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b'A few more things.Thank you. \xc2\x93Why don\xc2\x92t we go to the seaside for the weekend?\xc2\x94 he asked us. He proposed going to the seaside. He proposed that we should go...?? Can you tell me if the names below are female or male names? Thank you. Helen F Ellie f Kenneth m S...'

b'A last question. Can you please check these sentences? 1 \xc2\x93Would you like to go for a motorbike ride?\xc2\x94 he said to me. 2 \xc2\x93What about making pizza for dinner? he said. or asked?'

b'Thank you, Writeacher. Just a question on punctuation. \xc2\x93Would you like to go for a motorbike ride uphill?\xc2\x94, he said to me. 2 \xc2\x93Shall I phone Mary for you?,\xc2\x94 said Bill. 3 \xc2\x93If I were you, I\xc2\x92d leave tomorrow morning,\xc2\x94 he said. Is the position of the commmas correct...'

b'I left out the following sentences. Can you please check them, too? 1 \xc2\x93Congratulations for passing your driving test\xc2\x94, Peter said to me. He congratulated me on/for passing my driving test. 2 \xc2\x93I\xc2\x92m terribly sorry I dropped your glasses on the floor\xc2\x94, he said to me...'

b"Q'The radio crackled as the distant voice spluttered and died.Now they felt completely alone., but surely there must be others like them out there. Write a narrative,using this last phrase at the beginning or end of your story. 'Sami,Sami Please god, keep him alive. My son,..."

b'Writeacher, the website you suggested to me for reading comprehension is excellent but the texts are too short. They should be twice as long. Do you have other ideas?'

b'what part of speech is then in this sentence: the old lady pulled her spectacles down and looked over them about the room then she put them up and looked out under them'

b'can you please suggest any books for different types of writing styles?'

b'DESCRIPTIVE WRITING A song or piece of music comes to the radio. Immediately the tune reminds you of a particularly happy or sad occasion. Describe in detail the scene you remember real or imaginary and your feelings at that time: It was my first day back from Lakewood ...'

b'Is there any irony in the short story The Whirligig Of Life? If so, what are some examples?'

b'i need help putting this para into easier words plz Soldiers and military personnel are too often glorified and widely regarded as heroes, which promotes the idea of war within society. However, its harsh realities are left largely ignored, and many are fooled by the ...'

b'Writeacher, thank you very much for giving me advice. Can you please tell me if my sentences are possible? 1 What about making pizza for dinner\xc2\x94,he said. He suggested making pizza for dinner. 2 \xc2\x93OK. It was me who broke the vase\xc2\x94, she said. She admitted breaking the ...'

b"Please Check, Thank You When choosing your search strategy for a search engine, it's best to A. Combine keywords into phrases by using quotation marks B. Enter the least important word first C. use verbs, articles, and capitals D. Ignore alternate spellings Answer A"

b"I can't send you my post. I hope this time I can. 1 Rewrite the following sentences using wish I think I need to express this better. 2 She is not here with me. I wish she were here with me I couldn't talk to her. I wish I could have talked to her. I didn't have a ..."

b"I left out the following sentences on the third conditional. 4 She was angry with me. I didn't tell her the truth."

b'Thank you very much, Writeacher. Can you also suggest to me short reading comprehension to be done in 15 minutes with a set of comprehension questions at the end intermediate level ? Can you check if my sentences to turn into indirect speech are possible? 1 \xc2\x93Would you ...'

b'Question. For many years you have heard exciting and humorous tales about an elderly aunt/uncle in your family.Someone gives you a diary that once belonged to this relative, who is now dead.write TWO diary entries, each describing a memorable moment in this persons life...'

b'I urgently need you to help me,write five sentences about why you think knowledge of English language registers will be important in accounting and finance.'

b"Hi, we're reading the bible old testament in my class and we have to write a research paper about a topic that relates to a topic in any of the readings. Do you have any ideas what I could possibly write about? I was thinking the significance of numbers like 12 was important..."

b'When the atomic bomb exploded, almost everyone in Hiroshima saw a flash whiter than anything they had ever seen. True or false'

b'In which sentence is ceased used inappropriately and why: A. After the rain ceased, the sun came out. B. When the teacher told us to be quiet, we ceased talking. C. When we were full, we ceased eating. D. When it got cold, we ceased wearing our jackets. Is it A? If so, why?'

b'Writeacher, I need your help to find exercises on the following grammar topics: 1 Defining and non-defining relative clauses. e.g. two sentences to combine ... 2 Wish add simple past, past perfect, would add inf. 3Indirect speech reporting verbs such as apologize, remind, ...'

b"fact and opionion a statement of fact can be proved true or false. a statement of opinion gives someone's thoughts or feelings about something. words that express feelings,such as best and amazing,ate clues that a sentence is probably and opinion. directions- read the followin..."

