is 0.68. What is the probability that a boy takes Science given that the boy is taking English?'

b'How do you call the washing podwer for the washing machine? A box of washing powder? Thank you.'

b'Thank you very much. I need you to check these sentences. 1 My father took a day off work not a day off from work to take me to the seaside. 2 They took 20percent off not from the list price. 3 He let the students off with an warning. He let off the students with a warning.'


b'c an you pl explain the word employability correct spelling parts of speech etc'

b'Can you please help me work out phrasal verbs related to work? When do you think will you come ...... to work? What are the possible prepositions? back .... are there others? What about down? Can you think of any phrasal verbs used with work apart from take a day off work, ...'

b"Sandy's throw to first base was short. what is the subject and verb etc.."

b'Hello What does this mean? ...find the lenght of the arc subtended by an angle of measure 2... I suck at English : '

b"Which one is correct? You'd better go over your maths notes. You'd better go through your maths notes"

b'Calculate the z-score for each set of data. Determine who did better on her respective test, Tonya or Lisa. Student English Test Grade z-Score Student Math Test Grade z-Score John 82 Jim 81 Julie 88 Jordan 85 Samuel 90 Saye 79 Tonya 86 Lisa 82 Mean 86.50 81.75 St. Dev. 3.42 2...'

b"Can you please help me check these sentences? Thank you. 1 I'd like to make a career as a teacher. I'd like to make money from my hobby. I'd like to earn money by working as a lawyer. 2 I hope the weather will be fine but if there is heavy reain, I'll have to wear walking ..."

b"Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you. That's the man I talked at the conference to. That's the man I talked to at the conference. On the Ten Tors Challenge I'm wearing a yellow T-shirt, black tracksuit pants, and a red-and-white bandanna on my forehead. I'm ..."

b"Writeacher, I need your help to check a few things. Thank you. 1 At the first time Clare didn't say if she was free, but the next day she confirmed she was able to go to the cinema. Can you check this sentence for me? 2 I would like to enrol at the faculty of Engineering. ..."

b'ms. sue for my mental illness story i be writing, what narration I use? teacher say i can use same one in yellow wallpaper or come up with own unique style. I not know what be better than first-person narration? I think of third person narration but i not know if i be able to ...'

b'can you help me reconstruct this sentence. its hard to pretend that im ok when im not. deep inside my heart i know that i deserve it as much as they deserve it.'

b'its hard to pretend that im ok when im not. deep inside my heart i know that i deserve it as much as they deserve it.'

b'write a story about someone whose plans went horribly wrong'

b"Question:'I'm young.I want to have fun, not spend my time studying' What are your views on this statement? ---------------------- In my opinion,this thought would obviously occur from time to time in the mind of any teenager spending his/her time studying for upcoming ..."

b'Could you please check if everything is correct? Thank you. 1 Thank you very much for having your students send email to their Italian partners. 2 Tomorrow I will distribute the emails to my students so that they can start the partnership. 3 Four more students would like to...'

b'show your understanding of literary and non-literary prose by citing examples and discussing them. 450 words'

b'No wonder can last more than three days All good things are three are the same statements ? The meaning of proverbs are same. conquer is opposite of overpower 2 submit 3 subject 4 vanquish 5 master . Piteous and pitiable are the same meaning words?'

b'This is what I meant in the previous sentence. Thank you. 1I want to say that if this person knows the password, he can check the names of the students who have already sent mail to their parterns.'

b"Could you please check these few things? Thank you, Writeacher. Here is the password connected to the students' class email address. If you want you can check the names of the students who have sent email so far. Could you please ask them all to send a short message so that ..."

b"Can you check this sentence, please? Thank you. Imagine to be a competitor in the Ten Tors Challenge. Refer to what you will wear and the things you'll bring with you on the challenge."

b"Writeacher, I can't vary the sentence, I just have to say which one is correct. Paris, which I visited last year, is one of the most romantic places in which I have ever been/I have ever been to. I have to determine whether the correct preposition is IN OR TO. Thank you."

b'The last exercise was a comprehension I downloaded from the internet site you suggested to me. esl-lounge I just wanted to know if my answers were correct. 3. The first time I ever met Clare, she was working in a clothes store in Chicago. I was feeling pretty embarrassed ...'

b'No wonder can last more than three days All good things are three are the same statements ? conquer is opposite of overpower 2 submit 3 subject 4 vanquish 5 master .'

b'I still have a doubt on a few sentences. 1. They are criticizing everything that/which/no pronoun I do. Which are possible? 2. I found a toy car, whose of which is a mistake? flat tyre was missing. As to the comprehension you suggested to me is the last question true or ...'

b"Writeacher, as to sentence 2 should I stick to the present perfect? Paris, which I visited last year, is one of the most romantic cities TO WHICH I've been in which I've been is a mistake which I've been to I've been to I've visited. where I've been I think it is awkard"

b"Writeacher, I urgently need your help to check a few things. 1 Which of them is the girl to whom you are enganged? 2 Paris, which I visited las year, is one of the most romantic cities I've been to/to which I've been/where I've been/where I've stayed/which I've been to/in ..."

b"I have to write these paragraphs for a writing assignment and just wasn't sure is I was doing it right. Need some advice ASSIGNMENT: You\xc2\x92ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with ..."

b'I have to write a paragraph of 8-10 sentences convincing my cousin that she has the skills to tackle the job of assistant to my boss, list 3 or 4 responsibilities,,'

b"Can you please check my sentences? Thank you. 1 I've been out for lunch. I've written a lot of tests at school. I've spent a lot of time revising for my English test. 2 I've bought a new lap top computer. I've participated in an athletic competition. 3 I've participated in ..."

b'1. My hobby is computer games. 2. My hobbies are computer games. 3. My hobby is a computer game. 4. My hobby is computer game. 5. My hobby is playing computer games. 5 is right. What about the others? Which ones are grammatical?...thank you for your answer.'

b'1. My hobby is soccer. 2. My hobby is baseball. Are both grammatical?'

b'i have to make creative story abt me having mental illness. i really having trouble with this. i not know what mental problem to write about and how write it. i please really need help. in class we also watch movie A Beautiful Mind and this guy see delusions and have ...'

b'I left out a few more things and a short translation. Can you please check them, too? 1 Four of your students have sent email so far. Can you please send me the individual email addresses of your partecipating students so that we can start the email partnership? My students ...'

b'fact and opinion a fact tells something that can be proved true or false. an opinion tells someones ideas or feelings.words that telll fellings, such as should or best, are clues to opinions. yu can ask an expert or use reference book to check whether a statement is true. ...'

b'Can you please check these other sentences? Thank you very much. 1 Robinson makes Friday a slave. He calls him Friday because of the day the savage was saved. Better: after the day he is rescued/after the day of his rescue. 2 There were specific references to the names of ...'

b"Can you please check these other sentences,too? Thank you. 1 Every detail in the novel is accounted for in the most precise manner. 2 Friday's physical traits are similar to those of a European. Friday doesn't believe in God so he is not Christian. Friday is not Christian ..."

b'In the word ecologists, is eco the root morpheme or ology? Are the morphemes eco, log, y, ist, s or ec, ology, ist, s ? This is very confusing for me. Any explanation on how to find the root would be appreciated. For example, on contributions are the morphemes con, trib, ute, ...'

b"Writacher, I didn't revise these questions. Though they can be improved, I can't see anything wrong with grammar. 1 Provide a description of Friday as given in Chapter 16 of Defoe\xc2\x92s Robinson Crusoe. 3 Outline the main features of 18th-century novels. Refer to the kind of ..."


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