b'what is the topic sentence in this paragraph? Nearly everyone is familiar with the dark silhouette of the giant saguaro, its arms thrust stiffly out. However, few people have actually seen this awe-inspiring plant in its natural habitat, since it is found only in the desert in...'

b'Why did Ratcliffe replace the original president?'

b'BACKGROUND: Ten years ago, I started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz, the human resources director, promoted me to office manager. I manage two employees: Jack and Ruth. My office provides secretarial support for the four members of the ...'

b'What are some of disadvantage if we preseving our cultural resources?'

b'I am trying to write a paper but I am having a difficult time understanding the way you use first person in APA style. The instructions are: Use APA format- For this assignment you may use first person and use the questions as subheadings. I need and example of using first ...'

b'10 out of 36 students love math, 13 love science and the rest love english. write down the fraction of students who love science.'

b'I need help writing a 150-200 word paragraph on Identify an introductory technique that could be used to grab the readers attention and showcase the main idea?'

b"I urgently need you to help me express the following sentence. Thank you. 1 In the past my daughter has suffered from a disease called oxyuriasis which can affect a person's intestine. I'll give her the proper medication in case she develops/contracts/catches this disease ..."

b"Hello Any suggestions for a game? English learners 15 year olds The class lasts for 20 minutes. They don't want anything with grammar, vocabulary and so on. They said they want to play something Do you have something from your classroom?"

b'I realized I sent you the wrong sentences. Can you please have a look at them? 1 Our history teacher has included a new email address to be used only by the students participating in the project:...... All the post your 17 students have sent so far has been transferred to the...'

b"Writeacher, I'd like you to revise these sentences, please. Thank you. 1 Our history teacher has included a new email address for the students participating in the project:...... All the post your 17 students have sent so far has been transferred to the new email address. 2 ..."

b'8. The modernist movement challenged American writers to a. adopt Marxism as a philosophical basis for their work b. set their stories and poems in the South or Midwest c. find new themes, subjects, and styles for their work d. avoid the influences and ideas of European ...'

b'Can someone check my work PLEASE.. Which of the following is not a strategy for revising your paper? Check for redundant language. Remove overly complicated language. Get rid of euphemisms and clich\xc3\xa9s. None of the above my choice Choose the correct word to complete the ...'

b'many organizational situaions involve an audience that consists of a group of people. which is an appropriate approach to analyzing this type of audience? a. rely on the fact that generalizations are true for all members of a group b. disregard demographic information to avoid...'

b'can someone please tell me what Luisa Santiago has to do with the role of women in a Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?'

b'When you have a sentence like, For the wedding we hired photagrapher James Murphy. would you put a comma after photographer or not?'

b'What are some examples of irony that compares and contrasts The Story of an Hour and The Whirligig of life?'

b'this be last question What figure of speech portrays the wharf\xc2\x92s \xc2\x91crooked legs stockinged in barncales\xc2\x94? where else do it occur? How do it further the description? I not get this one I think the figure of speech be personification but I not get where else it occur and ...'

b'Emily plays with words she write slugs \xc2\x91slimed\xc2\x92 walk instead of just describe walk as \xc2\x91slimy\xc2\x92 find other words she use in fresh ways. I only find this one - - stinging nettles. I not get what other ones there be?'

b'What do Emily gain by using words such as \xc2\x93grated\xc2\x94 ,\xc2\x93slithered\xc2\x94 , \xc2\x93ooze\xc2\x94? She gain sound effects? Feelings?'

b"Just a question. If you had to write this sentence in the second conditional: If the weather is bad, I won't go out. If the weather was/were bad, I wouldn't go out"

b'Our short memory can only hold about seven bits of information at a time. This means you should: a,use words with six letters or less b,use sentences of six letters or less c,never write a document with more than seven points d,group large amounts of information into three to ...'

b"Can you check if everything is OK in my rephrase of Owen's poem? 1 In the first stanza the soldiers are retreating towards their trenches. Instead of being youthful, strong fighters, they are presented as prematurely old and weak. 2 They are bent over like old men, moving ..."

b'Could you please check the following sentences? Thank you very much. 1 He gives Coketown human characteristics not a human aspect. 2 Coketown starts to assume human characteristics/connotations He personifies the town. 3 He refers to his students emphatically with their...'

b"Using shadow puppets is a very old storytelling tradition around the world. What is the part of speech of 'storytelling'? Is it an adjective or a noun?"

b'How would I fix this sentence: As I was reading the piece by Du Bois, I noticed the parallels between it and Morgan Freeman\xc2\x92s documentary Prom Night in Mississippi.'

b'Thank you, Writeacher. A few more things. I hope you can have a look at them. Can I start my interview by asking: 1 Tell me a little bit about yourself: Are you married? Do you have any children? If yes, how many? 2 Mr. Gradgrind makes an overall impression of a threatening...'


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